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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night

a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 2, Issue: 26, March 15, 2008
Ftagnin' in the Dark Dodging Mi-Go (cont.)
This issue I’ve decided to tackle it’s currently out of print, but World War I has
Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) with fascinated me for a while and I know that the
a short game setting. Since my Lost Battalion has plenty of opportunities for
group receives this ’zine, I figure personal, as well as otherworldly, horror.
I will leave some stuff to their
imagination. I’ll let you know
how it turns out!
The Lost Battalion's History
On October 2, 1918, elements of the 77th
Quote of the Month Division, American Expeditionary Force,
crossed no man’s land into
/target Horse /attack Horse German held territory during
*Horse dies* the Meuse-Argonne offensive
/attack Horse /attack Horse in the Argonne forest. The push
/attack Horse was an attempt to break
–seen on a .sig file through the German 5th Army.
Their flanks were supposed to
Shall Not Look Upon His Like Again be held by another American
division on the right and
Sadly, the gaming world lost One of the Greats. French forces on the left.
E. Gary Gygax died at home at the age of 69 on Unfortunately, they didn’t and for the next six
March 4th. He will be missed. days, over 550 men were trapped behind the
lines, with dwindling food, water
Collect Call of Cthulhu and ammunition and under near
My friend MW is a great fan of Call of Cthulhu constant pressure from the enemy
(Chaosium) and he’s usually the one to run it in as well as repeated shelling from
our group. I figure at some point in the future, their own artillery. When finally
it would be neat to actually have him play in a relieved on October 8th, there were
game, as a player! So here’s my Call of Cthulhu only 194 soldiers able to walk out.
(Chaosium) adventure! Over 150 men were either captured
or missing in action. The Lost
First, I needed to know which version to use. I Battalion’s commander, Major
own the box set for second edition but I figure Charles White Whittlesey, committed suicide in
that I can borrow MW’s copy of fifth. Chaosium 1921, which some attribute due to guilt from
has a great (and free) copy of the quick start this week in combat.
rules, so that’ll help the other players out.

Dodging Mi-Go in the Trenches That Terrible Old Forest House

So the stage is set. I’ll make the PCs myself and
Since this is going to be a one-shot hand them out to the players. Each PC will be a
(or a 2–3 session game), I want the Private, 18 to 20 years old, in the same rifle
setting to be pretty self-contained. squad of Company B, 308th Infantry Regiment.
The best one, then, is where the PCs The squad will be ordered to hold a stone house
are a mostly cohesive group. There just past German lines in the forest, while the
was a published adventure from a bulk of the division heads further in. Their job
few years ago called No Man’s will be to maintain communications back to HQ
Land: WWI Mythos Action with the Lost and prevent the Germans from cutting them
Battalion (Chaosium). I don’t own a copy and off. I’ll have the corporal or sergeant of the
(continued on Second Column) (continued on Page 2, First Column)
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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Page 2
a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 2, Issue: 26, March 15, 2008
Terrible Old House (cont.) Things Change ...
squad wounded prior to the game “start” so The PCs, a few NPC Privates and their wounded
we’re left with the players making decisions. Sergeant are ordered to hold the
house on October 2nd. It seems to be
The stone house is a several hundred year old
a fairly cushy job. Well defended and
building two stories tall, ground and first floor,
close to the American lines as well as
as well as a cellar. Formerly occupied by
the rest of the division. By the early
German troops, there is some battle damage.
morning of October 3rd, however, the
Cursory investigation of the house reveals some
squad is cut off from both. The
loaded small arms and a
Germans take some pot shots at the
few grenades, including a
PCs, but otherwise just pin them in.
machine gun with a single
That’s when strange things start
load of ammunition, as
happening. A little at first, then more and more.
well as a whole bunch of
And did they wonder about the sign? It seems
that there's something living there already and
implements (axes, saws,
war gives it a good opportunity to feed . . . .
hammers, that sort of
thing) but little food. The I want the “monster” to be less of a showcase
Germans were not very clean and most of the and a more terrifying presence, so I’m going to
rooms are a mess, with several (including the keep it working behind the scenes and hit the
cellar) filled to the brim with junk. One of the PCs with shocking after shocking situations, not
previous tenants still occupies a ground floor to mention the war outside the walls. Some
room–a dead German sergeant lies on a filthy planned eerie events include: a PC on night
mattress there. He’s only been dead a few days. guard duty sees a figure with red eyes in the
Dried blood is sprayed on one of the other tree line, staring intently at him. Another PC
ground floor room walls. The house is on a sees row after row of freshly dug graves that
slight rise and has clear view of the surrounding aren’t there, while a third PC “witnesses” a
area, about 40 to 50 yards before it goes back terrifying vision from the past. The Sergeant
into the trees. starts screaming inhumanly in his sleep
(resulting in a SAN check for all listeners). The
There is a V–shaped 15 foot gramophone starts on it’s own and broadcasts
long trench area facing the voices of dead German soldiers. An NPC Private
front lines about 2 yards from walks out the front door and keeps walking,
the front door as well as a even when obviously shot and killed by enemy
fenced area around back that fire, all while screaming for help (again a
encloses a woodshed (plenty possible SAN loss). Another NPC Private kills
of fire wood) and a well. The himself by leaping out of a second story
well works and still gives good window, seemingly pursued by something.
water. Barbed wire is spread
about in front of the trench These events will be mixed in with several
and a sign that says “Verboten” (“Forbidden”) is German attacks, runners sent from the division
in front of the house. There’s also the crashed to re-open communications with other
and burned remains of a British biplane nearby. American forces, airplanes dive–bombing and
an artillery bombardment or two. Added
Additional investigation produces several books
pressure will be a forthright German Officer
in German, as well as the dead sergeant’s diary,
who will practically beg them to get out of “der
and a gramophone. In the junk–filled cellar is a
Verboten Hauz” and surrender, all in broken
door that’s jammed. It seems to be a false door.
English! Clever PCs may find out more info
(continued on Next Column)
from him. I think that it will be a fun game!

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