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Freshly Prepared

Smoked Capsicum Frittata - crisp leaves, roasted sun dried tomato oil, onion
jam, cilantro avocado cream 19,000

Smoked Salmon Caesar – romaine, anchovy, parmesan and caesar dressing,

dill marinated smoked salmon walnut tartine 17,000

“Rock & Roll” Crab Salad - mixed salad, crab julienne, honey mustard
dressing, dill croutons, beetroot chips (also available with chicken) 14,000

Salmon Niçoise - home smoked salmon niçoise, tapenade mayonnaise, soft

boiled quail eggs 16,000

Watermelon/Feta - pickled watermelon, marinated feta cheese, toasted

pumpkinseeds, walnuts, mixed leaves 13,500

Traditional Caprese, Buffalo mozzarella, ripe tomato, crisp rocca leaves, pesto
pine nut dressing 22,000

All salads can be adjusted for vegetarian requirements, please ask your waiter.

From The
Charcoal Barbecue
Shish Taouk – marinated chicken 15,000

Shish Kebab – marinated beef 20,000

Kofta Kebab – minced lamb and beef 22,000

Lamb Chops – from Australia 20,000

Black Tiger Prawns – herby lemon marinade 55,000

Salmon Pave – skin-on 22,000

Lamb Tikka – spiced yoghurt marinade 22,000

Beef Tenderloin – from Australia 28,000

Beef Rib-Eye – from Australia 26,000

All our grilled items are served with grilled potatoes and coleslaw.

Char-Grilled Burger - coleslaw, pickles 20,000

Phoenicia Club Sandwich – traditional club sandwich, fries 18,000

Chicken Shawarma Wrap, garlic sauce 15,000

Smoked Turkey Bagel, brie, honey, walnut multi-grain bagel 18,000

Croque-Monsieur – toasted cheese/ham sandwich 16,000

Vegetarian Panini - grilled vegetable/mozzarella/pesto panini 13,000

All our sandwiches are served with a side salad.

The Saj Ovens
Haloumi And Mozzarella 12,000
Turkey Ham, Cheese 12,000
Labneh, Vegetables 12,000
Cheese, Zaatar 12,000

Profiteroles – vanilla ice cream profiteroles, hot chocolate sauce, sprinkled
praline 12,500

Float Combination – balsamic strawberry, basil ice cream, red figs/pear,

cinnamon sorbet, pomegranate, lemon/mint sorbet 15,000

Sharing Dessert Platter – sweet nibbles to share, sweet melon, pineapple

wedges, chocolate/raspberry sauce, caramelized macadamia nuts, chocolate
cassé, pistachio tuiles 26,000

Ice Cream, your choice – vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, ashta, ginger 15,000

Sorbets, your choice – mango, pineapple, raspberry, lychee, lemon, mandarin 15,000

Chocolate Craziness – chocolate ice cream, brownie, chocolate sauce, crème

Chantilly 15,000

Tropicana Fantasy – mango sorbet, diced mango, pineapple, kiwi, roasted

coconut, crème Chantilly 15,000

Peach Melba – vanilla ice cream, raspberry coulis, toasted almonds, crème
Chantilly 15,000

Banana Glacée – vanilla/chocolate ice cream, banana slices, chocolate sauce,

toasted almonds, crème Chantilly 15,000

Coupe Romanoff – vanilla ice cream, strawberries, strawberry coulis, crème

Chantilly 15,000

Coupe Dame Blanche – vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, crème Chantilly 15,000

Coupe Brasilia – chocolate ice cream, espresso, crème Chantilly 15,000

Watermelon – chilled, sliced sweet watermelon 15,000

Pineapple Cheese Cake - raspberry coulis 15,000

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