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Solar Rental Package

Oil and gas operations continue to expand into the far reaches of
almost every continent on our planet. While these vast geographies
range in diversity, they are frequently united by one common trait:
remoteness. Frequently coupled with this challenging feature is content
diminution, as some already tapped-into locations produce less oil and gas. These two obstacles severely impact your
bottom line. You may have an impressive assembly of flagship centers and processing plants to manage your produce,
but are still too far away to efficiently transport the refined materials. Even with the appropriate infrastructure to move
the material, your chemical costs take a hit with the volume of scale/corrosion inhibitors and DRAs needed in the
pipelines. Other chemical costs such as H2S scavenger in older production sites need to be accounted for, given unsafe
sour gas byproduct. These dilemmas are further compounded when determining whether to use pneumatic or electrical
injection systems: air-driven systems spewing chemical into the air produce environmental headaches, while
unforeseen costs complement an electrically-driven system needing to tap into a fabricated power supply. Chemicals,
maintenance, additional installations, environmental hazards, hazards for your support, all converge into an agonizing
knot with the backdrop of an impassable rain forest, sandstorm-raged desert, or snowed-in mountain.
Enter a solar chemical injection solution, by CheckPoint Pumps & Systems. Shed all of the above-mentioned
problems and pains by renting Checkpoints FXA solar chemical injection system. Safe to the environment, your pocket
book, and a relief to your maintenance team, this solar chemical injection leverages CheckPoints existing chemical
head technology while addressing the weaknesses of prevalent solar packages.
MAXIMUM BATTERY LIFE - A sophisticated charging system and properly matched components mean operators
will avoid the cost and effort of constant battery replacement and the environmental problems associated with
discarding old batteries. Battery failure is the number one cause of solar pump failure.
ULTRA HIGH EFFICIENCY - The FXA Solar Injection System offers the highest output per solar panel in the
industry. Every component has been optimized for efficiency, allowing the system to reach high pressures and
volumes not feasible with other systems.
RELIABILITY - With proven chemical head technology from CheckPoints Series 1250 and1500 pumps, an
extremely simple but effective drive mechanism, and robust electrical components, long-term reliability of the critical
components is assured.
DURABILITY - The FXA system is built of only high-grade materials and the same level of workmanship
CheckPoint puts into every product. It is designed to withstand harsh field conditions for many years without failure
or corrosion. It is by far the highest quality system on the market.

Simple. Clean. Green!

Solar Rental Package

The solar panel(s) feed a PWM-type charge controller, which charges the batteries during daylight hours and
controls voltage and current. The new ultra-efficient CheckPoint FXA electric chemical injection pump is controlled by a
high resolution continuous duty pseudo-three-phase controller/motor system, providing a truly continuous injection rate.
CheckPoint engineers collaborate with the customer to properly size every system for continuous operation and
maximum battery life.
170 watt photovoltaic cell panels
Impact resistant panels
Best deep-cycle performance available
Low maintenance gel or absorbed types
Optimized for renewable energy applications
Designed for mission-critical equipment
PWM protects batteries and guarantees maximum
charge efficiency
DRO (Digital Readout) shows real-time system voltage,
current, and battery levels
ALL NEW DRIVE - Ultra-efficient eccentric mechanism
MODULAR DESIGN - Accommodates Series 1250, 1500, and LPX heads and a wide variety of plunger sizes
GEAR REDUCTION - Integral, gear mechanism yields long life and high efficiency
DC ELECTRIC MOTOR - 1/5HP parallel shaft brushless with speed control
EVERWEAR CERAMIC PLUNGERS - RMS 8 surface finish, Vickers 2750 hardness for nearly infinite life and
extended packing durability
CheckPoint Engineered and Tested
Includes calibration gauge, relief valve, pressure gauge, drip pan, and all other components needed to ensure
proper operation and maximize pump life