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Partner Pack

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Bluestar Leasing is an independent capital equipment finance broker partnering with some of the worlds
leading banks and financial institutions. Our extensive portfolio of lenders ensures that we are an ideal
finance partner to support the UK Reseller Channel.
In todays ever challenging climate we are all working harder to win business. Our commitment to you
is to ensure that our partnership offering will help you to overcome price objections, speed up your
sales cycle and increase your margins. Your customers will now have another reason to invest in your
solutions helping them to expand their business without financial constraints. Our Partners who have
embraced the leasing model have seen improved new business conversion rates resulting in increased
revenue and profits.
Dont just take our word for it though, the Finance & Leasing Association has recently reported that
29.1 billion of finance was provided to businesses and the public sector throughout 2015 to support
investment in new equipment, representing almost 32% of all UK investment in machinery,
equipment and purchased software.
Contact us today and consider Bluestar Leasing as an extension of your sales force.
Bluestar Leasing
10B Mansfield Business Park, Medstead, Alton, Hampshire GU34 5PZ
01420 481 500
0871 433 2392

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


This enclosed partner pack has been designed to be both informative and to proactively promote leasing
within your sales procedures. We have included some powerful sales tools that your Sales Team can start
using today and yield results quickly. We are fully committed to developing strategic relationships with our
partners and we will continue to invest in creative solutions to ensure leasing becomes a valuable part of
your business.
Bluestar Leasing product guide
- A summary about what we do
The leasing process
- All the stages explained from quotation through to payment of your invoice
Selling techniques
- How to sell and promote the leasing option
- Market conditions
Benefits of leasing
- The key benefits outlined for you and your customers
Lease calculator (screen shot)
- A customer facing leasing calculator for use by your sales team.
- Quotes can be saved and emailed to customers. We will send you the interactive version separately.
iPhone / iPad app
- Download our feature rich iOS app to provide leasing quotations to your customers wherever you are
Marketing material (for your customers)
- Customer leasing factsheet & FAQs
- We will send you these files separately to send to you customers, should you not be able to extract
the pages.

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Product Guide

Below is a summary of our typical terms of business but in short we can finance almost any item
of business equipment, over a range of terms and for all business types.
Minimum deal size: 1,000+ with no upper limit.
Lease terms:

1 5 Years

Business sectors:

All sectors considered.

Business types:

New Start Businesses, SMEs, Large Enterprises, Sole Traders, Partnerships,

Charities, Education, Public Sector

Assets funded:

Computer Equipment, Software, Print Equipment, Telecoms, Retail/Hospitality

Systems, Furniture/Fixtures & Fittings, Security Equipment, Vehicles, Catering
Equipment, Plant & Machinery, Medical/Dental Equipment and more

We finance the total solution including installation, training and services.

Lease agreements:

Finance lease - This agreement is commonly used for financing technology.

Your customers can benefit from the use of new equipment for a low monthly
payment and take advantage of the taxation benefits. VAT is paid on each payment
and there are no large deposits to find. Your customers are also free to upgrade,
make additions and settle the agreement at any point.

Stage payment lease - This agreement is the same as a finance lease but is used
for complex installations that can take a few months to complete. Your customer
activates the agreement and agrees that the funder release payments when
certain milestones are met.

Hire purchase - The customer will be required to pay all of the VAT up front
together with a deposit, typically 10%.

Operating lease - An operating lease through Bluestar builds in

a residual value that reduces the monthly payments.

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Finance Process


1. Quotation
Offer a Bluestar leasing option with
every equipment quotation using your
Lease Calculator, iOS App or contact
your Bluestar Account Manager 01420 481 500

Would your customer like to proceed or

discuss the leasing options further?

3. Proposal
Contact your Bluestar Account Manager
and we will liaise directly with your
customer. Alternatively submit the
opportunity via our iOS App or complete
a proposal form.

5. Credit Decision
Approved - We email the documents
to your customer. Declined - We advise
your customer and you follow your
normal sales procedure.

7. Invoice
Send us your invoice and the
scheduled installation/delivery date
for your customer.


2. Enquiry

4. Underwriting
We will review the proposal and request
any required additional information
directly from your customer before
submitting to underwriting.

6. Documentation
Once we are in receipt of the original
signed customer documents we will
provide you with invoice instructions
and advise you to order and arrange
delivery/installation of the equipment.

8. Payment
Once the installation or delivery is
complete your customer signs a finance
delivery certificate and we arrange
immediate payment of your invoice.
On to the next deal!

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Selling Techniques

How to sell leasing

Equipment finance growth is increasing year on year. The investment required from you is minimal and
the rewards can be substantial. If you fully embrace the leasing model within your sales cycle you will win
more business, fact.
Important: If you are selling your systems/solutions to a non-limited company (sole trader or partnership)
then it is a legal requirement for you to have consumer credit authorisation with the Financial Conduct
Authority (FCA). You do not need a licence to offer finance to limited companies. For more information
please visit or talk to your Bluestar account manager.
Include a lease option with every customer quote over 1000, even if they dont ask for it. Leasing
is an extremely viable business product and most business lease equipment of some kind. If your
customers dont know that you offer finance then it is unlikely that they will ask you.
Incorporate a simple but very effective 3 year calculation within your internal quote system.
The calculation is Net equipment cost x 34.50 / 1000 = monthly payment
Example: 5000 x 34.50 / 1000 = 172.50. You can advertise this as
3 Year lease option from only 172.50 per month.
Figures quoted are indicative only and subject to status
Customers are always expecting a cheaper quote than the one you provide. Soften the blow with a
Bluestar lease option. Highlighting 172.50 a month / 40 a week can appear a lot more manageable
than asking your customer for 5,000 in advance.
Website - If you are driving traffic to your website then talk to us about creating a leasing page,
we will provide you with tailored leasing text that will be both informative and enticing for your
Marketing - Why not include a leasing feature in your next newsletter or e-shot? We will gladly assist
with some content. Are you exhibiting at trade show? We will help you advertise your show offers
with a bespoke co-branded leasing flyer. Talk to us about our partner marketing solutions.
Market conditions
Your competitors are offering leasing options. There is a good business reason why companies such
as Dell and Apple offer leasing options directly to corporate customers.
Customers are shopping around and always looking for ways to save money, particularly in todays
financial climate.
Your customer may be putting off their order due to budget constraints or cash flow restrictions.
High street banks are still not freely lending without security.

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Leasing Benefits

Bluestar Partner benefits

Dedicated Account Manager and Sales Support Coordinator
Personalised lease calculator
iPhone / iPad app
Marketing material including co-branding
Leading funder portfolio including own book facility
High acceptance rates (including start-ups)
Fast payment of invoices
Benefits of leasing for you
Deal acceleration - Leasing may help to bring a deal forward. Your customer can have the equipment
today for one months payment rather than waiting for cash reserves to be available.
Increased margin - Leasing can reduce the need for you to discount your invoice because the focus is
diverted to a monthly payment and not the solution cost. Leasing may also create upsell opportunities
enabling you to offer the best solution rather than the cheapest.
Future business Leasing allows your customer to add further equipment to their lease at any time
making it easier for you to sell more. Leasing also helps with customer retention.
Total solution finance You can include hardware, software (100%) and services.
Improve your cash flow Gone are the days of 30 day terms, you will get paid once the equipment
is delivered/installed.
Options - You are giving your customers more choice and more reasons to say yes to your proposal.
Benefits of leasing for your customers
Tax advantages - All payments on a lease are 100% allowable against taxable profits.
Cash flow - Your customer pays for the system as they use it keeping working capital free.
They can have your solution today for just one months payment.
Low, fixed payments - Allowing easy budgeting throughout the term regardless of interest
rate fluctuations.
Flexibility Your customer is free to upgrade their equipment, make additions or settle the agreement at
any point during the term.
Alternative form of credit Existing credit lines and overdrafts remain unaffected.

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Lease Quotation
Presented to

*type customer name here*


*choose from drop down or free type*


Established 3yrs+

Business type

New Business


Monthly payment

Weekly cost

Total payable

Cost after tax relief

2 Years





3 Years





4 Years





5 Years





AVAILABLE TO LIMITED COMPANIES ONLY. The agreement quoted is a finance lease rental, other products may be
available. First payment assumes one months rental.
All figures quoted are indicative only and subject to VAT where applicable, final underwriting/credit approval, document administration fees, payment by direct debit and the lenders terms and
conditions. The initial payment may be required in advance of delivery/installation. Annual administration fees may apply. Evidence of goods insurance will be required otherwise the lender may
charge their own. The above tax relief figures assumes 20% small profits rate and may demonstrate tax savings. For exact taxation benefits relevant to your business it is recommended that you
seek professional financial advice from your accountant or tax advisor. Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority.

Leasing available from just 1000 + VAT

Alternative form of credit

Assets become even more affordable. No upper limit

Existing facilities remain unaffected

Tax advantages

Total solution finance

Lease payments are 100% tax allowable

Finance the equipment, installation, training and services

Simple process

Flexible upgrade paths

Credit approval secured within a few hours and electronic documents

Upgrade, make additions or settle at any point throughout the term

For further information please contact the

Bluestar Sales Team on 01420 481500

To accept and proceed with the above lease quotation please sign and complete your details below and scan/email to

Name & Position

Telephone No


Desired Term

For and on behalf of

*type customer name here*

Blue Star Business Solutions Limited, 10B Mansfield Business Park, Medstead, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 5PZ, UK
Registered in England & Wales No. 05083649. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
Tel: 01420 481 500 Fax: 0871 4332392 Email:

iPhone / iPad app

Introducing the new powerful

sales tool from Bluestar Leasing...

To further enhance our commitment to our supplier partners we are delighted to offer you our free
iOS leasing tool. Download from the App Store today and provide your customers with tailored finance
options wherever you are.
Lease calculator - Interactive and customisable
Quotebox - Manage your saved quotations
Send quotes - Forward quotations to your customers and attach supporting factsheets
Submit - Forward quotations to Bluestar for underwriting
Factsheets - A selection of factsheets for you and your customers
Helpsheet - A user guide to help you get the most out of our app

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Customer Factsheet

Why lease?
Leasing is considered to be one of todays most
popular methods of financing equipment. Almost
any item can be leased allowing our customers
to equip their business today for an affordable
monthly cost whilst preserving working capital.
Key features of leasing with Bluestar:
Leasing is available from just 1000 + VAT

The right equipment for your business

With a low initial payment and various terms
available, leasing can help you acquire the best
equipment for your business rather than what
your cash resources dictate. The difference
between the best solution and the cheapest
solution may actually only be a small increase
in your monthly payment.
What are the tax advantages of leasing?
Leasing is 100% allowable against taxable profits.
This means that you enjoy tax relief on all leasing
payments throughout the term of the agreement.
Talk to you your accountant for further clarification.

Terms from 2 - 7 years

Tax advantages
Fast credit decisions
Existing facilities remain unaffected
We pay your supplier upon delivery/installation
Flexibility - Upgrade, make additions or settle
at any point during the term
Total solution finance - Finance the equipment,
installation and services
What exactly is a lease?
A Lease agreement is a contract between you
the customer and a leasing company for the
use of equipment that you have chosen from a
supplier. The leasing company pays the suppliers
invoice and you pay the leasing company regular
monthly rentals. The impact on your cash flow is
minimised and you immediately enjoy the benefits
of new equipment.

Who leases?
Businesses across all sectors lease, from new
start companies through to large corporations.
The benefits of leasing are available to all
businesses and for a vast range of assets.
In the 12months period to January 2016
UK Businesses financed 29.11bn of assets
which included:
2.24bn IT Equipment Finance
2.07bn Business Equipment Finance
5.81bn Plant and Machinery
6.88bn Commercial Vehicle Finance
8.93bn Car Finance
source: Finance & Leasing Association

Cash flow
Positive working capital is vital for the success of
all businesses. Pay for the equipment as you use
it and keep your hard earned cash for other future
business needs.

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Customer FAQs

What finance options are available?

Our most popular product is a traditional finance lease or lease purchase agreement. We also have a
range of specialist schemes that cater for phased installation projects and also operating leases for our
education customers. We will explore all the options available for your business.
Should I talk to my bank?
Your bank will most likely assist but it could impact your current arrangements and may require you to
offer additional security. Using your bank for all finance needs isnt generally considered the best practice.
Take advantage of additional credit resources and leave your banking facilities free for working capital or
short term borrowing requirements.
How long can I finance equipment for?
Typically we finance equipment over 2-5 years, although for certain assets we can finance over longer
terms. We are also able to arrange finance over 12 months if required to cover items such as annual
software subscriptions. The leasing period should be no longer than the expected useful life of the
What equipment can be leased?
We finance a considerable range of business assets and we finance the total solution which includes the
installation costs, training and services. Almost any item can be leased including software.
My business is new, can I still lease?
Yes. We have relationships with many specialist funders who welcome business from both new and young
companies. Call us today and one of our team will explain how it works.
Do I have to insure the equipment?
Yes. As soon as you take delivery of the equipment you are obliged under the terms of the agreement to
insure it against loss or damage. The finance company may ask you for proof of insurance and if you do
not have any, arrange it on your behalf. Often this premium can be refunded on a pro rata basis when you
provide evidence that sufficient cover is in place.
How do I make my payments?
Monthly or quarterly Direct Debit is the assumed method of payment. It may be possible to pay on
an invoice only arrangement but there is likely to be a 2% increase in the payments to cover the extra
administration involved.
Can I make changes to my agreement during the term?
Yes. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you flexible finance solutions. You are free to upgrade,
make additions or settle the agreement at any point. There are various options available that we would
be happy to discuss with you. Subject to credit.

01420 481 500

Bluestar Leasing is a trading name of Blue Star Business Solutions Limited which is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.