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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night

a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 22, February 1, 2008
Fruit Cake! Mathemancy: Actual Play Part 2
This month I’ve got a mix of things, Last month, I talked about a short one–shot I
kinda like fruit cake. Enjoy! Sorry was running with the CMT. Here’s the rest of
no pics in this one, too much stuff! the session from that night.

The 3x3 Matrix When we last left the PCs, they’d each received
an envelope with strange equations, like below:
I recently heard of a cool thing for r Θ x 2 4+π3 xy z
players to do to help their GM run Δ=∑ ⎯
∇∞ ≠ Φ ⊗ ∏ β Δ
games. Create a 3x3 matrix of NPCs z cos(3Ω − l) q
consisting of 3 friends, 3 contacts They’d also seen their friends and fellow math–
and 3 enemies of your PC. Then the o–philes dragged off by the Feds. What were
GM can use these NPCs during the course of these equations? And what are the Feds after?
play, for ideas or just show up.
The PCs decided to get out of town, and AW
My friend MW is running our next game, The had an “uncle,” an old friend of the family, with
Savage World of Solomon Kane (Pinnacle) and a cabin on Hood Canal. With little cash in their
my PC is Bennesuke, an 11 year old Bushi pockets and even though it was about 8PM at
(Samurai) in search of his father. I made up the this point, I had MW’s bank still open. “WAMU,
following 3x3 for him! ‘when you really need access to your safety
3 friends: Father Arturo, Jesuit, part of the deposit box to outrun the Feds’ Bank” was the
Jesuit Cabal hunting for Bennesuke for an fun comment of the night. MW got some cash,
unknown reason, honor bound to Bennesuke’s they jumped on a bus just as the Feds raced up
father yet a servant of the Church! KaNimba, a to the bank and escaped to the ferry dock. On
local tribesman, lost his son during a raid from the way, the bus passed AW’s house and saw a
an enemy tribe, sees Bennesuke as having the bunch of Feds going inside. They took the ferry
same spirit as his dead son. Richard “Dicky” to Bremerton and a bus to the cabin. Luckily,
Wellington, spy for Queen Elizabeth (unknown his “uncle” was out of town.
to pretty most everybody), seems a gentleman At the cabin, the pair decided to gather some
of leisure. info. They found out that the news was covering
3 contacts: Chin–Mi, Chinese merchant, who up the incident as a “gas leak” and that the
met Bennesuke during a business trip. Sana, a professors were being treated for the “deadly
young Beduin widow, with piercing blue eyes, gas poisoning.” Mysterious, yes. They also saw
who knows many things about Muslims in the their faces plastered on the news–They were
area. The Bengowie Brothers, triplet brothers exposed to the gas as well and needed medical
from another local tribe, they are treated as one attention right away. Sure, they bought that
person because they all look alike so no one can one.
tell them apart, believed by many to have The PCs then got down to trying to figure out
ancient powers, they know many things about the equations. They seemed to change only if
the world, and some they tell, but for a price! written, not if stored in electronic media, so
3 enemies: Father Ignatius, Jesuit, (unknown they found a blackboard in the garage (along
enemy), part of the Jesuit Cabal hunting for with a Studebaker, what rich uncle doesn’t have
Bennesuke for an unknown reason. Sabu, the that?) and started working. After a couple of
local street kid, jealous of Bennesuke for many, hours working together, each with a Knowledge
many petty reasons. Ahmed, Sana's brother, an (Math) of d8, they came up with an equation
unfriendly person who feels Bennesuke should that caused the chalk they were using to glow!
just go home and quit being a bother! (continued on Page 2, First Column)

Content © Wooden Leg Named Smith Productions 2008 published in association with the Corvis Babbage Cliological Society
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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Page 2
a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 1, Issue: 22, February 1, 2008
Mathemancy: Part 2.1 (cont.) Changeling Project, Part 3:
A magic spell, using math as the source! They
were jazzed, especially when they realized that Gaining Glamour
each equation they were calculating was still Originally, characters gained Glamour during
morphing, allowing them to potentially create play by inspiring, ravaging or destroying. I see
an infinite number of “spells.” no reason to change any of that. Specifics to the
rules can come later (and most likely during
I basically used the Savage Worlds! (Pinnacle)
play to the satisfaction of the players).
powers rules on this with Knowledge (Math) as
Permanently attribute change is already
the spell–casting skill. In fact, I told them that
outlined in the Savage Worlds! (Pinnacle)
Novice level spells only required a regular roll,
rules, so I don’t need to go into that, either.
while Seasoned level spells and above required
a raise or more to function until they were that
experience level. That ruling was completely off Mathemancy: Part 2.2 (cont.)
the top of my head! Where was Fizzywig? He was quite the crusty
bastard and obviously knew something, so they
Since the PCs only had access to one spell so
went in search of him. MW remembered that he
far, and they knew they weren’t long for this
often talked about his great friend Prof. Viet,
hideout (at some point something was going to
from Western Washington University, up in
happen), I told them that they had about 2 days
Bellingham. Prof. Viet had died some years
to continue calculating stuff from the equations
before but there was a park bench dedicated to
and gave them the choice of additional spells: 2
him. They sailed there, avoiding an increased
Novice level, 1 Seasoned and 1 Veteran. They
amount of water traffic, including several Coast
chose Teleport, Detect Arcane and some others.
Guard vessels and Homeland Security chase
After the two days working hard on math, they boats. They saw several sailboats stopped by
learned that Prof. Fizzywig had escaped the these government agents but strangely they had
hospital where he was held–“completely no problem slipping north.
disappearing”–and that several of the other
In the boat, they found rifles, pistols and
profs had died of the “gas.” The phone rang
cutlasses and other supplies. They quickly
suddenly and they quickly unplugged it. Both
armed themselves. The sailing took a while so I
PCs decided now was the time to take “uncle’s”
gave them another chance to calculate another
sailboat and get away, so they started to do
Novice level spell. They chose a simple disguise
that. While they were gathering their stuff, they
Shapeshifting spell.
heard a car approaching and it turned out to be
the local caretaker, a cantankerous old man After docking the boat and disguised by spell,
who wanted to get back to his soap operas they went to find the bench. It took them a bit
“That Patch is going to jail and I’m missin’ it, but found it near Boulevard Park. As they
foolin’ around with you folk!” with a message approached the bench, Fizzywig voice said
from “uncle”–“Did you get the package?” And “Your damn uncle!” and he suddenly appeared.
the promise to call directly.
That’s as far as we got. We had a good time and
This caused some consternation about “what it was pretty exciting. The rules were fairly
package” until I bribed the players to plug in loose–Savage Worlds! (Pinnacle) allows for
the phone with 2 bennies. The phone rang and that pretty well. I’ve got the character sheets
it was “uncle,” telling them that they should still so I’m sure we’ll return to the world of
leave now and he’d call them at a later time, Mathemancy! Who are those mysterious
giving a code to AW. They heard clicks on the Federal Agents? Who is AW’s “uncle?” What
line and jumped in the boat pronto! happened to Pierre? And what does Fizzywig
(continued on next column) know and will he tell them?

Content © Wooden Leg Named Smith Productions 2008 published in association with the Corvis Babbage Cliological Society
Website: ’zine art is either open source or through fair use of copyrighted works

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