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Annual Report


Registered Charity No. 229945. Above & Beyond Charities is the working
title for the Charitable Trusts for University Hospitals Bristol.
Foreword by Chairman

This past year has offered some Our Fundraising continues to grow from strength to strength,
with an expanded fundraising team recruited during the year.
great successes for the Charity as Voluntary income has increased by nearly £1million year
well as presenting some challenges on year, in part thanks to the generous legacies received
over the last twelve months. Over the period all areas of
for the Trustees. voluntary income have shown growth with the income from
fundraising events almost doubling to £225,000. We have
been particularly pleased with this performance given that
many other charities have reported falls in income due to the
difficult economic climate.

The Heart of Bristol Appeal has proved highly successful,

exceeding its £800,000 target six months ahead of schedule.
This money has been used to add value to the facilities in the
new Bristol Heart Institute the impact of which are now really
being appreciated by patients, their families and the staff
since the new building opened in May 2009.

We have awarded a total of 220 grants over £1,000 in the

past year along with many hundreds of other smaller grants.
In total we have committed £4.3million to help enhance
healthcare in Bristol, a 95% increase on 2007/08. This
dramatic increase in grant expenditure is in part due to the
Heart of Bristol Appeal coming to fruition. Another major
factor is the commitment the Trustees have shown to our
next major campaign, the Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
Environment Appeal, or CaRE Appeal for short. In the year
under review, the Trustees have committed £1.5million
of funding, their largest ever single grant, to support this
project, and undertaken to raise £500,000 by autumn 2010 in
support of this transformation of the environment within the
Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre.

We continue to be grateful for the support and close liaison we

enjoy with the newly designated University Hospitals Bristol
NHS Foundation Trust and the local Primary Care Trusts. Our
network of around 500 Fund Advisors allows us to ensure that
funds are applied as effectively as possible for the benefit of
both patients and staff and in line with donors’ wishes.

“We have awarded a total of 220 grants
over £1,000 in the past year along with
many hundreds of other smaller grants.
In total we have committed £4.3million
to help enhance healthcare in Bristol, a
95% increase on 2007/08.”

Foreword by Chairman 1

Achievements and aims 3

Who we are 4

Heart of Bristol Appeal 5

CaRE Appeal 6

Our grant making 7

Our fundraising activities 9

I must say congratulations to our colleagues at the Hospitals Legacies 10

as during the year under review, the United Bristol Healthcare
NHS Trust gained Foundation Trust status and changed their Good governance 11
name to University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust.
This saw a major recruitment drive to attract members and Our income and expenditure 13
we were pleased to have been able to support this campaign
and indeed assist with recruitment. Balance sheet 15

As everyone has experienced, there has been extreme pressure Constitution and powers 17
nationally on investments and the Charity saw its investments
fall in value by £5 million. However, due to the approach taken Trustees, staff and committees 19
by the Trustees and their advisors, we have been able to protect
the designated funds held by the Charity as well as ensuring Making your Hospitals even better 21
that the spending plans for the General Purpose Funds have
been able to continue. The Trustees hope that growth will
return soon so that even more money can be made available.

Finally, it remains for me to thank all those who make our

work possible. We are grateful to all our donors, sponsors,
and those who contribute a considerable amount of time to
fundraising. These people and organisations share our vision
to add value to healthcare in Bristol for all patients, visitors
and staff.

Achievements and aims

Achievements Aims for the

year ahead
In 2008/09, the Charity’s key achievements included:
Our aims for the year
• The Heart of Bristol Appeal exceeded its £800,000 target by ahead include:
the end of March 2009, with money still being raised for this
worthy cause. • To continue to promote
the results and
• Voluntary income totalled £2.8million, compared outcomes of the Charity’s
to £1.9million in the previous year. grant making activities,
highlighting the benefits
• Committed the Charity’s largest ever grant of £1.5million for to patients, as well as its
the refurbishment of the Bristol Haematology and Oncology fundraising stories.
Centre and agreed to launch the CaRE Appeal to raise
£500,000 in support of this. • To continue to align the
Charity’s expenditure
• Enhanced cooperation with UHBristol which has included strategies with those
ensuring that charitable funds are considered as part of the of UHBristol where
capital planning process. possible, for maximum
patient benefit.
• Appointment and successful induction of an expanded
fundraising and communications team. • To continue raising the
profile of the Charity,
• Implementation of a grant making feedback initiative to integrated with
allow the Charity to monitor the contribution it is making. UHBristol’s aim of
increasing awareness
• Implementation, in collaboration with UHBristol, of a Joint and engagement with
Policy for Research funded by charitable funds. patients and the wider
Bristol Community in
• Continuation of developing strong working relationships line with UHBristol’s
with the Charity’s Fund Advisors including the launch of Fundraising Strategy.
training sessions.
• To further expand the
• The Charity launched a Free Wills Campaign to range of fundraising
encourage people to leave a legacy to support techniques employed
the Hospitals. by the Charity and
to explore potential
• Greatly increased media coverage and revised partnership fundraising
communications materials which have helped to with a particular focus
raise the profile of the Charity significantly. on the BHOC Refresh

Who we are...
Above & Beyond Charities funds projects
which touch the lives of the thousands of
people cared for by University Hospitals
Bristol and its local community services
each year.

Vision, mission
Projects we support fall into four broad categories:

• Enhancing the healing environment for patients and staff

and values
– this support makes patients’ lives more comfortable and
includes such schemes as refurbishing patient and visitor
day rooms; funding complementary therapies services;
and providing artwork to make the environment within the
Our Vision
Hospitals positive and stimulating. This was our largest
To enhance healthcare in Bristol.
area of expenditure last year with grants totaling £2million.

Our Mission
• Funding research – Last year the Charity spent £490,557
To enhance the care and treatment of patients within the
on funding research within the Hospitals. Our Research
University Hospitals Bristol and their associated services
Foundation promotes good quality research, encourages the
‘Above and Beyond’ that provided by the NHS by encouraging
aspirations of staff and promotes training in order to help
charitable giving, enabling us to:
keep University Hospitals Bristol at the forefront of research.

• improve the environment for patients and staff

• Supporting staff development and training – The training
• further medical knowledge through research
and staff development already provided by University
• support staff development and training
Hospitals Bristol is complemented by our funding of
• fund equipment that makes a real difference to patient care
additional courses and conferences. Last year this support
totaled £822,571.
Our Values
We aim to be:
• Funding equipment that makes a real difference to patient
care – We provided £922,062 to fund equipment which can mean
• Trustworthy
that patients are often able to access the latest technology
• Transparent
much faster than would otherwise have been the case.
• Accountable
• Efficient
• Effective
Above and Beyond Charities supports the work of the:
• Responsive
• Innovative
• Bristol Royal Infirmary
• Committed
• Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
• Bristol Heart Institute
• St. Michael’s Hospital
• Bristol General Hospital
• Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre
• Bristol Eye Hospital
• Bristol Dental Hospital
• Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital
• NHS Bristol
• NHS North Somerset [including Clevedon Hospital]

The new Bristol Heart Institute has
now opened its doors to patients,
bringing 21st Century healthcare to
cardiac patients across the South West.
Following seven years of working with
patients, staff and the public this state
of the art facility offers the very best in
cardiac services to the people of Bristol
and beyond.

A patient’s perspective...
Above & Beyond’s Heart of Bristol Appeal aimed to raise
£800,000 to add value to the £61million NHS funded project
and has provided many of the finishing touches which make
the new facility feel so special. Whether it is the artwork
which provides a calming influence or the accommodation
for overnight visitors in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit,
the projects supported will make a significant difference
to patients and their families. As well as enhancing the
environment the Charity has also helped to fund the very
latest monitoring equipment and Audio Visual technology to
help link the Institute with other centres around the world.

The Appeal has been a huge success for the Charity, having As an arts graduate and former cardiac patient, Peter
raised £820,000 by March 2009, £20,000 over the original Ashdown joined the Arts Committee to help influence
target. Money is still coming in and the Charity is keen to the look and feel of the new building. Peter commented
support additional projects within the new BHI which will “It has been a wonderful experience and a privilege to
continue to make a real difference to patients. be involved in the new development and I am delighted
to see the completed building looking so fantastic. I
know how stressful a stay in hospital can be at times
both for the patients themselves and for their families.
The quality, calming atmosphere and reassuring feel
of the new BHI will certainly help to minimise anxiety,
and I believe that the artwork makes an important
contribution to this. I would like to say thank you to
all those who have worked so hard to make this new
facility so spectacular.”

Following the success of the Heart of
Bristol Appeal, Above and Beyond’s
attention has now turned to the next
major campaign, the CaRE Appeal,
which stands for the Chemotherapy and
Radiotherapy Environment Appeal.
With 1 in 3 people being diagnosed with cancer at some
point in their lifetime, it is a disease which affects nearly
all families. The Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre
(BHOC) cares for over 6,500 individuals with cancer every
year, with up to 1,000 patients and visitors passing through
the Centre each day. When talking to patients, we hear A patient’s perspective...
many fantastic things about the support and advice offered
by the staff, but something that everyone agrees is that the
building, like the Bristol Heart Institute, needs to reflect the
outstanding care and the brilliant people who work there.

Above & Beyond’s CaRE Appeal has committed to provide

£1.5million of funding to help transform the main reception
area, counselling and support facilities, the outpatient’s
facilities, and the information centre. The Trustees have
allocated £1million of funding from past donations which have
been received to benefit the BHOC, the largest single grant
“Cancer care has changed so much in the past few
ever given by the Charity. However there is still need to raise
years. The language has changed – it’s all about
£500,000 by Autumn 2010 to make the project a reality.
‘surviving’ cancer and ‘living with’ cancer. And the
professionals have changed. They are young, dynamic
If you would like to get involved with this appeal please
and approachable and work hard to demystify the
contact us on 0117 370 0485 or alternatively please visit
disease and help you to see it as a normal part of your
life... The thing that hasn’t changed is the building. It’s
a complete contrast to all the great work the team do to
lift your spirits.”

Malcolm, cancer patient, March 2009

Our grant making

As well as the Charity’s work Here are just a few examples of the types of grants we have
given over the past year:
supporting specific Appeals, the
Trustees continue to support a wide • £1.5million commitment to fund the transformation of the
reception area, out patients clinics and the counselling and
range of projects across UHBristol support facilities within Bristol Haematology and Oncology
and the local community services. Centre.
Last year the Trustees awarded • £468,000 in the year under review (£800,000 in total) to help
220 grants in excess of £1,000 as enhance the facilities within the new Bristol Heart Institute.
well as many hundreds of smaller • £250,000 for the development of the Retinal Department
grants. Total grant expenditure was and Clinical Research Unit at the Bristol Eye Hospital.
£4.3million, over £2million more than • £9,871 to redecorate the patient waiting area at Bristol
in 2007/08. Homeopathic Hospital.

• £10,000 to support the UHBristol-wide Health and Wellbeing

Initiative, caring for staff across the Trust.

• £2,000 to produce photo menus for use on wards and

departments allowing speakers of other languages and
those who have difficulty communicating to make choices
about their own diet.

• £14,000 to purchase a state-of-the-art Heliox Ventilator

for the Intensive Therapy Department at the Bristol Royal

Bristol Medical Simulation Centre
• £1,000 to fund a new study bursary for Junior Doctors at

• £12,650 to produce a DVD to provide information for patients

about to undergo radiotherapy.

• £15,110 for a new ultrasound scanner for the Pregnancy

Advisory Service to be used out in the local community.

• £5,600 for a Birth Canal Simulator to help train student


• £1,400 to buy new chairs for the parents’ room at the

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

• £6,271 to fund a pilot project trialling a new brief

intervention technique by the Alcohol Specialist Nurse in the
A&E Department. In 1997, the Charity Trustees provided funding to set
up a facility for the advanced training of medical and
• £1,294 to help children at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children non-medical staff who have to deal with both routine and
celebrate the NHS’s 60th Birthday. emergency situations. The training is geared to the needs
of a wide range of medical and healthcare professionals.
• £4,000 to provide two new blenders with respiratory The Bristol Medical Simulation Centre is a world leader
humidifiers and temperature probes which allow babies on in its field. It utilises the most advanced Human Patient
ventilation to be cuddled by their parents. Simulator and scenario software, lecture theatre and
audio-visual equipment.
• £5,800 to help train physiotherapy staff in the use of
acupuncture for pain relief and to assist with patient The ownership of the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre
recovery. has now been transferred to UHBristol to allow them
to develop their training programme even further.
• £4,118 to set up a satellite treatment unit for patients with By having such a wonderful facility on the Hospitals’
oncological or haematological conditions allowing them to doorstep they will be able to provide cost effective, cutting
be treated closer to home. edge training. The transfer of this facility was completed
on 1st April 2009.

All of these projects and others like them

are only made possible by the generous
support received from grateful patients,
their relatives and members of the public.

Our fundraising

Thank you to those who got involved!

Last year fundraising events generated People zip wired, abseiled, ran, walked, danced and
dined, amongst many, many other things to help raise
an income of £224,840 for the Charity, money for the benefit of patients.
almost double the amount raised in
Graham Rich, Chief Executive of UHBristol, led the way
2007/08. This was through a combination by participating in a zip wire from the roof of Bristol
of events organised by a network of Haematology and Oncology Centre to the site of the Bristol
Heart Institute to help raise money for the Heart of Bristol
volunteers as well as a number of Appeal. A total of 75 participants took part in this event
events organised by the team at Above raising over £10,000 for the Appeal between them.
and Beyond Charities, all of which were The Charity was proud to host the very first public event
only successful because of the fantastic in the new Bristol Heart Institute. On 12th February 2009
over 150 guests enjoyed a Champagne Reception and
support shown by the local community. heard from one of the Cardiac Team’s most famous past
patient, Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

“I was inspired to take part in the Bristol With such a diverse range of events, there is something
within the annual fundraising programme suitable for
10k after visiting the new Heart Centre everyone to get involved in. If you would like to find out about
at the BRI. I wouldn’t be here without the future events please visit

skill and support of everyone who has

helped me over the last year.”
Richard, former patient and fundraiser

Every year Above and Beyond Charities is most grateful
to receive a high level of support from generous donors
who leave legacies to the Hospitals in their Wills. This type
of support is highly valuable to our work and funds many
remarkable projects throughout the Hospitals.

The legacies income in 2008/09 totalled £1,571,000. The

Charity Trustees would like to thank everyone who was kind
enough to support the work of Above and Beyond Charities
in this way, in particular they wish to thank the following

Bristol Eye Hospital

R J Davies £182,000 General purpose
P A Milton £1,000 General purpose
P A Weeks £100,000 General purpose

Bristol General Hospital

M E Heaven £20,285 General purpose

Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre Leaving a legacy in your Will is your chance to support
S A Dyke £1,243 General purpose future generations. It is simple to do and tax efficient. If you
D C Lucchesi £743,000 General purpose would like to find out more then please arrange an informal
A M Newman £20,000 General purpose discussion by contacting the Charity on 0117 927 7120 or
W Pearce £1,000 General purpose email
M J Smith £1,000 General purpose
P M Stewart £109,000 General purpose
A R Thomson £9,434 General purpose

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children

M J Monks £147,103 General purpose
R A Rickworth £1,000 General purpose
D M Saunders £29,375 Paediatric Renal Fund

Bristol Royal Infirmary

D Howe £1,000 Heart of Bristol Appeal
R C Newbury £30,000 Cardiac Services
M J Savory £140,886 Cardiac Intensive Care

St Michael’s Hill Hospital

C E Hill £8,000 General purpose

Clevedon Hospital
F G Ord £2,000 General purpose
S T Wright £1,500 General purpose

Good governance

The Economic Climate

Just like many other individuals and What action has been taken to protect the Charity?
organisations, Above and Beyond The Trustees had recognised that whilst the previous five
Charities was affected by the global years had shown significant growth in investment asset
values it was necessary to be prepared for a downturn. This
economic climate in 2008/09. Thanks was achieved by:
to the prudent decisions taken by the
• Not distributing to designated funds the unrealised gain of
Trustees over the past few years, none £3.5 million arising from the property revaluation in 2007;
of the designated funds held by the
• Holding back a percentage of the value of the stock market
Charity have been disadvantaged by investment portfolio as a reserve;
the economic difficulties, ensuring the
• Holding a significant proportion of one year’s expenditure in
money that has been donated is still short term cash deposits;
being spent to benefit patients.
• Taking regular advice from the Charity’s investment
advisors to enable the trustees to make informed decisions.

Thanks to the action taken above the unrealised investment

losses of £5 million in 2008/09 have not had to be distributed
to designated funds. This has enabled the Trustees’ spending
plans to remain unaffected. It has also ensured that the
Charity has sufficient cash to meet current expenditure
and so avoid having to sell long term investment assets at
deflated prices. Future investment gains will now be used to
rebuild the reserves and allow the Charity to move forward
with confidence.

Association of Fundraising ImpACT Coalition
NHS Charities Standards Board

Above and Beyond Charities The Fundraising Standards In 2008/09 Above and Beyond
is an active member of the Board (FRSB) is the body Charities became a member
Association of NHS Charities, for self-regulation of of the ImpACT Coalition. The
with Ros Clarke sitting on fundraising in the UK. The Coalition brings together
its National Council. The FRSB scheme is open to all over 130 charities and trade
Association seeks to support, fundraising organisations bodies to work together to
and to be the voice of all NHS and as a member we agree improve transparency and
Charities in England and to adhere to the highest accountability and preserve
Wales. The principal aim of standards of good practice public trust in the charitable
the Association is to promote within our fundraising and sector. Those who have
the effective working of to a Donors’ Charter. By joined the coalition include
NHS Charities. Through this participating in the scheme the biggest and smallest
membership, Above and the Charity is not only charities in the country.
Beyond Charities can ensure advertising our commitment Above and Beyond Charities’
that it adopts best practice to best fundraising practices, membership demonstrates
from across the sector and but also giving donors the Trustees commitment to
provide training, support and the comfort of a ‘safety being open and transparent.
insight both for Staff and net’ provided by a robust
Trustees. complaints system. To find out more visit
To find our move visit To find out more visit


The Above and Beyond Charities recognise and acknowledge any expression of dissatisfaction
as a potential complaint whether it comes in person or by telephone, letter, fax or email.
Complaints are not regarded negatively but more as a means of monitoring and improving
performance and gauging public perception. In the past year the charity received no formal

Our income and expenditure

Summary of income

Summary of income Summary of income by type excluding

investment income and gains
• Voluntary Income total Hospital by Hospital £’000s £’000s

Bristol Royal Infirmary 507 Donations 438

Bristol Royal Hospital for Children 680 Grants 289

St. Michael’s Hospital 24 Course Fees 283

Bristol General Hospital 95 Activities for Generating Funds (Fundraising Events) 225

Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre 924 Legacies 1,571

Bristol Eye Hospital 344 Income from Operating Activities 422

Bristol Dental Hospital 114

Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital 61

Research Foundation 2

Community Services 12

Funds not linked to a specific Hospital 54

Primary Care Trusts 13

Giving with confidence...
The Charity comprises over 500 separate funds representing Most of the funds we hold are designated for a specific
Wards, Departments, Hospital, Specialities and Research purpose and for several years we have worked alongside
Projects. When we receive donations for a specific purpose Fund Advisors within the Hospitals to develop spending plans.
our supporters can have confidence that their money is spent Some of these are long term plans and involve major projects
in line with their wishes. In technical terms these funds fall which will come to fruition in due course, and some of them
into four broad categories: Unrestricted General Purpose have an immediate effect and benefit for patients.
Funds; Unrestricted Designated Funds; Restricted Funds;
and Endowment Funds. For a definition of what each of these
means please see page P17.

Summary of expenditure Summary of grant expenditure by Hospital

£’000s £’000s

Grants Bristol Royal Infirmary 1,148

Enhancing the healing environment for patients 2,089 Bristol Royal Hospital for Children 735

Research 491 St. Michael’s Hospital 72

Equipment making a real difference to patient care 922 Bristol General Hospital 28

Supporting Staff development and training 823 Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre 1,620
Bristol Eye Hospital 256
Costs of generating funds 18
Bristol Dental Hospital 125
Costs of Fundraising Office 89
Bristol Homoeopathic Hospital 33
Investment Management Costs 31
Research Foundation 105
Costs of Operating Activities 370
Community Services 5
Management & Administration 283
Funds not linked to a specific Hospital 170

Primary Care Trusts 28

Statement of financial activities

2008/09 2007/08 2008/09 2007/08

£’000s £’000s £’000s £’000s

Incoming Resources Other Expenditure:

Donations 1,010 932 Cost of Operating Activities 370 332

Legacies 1,571 817 Costs of Generating Funds 18 25
Investment Income 1,152 1,235 Costs of fundraising office 89 69
Income from Operating Activities 421 402 Investment management costs 31 31
Activities for generating funds 225 113 Management & Administration 243 210
Governance costs 40 40
Transfer from other NHS Charities - Interest payable 384 364

Total Incoming Resources 4,379 3.499 Total Other Expenditure 1,175 1,071

Total Resources Expended 5,462 3,219
Resources Expended

Direct Charitable Expenditure: Net Incoming/(Outgoing) Resources (1,083) 280

Grants Payable 4,325 2,280
Transfers to other NHS Charities (38) (32)
Gains & Losses on Investment Assets
Total Direct Charitable Expenditure 4,287 2,148
Movement in value of investments (5,090) (630)
Revaluation of own fixed assets (50) -

Net Movement in Funds (6,223) (350)

Fund Balance brought forward

at 1st April 16,837 17,187

Fund Balance carried forward
at 31st March 10,614 16,837

Notes on income and expenditure:

Course Fees and Expenditure on Training and Education: The Charity facilitates many courses that are put on by departments within the Hospitals. The Hospitals
contain many centres of excellence serving the whole of the South West so these courses are very well attended. The income is used to help cover costs thus
allowing access to these educational events as well as supporting the other charitable activities of the various wards and departments.

Income and Expenditure on Operating Activities: A profit for the year of £16,533 was generated by the Charity’s operating activities carried out by the two
companies owned by the Charity. Education Centre Management Ltd provides a facilities management service for University Hospitals Bristol’s Education Centre
for the benefit of staff education and training within the Hospitals. PentaMed Ltd ran the Bristol Medical Simulation Centre (BMSC). Its trading activity along with its
fixed assets was disposed of on the 1st April 2009 to UHBristol for £1, the company retaining its current assets and liabilities.

Transfers: During the year under review the Charity received transfers of £38,585 from North Bristol NHS Trust charitable funds The majority of this sum related to
children’s services transferred from Southmead Hospital to the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children with the balance relating to funds for Clevedon Hospital.

Balance sheet



Independent auditor’s statement to the Trustees of the

Fixed Assets Charitable Trusts for the University Hospitals Bristol
Tangible Assets 341 395
We have examined the summary financial statement which
Investments 16,014 20,116
comprises the Statement of Financial Activities, Balance

Sheet and notes on income and expenditure.
Total Fixed Assets 16,355 20,511
This report is made solely to the Trustees of the Charitable
Current Assets Trusts for the University Hospitals Bristol. Our work has
Debtors 1,346 442 been undertaken in accordance with Part II of the Audit
Short Term Investments & Deposits 2.667 3,656 Commission Act 1998, so that we might state to the Trustees
Cash at Bank and in Hand 17 21 those matters we are required to state to them in an auditors’
statement on summary financial statements and for no other
Total Current Assets 4,030 4,119 purpose. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not
accept or assume responsibility to anyone other than the
Creditors: Charity and the Charity’s Trustees as a body, for our audit
Amounts falling due within one year 990 716 work, for this statement, or for the opinions we have formed.

Respective responsibilities of Trustees and auditor

Net Current Assets (Liabilities) 3,040 3,403
The Trustees are responsible for preparing the Annual Report.

Total Assets Less Current Liabilities 19,395 23,914 Our responsibility is to report to you our opinion on the
consistency of the summary financial statement within the
Annual Report with the statutory financial statements.
We also read the other information contained in the
Amounts falling due after one year 5,255 5,434
Annual Report and consider the implications for our report
if we become aware of any misstatements or material
Provisions for liabilities and charges 3,526 1,643
inconsistencies with the summary financial statement.

Our responsibilities do not extend to any other information.
Total Net Assets 10,614 16,837
Basis of opinion
We conducted our work in accordance with Bulletin 1999/6
Capital Funds ‘The auditors’ statement on the summary financial statement’
Endowment Funds 114 114 issued by the Auditing Practices Board. Our report on the
Restricted Funds 83 140 statutory financial statements describes the basis of our audit
Restricted Funds revaluation reserve 1 1 opinion on those financial statements.
Unrestricted Funds 10,357 16,473
Unrestricted Funds revaluation reserve 59 109
In our opinion the summary financial statement is consistent

with the statutory financial statements of the Charity for the
Total of all Funds 10,614 16,837
year ended 31st March 2009.

11 September 2009

Grant Thornton UK LLP,

Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6ST.

Constitution and powers

Status of the Charity Trustees Charity Trustee Appointments and Induction

The Charity Trustees of Above and Beyond Charities are The Charity Trustees are appointed by the Appointments
appointed as Trustees for the University Hospitals Bristol Commission, on behalf of the Secretary of State for Health, in
NHS Foundation Trust, under s51 of the National Health accordance with procedures adopted for public appointments
Service Act 2006, by the Appointments Commission on behalf although two of the five must come with a background
of the Secretary of State for Health. associated with local NHS interests. Appointments are made
on merit for terms of up to four years, renewable twice, but
Constitution and Powers with no Trustee serving more than ten years. No paid NHS
The Charity Trustees are successors to the Special Trustees, employee is eligible for appointment. All vacancies are widely
who were established in 1974 by the National Health Service advertised.
[Reorganisation] Act 1973 as a body of trustees independent of
the management of the United Bristol Hospitals to administer All new Trustees are given appropriate induction on their
the endowment funds and properties and to receive new responsibilities as a Trustee, as laid down in guidance by the
charitable funds. The Trustees’ activities are principally Charity Commission.
governed by the Charities Acts of 1992, 1993 and 2006.
Grant Making
From 1st April 2000 the status of the Trustees of the Special The Charity’s Officers may approve expenditure up to £1,000
Trustees for the United Bristol Hospitals changed to that of incurred by Fund Advisors. Above that amount prior approval
Charity Trustees for the United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust, must be sought which can be given by the Officers up to a
appointed under Section 11 of the NHS and Community Care limit of £5,000, the Chairman up to £10,000 and above that
Act 1990, thus widening the responsibilities and powers of approval must be sought at a formal meeting of the Trustees.
the Trustees, identifying them with an NHS Trust rather than The Charity then either reimburses expenses incurred by
with a specific hospital or hospitals. The Charity was renamed beneficiaries or pays third parties direct in respect of goods or
The Charitable Trusts for the United Bristol Hospitals thus services supplied in pursuance of those grants.
reflecting the many funds held on trust, and continues to be
registered with the Charity Commission as before. Funds held on trust by the Charity Trustees

In March 2002 the Primary Care Services General Charity Unrestricted General Purpose Funds
was registered with the Charity Commission, to enable the These are funds held for general purposes. The Charity
Charity Trustees to receive and administer charitable income Trustees have the freedom to use them at their discretion,
for Primary Care Trusts. In September 2005 the Above and in accordance with the objects of the Charity, to provide
Beyond Appeal Charity was registered with the Charity support for patients and staff, medical research and clinical
Commission, to specifically receive funds raised by the developments where these are not normally funded from
community fundraising appeal. NHS sources.

In March 2007 the Charity adopted the working title Above and Unrestricted Designated Funds:
Beyond Charities. [a] General Purpose Funds
These are funds held by each Hospital within University
Administrative Information Hospitals Bristol and can only be used within the particular
The Charity Trustees receive and administer the charitable Hospital for which they are designated. They are individually
funds for the Hospitals, Wards and Departments of University registered with the Charity Commission as though they were
Hospitals Bristol and its associated bodies. They maintain separate charities, but are administered at the discretion of the
a policy that any support provided must be capable of Charity Trustees within the group registration of the Charity.
being sustained from charitable funds. It is not part of
their responsibilities to subsidise the core services that are [b] Special Purpose Funds
properly the responsibility of the NHS. These funds form the largest part of the Charity’s funds.

The Charity Trustees make every effort to ensure that they prudently been set aside by the Trustees in previous years
are used for the purpose requested by the donor and they with an uncovered balance of losses of £1,097,162 being held
are therefore earmarked for these purposes. The Charity against general purpose funds. It is the Trustees view that,
Trustees administer each of these funds on the advice of their given the level of cash held this will allow spending plans to
individual Fund Advisors. At the end of March 2009 there were be unaffected while future investment gains can be used to
572 of these funds. rebuild reserves.

Restricted Funds Property is subject to a triennial valuation which was

These are funds where a very specific wish has been included in the accounts at 31st March 2007. However for
expressed by the donor. At the end of March 2009 there were 3 these accounts an estimated value provided by our property
of these funds. advisors has been used to reflect the state of the market.
This resulted in a write down of £3,340,000 against a write up
Endowment Funds from the 2007 valuation of £3,550,000.
These funds are held as capital-in-perpetuity so that only the
income is available for distribution by the Charity Trustees. At Reserves Policy
the end of March 2009 there were 3 of these funds. The Charity Trustees wish to provide long term support to
the University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust for
Public Benefit Statement research, and development of medical services for the benefit
The grants and activities of the Charity are for public benefit. of patients.
The projects supported benefit patients, visitors and staff using
the Hospitals within University Hospitals Bristol and healthcare The Charity Trustees’ view is that a workable level of reserves
facilities within Bristol PCT and North Somerset PCT. is one year’s expenditure which amounts to £3,800,000
(based on the average of the last four years). In addition,
The Charity Trustees have complied with the duty in Section 4 capital endowment and restricted balances should be held.
of the Charities Act 2006 to have due regard to public benefit Currently the level of reserves is considerably in excess of
guidance published by the Charity Commission. this, and we are continually working on plans to reduce it by
asking University Hospitals Bristol to produce, for the Charity
Investment policy statement Trustees’ consideration, viable spending plans for those
The Charity Trustees wish to maximise income by the prudent Hospitals with the largest charitable fund balances.
investment in property, quoted securities, and cash deposits
taking into account available dividend and rental yield, and Property Investments
potential growth in the value of the investments. During the year under review, the Charity Trustees held
investment properties [re-valued at 31st March 2009] with a
All investments are made on due consideration of the net value of £4,635,491 after offsetting the mortgage on the
advice and recommendation of the specialist property Education Centre of £5,434,509.
and investment advisors of the Charity Trustees and, as
a principle, it is the Charity Trustees’ intention to avoid The Education Centre provides a first class facility for the hub
investment in companies that manufacture cigarettes and of training for University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation
tobacco products. Trust and to house the Bristol Medical Simulation Unit.

Investment income for the year amounted to £1,152,244 of The Charity Trustees’ policy continues to be to purchase
which £772,909 came from property, £209,683 from dividends only property that is of strategic value to University
and £169,652 from interest. The total portfolio was valued at Hospitals Bristol.
£16,014,527 of which property was £10,070,000, stock market
investments £5,879,680. In addition there was cash held on Risk Assessment Statement
deposit as short term investments of £2,667,102. We, the Charity Trustees, recognise that we are ultimately
responsible for all the Charity’s assets. During the year
Due to the state of the economy there were unrealised we have assessed the major risks to which the Charity
losses less realised gains on stock market and property is potentially exposed, ie, financial, operational and
investments of £5,090,344. This represented 25% of the reputational, and their existing and proposed safeguards,
portfolio by value which compares with a 31% fall in the FTSE and are satisfied that systems are in place to mitigate our
100 index over the year. The unrealised losses of £5,097,007, exposure to those risks.
while recognised in the accounts, have not been distributed
across all the funds but have been offset as far as possible A Controls Assurance Framework is in place to give added
against a provision held in the books of the Charity. This had reassurance.

Trustees, Staff and Committies

The Charity Trustees The Staff

Professor Richard Dixon FRS Director
(Chairman of the Charity Trustees) Ros Clarke [Until 30 September 2009]
(Term of Office: October 2003 to September 2011) Sarah Talbot-Williams [From 1 October 2009]
Relevant interests:
• Previous Vice Chairman United Bristol Healthcare Trust
Personal Assistant to Director Jane Southway
• Previous Chairman of the Governing Board of the Bristol
Institute of Child Health Finance Department
• Director of Education Centre Management Ltd Treasurer
• Director and Chairman of PentaMed Ltd Stephen Bavister [Until 30 September 2009]
Nicola Phillips [From 1 October 2009]
Ms Julie Austin
(Term of Office: November 1999 to September 2009) Accountant Brendan Joyce
Relevant interests:
• Partner in Hempsons Solicitors – area of work is clinical Payments Assistant Rebecca Shepherd
negligence and medico-legal advisory work
• Director of Education Centre Management Ltd Fundraising and Communications Department
Mrs Joan Bayliss Assistant Director [with responsibility for Fundraising]
(Term of Office: January 2005 to December 2012) Andrew Monk
Relevant interests:
Community Fundraising Manager Lucy Smith
• Member, LINKS
• Trustee, Friends of Hodgkin House Communications Manager Jules Stanbridge
• Trustee/Director, Relate Avon
Fundraising Officer
Mr Tom Dowell Laura Knight [Until 30 September 2008]
(Term of Office: March 2003 to September 2009) Nathan Cavin [From 1 November 2008]
Relevant interests:
• Previous Chairman Avon Health Authority and Bristol South Income Administrator Jane Ball
and West PCT
• Previous Consultant and Clinical Director at United Bristol
Healthcare Trust
• Director of Education Centre Management Ltd

Mr Graham Nix FCMA

(Term of office: March 2007 to February 2011)
Relevant interests:
• Former Finance Director and Deputy Chief Executive for the
United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust
• Non-Executive Director and Chair of Audit Committee for the
North Somerset Primary Care Trust
• Trustee/Director Brook Advisory Service (Avon)
• Chair of Council St John Ambulance (Avon)
• Gateway Reviewer for NHS Wales

Committees The Charity’s Professional Advisors
Audit Committee Legal advisors
Tom Dowell, Charity Trustee [Chairman] Stone King, Bath
Lyons Davidson, Bristol
Joan Bayliss, Charity Trustee
Graham Nix, Charity Trustee
Grant Thornton UK LLP, Bristol

Board of Appeal Stockbrokers

Richard Dixon, Charity Trustee [Chairman] Cazenove, London

Graham Nix, Charity Trustee Land and property agents

Alder King, Bristol
Roger Baird, Former Charity Trustee,
former High Sheriff of Bristol

Joan Breach, Former Charity Trustee

David Gammon, Former President of Rotary Club

of Bristol Breakfast

Andrew Monk, Assistant Director

Allan Brooking NHS Travel Fellowship

Audrey Brooking [Chairman]

Graham Nix

Sonia Mills, Chief Executive, North Bristol NHS Trust

Richard Gleave, Recovery and Support Unit,
Department of Health

Jaki Meekings

Jeff James, Chief Executive, Wiltshire Primary Care Trust

Ros Clarke, Honorary Secretary

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