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Monday, May 17, 2010 HOME SWEET HOME EDITION

Tiny cardboard
city springs to life
Norwich’s smallest,
neatest and most
colourful suburb
sprang into life at
Blackfriars Hall this
The tiny town,
called Home Sweet
Home, has been built
by the people of
Norwich from flat-
pack cardboard
homes, shops,
businesses and
houseboats over the
last two days.
Today the final
touches will be put to
the cardboard city,
and the residents HOME SWEET HOME: Cardboard city grows at Blackfriar’s Hall
will be going to a FM to broadcast were decorated with report all the news
street party to the only signs of life. buttons, stamps or that matters to Home
celebrate their As new residents the Union Jack flag. Sweet Home
achievement this began to filter in to Bakeries, sweet residents.
evening. the hall, houses and shops, joke shops and The performance
The town has shops sprang up all even shops will continue today
grown from humble over the city. promising to sell with hundreds of
beginnings. On Houses decorated “everything” were people putting the
Saturday morning in all sorts of bright built by enterprising finishing touches to
there was little to be styles took over the young retailers. their homes, and
seen on the newly city streets with a Other civic-minded with a garden party
laid map of Norwich. riot of colour. individuals set up a tonight.
The castle, a Some used fire station for the See you there!
church, a pub, the unusual sources of town.
Norfolk and Norwich power such as solat The Evening News Mary Hamilton
Festival Spiegeltent panels and wind set up new cardboard Home Sweet Home no 131
and the radio mast turbines, while headquarters near
allowing Residents others were the City Hall to
For all your Norfolk and Norwich news, get today’s Evening News or visit Norwich Evening News Monday, May 17, 2010
Shock swan
Controversy over radio shoe attack
mast demolition proposals A rose farmer told
yesterday how she feared
for her life when an angry
swan ate her shoes.
Joz Norris, who grows
roses at No 188, was left
shaken by the attack, in
which the swan stole and
ate her footwear.
Ms Norris said the
attack had left her unable
to look swans in the eye.
“I am much better now
and have a nice new pair
PROFESSOR POTTY?: The of Doc Martens,” she said.
house of Professor Potts, who “But it’s still just all too
has propsed demolishing the recent.”
radio mast. Above, the Minimal She added that anyone
Nightclub, which will be hit hard, confronted by a dangerous
and the Residents RM station. swan should “bash them
Anger was growing mast, putting went ahead they on the nose”.
yesterday over Residents FM at risk would go off the air ➔ Have you had your
proposals to of going off the air. permanently. footwear consumed by
demolish the Home The proposals A petition has an unusual animal?
Sweet Home radio were put forward by been set up to fight Write to Evening News,
Professor Potts in no against the plans, no 131.
5, who said the mast which could also see
Music house was interfering with the town’s night Petition to
gears up for her experiments.
But neighbours
clubs and bars with
no radio station - and force council
performance claimed the professor
was too wrapped up
leave tonight’s
garden party without
An unassuming home is A petition has been
being turned into a in her work to notice music.
posted on the notice
musical piece over the the impact the Although only a
demolition would few residents had
board calling for a
course of the weekend. council election.
have on the rest of signed the petition
No 189 is being The author has called
the town. yesterday evening,
transformed into a piece for the Highness
Jeff, a TV Jeff said he hoped
of music which can be salesman at no 6, that the plans could Councillor to be “taken
played by anyone with a said the plans were at least be slowed down a peg or two” and
musical instrument. “preposterous”, down enough to for the community to
It is part of composer adding: “We have to make sure tonight’s vote to re-elect a new
John Kaye’s attempt to try and stop this party was saved. councillor to represent
write 100 pieces in 100 monstrous mistake.” ➔ You can sign the them.
days - the house will be Residents FM petition against the mast As this is the first time
the 70th thing he has presenters said they demolition on the notice in the community’s
written so far. were worried at the board, or protest by history that an election
➔ If you are interested in possible impact of sending a letter to has been called no-one
playing Mr Kaye’s house, the demolition, and Residents FM. is entirely sure how the
write him a letter at 189. confirmed that if it procedure will work.
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Norwich Evening News Monday, May 17, 2010 

Fears grow over zombie invasion Residents to

Fears were growing feared the undead,
vote on
yesterday over the others were quite town pub
growing numbers of happy to see them as Home Sweet Home now
zombies in the town. part of the town’s boasts Norwich’s smallest
Zombies have rich and culturally
pub - but the residents
spilled out of no 141 diverse life.
can’t decide what to call it.
and begun invading “I have invited
other areas, them to use the pool
The public house is
including nearby in my front garden,” undergoing a public
bakeries, clothing said one woman naming, with suggestions
shops and night living near the pinned up on the
clubs. original source of message board and votes
One zombie was the infection. cast throughout the event.
found on fire on the “I imagine they ZOMBIES: The house where Prospective titles
roof of the local fire are quite dirty and the incursion began include “The King’s
station, while others need a wash.” Tummy” and “The Bees
were seen heading Other homeowners Highness Councillor Knees” but the punning
towards City Hall. said they had invited described the “The Stick and Fold” is
But while some the zombies round shambling creatures currently taking the lead.
residents said they for tea, and the as “amicable”. Residents hope that the
pub will be named in time
Friendly Nessie sighted at pet shop for Monday night’s street
The Loch Ness Monster party, because otherwise
has been discovered at a no-one will know where
local pet store. to get a drink.
The slimy green creature ➔ If you want to take
was found shortly after part in one of the most
the shop opened, leading important parts of
to suspicions that owner building this community,
Emma may have disturbed then cast your vote on
a nesting site. the notice board.
It is just one of the many ➔ Or if you think you
bizarre creatures on show can do better, come up
at Emma’s Odd Animals with your own name and
today. write it alongside.

Stunning hamster show planned for Spiegeltent

Ponsonby the giant show and finishing Circus will be Festival’s final night.
hamster is set to top off the Norfolk and thrilling audiences The giant hamster,
the bill at the Home Norwich Festival with incredible feats who lives with his
Sweet Home next Saturday. of acrobatic daring. friend Nibbles at no
Spiegeltent this He can often be Friday’s show will 106, welcomed the
week. seen signing be Rod Stewart in attention and said he
The hamster, who autographs in the concert, but even hoped it would lead
has become a local Spiegeltent garden. adoring fans of the him on to greater
celebrity since he Tomorrow the tent raspy-voiced blues- things.
was talent spotted in will host Kenny pop legend said he ➔ For (real) information
his own back garden Loggins, and on would be a distant about the Norfolk and
garden, will be Wednesday and second to Ponsonby’s Norwich Festival, visit
starring in today’s Thursday John’s performance on the

For all your Norfolk and Norwich news, get today’s Evening News or visit Norwich Evening News Monday, May 17, 2010

Public demand for

open lido grows
Demand for a public their own public to the unforeseen a further spread of
lido in Home Sweet sports areas, need for public the zombie infection,
Home was growing although yesterday swimming areas in which has led to
yesterday as the afternoon no one had the suburb. widespread worry in
population realised yet taken up the The householders the town.
there was nowhere challenge. at 52 and 53 were Although the pool
communal to swim. With green craft unavailable for party organisers
Residents materials in comment, but left a claimed they would
disgruntled at the relatively short public notice on the be screening guests
poor provision of supply, a football board inviting for evidence of
public sporting field or a park could anyone in need of a infection, there were
facilities posted a be difficult for swim to come to unconfirmed reports
notice calling for a residents to create their pool party. yesterday that
public swimming without bringing in But there were zombies had already
pool late last night. outside help. fears that the close been seen at the
The council has Many houses in contact could lead to poolside.
not provided any Home Sweet Home
public sporting already have private
amenities, focussing pools, with some
instead on catering householders
for the town’s creating their own
religious needs and football pitches and
maintaining its green gardens.
heritage. Some residents
They have invited have opened up their
the area’s home- private pools to all
owners to set up comers in response

Promotion party to celebrate

Canaries’ storming season
Home Sweet Home streets on an open-
householders were topped bus.
planning a About 35,000 fans
promotion party to turned out to
celebrate the celebrate with the
Canaries’ storming team - and now Home
season. Sweet Home
After the team won residents will be
League One to return celebrating too.
to the championship, ➔ The promotion party
the victorious is at No 199. Send letters
players paraded and green and yellow
through the city decorations there.

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