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Situation Analysis

There are several people in this case who can be the decision makers, namely, the employees of
Gram Vikas Agency (GVA) especially Shiva Raman as he is the programme coordinator,
Bhimbhai (Programme Organiser), G Krishnaswamy, Programme Organiser, Mahipatsinh as he
was the new Pramukh and the members of the mandali.
The reputation of GVA has been quite good in Adimpur because of the interventions they have
taken up. Right from the forest activities to wage employment, GVA has been a source of aid for
Adimpur and its people. They’ve also provided regular technical support and have assisted the
villagers in all regards.
Formation of the mandali (people’s organization) was Shiva’s idea/initiative. This was based on
his work experience of four years with GVA. This idea of forming a mandali and
implementing/initiating development practices through the mandali worked well with the
strategy of GVA. Thus, Shiva Raman is keen on the well functioning of the mandali without any
of the members breaking away from it.
Deepsinh was the first secretary of the mandali. He is a bhagwat (pandit) in Adimpur and has
quite a few followers. Hence, he is quite popular and well respected in the village. The members
of the mandali voted Deepsinh out as the secretary of the mandali because of some personal
affair of Deepsinh they did not approve. Villages are small in size and everyone knows
everything about everybody. This incident and the removal of Deepsinh might have caused him
pain and he might be holding a grudge against the mandali and its members. Because his
work/performance as the secretary had been quite satisfactory. Since, he had this grudge, he
might have had wanted to break the mandali since his reputation had been affected when he was
removed as the secretary of the mandali.
When the extra ordinary general body meeting is called, GVA employees reach on time unlike
the members of the mandali who were late by an hour. Out of the 19 members who had filed
complaints asking for the refund/withdrawal of their savings from the mandali because they had
been denied loans, only 9 had turned up for the general body meeting. This showed how other
members weren’t interested in the issue of this dissidence. It somehow seemed a little difficult to
believe that only 9 out of 19 dissident members turned up for the meeting for the refund of their
savings from the mandali. Apart from the two relatives of Deepsinh, (Diwansinh and
Dharamsinh), no other dissident member spoke clearly about his/her reason of withdrawal of
The reason why these 19 members had filed a petition for withdrawal of their savings was
because they said they were denied to take loans from their own savings. This seemed a little
unfair to them and they were furious with the response of the mandali and its executive
committee. The reason given by the pramukh of the mandali whose view was supported by Shiva
Raman (and other employees of GVA) was that the reason of Diwansinh’s loan was not
productive. Dharamsinh’s loan for death rites was also denied. However, 8 prior loans had been
given for death rites. So there is a lot of ambiguity in terms of what activity is productive and

A girl’s school dress could be very productive as it acts as an investment in the girl’s education. There is uncertainty in terms of how much money in the savings account of the mandali would actually make it financially strong. Objective The objective of Mr. e) Create a separate fund for personal Loan which are considered unproductive.. Shiva Raman here is to retain the integrity of gram vikas sahakari manadli (GVSM). As that was the response given by the employees of GVA that to give loans for personal expenses (nonproductive). b) Providing loan to shri Dharamsinh and Divansinh as they are the few among 19 who have a valid reason moreover they are the ones who are actively trying to break GVSM.. if he is found guilty then his dissents will no more trust him . Stick to the decision previously taken of not giving the loan. In addition to that steps needs to be taken so that such problem won’t occur in future.which activity is not productive. Create a by-law for personal loan comprising the following 1) Details of the purpose for which loan can be provided. Criteria The decision which the Mr. 2) What is its rate of interest? 3) What is maximum loan amount that can be granted . Deepsing case . and to frame a new policy stating explicitly the criteria on which loans can be provided. the decision would be taken by the members of the mandali but the mandali has to financially strong also. Shiva Raman takes has to satisfy the following criteria:- Alternatives a) Do nothing. Decision Problem The problem is how to prevent the 19 members from disintegrating from the mandli. c) Providing Loan to all the 19 dissent members d) Full investigation of Mr.and to take any decision keeping in mind the smooth functioning of the mandali. If he is not found guilty take him back in secretary’s position.

Moreover this alternative can further instill discontent among other members as well. So alternative D cannot be taken up. Alternative D is a very long process.. If he is found innocent it will put GVMS’s position at stake and question its integrity. But the chances of self realization are very meager. They will make sure that no such incident happens in future. on the ground of mutual understanding or self realization. It is also against the mandali’s objective. All the three should be implemented together. but when they will realize that leaving GVMS will affect their financial well being a lot they will take back the petition and stay with GVMS. Alternative E and F are very good options to solve the problem in long term. Alternative C of Providing Loan to all 19 members is impractical and not feasible it cannot be taken up. Giving them loan will at once reduce the discontent among members. Let’s start with the alternative A of doing nothing and letting them go. So to solve the problem we can use Alternative B as short term solution and Alternative E and F as long term. . Evaluation of Alternatives On proceeding to evaluate the alternatives against the criteria laid down. Alternative B of providing loan to shri Dharamsinh and Divansinh as they are the few among 19 who have a valid reason moreover they are the ones who are actively trying to break GVSM. Further we can club it with alternative e) and alternative f) and then the future course of such incidence can also be avoided and integrity of Mandali kept intact. moreover investigation on him after such a long time can further increase discontent among his supporters. So option A cannot be taken up. It is good in a way that in many cases. It can be the case that the 19 dissents are just giving warning to get things done their way. Shiva Raman also realized that their loan request were valid. If he is found guilty then his supporters won’t believe it and blame GVSM that it is it’s conspiracy against Deepsigh. It is a very good alternative as Mr.f) Prepare a comprehensive by-lawa of Mandali which states clearly on what terms loans can be given. problem may get solved by itself if it is not disturbed or focused.

Contingency Plan .Implementation Plan Once the choice has been made.. The by-law should be completed in 1-2 months strict deadline 3) Discuss the plan of creating Personal fund ……. There he should convey the message that Mr. Dhram Singh and – are granted the loan 2) Then he will talk about the plan of creating a new by-law. Explain the member that it will help prevent such cases in future. Ravi Sharma will go with the fallowing course of action in below mentioned order:1) First Call a Extra ordinary general meeting. Mr .

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