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Document de demande de recommandation/ Self-reflection for

university reference
Hand it directly to your referee

Full name
Countries/universities/ courses you apply for

Add the webpage address of the course you wish to do

Describe the process of transmission (online, posted, sealed..?) of the reference letter to your institution and
the deadline - Add name of person to address the letter if any. Add any web pages to help the teachers to
follow the process correctly

Give details of 1 or 2 assignments/essays/pieces of work/projects from 1re or Terminale that you were
particularly pleased with and that are connected with your chosen Uni course - eg for Engineering, a science
project you enjoyed, TPE, etc.) What was the subject of the assignment?Why were you pleased with it? What did
it demonstrate in terms of your effort/commitment/interest/ability?

Which qualities should have the ideal candidate for this course?

Explain the reason of your choice for this country and this university

Explain the reasons of your choice for this course and what you know on this topic

Explain how you see your career prospects developing (even if they are still vague)