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Im so happy you decided to download your free report 7 Steps to Get
Unstuck and Unlock Your Joy. Getting
unstuck of your old baggage will make
you feel lighter, happier and free. This
will, in turn, raise your energy level and
your vibrational frequency. You will find
yourself attracting greater abundance,
better relationships and a more vibrant
health. Studies have shown that
happier people are more successful,
have greater self confidence, have
positive attitudes, laugh more, and live
a life of purpose.
You deserve to be happy and joyful.
Yet, Forbes recently reported that six
out of ten couples are unhappy in their
relationships. The Society for Human
Resource reports that only 19% of
workers ages 31 to 61 are satisfied
with their jobs, and although most
people feel stuck in unhappy
relationships, career, health, wealth or
self-esteem, the tendency is for them to maintain the status quo. Give
yourself a pat on the back for taking action and downloading this today!
Here you will find 7 steps you can take right now to help you identify and
release the reasons you are stuck, freeing the old trapped emotional
energy and transforming it into joy and happiness.
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I know what its like to be stuck, having been so incredibly stuck for a great
portion of my life, stuck in my finances, stuck in my health, stuck in my
relationships, stuck in my personal power, self-esteem, self worth, and in
my Spirituality. It took me years to break free. I didnt know there was
another way. Yet I believed there had to be a way out, and never gave up. I
did eventually escape my prison, and I promised myself that I would help
others find their freedom. It is my mission, as the Joy to Abundance
Strategist to spread great ripples of JOY and Abundance around our
beautiful planet, AND to help as many people as possible get unstuck. You
see, once you realize whats been keeping you in that same old pattern it is
not all that difficult to free yourself.
Have you noticed how much easier it is to see other peoples issues than
your own? The questions in this report are carefully crafted to empower you
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to see your issues and connect them to the emotions and indicators that
are keeping you stuck in your old holding patterns.
I wrote this report just for you - the magnificent you that shines so brightly
beneath the layers of murky emotions and feelings. So if youre ready to
get unstuck and unlock your joy at last, grab a pen and paper, find a quiet
place and lets get to work!
To your great success!

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The first step to your freedom lies in looking at your life with fresh

In my practice, Ive noticed that some of the primary bars to happiness are
hidden losses, events from
the present or past, you may
not even be aware of. These
losses can impact you more
than you would imagine,
health, wealth,
relationships and every aspect
of life.
Lets look at some of the
indicators of hidden loss.
Old wounds, hurts and losses,
past events, can prevent you
from creating the life you
desire, because their energy
stays trapped in your
energetic body until you
release it. Yes, I know this
may sound a bit woo-woo, but
check it out for yourself! Take
some time and tune into your
body. It will always tell you the
Your body loves you, and will always let you know when something isnt
right by a physical manifestation, so you can address it. Thus, the first
indicators that you may be experiencing hidden loss can be physical. You
may notice a clenching in your solar plexus, tension, aches, pains and
ailments. It can be challenging to feel happy when your body is urgently
and forcefully telling you something is wrong. In fact, theres really no
shortage of what can happen when your body is trying to communicate with
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you that something is off, or out of alignment. So take some time and tune
in to what your body is telling you:

Are you sleeping too much (or too little)?________________________

Are your sleep patterns erratic?________________________________
Have you developed new aches and pains?______________________
Have you lost your appetite (or gained weight)?__________________


Have you developed heart palpitations, or an ache in your heart_____

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Has your blood pressure elevated or dropped?___________________
What other indicators are you experiencing?_____________________

2. What are your emotions telling you?

Communication from your Emotional Guidance System is so important.

Your emotions in their healthiest state are like clouds. They come and they
go. When theyre stuck, because you havent addressed the emotional
charge around an issue, the energy you hold in your body can create the
physical indicators we just looked at. That is why it essential to free yourself

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of unreleased emotions. When

you release them the liberated
e n e r gy c r e a t e s a s t a t e o f
happiness and joy.
By suppressing or disconnecting
from your emotions, you actually
sever your connection to your
Emotional Guidance System.
This system is a powerful and
very useful tool for you to access
your bodys wisdom. I encourage
you to get still and notice what
your body is telling you without
judging it.
As you begin to
release the blocked energy, let
your body guide you to live a
more balanced life, honoring your
body, mind and spirit connection.

The following are some ways many people experience their

unresolved feelings and emotions:

Do you feel sadness or yearning?_____________________________

Do you have difficulty focusing_______________________________

Are you losing yourself in work?_____________________________

Have you lost your ability to take risks?_______________________

Do you find yourself cleaning obsessively? ____________________

Do you fly off the handle easily?______________________________

Are you hiding in addictive behavior?_________________________

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Are you lost in TV land?_____________________________________

Are you addicted to food, alcohol,

drugs, shopping, gambling?


3. Whats going on in your life?

Any unresolved emotions can show up in other areas of your life to keep
you stuck" until you address them.
Lets look at where your life is, or isnt working:

Whats not working in your relationships? _____________________

Whats not working in your career, your job? Your finances?


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Whats not working in your health? ___________________________


What would you would like to change for the better? ____________


Would you like to create a better relationship with yourself?______


Would you like more

loving relationships
with others?________


Would you like to create a loving, cohesive relationship with a

significant other?


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Where are you stuck?



Are you re-experiencing familiar relationship patterns that keep

showing up in different forms? ______________________________


4. What hurts or losses are you aware of in your life?

If you find yourself stuck and your life isnt working, if you find yourself
repeating the same old patterns over and again... if you have a veil of
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sadness or guilt that doesnt seem to go away. If you have difficulty

sleeping. if youre experiencing physical indicators such as higher or lower
blood pressure, headaches, youve gained or lost weight... it may be hurts,
losses or your reactions to past experiences that are the culprits.
In order to create more joy and
happiness, look at what might be
blocking it. Even if you believe that
you have already addressed it, the
energy from a past loss or event
can still be in your energy field,
keeping you stuck.
This can
include any feelings of hurt or loss,
unhealed events or situations from
your past, feeling like youre a
victim, or blaming others, all of
which can trigger regret, pain,
sadness, grief, numbness, which
are the antitheses of joy.
Since hidden losses can be events
that havent fully healed, its not
unusual for people to think these
events are no longer an issue if
they believe theyve already
released them. When not completely
healed, however, the emotions associated with these events can take a
large toll on your quest for happiness.
The loss of a loved one or a relationship, a loss of income or job/career or a
move that required relocation, causing changes in your environment and
relationships, can be events that you may not have dealt with, and healed
fully. Other losses can include physical disability or illness, empty nest, loss
of your self-respect, personal power, self-esteem, youth or beauty. These
common examples of hidden, emotional loss can affect you, and when not
addressed, may impede your happiness.

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you lost a loved one through death, divorce, end of a

relationship, change of residence, work or school? _____________

Have you experienced a business, financial, or health setback?


Have you experienced any of the following hidden losses?

Lost your beauty, youth, sexiness?________________________

Lost yourself in a relationship?___________________________


Lost your self respect? Your self esteem? Your trust?________



Experienced empty nest?________________________________

Lost your personal power?_______________________________

Notice whether these is a connection between these losses and

the emotions, feelings, or the indicators of loss. It just information,
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6. so dont place any value on what you learn.

Judging it will not

serve you. Just notice whether there is a connection between them,
or an emotional charge. Sometimes just your awareness of the
connection between them can release the emotional charge.

Some examples:
a. You have not been sleeping well. You might be sleeping too much,

too little or erratically. You realize it might be connected with the

ending of a relationship, in the recent or distant past. Ask yourself
what emotion is attached to this? Is it anger, or guilt, grief, or sadness
or fear? Where does that emotion live in your body?
b. You find yourself flying off

the handle easily, working

way too hard, for the
wrong reasons, and have
a feeling of sadness that
feels like it surrounds you.
You realize it may have
something to do with your
close friends betrayal.
She let you down when
you needed her. Where
does that emotion live in
your body?
c. Youre feeling stuck. You used to take risks, but since your business

failed when the economy shifted, you have a paralyzing fear. You eat
for comfort and have gained considerable weight. You feel like youre
carrying a heavy burden.
You may find that just noticing the connection between a loss and your
emotions, feelings, or indicators, may be all you need to release the
emotional charge. If you do, thats wonderful, if not, continue to step 6.

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6. Once youve remembered and acknowledged your loss, ask

yourself whether youre ready to let it go.It may sound strange but
sometimes, you may
just not be ready, and
thats okay. If you are
ready, and youre
willing, you CAN let it
go! Releasing it is your
choice. Its wonderful to
realize that you have
the power to keep it or
release it.
If you should realize you
arent ready to release it,
its good to know.
your awareness of it can begin the releasing process. The important part
of the process is to remain neutral and not judge yourself or anyone else.
Just notice what you notice.

7. If you are ready to let it go, allow yourself to feel your feelings.

Where are you holding this emotional energy in your body? Is there a
heaviness in your chest? A knot in your solar plexus?A tightness in
your throat? Feeling your feelings completely IN YOUR BODY allows
you to heal them, releasing the discomfort and charge.
Dont judge what youre feeling. It may be uncomfortable for you to feel it,
but the feeling will dissipate. Notice what youre experiencing without
judging it. Imagine that you are inside the discomfort, feeling it from the
One woman I worked with had a pain in her back for years, since the death
of her father. Upon releasing her sadness, grief and guilt over her fathers
passing, her back pain disappeared.

2012 - MarBeth Dunn - All rights reserved

Now that you can see the connection between your emotions, feelings and
your body, be sure to take some time on a regular basis to check in. Notice
what you are feeling, and where youre holding any stress or indicators in
the body and release any uncomfortable feelings.
You may soon find yourself unstuck and well on your way to unlocking
your joy!

2013 - MarBeth Dunn - All rights reserved

Are you ready to be happy, rich, successful, and in a great

Do you know what every day you live in pain, sadness, or
grief is costing you in future years?
What will your future be like if you let this continue?
Heres what you can do....
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MarBeth Dunn
The Joy to Abundance Strategist
What are you waiting for? Its your time to shine!
Claim your Love and joy and peace now!
2012 - MarBeth Dunn - All rights reserved

2013 - MarBeth Dunn - All rights reserved