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Dr. Stanley Chiang GP PO Box 589, Northcote Vic 3070 21 June 2016 Dear Mr and Ms Lim, IMPORTANT MESSAGE ABOUT THE FEDERAL ELECTION ‘The forthcoming federal election will take place on 2nd July 2016. Voting is compulsory in Australia and if you wish to elect someone that will listen to the voice of the Chinese Community; someone who is committed to looking after pensioners, including capping council rates and pharmaceutical costs; and someone who will fight for education and employment for our youth - then you should vote for David. I fully support the re-election of Hon. Davi Feeney for the federal seat of Batman, T have known David for many years and we have been working together to support our local Chinese community. As the representative of Batman, David has given our community understanding and assistance second to none. He has always been available to hear our concerns, to offer guidance, to discuss important issues and to support our endeavours in the seat of Batman. He has acknowledged our achievements in building and strengthening the Chinese community and has pushed for a multicultural Australia, particularly in the seat of Batman, My Chinese friends, I am writing to make sure that you vote for a candidate who is a good friend of our Chinese community and for a party that has and will always put people’s interest first. Labor will oppose Mr Turnbull’s cuts to Medicare which will reduce bulk billing and make pap smears, CAT scans, X- rays and medicines cost more. As a Labor candidate, David is worthy of our strong support. You can vote on 2nd July 2016 at a polling place near you or beforehand at Northcote Baptist Church at 542 High Street, Northcote. You can ask for a How fo vote card from Labor volunteers and fill in your vote card accordingly. When you vote you should put number 1 against David’s name, but it is important you place a number in every square for your vote to count, Together we can make sure we get a strong voice for Batman that will support the Chinese community and our multicultural community. I thank you again for your support. Yours in Friendshi Dr. Stanley Chiang Printed and asovised by 8. Ching, 875A High See Thambary 3071