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Developer, Manufacturer, and Marketer of

Compressed Air Products

EXAIR Optimization EFC Electronic Flow Control

Need a Control?
EXAIRs EFC is an electronic
flow control that limits
compressed air use.
Dramatically reduces
compressed air costs by
turning off the compressed air
when no part is present.
Eight operating modes.
Adjustable timer control.
Retro-reflective infrared
Sizes from 40 350 SCFM.

EXAIR Optimization

Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Identify and Control Leaks

Conserve Energy
Essential part of a compressed
air best practices program
Locate air leaks up to 20
Converts ultrasonic noise into
an audible tone
Filters out disruptive
background noise
Kit comes complete

EXAIR Optimization Digital Flow Meter /

Sound Level Meter
Digital Sound Level Meter
An easy to use instrument that can
measure and monitor the sound
level pressure in a wide variety of
industrial environments

Digital Flow Meter

The easy way to monitor
compressed air consumption and
The digital display shows the exact
amount of compressed air being
used downstream
This makes it possible to save
thousands of dollars per year in
compressed air waste
Helps identify costly leaks or
inefficient air products

The source of loud noises can be

quickly identified and isolated
Corrective measures can be taken
to reduce or eliminate the noise
In many cases, the
EXAIR products can
reduce noise levels
by 10dBA which is
perceived as cutting
the sound volume in

Standard Air Knife

Standard Air Knife
Hard hitting curtain of
air for web, sheet and
part blowoff.

30:1 Air Amplification

Full-Flow Air Knife

Full-Flow Air Knife
This low cost choice
provides a curtain of air
for blowoff, cleaning,
drying and cooling.

30:1 Air Amplification

Super Air Knife

The Next Generation of Air
Dramatic Reduction of Air
Uniform Sheet of Laminar Air
End to End
Hard Hitting Force
Low Noise Levels

Quiet, Hard Hitting Curtain of

Air for Cleaning, Drying and

Super Air Knife - Applications

Drying Applications
Fast moving bottles are blown
dry by (2) Model 110012 12"
(305mm) Super Air Knives prior
to labeling.

A Model 110024SS 24" (610mm)

Stainless Steel Super Air Knife
dries bolt covers exiting an
electro-polishing tank.

Universal Air Knife Mounting Bracket

Provides a secure, precise positioning for any Air Knife

Super Air Knife

Standard Air Knife
Full-Flow Air Knife
Super Ion Air Knife
Standard Ion Air Knife

Durable, stainless steel construction

Provides a maximum extension of 30 (762mm)
For Air Knives 24 (610mm) or longer, use (2) Universal
Air Knife Mounting Systems
Model number 9060

Super Air Wipes

Uniform 360 Air Stream
Low Air Consumption
Split Design to Eliminate
Threading Down Time
Temperature up to 800F/
Low Noise Levels

Dry, Clean and Cool Pipes,

Cables, Extruded Shapes and

Air Wipe - Applications

The Super Air Wipe

eliminates the possibility
of smoke during
machining by wiping
hydraulic oil from the bar
stock as it enters the

A Model 2404 4" (102mm)

Super Air Wipe cleans a
steel rod after processing.

Super Air Amplifiers

Highest Amplification
Output flow 25 Times
Compressed Air Consumption
Low Noise Levels
No Moving Parts
Variable Force & Flow
Instant On/Off

Vents Exhaust, Moves or

Circulates Hot Air, Cool and Dries

Air Amplifier - Applications

A Model 120024 4" (102mm)

Super Air Amplifier cools an
engine during dynamometer

Adjustable Air Amplifiers are

ducted to draw clean air for

Super Air Nozzles and Jets

Always OSHA Safe
Reduced Air Consumption
Adjustable Hard Hitting Force or A
Whisper or (breeze)
Low Noise Levels
Meets OSHA Dead End Pressure
Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Brass, Peek
Parts Ejection, Cleaning, Conveying,
Cooling, Liquid Removal, Drying

Air Nozzles and Jets

What Are Air Nozzles and Jets?
A simple solution to reduce excessive air consumption and noise
levels on compressed air blowoff operations.
EXAIR Air Nozzles and Jets produce outlet flows up to
25 times compressed air consumption using a small amount of
compressed air as the power source.

Air Nozzle Accessories

Air Nozzle Accessories
make installation
much easier
Swivel fittings
Stay Set Hoses
Magnetic Bases
Foot Pedals

Spray Nozzles
Atomizing nozzles are commonly used where liquid application is
required and to liquid consumption to a minimum
Thin coat to avoid runs in paint
Conserve expensive liquid (save $)
Fogging/humidification cooling applications; products or people
Controlled, consistent coating
Minimize a mess
Dust suppression
These nozzles are best for applications under 60 gph or 1 gpm.
Can be easily automated w/ solenoid valves, etc.

Static Eliminators
Typical Static Problems
Dust clinging to product
Product clinging to itself, rollers, machine beds or frames
Materials tearing, jamming or curling
Sheet feeding problems
Hazardous sparks or shocks
Charged conductors (like metals) discharge completely when
Insulators (like plastics) don't conduct electricity and can't
discharge when grounded. Grounded brushes or tinsel often
have little effect on these surfaces.

Static Eliminators
Identifying The Static Charge
The Model 7905 Digital Static
Meter allows easy one-hand
static measurements.
In most cases, the highest
voltage reading will indicate the
source of the static problem.
It indicates the surface voltage
and polarity on objects up to
20 kV when measured one
inch (25mm) away.

Static Eliminators

Ionizing Bars
Low cost Ionizing Bars
eliminate static cling.
Compact, rugged design for
industrial applications.

Static Eliminators
Super Ion Air Knife

Standard Ion Air Knife

Powerful static eliminator

prevents jamming, tearing,
shocks and dust up to 20' away!
Super Ion Air Knife
40:1 Air Amplification ratio
Low air consumption
Quiet 69 dBA at 80 PSIG
Uniform Airflow
End and Bottom Air Inlets

Standard Ion Air Knife

30:1 Air Amplification ratio
87 dBA at 80 PSIG
Air inlets on each end

Static Eliminators

The Super Ion Air Knife

eliminates jamming while
improving print quality on an
ink jet addressing machine.

Bumpers, car bodies and

fascia are cleaned of dust and
fibers prior to painting using a
series of Super Ion Air Knives.

Static Eliminators

Ion Air Cannon

Concentrated flow of ionized
air removes static and dust!

Static Eliminators

A Model 7292 Ion Air Cannon

System removes static and dust
from glove box inserts prior to
flocking or painting.

The Model 7292 Ion Air Cannon

System eliminates static and
dust from speedometer clusters
prior to assembly.

Static Eliminators

Ion Air Gun

Rugged, ergonomic gun
is a lightweight, effective
spot cleaner!

Static Eliminators

The Model 7293 Ion Air Gun

neutralizes and cleans plastic
bottles prior to labeling.

The Model 7293 Ion Air Gun

cleans plastic parts prior to

Static Eliminators

Ion Air Jet

Air saving Ion Air Jet is
an effective spot cleaner!
Choose permanent
mount or flexible hose
with base!

Static Eliminators

The Model 7294 Ion Air Jet

and Power Supply neutralize
and clean mouthwash bottles
before installing the tamperproof seal.

The Model 7494-9362 Stay

Set Ion Air Jet Kit cleans dust
from a glass lens prior to
installation on a gauge.

Static Eliminators
Ionizing Point
Single point ionizer for spot
The Ionizing Point
eliminates tears and dust
attraction on a slitting

The Ionizing Point can be

duct mounted.

E-vac Vacuum Generators

What is E-vac?
E-vac Vacuum Generators are
a low cost, single-stage venturi
used to create vacuum for the
following applications:
Pick and place
Surface mounting

Compact size
Instant vacuum
Easy mounting
Light weight, rugged
No moving parts
Low cost
Flow rates from 1.5 31 SCFM

E-vac Vacuum Generators

Lower Vacuums with higher
Use on materials like wood,
cardboard, leather, fabric, etc.
Use on Materials like cast iron,
textured plastic, etc.
Use for evacuating enclosed
Vacuum levels up to 21 Hg.

Higher Vacuums with lower
Use on Materials with smooth
surfaces like sheet metal,
glass, polished marble,
granite, etc.
Use for evacuating to a high
vacuum, up to 27 Hg.

Line Vac
What is the Line Vac?
A fast, low cost way to convey:
Plastic pellets
Scrap trim
Bulk solids
Food products

Small parts

EXAIRs compressed air

operated Line Vac connects to
standard hose or tube to create
a powerful in-line conveyor.

No Moving Parts to Jam

Instantaneous Response
Controlled by a Pressure Regulator
Aluminum, SS, 316SS, Threaded,
High Temperature

Line Vac - Applications

A Model 6080 3/4" (19mm)

Line Vac vacuums plastic as it is

The Model 6083 1-1/2" (38mm)

Line Vac conveys plastic
granules to the gravity feed
hopper on an extruder.

Line Vac - Applications

(2) Model 6083 1-" (38mm)

Line Vacs convey reject metal
caps from a fluorescent lamp
operation to a scrap bin.

The Model 6084 2" (51mm)

Line Vac transports scrap trim
to waste barrel.

Heavy Duty Line Vac

Most Powerful Line Vac

Convey up to 200
Move twice as much material
as the standard Line Vac
Hardened alloy resists
abrasion from glass, sand,
garnet, blasting media.

Chip Vac
Vacuums chips directly into a
55 gallon drum - with no
moving parts
Picks up dry or wet chips and
delivers them directly to an
ordinary 55 gallon (45
imperial gallon/205 liter)
Cleans chips from fixtures,
floors and work surfaces of
machining centers, lathes,
saws, mills and other
industrial equipment.
A 30% increase in vacuum
makes it our most powerful
Chip Vac ever!

Chip Vac - Applications

Room air remains

dust free as the
Chip Vac removes
dusty absorbent.

Chips can be
vacuumed directly
to separate drums
for recycling.

The Chip Vac

removes abrasive
stainless steel chips
from a CNC mill.

Reversible Drum Vac

Pump 55 gallons in 90 seconds!

Two-way pumping action.
Attaches quickly to any closed
head 30 or 55 gallon (45
imperial gallon/205 liter)
Fills and empties the drum in
less than two minutes.
Fill coolant sumps, clean floor
spills, transfer liquids
Flow rate in and out of the
drum can be controlled with
the knob, making it ideal for
dispensing liquids.

Reversible Drum Vac

What is the Reversible Drum Vac?
The Reversible Drum Vac is an
air powered siphon pump.
The air pressure inside the
barrel is lowered with use of
the Drum Vac pump head unit.
The lowered pressure causes a
natural flow of air / liquid to
flow into the hose and then into
the barrel.
Reversing action is
accomplished with use of a
standpipe and knob assembly
on top of pump head unit.
Pressure is increased inside barrel and
liquid flows out through standpipe and
hose into collection tank.

Chip Trapper
Fast, easy way to filter
chips, swarf and shavings
out of used coolants and
other liquids.
All solids are trapped in a
re-usable, replaceable filter
Allows for extended use of
coolant which reduces
overall expense dealing
with coolant use and
Makes quick and convenient
work of what is otherwise
known as a very undesirable task (sump

What is the Vac-u-Gun?
A low cost solution to a wide
variety of industrial
housekeeping problems
Vacuum, blow and transfer
with no moving parts
Uses only 13 SCFM at 80 PSIG
(368 SLPM at 5.5 BAR)
Durable die cast construction

Vac-u-Gun - Applications





Small parts


Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun

What is the
Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun?
Blow chips loose and vacuum
them away in one step!
Ideal for cleaning cavities
and drilled holes.
Durable die cast construction

Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun - Applications

Holes in fixtures
Drilled plastics
T-slots groove cleaning
Coolant evacuation
Container cleaning
Tapped holes
Cupped surfaces
Cavity evacuation
Bottle cleaning
Punch press tables

Deep Hole Vac-u-Gun - Applications

Model 6394 Deep Hole

Vac-u-Gun All Purpose System
removes the chips from a
drilled plastic part.

The Model 6194 Deep Hole Vacu-Gun cleans the t-slots on a

milling machine.

Vortex Tubes
Cold air to -50F (-46C) from
your compressed air supply
with no moving parts!
A low cost, reliable,
maintenance free solution to a
variety of industrial spot
cooling problems.
Vortex tubes create two
streams of air, one hot and
one cold, with no moving

Vortex Tubes - Applications

Special high temperature vortex

tubes keep a boroscope lens cool
while inserted into a 1200F
boiler porthole.

A Model 3215 Vortex Tube cools

a die on a medical tube forming

Vortex Tubes - Applications

(4) Model 3250 Vortex Tubes

cool the cutting knives in this
pelletizer to prevent irregular

A Model 3225 Vortex Tube keeps

plastic dishwasher arms cool
during ultrasonic welding.

Vortex Tubes
How A Vortex Tube Works
Compressed air, normally 80-100 PSlG (5.5 - 6.9 BAR), is ejected tangentially
through a generator into the vortex spin chamber
The inner stream gives off kinetic energy in the form of heat to the outer
stream and exits the vortex tube as cold air. The outer stream exits the
opposite end as hot air.
At up to 1,000,000 RPM, this air stream revolves toward the hot end where
some escapes through the control valve
The remaining air, still spinning, is forced back through the center of this
outer vortex
Air Supply

Control Valve
Cold Air

Vortex Spin

Hot Air

Adjustable Spot Cooler

What is the Adjustable Spot Cooler?
A low cost, reliable, maintenance free solution to a variety of industrial spot cooling problems. With
the turn of a knob, you can select the temperature best suited to your application.
The Adjustable Spot Cooler provides a precise temperature setting from -30F (-34C) to room
The Adjustable Spot Cooler incorporates a vortex tube that converts an ordinary supply of
compressed air into cold air.
Produces temperatures from -30 to +70F (-34 to +21C)
Adjustable flow rates of 15, 25, and 30 SCFM
(425, 708 and 850 SLPM).
25 SCFM (708 SLPM) generator is factory installed.
It can produce refrigeration up to 2000 Btu/hr.
(504 Kcal/hr.)

Adjustable Spot Cooler - Applications

PVC hose is cooled at the exit

of an extruder so it can be
coiled immediately.

The Adjustable Spot Cooler

replaces flood coolant and
eliminates hours of cleanup
on a cast iron machining

Cold Gun Aircoolant System

Replace messy mist systems - improve dry machining with

clean, cold air!

Cold Gun Aircoolant System - Applications

Model 5315 Cold Gun System

Chill Roll
Cooling a roll with 20F (-7C) air
keeps the material on the surface
from bunching up, jamming or
tearing. The metal surface
transfers the cold temperature to
the product.

Model 5230 HP Cold Gun System

Laser Cutting
Cold air cools a laser cut part so it
can be handled seconds later. The
High Power Cold Gun has twice the
cooling capacity of the standard
Cold Gun, cooling the part in less

Cabinet Coolers
Stop electronic control
downtime due to heat, dirt and
A low cost, reliable way to
cool and purge electronic
control panels.
The compact Cabinet Cooler
can be installed in minutes
through a standard electrical
NEMA 4, 4X and 12 Cabinet
Coolers are available in many
cooling capacities.

Examples of NEMA 12 and 4X Cabinet Coolers

Cabinet Coolers
Low cost
Quiet - less than 75 dBA
Install in minutes
Maintain NEMA 4, 4X and 12 integrity (IP52 and 56)
Stabilize enclosure temperature and humidity
No moving parts maintenance free
Mount in standard electrical knockout
Stop nuisance tripping
Stop heat damage
Eliminate fans and filters
Eliminate lost production
Stop circuit drift
Stop dirt contamination
Provide washdown protection