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A wide area of parks of undeveloped land surrounding a community.

The process in which a piece of land, referred to as the parent tract, is subdivided into two or more parcels.


Angles measured clockwise from any meridian, usually north; however, the National Geodetic Survey
uses south.


Usually the last stage of the final site development process prior to issuance of building permit.

Final Plat

A 20th century problem emanating from rapid urbanization of areas surrounding a city which eats up the
remaining adjacent rural open spaces.

Urban Sprawl

A type of planning which emphasizes that the proper role of the planner is not to servethe general public
interest but rather to serve the interests of the least fortunate or least well represented groups in society.

Advocacy Planning

In the Philippines, this type of land use planning emphasizes the proper management of land resources to
ensure that the present generation can benefit from its continued use without compromising future

Sustainable Land Use Planning

This code mandates that all Local Government Units shall prepare their comprehensive

Local Government Code, 1991

land use plans and enact them through zoning ordinances.

Reason for planning.

R.A. 7160
Promote Human Growth

Phrase used to characterize development that meets the needs of the present generation without
compromising the needs of the future generations.

Sustainable Development

First Planner and developed the Gridiron.

A locale with a sizeable agglomeration of people having characteristics of an urban being.

Hippodamus of miletus

The main reason why the nomadic existence of early man metamorphosed to village settlement and later
to the birth of cities.

Agricultural Surplus

The rough equivalent of the present tenement cities that existed in ancient Rome, which resulted from the
population growth of the city and the congestion that existed in streets.


In urban geography, a concept where urban settlement is confined to the area within the legal limits of the
city and the congestion and virtually all of this area is occupied by urban residents.

Truebounded City

A Land Development Decision is also what kind of decision.

The orderly arrangement of urban streets and public spaces.
He conceptualized the 'City Beautiful Movement'.

City Planning
Daniel Burnham

A tool used to control the manner in which raw kind is subdivided and placed on the marker for residential

Subdivision Regulations

A profession which falls between planning and architecture. It deals with the large-scale organization and
design of the city, with the massing and organization and the space between them, but not with the design
of the individual buildings.

Urban Design

The science of human settlement.

By definition, settlement inhabited by man.
Planning for roads, bridges, schools, parking structures, pubic buildings, water supply, and waste disposal
The container of man, which consists of both the natural and man-made or artificial element.
A spatial organization concept a general view of the pattern of land use in a city developed by Ernest W.
Burgess. The city is conceived as a series of five concentric zones with the cores as the central business
district and fanning out from which are the residential and commuter zones.


Human Settlement
Capital Facilities Planning
Physical Settlement

Concentric Zone Concept

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The remaining space in a lot after deducting the required minimum open spaces.
A habitable room for 1 family only with facilities for living, sleeping, cooking, and eating.
This is a type of a retaining wall made of rectangular baskets made of galvanized steel wire or pvc coated
wire hexagonal mesh which are filled with stones to form a wall.
A very steep slope of rock or clay.
A piece of grassy land, especially one used for growing hay or as pasture for grazing animals; low grassy
land near a river or stream.
A long, narrow chain of hills or mountains.
A long, deep, narrow valley eroded by running water.
On land, an encumbrance limiting its use, usually imposed for community or mutual protection.
Of land, a contiguous land area which is considered as a unit, which is subject to a single ownership, and
which is legally recorded as a single piece.
A wall that serves 2 dwelling units, known also as party wall.
Niemeyer believed that relating large areas to each other is freedom as in the planned city of___.
In architectural terms, it is the relationship of the number of residential structures and people to a given
amount of space.
The government arm responsible for the development and implementation of low cost housing in the

Buildable Area
Dwelling Unit
Gabion Wall
Common Wall
National Shelter Program

Housing provided for low-income groups generally through government intervention and characterized by
substantial subsidies and direct assistance.

Social Housing

A written agreement between parties, but it allows a specific period during which the buyer can investigate
the property and make a decision.

"Option to Buy"

Sometimes called "subscription money", this is a deposit given to the seller to show that the potential
buyer has serious intentions.

Earnest Money

A provision made in advance for the gradual liquidation of a future obligation by periodic charges against
the capital account.


Written document to transfer the property to one person to another.

They develop or improve the land as well as construct houses.


Determines the value of the house and also is familiar with trends in the local market and in the industry.


Helps people find a place to live, specializing and matching wants of buyers with the local supply.
Are usually large concrete slabs or otherwise panelized units fabricated in a shop and assembled at the
Codes that deal with the use, occupancy, and maintenance of existing buildings.
Designed to regulate land use, to ban industry and commerce from residential areas and to separate
different types of living units.
Construct three-dimensional volumetric units in a plant on a production line then hauled to the site.
System building is the complete integration of all ___.
The improvement of slum, deteriorated, and underutilized areas of a city.
An area which is within the city limits, or closely linked to it by common use of public utilities and services.

Real Estate Broker

Total System
Housing Codes
Prefabrication Manufacturer
Urban Renewal
Urban Area

Two major hindrances to the prefabrication industry.

Code of Multiplicities and


Three general types of structures.

A piece of land with an economic use for farming.

Primitive Vernacular Grand

Productive Use


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Lands for well-being like parks, plazas, and of similar nature.

Similarly as the cost of the land, neighborhood character have this effect.
Minimum road width in a neighborhood development to ease traffic flow.
Which building component receives priority over the location to have the morning sun.
Urban Planning is defined briefly as the guidance of ___.
A lattice structure that serves as a summer house.
In landscaping, ground cover is represented by ___.
The art of arranging buildings and other structures in harmony with the landscape.
The study of the dynamic relationship between a community of organisms and its habitat.
Preparations of an accurate base map for urban planning starts with ___.
Appraisal of adequacy of a city's water and sewer systems needs of future land uses are embodied in the
Also called the blood-stream of a city.
A form of absence of all the principles and organized development of a community.
The city of Washington conforms to the plan type of ___.
An efficient and rapid transport system for automobiles to circulate across urban to urban areas.
A monument, fixed object, or marker used to designate the location of a land boundary on the ground.
A narrow passageway bordered by trees, fences, or other lateral barrier
The projection of a future pattern of use within an area, as determined by development goals.
The part of the surface of the earth not permanently covered by water.
A line of demarcation between adjoining parcels of land.
A survey of landed property establishing or reestablishing lengths and directions of boundary line.
The study of an existing pattern of use, within an area, to determine the nature and magnitude of
deficiencies which might exist and to assess the potential of the pattern relative to development goals.
A study and recording of the way in which land is being used in an area.
In surveying, the North-South component of a traverse course.
An open space of ground of some size, covered with grass and kept smoothly mown.
A contract transferring the right of possession of buildings, property, etc., for a fixed period of time, usually
for periodical compensation called 'rent'.
A tenure by lease; real estate held under a lease.


Health and General Use

Social Implications
6.00 mts.
Growth and Change
Grass and Plants
Site Planning
Accurate Aerial Mosaic
Comprehensive Plan
Transportation System
Urban Blight
Land-use Plan
Land Boundary
Land Survey
Land-use Analysis
Land-use Survey

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