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Dilbert Cacayan

Graphic Design
For this assignment we rolled three dice
and with the combinations we had to
choose a client, message and a target
audience. This was to reflect actual in-
dustry; where you cannot choose the

With the combinations I chose a Pres-
sure Group with the message Help Oth-
ers with the target audience of Style
Concious 20-30 year olds.
For this Brief I wanted to find out specific infor-
mation from my target audience so I created a
questionnaire which looks like as follows:

My results were out of twenty people between the

ages of 20-30 and who were style concious. From my
results you can see that most peole went to the city
centre. After seeing these results I verbally asked
them why this was so? The general census was be-
cause they felt that the stores in the centre of the
city were more likely to have the latest trends. This
shows me that here would be the best location if I
were to sell a T-shirt or put up a poster.

These are the results of what magazines 20-30 year This is a results graph of the how many people knew
olds like to read. I thought this was particularly about stop the war coalitions. From these I can
important because it gives me an understanding of gather that less than half of my target audience had
what is the best way to market my T-shirt designs or no idea who stop the war coalition were. This shows
maybe an advertisement for future reference. that the need to appeal more to their audience and
do better with things like their campaign.
Stop the War Coalition
Slogans My Slogans

Not my Name The Price of War Here are the slogans that the Stop
the War Coalition have used be-
Against Racist Backlash Dont just stand by, Help tween the year of 2001 to the
present day. The one that por-
Defend Civil Liberties Help isn’t Hard ved more effective were “Not my
Name“ which is still being used in
Stop the Bombing Needing Help is only Human demonstartions today. This was
made famous at their biggest dem-
Stop the War Help us Help Them onstration in London on Feburary
2003; where the turnout was well
Bring the troops home Here to Help over 750 000 people. I have then
made my own slogans that may be
Defend the Muslim Community We’re the hired help used in a campiagn. I tried to keep
the short and swee so that they are
easily remembered.
Stop the War Coalition
These are t-shirts and
merchandise taken direct-
ly from the Stop the War
website. The range of de-
signs campaigning for the
pressure group is very lim-
ited. The range of products
are very limited. This is the
reason why I’ve decided to
make a T-shirt.

The T-shirts are targeted

to the younger generation
of 20-30 year olds. You
can see this by the fact
the slogan drop beats not
bombs. The design uses
repurposing; by using a
microphone as the barrel
of the tank’s cannon.

With a strong messazzge

like anti-war it is impor-
tant to get your message
advertised and t-shirts are
relitively inexpensive and
Anti-War T-shirt Design

Here is an T-shirt made by a de- This piece does well a a graphic design. Even though this T-shirt has no
signer who uses several images It is simple and the message of war elements of war apart from the
to compose a design that conveys is easily displayed. The composition is handgun it still works well as a
the real message of the war. He unconventional with the comic style design targeted at young individ-
digitally uses images which is uals. The expressions “sex sells”
“Ouch” is falling off the composition,
then tied together by the splat- is an apt way of putting it. Having
The silhouette is clear it is a tank and
ters of red. He uses an image of a lady in her underwear grabs the
a man wearing a considerably with the colours and stripes of the attention of young males; with
small hat with a star in an “Uncle United States flag, this can definitely the added factor of the gun it
Sam” pose this pokes fun at the be seen as a poster about war. maybe looks at the war of sexu-
recruitment of U.S. soldiers. I ality; no matter the situation the
think his design makes the audi- one with the gun will always be
ence react with humour making the one to have the most influ-
this piece a good design. ence.
T-shirt Design by Flying Fortress and Dave White

Flying Fortress has been on the
grafitti scene since about 1989.
After taking a break to study
graphic desig he has now ac-
complished more on the street
by designing T-shirts, toys and
posters. His work is aestheti-
cally graphic and ideal to put on

Dave White is respectable De-
signer with a BA degree in paint-
ing. You can see his passion for
yhis dicipline in his work. His
work influenced me as it uses
strong colours
Anti-War posters
Here are some posters taken for the website These
images of posters were a good source of inspi-
ration for my work. It helped me with my initial
thoughts; as you can see from my examples that
there isn’t just one single discipline that looks
at war but a range of media. All are deal with the
same subject effective techniques to get thier
message across.
Peter Kennard
The Kissinger Mind 1979

This is part of the Tate’s collection. It uses photomon-

tage with markers. Its has powerful imagery with the
clear message of war. It makes good use of shock value.
The scarred crying child is morbid. Incorporating the the
american flag and the stealth bomber emphasises his
contraversal involvement with the U.S. army in the viet-
nam war. The fact that it is black and white draws it’s
audience to take a closer look at what the true message
of this piece is. This is the tyoe of quality I want in my
final outcome.

Protest and Survive 1980

In this piece peter kennard uses juxtaposition to help him get his
message across. Again he uses the Black Background and grey tones
i his work to create a serious and dark atmosphere surrounding his
composition. He effectively uses the ironic elements of a survival
guide and a skeleton; which is a symbol of death. Although the use of
greyscale imagery is powerful in this piece; I have different inter-
pretations on how my final outcome may look. These two pieces are
inspiring as they are both effective ways to use photomontage.
Initial Ideas/Development for T-shirt
Here are the
initial ideas
that I had for
my T- shirt
and then I
them into
the images
that you see
Final Design For T-Shirt

Front Back
Initial Ideas/Development

After deciding on my
chosen outcome; which
was the one on the top
centre. I then developed
my idea to the one on
the bottom left. After
reviewing this concept
I then came to the con-
clusion that because I
am doing a design for a
T-shirt that the poster
should link. Therefore I
decided on the one on
the bottom right
Final Outcome

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