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The amount of heat which is absorbed or evolved in changing the state of a substance without

changing its temperature.

A system of devices, usually installed below ground level, to scatter or spray water droplets over a
lawn, golf course, or the like.

Latent Heat
Lawn Sprinkler System

Minimum width of a septic tank.

Minimum length of a septic tank.
Minimum liquid depth for a septic tank.
Maximum liquid depth for septic tank.
Minimum capacity, in cubic meters, of the secondary compartment of a septic tank.
Minimum dimension of a manhole access to a septic tank.

90 cms.
1.50 mts.
60 cms.
1.80 mts.
1 cum.
508 mm.

Minimum length of the secondary compartment of a septic tank with a capacity of more than 6 cubic

1.50 mts.

Wooden septic tanks are allowed, true or false.

Minimum distance of a water supply well from a septic tank.
Minimum distance of a water supply well from a seepage pit or cesspool.
Minimum distance of a water supply well from a disposal field.
Minimum Gauge of galvanized sheet used for downspouts.
Minimum height of a water seal for each fixture trap.
Maximum height of a water seal for each fixture trap.
Maximum length of the tailpiece from any fixture.
Minimum extension of the VSTR above the roof.

15.20 mts.
45.70 mts.
30.50 mts.
51 mm.
102 mm.
60 cms.
15 cms.

Minimum extension of the VSTR above an openable window, door opening, air intake, or vent shaft.

0.90 mtr.

Minimum trap diameter for a bathtub

Minimum trap diameter for a shower stall.
Required number of water closets for females for an auditorium serving 16-35.
Required number of water closets for males for an auditorium serving 16-35.
Required number of urinals for an auditorium serving 10-50.
Required number of water closets for females for a theater serving 51-100.
Classifications of copper pipes.
A rough or sharp edge left on metal by a cutting tool.
Two types of passenger elevator.
Minimum elevator width of single slide door elevator for small commercial or residential building.

38 mm. (11/2")
51 mm. (2")
Rigid and Flexible
Electric and Hydraulic
0.60 mtr.

A device that is basically a double throw switch of generally 3-pole connection that will automatically
transfer the power from the standby generator to the building circuitry during electrical power failure.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)

TW in electrical wire specification means.

Moisture resistant, in wet and dry


Another name for passenger elevator.

The minimum face to face distance between elevators in three and four car grouping.
Collection line of a plumbing system is sometimes referred to as.
Maximum height of a dumbwaiter.


2 mts.
House Drain
1.20 mts.

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A type of lighting that provides illumination to special objects like sculptures, flower arrangements,
XHHN in wire specification means.
Standard length of an electrical metal conduit.
An assembly consisting of a pulley wheel, side plates, shaft, and bearings over which a cable or
roped is passed.
The other type of flame detector other than the ultraviolet type.
PABX or PBX means.
Farad is the unit capacity of a ___.
Another name for distribution panel.
Type of plastic pipe other than polyvinyl chloride and polybutylene.
Standard size of wire for a circuit line.
Standard size of wire for a switch line.
A device for converting alternating current to direct current.
Another name for a Rectifier.
A controller sensitive to the degree of moisture in the air.
Another name for Humidistat.
Consist of a flyball or flyweight device designed to stop an elevator.
A stop valve placed in the service pipe close to the connection at the water main.
A vent with a function to provide circulation if air between drainage and vent system.
Flange used on a pipe to cover a hole or opening in a floor or wall which the pipe pass.
Length along the centerline of the pipe and fitting.
A valve used in a flush tank controlling the flushing of fixture.
Any liquid waste containing animal or vegetable matter in suspension or solution.
Component of fire extinguisher.
Interrelationship between value of voltage and current with the same frequency.
Descriptive of any material such as synthetic resin which hardens when heated or cured, and does
not soften when reheated.
An Instrument which responds to changes in temperature, and directly or indirectly controls
Thin sheets that are used for controlling heat in drywall construction.
Conveys storm water and terminates into a natural drainage such as lakes or rivers.
A machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, a generator of alternating current.
Freon in air-con must be compressed and liquefied in order to absorb ___.
Standard size of a wet standpipe outlet for each floor.
A type of pipe fitting for a Yoke Vent.
A device installed on an electric water heater used to detect the working temperature to activate a
Minimum size of trap or branch for a bidet.
Minimum fixture supply pipe diameter for tank type water closet.
True or false, 1 3/4" diameter is 'not' a commercial size of G.I. Pipe for water supply.
True or false, 3" diameter is 'not' a commercial size of G.I. Pipe for water supply.

Specific Lighting
Moisture and Heat Resistant-CrossLinked Thermosetting
Infra Red
Pvt. Automatic Branch Exchange
Power Panel
No. 12
No. 14
D.C. Generator
Corporation Stop
Relief Vent
Developed Length
Flush Valve
Carbon Monoxide
Rigid Board Insulation
Strom Sewer
1 1/2" (38mm)
1/8 Bend
1 1/2"
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Term applied to the interconnection of the same fixtures in one soil or waste branch with one branch
A single vent that ventilates multiple traps in the case of a back to back vent.

Battery of Fixtures
Common Vent

Minimum size of a standpipe for a building in which the highest outlet is 23 meters or less from the
fire service connection.

4" (102mm)

Minimum size of a wet standpipe for a riser of more than 15 meters from the source.

4" (102mm)

Single lever valves used in kitchen sink and lavatory faucets or at shower valves works by the
principle of a ___.

Ball Valve

Treats hard water.

Minimum height of a branch vent above the fixture it is venting.

6" (150mm)

Minimum wire size in square millimeter for a branch circuit with a 30 ampere rating using Type THW
stranded copper conductor in a raceway.

5.5 sqmm

Standard frequency of power supplied by the local power utility company like Meralco.

60 Cycles

The overhead service conductors from the last pole or other aerial support to and including splices,
if any, connecting to the service entrance conductors at the building.

Service Drop

Unit of loudness level.

The process of dissipating sound energy by converting it to heat.
Distance sound travels during each cycle of vibration.

Sound Absorption

The reduction in the intensity or in the sound pressure level of sound which is transmitted from one
point to another.

Sound Attenuation

Unit of sound absorption equivalent to 1 square foot of perfectly absorptive material.

Acoustical phenomenon which causes sound wave to be bent or scattered around.
Minimum sound pressure level that is capable of being detected by the human ear.
Fluctuation in pressure, a particle displacement in an elastic medium.
Sound sensation in a single frequency.
Wave produced by a pure tone.
Synonymous with a lighting fixture.
The luminous intensity of light is expressed in ___.
It refers to an individual who worked in the sanitary field of ancient Rome.
In Latin, it means 'lead'.
A specially designed system of waste piping embodying the horizontal wet venting of one or more
sinks or floor drains by means of a common waste and vent pipe sized to provide free movement of
air above the flow line of the drain.adequately
Vertical flow of air used to separate different functions of spaces.
Type of lighting dealing with relatively large area lighting.

Sound Diffraction
Threshold of Audibility
Pure Tone
Sine Wave
Combination Waste and Vent
Air curtain
General Lighting

During elevator emergency, to rescue passengers, this part of the elevator is used to open the doors
from the outside.

Outside Door Latch

A device which extends across at least 1/2 the width of each door leaf which will open if subjected to

Panic Bar

Sanitary sewage from buildings shall be discharged directly to the nearest ___.
Receptacles intended to receive and discharge water, water-carried waste into a drainage system
with which they are connected.
The simplest type of building automation system.
Standard size of an outlet for a dry standpipe located at each floor.

Sanitary Sewer Main

Telecommunication System
2 1/2" (64mm)
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A vent pipe connected to a vent stack.

A vent pipe connected to a stack vent.
Instrument used for measuring atmospheric pressure.
Bets type of fire detection that can detect fire during the incipient stage.
Condensing unit is a part of a ___.
A fire detector installed in a fire alarm system which uses low melting point solders or metal that
expands when exposed to heat to detect a fire.
A faucet fitted with a nozzle curving downward used as a draw-off tap.
Heat rating for a fixed temperature heat detector.
Reference in measuring the depth of a trap seal of a trap.
A pipe fitting shaped like 'S'.
Minimum size of trap and waste branch for a shower stall.
Minimum size of trap and waste branch for a pedestal urinal.
Ratio of water closets for male population for elementary and secondary school.
Ratio of water closets for female population for elementary and secondary school.
Ratio of urinals for elementary school.
Ratio of water closets for female population for Principal Worship Places.

Circuit Vent
Loop Vent
Fixed Temperature Heat Detector
Top Dip to Crown Weir
Double Bend

Minimum required number of water closets for female for office and public buildings serving 55
occupants for employees.

Where there is exposure to skin contamination due to poisonous materials, what is the ratio of
lavatory to number of occupants.


Minimum head of water, in meters, required for each section of plumbing for water test.

How many days, at least, shall be given before any plumbing work inspection is done after written
notice for inspection.

Minimum time, in minutes, required for water to stay in the system or pipes for a water test without
any leaks to satisfy said testing.

15 minutes

Consist of a body, a checking member, and an atmospheric opening.

Minimum lead content in percent for pipes and fittings safe for humans.

Atmospheric Vacuum Breaker


Minimum vertical distance from the bottom of water pipes to the top of sewer or drain pipe if laid in
the same trench on top of the other.

300 mm

Minimum distance of water pipings from any regulating equipment, water heater, conditioning tanks,
and similar equipment requiring union fittings.

300 mm

Maximum spacing of pipe supports at intervals.

Equivalent of 1/6 bend in degrees.


True or false, 60 branches or offsets may be used only when installed in a true vertical position.


Cleanouts may be omitted on a horizontal drain less than 1.5 meters in length unless such line is
serving sinks or urinals, true or false.


Minimum clearance in front of any cleanout in meters for pipes 51mm or less in diameter.

0.305 mtr. / 305 mm

Minimum clearance in front of any cleanout in meters for pipes larger than 51 mm. Dia.

0.45 mtr. / 450 mm

Maximum distance of any underfloor cleanout from any access door, crawl space, or crawl hole.

6.10 mts.

Maximum length of a tailpiece.

600 mm


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Minimum length of any branch requiring separate venting.

True or false, no galvanized wrought iron or galvanized steel pipe shall be used underground and
shall be kept at least 15 cms above ground.
Minimum extension of a vent stack through roof above the roof.
Minimum extension of a vent stack through roof above any other vertical surface.
Minimum vertical distance of VSTR from above of any openable window or opening.
Minimum vertical extension of VSTR from any roofdeck where it is protruded.
Minimum horizontal distance of any VSTR from a roofdeck used for other purposes aside from
protection from weather.

4.60 mts.
150 mm / 15 cms.
300 mm
0.90 mtr.
2.10 mts.
3.00 mts.

Minimum number of stories served by a waste stack requiring a parallel ventstack.

The rate of flow of light through a surface.
The luminous intensity of any surface in a given direction per unit of projected area.
A unit of illumination equivalent to 1 lumen per square foot.
A unit of illumination equivalent to 1 lumen per square meter.

Luminous Flux

Type of lighting system where 90-100% of light output is directed to the ceiling and upper walls of
the room.

Indirect Lighting

The material used for filament in an incandescent bulb.

The equivalent of filament in a fluorescent lamp.
An automatic device used for converting high, fluctuating inlet water pressure to a lower constant
An air-operated device used to open or close a damper or valve.
In theater stage house, a weight usually of iron or sand used to balance suspended scenery, or the
On elevators, a gear-driven machine having a drum to which the wire ropes that hoist the car are
fastened, and on which they wind.
Vertical tracks that serves as a guide for the car and the counterweight.
Under NBC, the clearance between the underside of the car and the bottom of the pit shall not be
less than ___.
Under NBC, the minimum diameter of hoisting and counterweight rope.
Under NBC, the minimum width between balusters in an escalator.
Under NBC, the maximum rated speed of an escalator along the angle of travel.
The effective room temperature in air-conditioning.
A private telephone system that interconnects with public telephone systems.
Resistance in alternating current system.
The reciprocal of conductance.
The rate of flow of sound energy
Lighting used primarily to draw attention to particular points of interest.
A means of producing light from gaseous discharge.
A type of High-Intensity-Discharge lamp (HID).
Sound system input device that reacts to and converts variable sound pressure into variable
electrical current.
A rate of rise type detector.
Light originating from sources not facing each other, as from windows in adjacent walls.
The process of removing calcium and magnesium deposits in water.

Pressure Regulating Valve
Air Motor
Winding-Drum Machine
600 mm
30 mm
558 mm
38 Meters/Min
68-74 F
Sound Intensity
Accent Lighting
High-Pressure-Sodium (HPS)
Thermal Detector
Cross Light
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A lighting unit consisting of one or more electrical lamps.


A louvered construction divided into cell-like areas and used for redirecting the light emitted by an
overhead source.


A graph used in air-conditioning and showing the properties of air-system mixtures.

Heat that raises air temperature.
The transmission of heat energy from one place to another by circulatory movement of a mass of
A lamp designed to project and diffuse a uniform level of illumination over a large area.
In boilers, they function only when exceeds prescribed unsafe operating conditions.
What type of sound absorbent is best for lower band frequencies.
The bending of sound wave when traveling forward changes direction as it passes through different
True or false, number of fixture unit is one parameter in sizing a drainage pipe.
Water distribution system which constantly rely its pressure from the main water pipe applied only if
the highest fixture is supplied continuously with the flow rate and required working pressure.minimum
What combination of pipe fittings is installed at the base of a soil stack?
What is the rating index of an air-conditioning/refrigeration system which rates the unit for the
number of BTU's of heat removed per watt of electrical input energy?

Psychrometric Chart
Sensible Heat
Limit Controls and Interlocks
Porous Absorbents
Upfeed System / Direct Method
Wye and 1/8 Bend
Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

What mechanical equipment, coupled with a central air-conditioning system, is used to to dehumidify
and cool the air stream injected to a conditioned space.

Fan Coil Unit

A rigid metal housing for a group of heavy conductors insulated from each other and the enclosure,
also called Busduct.


A heavy conductor, usually in the form of a solid copper bar, used for collecting, carrying, and
distributing large electric currents, also called a busbar.
An approved assembly of insulated conductors with fitting and conductor terminations in completely
enclosed ventilated protective metal housing where the assembly is designed to carry fault current
and to withstand the magnetic forces of such current.
A type of perimeter detector which detects object in heat range of body temperature.
A type of perimeter detector which detects interruption of light beam.
A type of perimeter detector which detects change in sound wave pattern.
Women's urinal fixture.
True or false, brass and cast iron body cleanouts shall not be used as a reducer or adapter.
A box with a blank cover which serves the purpose of joining one different runs of raceways or
cables and provided with sufficient space for connection and branching of the enclosed conductors.


Passive Infrared
Light Beam

Pull Box

A type of water closet that is least efficient, subject to clogging, noisy, and use a simple washout
action through a small irregular passageway.

Washdown (WD)

This type of water closet is similar to that of the siphon-jet except that it has a smaller trap
passageway and smaller water surface area, moderately noisy.

Reverse Trap (RT)

A type of water closet that is noisy but highly efficient. Strong jet into up leg forces contents out. Use
only with flush valve, requires higher pressure.


Blowout (BO)

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Water closet that is quiet, extremely sanitary, water is directed through the rim. It scours bowl, folds
over into jet; siphon.

Siphon Vortex (SV)

A water closet that is sanitary, efficient, and very quiet. Water enters through the rim and through the
down leg.

Siphon Jet (SJ)

A toilet bowl similar to the siphon-jet, but having the flushing water directed to the rim to create
circular motion or vortex which scours the bowl.
A toilet bowl in which the flushing water enters through the rim and a siphonic action initiated by a
water jet draws the contents of the bowl through the trapway.
A water closet similar to that of the siphon jet but with a smaller water surface and trapway.
This type of water closet is prohibited by some health codes.
The concussion and banging noise that results when a volume of water moving in a pipe suddenly
stops or loses momentum.
The length of a pipeline measured along the centerline of the pipe and pipe fittings.
A shutoff valve closed by lowering a wedge-shaped gate across the passage.
A valve closed by a disk seating on an opening in an internal wall.
Liquid sewage that has been treated in a septic tank or sewage treatment plant.
The centerline of pipe.
The interior top surface of a pipe.
The interior bottom surface of a pipe.

Siphon Vortex (SV)

Siphon Jet (SJ)
Reverse Trap (RT)
Washdown (WD)
Water Hammer
Developed Length
Gate Valve
Globe Valve
Spring Line

A type of perimeter detector which is subject to false alarm from aircraft radar and from movement
outside building through window, wood doors, and the like. It uses radio waves.


This type of perimeter detector uses both the Passive infrared and Ultrasonic or Microwave system.

Passive Infrared with Ultrasonic (or


This type of perimeter detector detects a change in capacitance of the area covered, caused by
Color code for pipes containing acid.
A high intensity discharge lamp in which the light is produced by the radiation from a mixture of a
metallic vapor, similar to that of a mercury lamp in construction.

Proximity / Capacitance
Metal Halide Lamp

A type of lamp popular for lighting commercial interiors, uses argon gas to ease starting, it produces
light by means of an electric discharge in mercury vapor.

Mercury Lamp

A type of lamp which produces light by means of the reaction of halogen additive in the bulb reacts
with chemically with tungsten.

Tungsten Halogen Lamp

A type of lamp generally used for roadways and sidewalks, uses sodium gas.
Building with fire alarm and suppression system.
This shows the vertical relationships of all panels, feeders, switches, switchboards, and major
components are shown up to, but not including, branch circuiting, it is an electrical version of a
vertical section taken through the building.

High-Pressure-Sodium (HPS)
Intelligent Building
Riser Diagram

In elevator, it detects the obstacles during the door closing, and reopens the door if there is
something. Photocell can be used together with this.

Safety Shoe

It prevents passengers from falling into the hoistway when they try to get out of the car which is
stopped between the floors.

Fascia Plate

In elevator, it makes the buzzer alarm when the car is overloaded and the door remains open until
overloading is eliminated.

Weighing Device
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In elevator, it protects the equipment from over current.

In elevator, these prevent the excessive car travel at the highest and lowest floor.
In escalators, these stop the escalator if a foreign object becomes wedged at the guard.

Circuit Breaker
Limit Switches
Handrail Guard Switches

In escalators, this is located at the bottom truss of the escalator and provided with on and off
positions to stop or prevents the escalator from starting during maintenance service.

Disconnect Switch

This device, in escalators, is provided at the drive unit location to protect against accidental
movement of the escalator during inspection of the drives or during general maintenance.

Mechanical Maintenance Locking


This device, in escalators, stops the escalator automatically if an abnormal current is supplied to the

Current Overload Safety Switch

This switch cuts off all current supply to the escalator for inspection, maintenance, or repairs.

Knife Switch

In a lightning protection system, the combination of a metal rod and its brace or footing, on the upper
part of a structure.

Air Terminal

One of the earlier plastic to be developed in 1938, a du pont trade name for the white, soft, waxy,
and non-adhesive polymer of tetrafluoroethylene.
The number of cycles per unit time of a wave or oscillations expressed in hertz of cycles per second.


Of a partition, the number of decibels by which sound is reduced in transmission through it; a
measure of the sound insulation value of the partition, the higher the number, the greater the
insulation value.

Transmission Loss

The cooling effect obtained when 1 ton of ice at 32 oF (0 oC) melts to water at the same
tmeperature in 24 hrs. (equivalent to 12,000 Btu/hr)

Ton of Refrigeration


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