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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night

a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 2, Issue: 30, May 15, 2008
More Fun Than Is Right Seattle’s King In Yellow Cab
This issue, I’ve got a large write–up Prim0gen_31 Blog Entry, June 7, 2007:
on a local phenomenon that would “If you ever hail a cab in
be great for a modern horror or Seattle, avoid doing so in
investigative game. It could even be Pioneer Square after
used in a near future setting as midnight. You might get
well. I’ve also got a funny quote picked up by the King in
from those guys at the Fear the Yellow Cab. At least that’s
Boot podcast and talk a bit about what it’s called by those
“ancient Chinese secret” strategy knowledgeable in such things. Driven by a
that’s available in comic form! non–descript bearded man whose cabbie
Enjoy! license is apparently for a “H. Cast. Wilde,”
you’re sure to go on the ride that will end your
Podcast Quote life.”
John “Luke, I want you to diagnose Sauron. Prim0gen_31 Blog Entry, March 15, 2005:
What’s his problem. Is it glaucoma?” “Last night, I was leaving a nice establishment
Luke “Well, I doubt it. Glaucoma doesn’t have after closing. I had had a happy night, meeting
the burning effect. It’s probably herpes.” with several good friends and drinking far too
Dan “Eye herpes?” much. They took my keys and hailed me a cab.
Luke “Yeah, we just call it herpes.” Down the street, a waiting Yellow Cab turned
John “Melkor gave it to him in the on it’s light and pulled up.”
“My friends opened the door for me and I saw
–Fear the Boot, Episode 70
the interior, piled high with old newspapers
and dog–eared books, empty bottles and greasy
Kill With A Borrowed Sword fast–food bags, and I saw the occupant, eyes
I’ve been reading Shi: Senryaku (Crusade that pierced the soul. I stood there, as if rooted
Comics), which is a great to the spot, as my friends shoved at me to enter
3–part mini–series. Many and make my way home.”
different artists have
“A nearby spectator, looking to be just the same
provided illustrations for
sort as the cab driver, stepped up and begged
the 36 Strategies of War in
me for a dollar, whispering one word that I
Ancient China by Sun Tzu.
heard over the cackle of my friends: “Don't.”
These are wonderful
Two other bar patrons looked at the open cab
strategies for GMs. One of
door and me standing as if pole–axed and
my favorite is Kill with a
pushed their way through my group, diving into
Borrowed Sword:
the cab and slamming the door. What
“When you do not have
the means to attack your
enemy directly, then Prim0gen_31 Blog Entry, March 17, 2005:
attack using the strength of another. Trick an “As the cab pulled away, the couple looked back
ally into attacking him, bribe an official to at me, grinning at their cleverness. I clearly saw
turn traitor, or use the enemy's own strength their merry faces and remembered them
against him.” When the PCs find out the “bad distinctly when, today, I opened the local paper
guy” they just killed was really a good guy, they and saw them again in a photo accompanying
get upset and want to pay back the guy who an article about a murder-suicide in North
screwed them with this mission. Yes, very nice! (continued on Page 2, First Column)

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One Thousand and One Nights and One Night Page 2
a role-playing game campaign design ’zine Vol.: 2, Issue: 30, May 15, 2008
King In Yellow Cab (cont.) More of that Yellow Cab (cont.)
Seattle – he killed her in a most violent and Prim0gen_31 Block Entry, April 2, 2006:
shocking fashion then killed himself that very “Work and some personal stuff prevented me
night.” from going to the Police until yesterday. I
showed a Sgt. Turner my notes and newspaper
Prim0gen_31 Blog Entry, March 18, 2005:
articles but he wasn’t interested. I was a bit
“I went back to the corner where I first saw the
forceful but I don’t think I was bad enough to
cab and looked for the stranger that stopped me
get escorted out. Damn them!”
from taking the cab. On a wall in the alleyway,
near where he stood that night, I saw a bit of Seattle Police Department, Sgt. Turner’s
graffiti done in careful stencil. Here's the personal notes, April 1, 2006:
picture I snapped.” “A Mr. W came to see me today with a
story out of an X–Files novel. He claimed
several solved murder–suicides were the work
of a serial killer cabbie. He seemed OK at first
but when I said I’d look into it, he got very
agitated. Claimed there was a “conspiracy to
cover–up” these murders. I explained they were
considered solved and he became verbally
abusive. Officers Weston and Smith escorted
him from the Precinct.”
Prim0gen_31 Block Entry, May 15, 2007:
“I have gathered all I can on this cab and
Prim0gen_31 Blog Entry, December 4, 2005: cabbie. It’s a mystery. The police don’t believe
“I have found what the message means. It’s me. I’ve been escorted from the 4th Pricinct
from a play called The King in Yellow. I’ve only more times now than I can count. I’m afraid
found a small section of the play.” that I need more proof. This killer must be
“Camilla: You, sir, should unmask. stopped. I aim to find that cab myself . . . .”
Stranger: Indeed? Seattle Police Department, Sgt. Turner’s
Cassilda: Indeed, it's time. We have all laid personal notes, May 31, 2007:
aside disguise but you. “I received another call from Mr. W
Stranger: I wear no mask. today. This is the 47th call, as logged by my
Camilla: (Terrified, aside to Cassilda.) No previous reports. Mr. W repeated the
mask? No mask! same story and became agitated yet again. I
–Act 1, Scene 2d” told him to stop bothering the SPD and the FBI
Prim0gen_31 Block Entry, February 1, 2006: (yes, he’s called them, too.), then hung up!”
“There are over 15 murders related to this cab Seattle Police Department, Official Press
and cabbie, going back a decade. Most are Release, July 19, 2007:
murder–suicides. I’ve managed to track down “M W has been missing since June
some family and friends of the victims and they 8th. He was last seen in the Pioneer Square area
all paint the same picture: No previous history at approximately 12 midnight. There is
of violence in the relationship, all were frequent currently a $10,000 reward, provided by the
visitors of Pioneer Square bars, and at least 7 family, for information leading to the recovery
took a cab home the night of their deaths. I’ve of Mr. W . We urge the public to please
got enough to go to the Police with a theory, at contact the Seattle Police Department if you
least. Now, if only I get a competent cop!” have any information that can help our
(continued on Second Column) detectives solve this case.”

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