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Measuring task Original Wort

Continuous measurement of the original wort Measurement
during wort boiling in the brewhouse

Instruments used
1 PIOX® R with inline sensor
Process connection: DN 40 flange
Advantages Customer
• Continuous process control
• Transmission refractometry delivers accurate, drift-free results
• Hygienic measuring procedure without risk of contaminants
• Not affected by the corrosive cleaning agents of the CIP cycles
(2-percent soda lye).
Selling points
• Quality improvement of the final product
• Short payback period because laboratory testing is now obsolete

The Augustine brewery produces its malt in its own malthouse and pumps Augustiner-Bräu Wagner KG,
its brewing water from its own 230 m well. The malt is mixed with the Munich
brewing water to make a mash in the mash tun to prepare the beer.
At Augustiner-Bräu, a PIOX® R process refractometer is employed for The oldest brewery in Munich
online determination of the original wort. This is done twice during the can look back on close to seven
process: The mash is flushed to obtain pre-wort with a specific dilution.
The degree of dilution is refractometrically measured and the process hundred years of experience in
appropriately regulated. Afterwards the concentration of the wort is handling hops and malt.
increased in the wort tun. Here too, the concentration is measured with Originally founded by monks of
the refractometer and the cooking process ends after the specified the Munich Augustine
concentration has been reached.
monastery, the heritage
The temperature of the brew is between 76°C and 103°C at a pressure of company has been owned by the
about 2 bar. Since the refractive index also depends on the temperature,
Wagner family since 1829.
the latter is measured by a Pt 100 probe. The flowmeter converts the
measured values into the temperature-corrected, standardised refraction The product range encompasses
index as well as in degrees original wort content (Plato). The accuracy eight different types of beer.
lies at +/- 0.1 %.

PIOX® R installed
for measuring in the
Augustine brewery

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