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In this section we showcase a selection of our unique house

cocktails, many of which are well known classics we have “twisted”
with local flavors, spices and influences. We encourage you sit back,
relax and indulge.

Amethyste Mary
A clever twist on the classic Bloody Mary, inspired by the
Australian BBQ. Slow roasted tomatoes muddled with
cracked peppercorns, steak sauce and Cajun spices,
finished with a generous helping of pepper infused vodka.
Served long over cubed ice with a celery salt rim,
cucumber skewer and cherry tomato 21,000

Amethyste Margarita
Gold tequila spiked with runny honey shaken with
freshly pressed pineapple and lime juice with a hint of
freshly ground black pepper. Served martini style with a
half rim of salt 21,000

Beirut Cosmopolitan
Belvedere vodka infused with orange zest, lightly shaken
with cointreau, freshly pressed lime juice and a dash of
rose water 38,000

Beirut Iced Tea

Our signature iced tea created with homemade spiced
saffron syrup and shaken with gin and fresh citrus
juices. Served long and topped with a coke foam,
rosewater mist and a fresh mint garnish 21,000

Amethyste Sunset Punch

A thirst quenching marriage of orange peel infused
vodka, freshly squeezed pink grapefruit and muddled
passion fruit. Served long over vanilla infused ice cubes
and topped with a splash of cranberry juice 24,000

Lychee & Rose Martini

Belvedere vodka shaken with freshly blended lychee,
pressed apple juice and hint of rose water 38,000

Beirut Café
Dark rum shaken with Kahlua & caramel liqueur, spiked
with a shot of ristretto and finished with a sweet
espresso foam, grated dark chocolate and a stick of
sugarcane 38,000
Fresh Martini

In this section we offer our selection of bespoke cocktails, created

using not only the finest spirits and liqueurs but also the freshest
market fruit available - all served martini style.

Raspberry & Lemongrass

Succulent fresh plump raspberries shaken with
Belvedere vodka, sake and crème de framboise,
finished with lemongrass and freshly squeezed lemon
juice 38,000

Rose Blossom Foam

Belvedere Orange shaken with Campari and fresh lime,
spiked with blood orange and pink grapefruit juices and
topped with a sweet rose blossom foam 38,000

Grilled Pineapple & Pepper

Grilled caramelized pineapple muddled with cracked
black pepper and shaken with Belvedere vodka, caramel
and camomile syrup and topped with a dash of freshly
squeezed lemon juice 38,000

The English
Succulent green apples perfectly balanced with crisp
cucumber and freshly pressed apple juice, spiked with
gin and elderflower cordial for an authentic taste of
the English countryside! 38,000

Citrus & Grape

Belvedere Citron vodka muddled with fresh succulent
grapes spiked with honey and freshly pressed apple juice.
Balanced with dry white wine and served straight up with a
skewer of grapes 38,000

Spiced Raspberry & Ginger

Belvedere vodka muddled with fresh plump raspberries,
raspberry puree spiked with raspberry liqueur and fresh
ginger 38,000
Poolside &

In this section we offer a selection of laid back, cool, refreshing

and tiki style creations perfect for poolside lounging and
indulgence, mixed with a few opulent champagne creations.

Poolside Margarita
A zesty, light and refreshing twist on the classic. We
shake gold tequila with citrus sorbet and serve in a
short glass over freshly chipped ice 21,000

Passion Fruit & Vanilla Mojito

A delightfully refreshing blend of vanilla infused rum
muddled with fresh passion fruit, delicately balanced with
vanilla and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Served long over
crushed ice 25,000

Asian Sling
A cool refreshing fusion of Belvedere vodka, kafir lime,
lychee & ginger topped with freshly pressed apple juice
and elderflower cordial 38,000

Sunset Negroni
Orange zest infused Belvedere vodka stirred lovingly
with Campari and sweet vermouth and topped with a
spritz of home made pink grapefruit soda 28,000

Amethyste Bellini
We spike the peach puree in our Bellini with homemade
spiced syrup and top with ice cold champagne for a sim-
ple and variation on the classic 32,000

Asian Fizz
Pureed lychee married with lychee liqueur and ginger
syrup shaken with freshly pressed apple juice and lifted
with a dash of lemongrass syrup 32,000

A sophisticated list of classic cocktails featuring some lesser know

vintage drinks served and mixed as per the original method and

Clover Club
This was the house cocktail of the gentlemen’s club that
met at the Bellevue-Stratford hotel in Philadelphia from
which it takes its name. Gin and fresh raspberries shaken
energetically with lemon juice, sugar syrup and a dash of
egg white for a deliciously creamy finish 30,000

This variation on the Duplex cocktail was named by a
bartender at NYC’s Waldorf Astoria after many of his
regulars commented on the "strange animals" they saw
after an over indulgence of these! We serve ours the
traditional way - 2 parts gin, one part each sweet and
dry vermouth and one part orange juice 30,000

Ping Pong
Invented in 1930 at the Savoy Hotel when bartenders
felt that they played a better game of ping pong after a
couple of these! Gin shaken energetically with the fresh
juice of half a lemon and a hint of egg white 30,000
Non - Alcoholic
Cocktails 15,000

Bloody Shame
Inspired by the Australian BBQ. Slow roasted tomatoes
muddled with cracked peppercorns, steak sauce and Cajun
spices and tomato juice. Served long over cubed ice with a
celery salt rim, cucumber skewer and cherry tomato
Amethyste Blueberryade
Our favorite house "mocktail" plump juicy blueberries
blended with home made lavender infused lemonade
for an extra refreshing drink equally pleasing to both the
palate and the eye – Cheers!
Berry Breeze
Fresh strawberries, raspberries, watermelon and
blueberries muddled and shaken with cranberry and
pineapple juices
Pineapple & Passion Punch
Muddled pineapple and passion fruit shaken with a dash
of fresh apple and pineapple juices
Fruit Smash
We pack as much fruit as we can manage into this
delicious cocktail - fresh pineapple, passionfruit, mango
and banana blended with cranberry juice and crushed ice
Coco Colada
Like sipping a tropical island! Pineapple juice blended with
coconut milk and crushed ice for a totally tropical taste
Amethyste Fresh Lemonade
Freshly squeezed lemon balanced with sugar syrup and
topped with lemonade and mint

Freshly Made Smoothies And Lassis 15,000

Revitaliser Smoothie
An uplifting blend of papaya, fresh mint, banana and
freshly squeezed orange perked up with a splash of fresh
lime juice
Sunset Smoothie
Orange juice, banana and strawberry purée blended with
crushed ice
Pistachio & Melon Lassi
Low fat yogurt blended with fresh rock melon and
flavored with pistachio nuts
Pineapple & Mint Smoothie
Fresh pineapple and mint blended with chipped ice
Mixed Fruit Smoothie
Fresh seasonal berries blended with cranberry and pine-
apple juices
Pineapple & Passion Fruit
Fresh pineapple and passion fruit blended with a touch
of apple juice and vanilla
Home Made Ice Tea
Lemon Ice Tea - Peach Ice Tea - Mint Ice Tea - Ice Coffee
Fresh Juice
Orange - Grape Fruit Juice - Pineapple - Water Melon -
Strawberry 12,000
Rum Selection
Rum’s origins can be traced back to the Caribbean and
its neighbouring countries. Rum’s history is tied to
sugarcane juice and molasses (a waste material from
sugarcane, in sugar production). There are three regions
all producing different styles of rum.
Caribbean Rum Glass

Angostura 1919 8yo (Trinidad & Tobago)

Spicy with exotic fruits 35,000

El Dorado 3yo White (Guyana)

Bursting with coconut and fruits 30,000

El Dorado 15yo (Guyana)

Producers of Demerara rums, this has cognac nuances

Pyrat XO (Anguilla)
This is a multi-dimensional connoisseur’s rum 50,000

Doorly’s White (Barbados)

Dried fruits, nuts and spices 25,000

Cockspur 12yo (Barbados)

Smooth and chocolaty 37,000

Elements Eight Gold (St Lucia)

A superb sipping rum, bananas and cinnamon 37,000

Elements Eight Platinium (St Lucia)

Smooth and very complex 37,000

Chairman’s Reserve (St Lucia)

Perfect balance; try it with coconut cream/water

Wray & Nephew Overproof White (Jamaica)

Powerful, a tropical island in a glass! 37,000

Appleton Estate 8yo (Jamaica)

Intense aromas and flavors 32,000

Havana Club Blanco (Cuba)

The Cubans use this for their Mojitos 25,000

Havana Club Anejo Reserva (Cuba)

Sip this slowly while puffing on a Cuban cigar 37,000
Central And
South American Rum Glass

Flor De Cana 4yo Extra Dry White (Nicaragua)

Coconut and banana with a vanilla finish 30,000

Flor De Cana Gran Reserva (Nicaragua)

Rich, apple pie and spicy finish 37,000

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusivo (Venezuela)

Thick, syrupy and sweet 50,000

Pampero Aniversario (Venezuela)

Huge rum, very sweet 45,000

Beija-Flor Pura Cachaça (Brazil)

Perfect for a Caipirinha 32,000

Germana 10yo Cachaça (Brazil)

A complex sipping Cachaça 59,000
French Rhum Glass

J.Bally Blanc (Martinique)

Light, dry and pure floral flavours 37,000

Clément Première Canne White (Martinique)

Sublime pineapple and spice flavours 72,000

Trois Rivières Blanc (Martinique)

One of the best French rhum producers in the world!

Trois Rivières Doré (Martinique)

Can easily be mistaken for an Armagnac 37,000

Savanna Lontan (La Reunion)

Tropical fruits and ginger, a "grand aroma" rhum

Barbancourt 5 Star 8yo (Haiti)

A silky smooth, delicate and refined rhum 37,000
Tequila Selection
Tequila can only be produced in designated areas of
Mexico, named Jalisco and Guanajuato (which surround
the city of Tequila).
Tequila is made from the blue agave plant and is usually
bottled in one of the following categories:
Unaged Tequila Glass

Cabo Wabo
Highly regarded 100% blue Agave tequila, from a top
producer 53,000

Full bodied blue Agave flavors 42,000

Remarkably smooth and easy sipping, served lightly
chilled 62,000

El Tesoro
Handcrafted blanco of the highest quality 47,000

Gran Centenario
Deliciously subtle and a long smooth finish 36,000

Family owned since the 19th century, matured briefly
for extra smoothness 43,000

Tiny production, Soft medium body, peppery with
summer fruit flavors 53,000

Meaning "miracle", triple distilled, won double gold
medal in 2008 53,000

Luscious full texture and depth of flavor 30,000

Needs no introduction, simply sublime! 60,000

Spicy with delicious grilled pepper flavors 32,000

Mezcal Glass
Agave based spirit made outside Tequila producing area of Jalisco &

Del Maguey Chichicapa 2000

Very rare and sought after Mezcal, won "best in the
world medal 99-02" 84,000
Reposado Glass
Aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 2 months but less than 1

Great balance of 100% blue Agave flavors 35,000

Gorgeously textured from one of the finest producers

Peerless producer, buttery grilled vegetable flavors

Don Julio
Extremely special and smooth tequila 58,000

Gran Centenario
Classic blue Agave flavors smooth and balanced

Aged 11 months in oak barrels, superbly integrated flavors

Nutty and vanilla notes from 2 months ageing in oak barrels

One of the finest reposado’s available 66,000

Textbook reposado aged 4 months in oak 34,000

Rich and smooth, in a class of its own 79,000
Anejo Glass
Aged in oak barrels for a minimum of 1 year but less than 3 years.

Superb Anejo in "Inca-esque" bottle 44,000

Excellent reputation for purity and quality 56,000

Don Julio
Luxury Anejo from highly respected producer tequila to savor

El Tesoro
Meaning "the treasure", a stunning slow sipping tequila

El Tesoro Paradiso
Made by cognac Fussigny and aged in cognac barrels

Gran Centenario
Enjoy on its own over ice, as a really smooth shot or in a
"bling" Margarita 51,000

The aficionado’s Anejo, fabulously elegant and
sophisticated 52,000

Brilliant Anejo aged for 18 months in oak barrels, re-
ceived 98/100 score in 2007 71,000

Awesome Anejo from one of the most famous boutique
tequila houses in Mexico 69,000

Sauza Conmemotativo
Aged up to 3 years in white oak barrels, it makes a
cracking Margarita 35,000

Siete Leguas
Glorious Anejo, full bodied, dense and complex 72,000

Authentic handmade Anejo aged for 18 months in oak


Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial

Gls: 43,000 Btl: 350,000

Brut L.P Laurent Perrier

Gls: 43,000 Btl: 350,000

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Carte Jaune

Btl: 350,000

Grandes Cuvées

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin "La Grande Dame"

1988 Btl: 750,000

Dom Pérignon Vintage 1998

Btl: 1,000,000

Louis Roederer Cristal

Btl: 1,800,000


Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial

Btl: 640,000

Laurent Perrier Cuvée Rosé Brut

Btl: 640,000

Dom Pérignon Rosé Vintage 1995

Btl: 2,360,000

Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin "La Grande Dame"

1998 Btl: 2,360,000
Wine Selection
Château Massaya Classic 2009 Bekaa Valley
Gls: 12,000 Btl: 55,000

Château Marsyas 2008 Bekaa Valley

Gls: 16,000 Btl: 75,000

Massaya Rosé Classic
Gls: 12,000 Btl: 55,000

Massaya Silver Selection 2006 Bekaa Valley
Gls: 15,000 Btl: 70,000

Château Marsyas 2007 Bekaa Valley

Gls: 17,000 Btl: 85,000

Tequila Glass

Jose Cuervo White 15,000

Jose Cuervo 1800 Gold 24,000

Don Julio Blanco 18,000

Don Julio Reposado 21,000

Don Julio Anejo 25,000

Rum Glass

Bacardi Carta Blanca 15,000

Bacardi Gold 15,000

Bacardi Black 15,000

Scotch Whisky
(Blend) Glass

Johnnie Walker Red Label 15,000

Johnnie Walker Black Label 23,000

Johnnie Walker Gold Label 32,000

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 86,000

Dewar’s 15,000

J&B 13,000

Chivas Regal 12 Years 23,000

Chivas Royal Salute 21 Years 49,000

Malt Whisky Glass

Glenmorangie 10 Years 32,000

Glenfidich 12 Years 25,000

Glenfidich 15 Years 28,000

Bourbon And Irish

Whiskey Glass

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey 23,000

Jameson Irish Whiskey 13,000

Gin And Vodka Glass

Gordon’s 15,000

Bombay Sapphire 16,000

Tanqueray 16,000

Smirnoff 14,000

Smirnoff Black 20,000

Smirnoff Blue 15,500

Stolichnaya 15,500

Stolichnaya Cristal 20,000

Stolichnaya Elite 45,000

U’luvka 45,000

Ciroc 35,000

Belvedere 35,000

Absolut 15,000

Absolut Citron 17,000

Absolut Kurrant 17,000

Absolut Mandarine 17, 000

Absolut Peppar 17,000

Liquors Glass

Bailey’s Irish Cream 20,000

Kahlua 20,000

Tia Maria 20,000

Drambuie 20,000

Sambucca 20,000

Amaretto 20,000

Dom Bénédictine 20,000

Galliano 20,000

Malibu 20,000

Cherry Brandy 20,000

Cointreau 20,000

Grand Marnier 20,000

Southern Comfort 20,000

Get 27 Peppermints 20,000

Almaza 8,000

Almaza Pure Malt 11,000

Orlando 11,000

Corona 11,000

Heineken 11,000

Soft Drinks
Soft Drinks 7,500

Red Bull/Red Bull Light 11,000

Tonic Water 9,000

Soda Water 9,000

Ginger Ale 12,000

Bitter Lemon 12,000

Still Water
Evian 33 cl 9,000

Sparkling Water
San Pellegrino 25 cl 10,000

San Pellegrino 75 cl 13,000

Perrier 33 cl 11,000
Espresso 8,000

Decaffeinated Espresso 8,000

Nescafe 8,000

Double Espresso 12,000

Cappuccino 9,000

Hot Chocolate 10,000

Royal Breakfast
Black tea leaves, to be enjoyed in the morning 10,500

Green Tea Curls

Enjoyed in the afternoon after lunch 10,500

1001 Nights
Black tea, green tea and orange peel, a must during the
evening 10,500

Herbal Infusion
Camomile Breeze
Hibiscus, camomile, mint, rosehip, lemongrass, and or-
ange peel enjoyed in the afternoon 11,000

Ginger Calm
Orange & lemon peel, licorice, mint, lemongrass
Orange flowers, papaya, ginger and apple.
Enjoyed at any time 11,000
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