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Measuring task Measurement of the

Continuous measurement of the original wort of the cold wort original wort content
Instruments used
1 PIOX® R with inline sensor
Process connection: DN 80 flange
• Continuous process control
• Transmission refractometry delivers accurate, drift-free results
• Sapphire prism is not affected by the corrosive cleaning agents of the
CIP cycles (2-percent soda lye).
Selling points
• Quality improvement of the final product
• Short payback period because laboratory testing is now obsolete

Description The state brewery Rothaus AG of

Baden goes back to the Benedic-
After the wort has been prepared in the brewhouse, it is cooled down from tine St. Blasien monastery, which
about 95°C to about 10°C. At Rothaus, the content of the original wort is erected a brewery in 1791. The
measured at this point by a PIOX® R process refractometer. Precise brewery was given to the Grand
maintaining of the required original wort concentration is decisive for the Duchy of Baden in the course of
further fermenting process and thus for the beer quality. Before the secularisation of 1806. Today,
introducing the online measurement with PIOX R, the original wort the brewery, which lies at the
content was regularly determined in the laboratory. highest altitude of all German
The refractometer measures the refractive index of the solution wich breweries, is owned 100% by the
depends on the density and thereby on the concentration of the dissolved State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. At
materials. Since the refractive index also depends on the temperature, the exactly 1000 metres above sea
latter is measured by a Pt 1000 probe. level, in the middle of the Black
Forrest, 914 000 hectolitres of
Refractometry is an established and standard method for the beer are currently brewed every
measurement of sugar solutions. The flowmeter converts the measured year. The popular Rothaus Zäpfle
values into the temperature-corrected, standardised refraction index as finds fanciers in all of Germany as
well as in degrees original wort content (Plato). A measurement accuracy well as in the neighbouring regions
of less than 0.1 % deviation to the laboratory value is achieved. of Switzerland and the Alsace.

PIOX® R installed for

measuring at Rothaus

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