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Agile Programme Management Certification

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Adopt an agile approach to programme

management with our AgilePgM training
and certification.
The world of project and programme
management has been evolving over
recent years. Agile methods and
practices have become increasingly
popular as organizations seek to respond
faster and more effectively to everincreasing change requirements.
This is particularly true of project management and our
AgilePM certifications are proving extremely popular.
What about programme management? What guidance
and certifications are available for programme managers
wishing to improve and demonstrate their agile

APMG International have partnered with the DSDM Consortium

to create AgilePgM new guidance and a supporting
certification scheme for agile programme management.
The new guidance much like the sister project management
guidance draws heavily on the content of DSDMs Agile
Project Framework a long established, internationally
recognized framework for agile project delivery.
It provides programme managers with a disciplined but
flexible agile approach to the management of transformational
organizational change, allowing for iterative and incremental
delivery of outputs and benefits.
The governance model, contained within the guidance, ensures
a programme will capture its vision, whilst empowering teams
to work without undue interference. Built on firm foundations,
the programme can evolve and react to business change in our
increasingly dynamic world.

Who is it for?
The AgilePgM guidance and supporting training/
certifications are aimed at aspiring and practicing
programme managers and team members wishing
to adopt a disciplined, flexible and collaborative
approach to the management of large-scale business
transformation activities (programmes).
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Qualifications available:


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