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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night

a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 21, January 15, 2008
Second Issue of the Year The Changeling Project, Part 2
Hey, welcome! I’m pretty excited Preparing for this issue, I started thinking
about this issue. Continuing the about what and
Changeling Project, I’ve decided to how much I’ve got
start on Glamour and Banality and to convert to
my work–up for the rules on that. Savage Worlds!
Also I’ve got a couple of other (Pinnacle). It
things that may amuse or excite. reminded me of
I’ve got a Frappr map on the sukiyaki. Now, I’ve
website (let me know where you heard that sukiyaki
hail from) and if you are interested is the Japanese
in joining the All Nighters, the version of stew. Japanese chefs saw American
1001+1 subscriber group, email me and I’ll add sailors eating stew when Commodore Perry
you. I usually send out preview copies of the opened up Japan in the 1880s and came up
’zine to them prior to the official post date with their own version. What does this have to
(along with notes about the issue). Thanks and do with Changeling: The Dreaming (White
see you next month! Wolf) you may ask? Well, the systems are
completely different and so the tone of each
CMT Quote game can be completely different, just like
sukiyaki is not stew. So you may not like my
“You’re a Paladin but not one of those ass–hat conversion like some people prefer stew to
Paladins….”–Heard around the table at the sukiyaki. I personally like both, so that’s why
Corvis Monkey Troupe! I’m continuing. That’s just my little caveat to
you. If you don’t like it, please feel free to
One–on–One Gaming change it and I’d be interested in what you
Mike and Cam at Godzilla Gaming Podcast change it to (hint: email me).
(mentioned in Issue #19) talk about gaming
one–on–one in episode 8, season 1 (look Glamour, Banality, Bedlam!
between 29 minutes and 56 minutes) and it Looking through my 1st edition Changeling: the
came quite a surprise to me some of the stuff Dreaming (White Wolf) rulebook recently, I
they came up with. Why didn’t I think of that? read Glamour has to be higher than Banality in
I’m not going to tell you what, instead you’ve order to remain a changeling, but if your
got to go to that podcast, download it and Glamour gets too high, you go crazy and enter
listen. If you’re a gamer who has limited group Bedlam. It puts Glamour and Banality in a race
sizes, they present a pretty cool idea that you with each other–which one will reach the finish
may want to consider. line first? It makes more sense to me to have
Glamour and Banality on opposite sides, where
Touch it with a Ten Foot Wiki the more Glamour you have, the less Banality
I’ve been on the lookout for a way to better and the more entrenched in Banal reality, the
organize my games and game notes and came less Glamour you have. Allowing them to flux
across a non–ServerSide wiki that allows me to during play is necessary, since Glamour is often
add pages, edit and use without having to be used to power spells and Banality can be used
connected to the internet. It’s all at Uncle to root a character into reality to resist
Bear’s site for Ten Foot Wiki (which you can get enchantments. Standard Savage Worlds!
at I’m still (Pinnacle) has five stats: Agility, Smarts, Spirit,
trying it out and I’ll let you know how it works Strength, and Vigor. I figure that a changeling
in the future! (continued on Page 2, Second Column)

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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Page 2
a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 21, January 15, 2007
Mathemancy: Actual Play Notes 1 The Changeling Project (cont.)
Recent turnout at the Corvis Monkey Troupe would have an additional two stats: Glamour
has been scant, due to family emergencies, and Banality, which are opposites of each other
sickness and the holidays. The first meeting of and have different ranges of the regular dice
the year resulted in exactly three members (d4 to d12). Arbitrarily, let’s
showing up, MW, AW and myself. Another set the range for Glamour and
member DM was supposed to run something Banality dice between d4–2 to
yet I had the feeling that it would be better to d16, and combined they can’t
have a game in my pocket ready to go in any be higher than d18. Does a
case. My intuition was correct! d18 exist? I’m sure maybe but
it doesn’t matter. If your Banality is a d10, then
We used Savage Worlds! (Pinnacle), and I had
you can’t have higher than a d8 in Glamour,
MW and AW make up some basic, everyday 21st
and visa–versa. So the maximum pairs are
century characters (Novice + 2 advances) with
Knowledge (Mathematics) as a skill, as high as d0/d18 d4–2/d16
they could get it. d4/d14 d6/d12
d8/d10 (and reverse)
MW came up with a guy who mostly lives off
the grid. AW’s PC was a typical geek. They Since these are the maximums, it’s probable
started in Seattle, at the Full π Tavern in the U– that a character will have a breathing space
District, the local hang–out of the University of between their Glamour and Banality (say a d8
Washington Math Department. An informal Glamour but only a d4 Banality). But when a
group of math professors, grad students and changeling accumulates d16 in Banality, they’re
graduates met regularly to discuss math. They very close to going the whole way. If they get to
showed up late, no–one was there but they each d18 they’re pretty well gone. If they reach d20,
received an envelope from the barkeep, Bill. then it’s over for them. Did I mention d20? No,
I guess not. d20 is for complete Banality or
The envelopes were from Pierre. Opening them Bedlam (in the case of Glamour). It’s over for
up, they found a series of equations that the character at that point.
seemed to change over time. For example:

r Θ x 2 4+π3 xy

∇∞ ≠ Φ ⊗ ∏ β Δ
Spending Glamour
z cos(3Ω − l) q When enchantments are cast, the character
Talking with Bill, they found out that the other temporarily spends Glamour (unless it’s a
core members of the club had come and gone, permanent thing). Each die of Glamour has that
after getting their own envelopes. A grad many points to use (a d8 has 8 points, a d6 has
student, Preston, came in and talked briefly 6, a d4 has 4, & etc) and so the attribute
with them, telling them that all the professors temporarily goes down after that. If a powerful
were back at the Math Dept. acting all weird spell is cast, a changeling can go through
and doing crazy math on blackboards. several dice of Glamour, but each time that’s
done, his permanent Banality increases by a die
The PCs went over to the Math Dept and saw for every two dice spent. For example, a PC has
black government SUVs surrounding the d8 in Glamour and d4 in Banality. He can cast
building and arresting the professors! As Prof. most spells below 8 points, but if he fuels a
Fizzywig was being dragged from the building, major spell with 14 or more points (8 for the d8
he cried out stuff that was just crazy to the PCs! and 6 for the d6), he gains another die in
MW’s PC wisely shut off his cell phone and they Banality, to a d6. If he spends 24 points,
calmly walked away from the growing crowd. draining himself down to a d0, he gains two
(to be continued in Issue #22) permanent dice in Banality, to a d8.

Content © Wooden Leg Named Smith Productions 2008 published in association with the Corvis Babbage Cliological Society
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