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BM403 Assignment Question: Design the process for a service business of your choice. Give explanatory Due date: Optional

Hairdressing service design Service refers to an act, something that is done to or for a customer. It is provided by a service delivery system, which includes the facilities, processes, and skills needed to provide the service. Many services are not pure services, but part of a product bundle combination of goods and services provided by to a customer (Stevenson 2005). Target customers - ladies who want their hair to be done fast and professionally. Service concept - high quality and fast service provided in a smart place with highly qualified and experienced service providers Facility location – the facility will be located at the city center where there is easy access for customers from all suburbs. Execution time for hairdressing Standard execution time 1 hour 10 minutes Total acceptable time 1 hour 40 minutes 1hr 10mins Price Cost Time $0.86/10mins Chemicals dark and lovely Other operating expenses Profit $15.00 $13.52 $6.02 $4.50 $3.00 $1.48 1hr 20mins $15.00 $14.38 $6.88 $4.50 $3.00 $0.62 1hr30mins $15.00 $15.24 $7.74 $4.50 $3.00 ($0.24) 1hr40min $15.00 $16.10 $8.60 $4.50 $3.00 ($1.10)

Time cost is 40% of the price on normal conditions. This is because time is the most important resource if the saloon is to make more profits. The ability of the workers to complete the tasks in short time means that more customers will be served. If more time is taken on a customer then less customers will be served and therefore less profit. Other operating costs include rentals, equipment, wages, chemicals and other costs. These are lower than the cost of time per customer because they are apportioned to all the

customers served on a particular period. Time costs are variable costs which increase or decrease depending on the direction of time. Service blue print Service blue print is a useful tool for conceptualizing a service design system which is a method for describing and analyzing a service process. A key aspect of service blue printing is flowcharting the process. Standard execution time 1 hour 10 minutes Total acceptable time 1 hour 40 minutes

Applying chemical 15mins Reapplying chemical 15mins Shampooing 10mins Failure Setting 10mins

Servicing the dryers Training employees Cleaning the place Select and purchase of supplies

Efficient machines Skilled personnel Smart saloon MaterialsChemicals Shampoo

Drying 20mins

Removing rollers & styling 15mins

The hairdressing process starts with the application of the chemical in the customer’s head. This process according to the Executive Saloon in Gweru takes on average 15minutes. The customer is then washed her head (shampooing) to remove the chemical. This process takes 10 minutes. After that there is setting. This is when the rollers are put in the customer’s head to straighten the hair. After that the hair is dried using a dryer. Drying takes 20 minutes. Finally the rollers are removed and the hair is styled. This process also takes 15 minutes. There is one potential failure point that is after shampooing, a customer may find out that the hair is not properly done and ask for a redo. This will add costs to the organization since more chemicals and time are to be taken. The cost of chemical will be doubled and become $9.00 and time will be increased to 1 hour 35 minutes and the cost will be $8.17. Adding these costs together with the other costs the organization will make a loss of $5.17. The vertical line is the line of visibility, to its left are the activities that the customer do not see but important to the delivery of the service. The first activity is servicing of the dryers. This is done during the absence of the customers and what the customers will able to see is the efficient dryers. The second activity is training of the employees so that they can provide best services. The place need to be smart so as to lure customers so a clean place should be part of the delivery of the service. Finally there should be the supplies of materials used in providing the service such as chemicals and so on. This business requires high conduct service with the customer and the time for the service is influenced by both the customer and the service provider. However the customer’s influence is very slight. The service provider’s speed and accuracy greatly affect the time it takes for a service to be completed.

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