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Measuring Task Concentration

Continuos measurement of active ingredients in fungicides measurement in the
production of fungicides
Instruments Used
• Transmitted light refractometer PIOX® R 300, chemically resistive Customer
version, Hastelloy housing, process connection via flange
(DIN 2633, DN 50), Kalrez seal, 20° standard fused quartz prism
• Transducer PIOX® TR 374 features two current outputs 4/20 mA
for refractive index and mass concentration and two binary alarm
outputs (relay switched)
• Continual process control
Bayer CropScience AG, Pro-
• Keeps downtime to a minimum duction Site
• Transmitted light method guarantees accurate measurement results Chemiepark Knapsack
• Transmission light refractometry delivers drift-free results
• Hastelloy housing is resistive against acid media Bayer CropScience, with its innovative
• ATEX-certification products and future oriented know-
how, is one of the world's leading
Selling Points suppliers of crop protection products.
• Quality improvement of the final product Bayer CropScience's Knapsack facility
produces pest control products and
• Faulty lots are avoided
preliminary products which are used
• Pays for itself quickly due to considerable savings in lab costs in agriculture around the world. Be-
sides fungicides, herbicides and in-
secticides, Bayer CropScience also
offers so called Safeners which im-
prove the tolerance of useful plants to
During the synthesis of the fungicide, the process refractometer PIOX® R crop protection products in commer-
allows continual monitoring of the active ingredient's concentration. cial agriculture.
Maintaining the active ingredient's exact concentration is indispensable
for quality assurance. No one lot of fungicide is released until an external
lab has completed a concentration and impurity analysis to confirm the
product specifications. Before the inline measuring system was installed,
samples were routinely drawn and then analyzed in the in-house lab.
The disadvantages were additional lab costs and down-time in the pro-
duction process.
Not only the good experience in the lab results spoke for the use of a
refractometer: the dependence between refractive index and concentra-
tion brings a stronger measuring effect then the dependence between
refractive index and density.
The measured refractive index
and the mass concentration
derived thereof are fed into the
process control system via two
current outputs and can be
depicted on a screen in the
control room.
The refractometer is installed in a
closed circuit bypass. The meas-
uring site is located in a zone 2
explosion hazard area.
The PIOX® R 300 measuring on-site

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