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Tanzania Bankers Exhibition is an event that has a massive goal to

put all financial sector under one roof to share, exchange views
and clarify the challenges facing financial sector in Tanzania, this
exhibition will be the largest and most high-powered event in the
countrys banking and financial sector in more than a decade. The
exhibition will provide exclusive insight into the governments
policies for the financial sector and how banks are preparing to
reintegrate into the global financial system.
Under the patronage of Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning
Hon. Dr Ashatu K Kijaji and the presence of many senior
government officials as well as the leaders of banks and financial
institutions, the target audience and general population will gain
extensive knowledge on the financial sector, financial innovation
and most importantly, the state of our economy and its growth.
This exhibition will also serve as the key linkage between the
financial institutions and their existing clientele, and new
prospects, which will further allow them to showcase their
capabilities and services in the financial sector.
The event will also include conferences with various
messages including Banking, microfinancing, stock exchange,
loans and grants and mobile money, targeting to inform the
community on the advantages and usefulness of the services and
how easily available they are.

The Banking and Financial Sector Expo which has been organized
by Imori International will be held on 27th to 29th July 2016 at
Mlimani City Conference Centre.
This event will feature senior delegates and will present business
opportunities, investment strategies and challenges.
Confirmed keynote speakers for the Banking and Financial Sector
Expo 2016
Hon. Dr. Ashatu K Kijaji (Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning)
Mr. Bernard Dadi (Director of National payment systems)
Speaking with journalists, The Managing Director of Imori
International who are organizers of the event, Mr. Leo Nyanduga
says Tanzania Bankers Exhibition is a particular platform for
financial institutions to come together, provide financial education
to society, there have been lack of adequate awareness on
financial sector and services within the society therefore this will
be a plenty opportunity for stakeholders to meet their clients.
This is also an elite plunge for bank experts to meet and discuss
with various stakeholders whom have succeeded in financial
sector by running financial institution in the country, I keep in
insisting for the organizations and companies which are willing to
participate in Tanzania Bankers Exhibition 2016 and have not
completed the registration to do so,
For more contacts they can visit our website; , send email via
Or call us +255 788281844 / +255767 675885he added.
Tanzania Bankers Expo event seek to be held each year, and will
be growing from year to year, in future is anticipated to involve all
East and central African banks such as Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya
and Uganda.