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Lakshwiz Bazaar
Market Entry Strategy for Lawrence & Mayo in Indian Solar Product Space
Lawrence & Mayo is an India based leading optician company, since 1877. The company presently
provides services in three major divisions Opticals, Online store and Instruments. Being one the
nations finest opticians for more than a century, the company is looking forward to increase its
product portfolio in instruments and online stores.
Instrument Division is at the forefront in providing state-of-the-art Scientific and Engineering
instruments and has tie-ups with international companies for their wide range of instruments. It
provides Geometric and Engineering Instruments, general Laboratory Instruments and
accessories. The company supplies these instruments to Railways, Collieries, Oil Industry,
Universities & Engineering Colleges, Quality Control and Research Laboratories. L&M is one of
the biggest importers of these instruments and understands the market well. Considering future
needs, especially in the field of Energy, instrument division is looking forward to occupy a major
portion of Indian market in providing various solar products.
Indias present electricity generation
capacity was 276 GW (Jul 2015). Out of
which major portion (around 72%) is
Renewable sources constitutes only 28% of
installed capacity which
approximately 1,500 MW. India is endowed
with vast solar energy. The solar radiation of
about 5,000 trillion kWh per year is incident
over its land mass with average daily solar
power potential of 0.25 kWh per m2 of used
land area with the available commercially
proven technologies. As of 13 July 2015, the installed capacity is 4,097 MW. India expects to
install an additional 10,000 MW by 2017, and a total of 20,000 MW by 2022.
The government is playing an active role in promoting the adoption of renewable energy
resources by offering various incentives, such as generation- based incentives (GBIs), capital and
interest subsidies, viability gap funding, concessional finance, fiscal incentives etc.
Lawrence & Mayo has gone through a lot of discussion on how it should enter the Indian Solar
Panel Market and how to build their business to challenge the other established players. They

Lakshwiz Bazaar
are looking for a marketing strategy they should use, so that they can avail the maximum profit
out of this growing market segment. As solar is going to be futures technology, what should be
their long term strategy with respect to Indian market.
1. A Go/No-Go decision based on below analysis:
a. Estimating the Market size of solar products used in Residential, Commercial and Industrial
Space in India.
b. Identify the trends and analyze the growth potential in each segment.
c. Identify the key challenges to enter Indian solar product market.
2. Devise a Market entry strategy for Lawrence & Mayo in Solar Product Space in India
(irrespective of the above decision). Should Lawrence & Mayo consider manufacturing solar
products in India or should it try to integrate with already established players in Indian market.
Identify the different integration scenarios for same.