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nl Hl SMART BASIC METERS / TRANSDUCERS/DC ENERGY ALPHA PLUS | wALPHAPLUS | OMEGA | DCENERGY : | Cost Effective | User Friendly | Field Programmable Measure, Monitor and Control Current, Voltage, Frequency and Relay Output Benefits Multiple options lke relay output for tripping RS 435 For communication Technology ‘Advanced circuitry for accurate measurements. Applications ‘AC & DC measurement, equipment monitoring, Genset, Solar and UPS applications etc, EEG) enersy management system Possibilities...Infinite (i) ELMEASURE Common Features: “True RMS. Four cig resolution with auto scaling Fick programmable Star Wye) or Delta o Single Phase configuration Average & Phase wise information, Additional Features: Universal aviary input 80 ~300V AC (Optionsk 40-300V BC, A0-300V ACIOC, Avtoscrlling ‘Available in single row Dina version (Alpha +D VAF, ‘Alpha+D VI, Alpha+D AV3A, Alpha +D 7 Minimam order quanti apy. ‘Optional direct measurement upto 20A, S504 or 100 ma using Hanging CT. ‘Available in 0.8 inch display 4 ig - optional tir Alphas series only. Minimum order quantity apply. Optional Features: 2 digital output programmable for teshold upto 6 parameters (UndesOver Programmable tipping time upto 180 secs. with Hysteresis of 1% Analog tansducer output 020mA / 420mA oF OV, Accuracy of 1. (Optically isolated RS 485 / RS 232 serial interface {Alpha + and Omega only ETL version for Alpha and Omega with and without ABS, 7 OMEGA 1310 Displays more than 17 base parameters Displays VLLVLN, A F, PF, RPM, Hi Amps, ON Hours Generator RPM display Optional programmable relay OFP upto 2) (VL, A, F (under, oven) - OMEGA 1300 Displays more than 13 base parameters i, VLL, VLN, A tAverage & Phase wise, F, ON Hous. Programmable Relay Output upto 2) (VL, A, under, oven). ALPHA’ / WA’ 3A/A, Display Amps for Alpha +A, Aveage ancl Phasewise fr Alpha + 3A Field programmable CT primary and secondary. ‘Models: Alpha 3A & wAlphas 3A (3 Phase); Alpha A & jAipha A single phase) (Optional programmable relay output (upto 2 for threshold Amp (under or oven (Optional tansducer output 0 to 20mA / 4440 20mA oF Dto 1V DC) for average Amps for Alpha + series only) Accuracy 1% of FS. ALPHA" VAFI3VAF, WA’ VAF Displays Line to Line Voltage Ave and phase wise, Amps ~ Average and phase wise & Frequency Extemal selector Switch to be used for uAlpha+ VAP. Field programmable PT and CT primary and secondary. ‘Optional programmable ay ouput {upto 2) for any threshold VLL a A, M2 ‘Optional transducer output {010 20mA/ 4 t020mA oF Ow 1V DO) for average VLL, VLN, Amps and F (or Alpha+ series oni) Accuracy 1% FS. ALPHA’ / wA* Hz Displays wider range of fequency 35-702 Higher accuracy class 0.2. Optional programmable relay ourput (upto 2 for threshold Hz (under or ove, (Optional wansucer output (%0 20mA 410 20mA oF Oto TV DO) fr HetRange 45 to 6542) (or Alpha series only) Accuracy 1% of FS ALPHA’ / WA’ 3V/V Displays Voltage Line to Line and Line to Neutra, Average and Phase wise, Frequency VLL, VIN (Avg & PI, F for Av BV VLL for Alpha rV Field programmable PT primary and secondary, Models: Alpha 3V & ylpha-+ av phase measurement; Alpha V& Alphas V ingle Phas), True RMS measurements of neutal to cath voltage optional fr Aipha +V and ASV only ‘Optional programmable Relay ouput (upto 2 for any threshold VLL, Miz ander lor over for A+ 3V & only VIN (under oF over) for As V, (Optional wansucer output (010 20mA 410 20mA or to TV DC) for Average VL, VIN and F (for Alpha series only) Accuracy 1% ofS. ALPHA’ /wA’ ADCIVDC DC Vin- 75m oF 100mV oF 10V or T00V oF 500¥. 1-20 mA / 4-20 mA input options. 4 digit resolution for ADC, DC auxiliay from 80-300V option avilable for Alpha + and Dina version, Fiald programmable ul scale or offset value. ALPHA’ / wA* RPM/MPM. DC Vin 75mV oF 100mV oF 10V or 100 oF 500. (0-20 mA/ 420 mA input options. 4 digit resolution for RPM. DC auxiliary supply option f 40 to 300 available Field programmable fll scale or offset value TRANSDUCER OUTPUT ElMeasure transducers are programmable transducers (cum display}, which converts various applicable electrical parameters like voltage, current, frequency, active power, apparent power, power factor into DC current 0-20mA or 4-20mA (Programmable) or voltage O1V DC output Applications are. various: chemical, thermal power plants, ete., to monitor processed data either locally or remotely using scada system by EIMeasure orthe third party. electrical ~ Maximum overload: 120% (qutalent of 24) ~ Number of output: One (00 20mA /4 to 20m oro-1vD0), Features & Benefits Programmable primary secondary vollage or current making wider range of operations = Stocking becomes simple Programmable transducer output ether 020mA, ‘4-20mA. (Maximum load restance-75 ohms (01V DC optional ‘DC current signal or DC voltage signal directly proportional tothe change of input Filly protected against open and shor Grcaiod tout Product Selection : 9696350mm OM 1310 om 1300 Dinal® (90 x 90 ALPHA 3VAF ALPHA VAF ALPHA 34, ALPHAS 2 ALPHA A ALPHA V ALPHA ADC ALPHA» VOC ALPHA He Og§0088e8eeRaoo ALPHA RPM * Dina avilable as per minimum ord quantity basis Technical Specification : ALPHA+, p+ & OMEGA Accuracy: Class 1.0 (Detaul Chass 0.5 (Option Sensing/Measurement: True RMS, 1 Sec update time. Input voltage: 4 Voltage inputs (VR, VY, VB, VN Programmable 110 or 415V LL Nominal Range 80550V L); Primary Programmable up t0 999 kV. Burden: 0.2VA Max, per pase Input current Curent inpus (AR, AY, AB) 50mA- 6A Field configurable 1A or 5A) Primary Programmable up to 99 KA ‘Overload: 108 max continous, UA max for 3 See Burden: 0.2VA Max. per phase 80 300V AC, 40-70H2 ‘Aux-Supply (Contol Power for Omega 80.300 ACIDC Burden: 4VA Max. Display: digits display with 14 mm height for Alpha Pls, 10 mm height for OMEGA series, Alpha Plas series & DinRail ‘Communication: R485 serial channel connection 85232 optional. Zigbee communication Baud rate: 4800 bps to 19200 bps. (referred 9600 bps) Isolation 2000 Volts AC folation for 1 minute between communication and other circuits, ‘Weight: Unpacked: 300 gms, Packed: 400 gms Note: Additional eror of 0.05% of fl scale, for meter input curent below 00mA industry standard Modbus RTU protocol Transducer Output Programmable : nt ru ‘Output Range Cy irs pent i 1 Alphas 3VAF0 «VA He © 0-20mA/4-20mA ecivpc 2 Alphas 3V v He © 0:20mAs420mA eoivoc 3 Alphas 3A A © 0-20mA/4-20mA = civoc 4 Alphas He He © 0:20mA/4.20mA eoivoc 5 G+ 5110 VA He W VA PF ©020mA/4-20mA ecivpC © o5v DC ¢ o10v D¢ Transducer 9688450 Porat a VL, VIN, AMP, Hz PF OH, RPMLA Peak o VLL, VIN, AMP, Hz, ON Hs, o VL, VIN, AMP, Hz a WALPHAS VAI LN, AM, He (Single Phase) a ALPHA 3A AMPLAVE, AR, AY, AB. ae ALPHA 3V VLL, VIN, Avg & Phase wise, Hi: a ALPHA A AMPA aw BALPHA+ V vourv a WALPHA® ADC aw oc a ALPHA’ VDC vyourspe a BALPHAS Frequency (Hr) a ALPHA RPM RPM Note BC measurement Accuracy Clas 1.05, Cas 0.5 fptona) MULTI CHANNEL DC ENERGY METER Common Features : Single meter measures Mubiple channels and True RMS measurements. Diferentil current input forall the cuter channels Voltage Ful scale programmable ‘Curent fal scale programmable independent Reverse lock option for not accumulating the reverse curent energy. This can be used forthe beter study of chatging and discharging circu. Programmable shunt secondary Sm to 75mV. Energy display programmable-counter based or resolution base. Energy resetting t 999999K* multiplication factor. ‘Ao scaling of kilo and mega decimal pont ‘Optional programmable relay output maximum 2 (upta 6 threshold parameter) and tepping time upto 180 seconds. Technical Specification : EDC ‘Accuracy Class 1.0 FS, Clas 0.5 FS (optional) Display Resolution: 4Row 6Digits for £DC4400, 1Row 6Digis for EDC4100 and EDcit0a. Input voltage: One input Voltage 48VDC Factory Defauld. Varies of range in Voltage like 48VDC, 100VDC, 150VDC, 300VDC,600VDC, BOOVDC factory stable. Primary Programmable range: 0.100 to 999,9kV Input current: One! four Input Current (SOmV,75mV’ Shunt type). Individually Programmable primary current, Range: 0.100 999.9% ‘Aux Supply: 80 300V ACIDC, 40.70Hz (48V DC Optional. Burden: 4VA Nominal S485 interface Industry Standard Modbus RTU protocol (R$232, ‘Communicator ‘optional. Baud rate: 4800 bps to 19200 bps. Preferred 9600 bps Isolation: 2000 volts AC isolatan fr 1 minute between communication and other ‘Weight (Appron!; Unpacked - 300 gms, Shipping - 400 gms, Operating Temperature: 10°C to =5°C (14°F t0 131°F, Storage Temperature: 25°C to +75°C (134 t0 581°. Humidity: 5% to 95% non condensing Protection index: IP 51 P 54 front option) Recommended connection 20 14 SWC. Applicable Standards: DIN 40050 Degrees of protection provided by enclosure for electrical EN 60529 equipment agains ingress of solid foreign objects. DIN Electrical measuring transducers for converting AC electrical TEC 688-1 quantities into DC electrical quantities. 15 12784 Electrical measuring transducers for converting AC electrical ‘quantities into DC electrical quantities, ‘ange of roaucts: | Bult Eneroy Management syste EMS [EMS | Demand control Mult function meters | ead Marage | ectroniceneray Meters | Dual Energy Weter | D193 Panel eters | Power Factor controle | neliget Earth eakage Rly | AgGreGstr | Smart ug | Pewer Ostribution Unit | Contre eay Uni or POU | Transducers | Power Eneray ‘ansaucers|RSt6s te Rs2s2/ehernevopicFber Converter |RFWedem | SMMede” | Possibilities...Infinite @ . ae ELMEASURE Ses offices: BANGALORE | CHENNAI | MUMBAI | DELHI | HYDERABAD | USA | UAE Additional features for EDC 1100 Displays V, 1 channel current, 1 channel Watt and 1 channel energy inthe bright single rw 6 digs Cplional R485 communication, (Optional single distal ouput with the programmable delay Additional features for EDC 4100 Displays V, 4 channels Cuter the bight single row 6 digits. (Optional RS485 communication, Optional single dial output with the programmable delay channel Wats and energy in Additional features for EDC 4400 Displays V, 4 channels Curent, Wats and Energy. (Optional Load Hours (LH) and Amps hours (Ah. (Optional RS485 communication, (Optional two digital ouput withthe programmable delay. Safety and Environmental Specification: Safety: Designed to meet protection class polution degree 2 Protection against shock by double insulation, Clearance and creepage meetsas per UL. 61010 safety standard Finger touch proot terminals to voltage and current connections. (Operating temperature Storage temperature 10°C to +55°C (14°F 0 131°) 25°C t0 + 70°C (13°F to 158°F) Humidity 5% to 95% non condensing Protection index IP 51 P34 front option, Recommended wire gauge 12 to 14 SWG. Mechanical Specification: Dimension Bezel: Panel Cutout 96x 96 mm (Depth Somm behind Bezel) 90? x 90"? mm 96 x 48 mm (Depth 45mm behind Bezel) 90°? x 42°? mm cuwelf Elecon Measurements Agroup of ElMeasure India Private Limited wet Ass mune tre tzptre sna (ar 290.088 & centaetbr@ameasire cern Scr arma contre nom SESE AS SEN smi onsen re ES eee {ao Pas ean Rew ew, rare 5586 ROA reinporvso3is