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Coastal Division Managers Meeting Minutes 6/30/16

Rain out schedules The rain out schedules will be populated with the actual
rainout games and the web site will be updated to reflect those teams and play
Rule changes/requests 5.6 ASA rule Foul strike caught by catcher was
reviewed and all managers agreed to keep the rule as stated in the WSSA rule s
document. Rule
Recruitment activities - Review of the activities currently underway, news
paper articles, web site activity and the special introductory offer of $20 try it out
with a money back guarantee. All managers agreed to stop this promotion at the
end of the summer break. All new members who have applied for membership
using this program will be required to decide to continue playing and pay the
adjust fees of $22.50, or ask for their refunds. Each manager will notify the
president to arrange for the funds to be collected or dispersed.
Umpire issues The following issues were discussed and Mike Abernathy was
asked to address with the management of the umpire leadership.
1. Request to have umpire in proper dress code
2. Ensure the new umpires understand the WSSA rules as defined in the
WSSA League Rules Document.
3. Complaints regarding one specific umpire who appeared not to be able to
see and call balls and strikes accurately was asked to be reviewed with
the umpire management.
Head count/adjustments if necessary with every team dealing with hurt/
injured players the managers voted to continue with the same teams with the
following conditions:
1. Don Galvin will be transferred to the Legends team
2. The managers agreed to continue the remainder of the season with the 6
existing teams.
Game Forfeit Rules 9.5 this rule was reviewed and confirmed if you only have
8 players from the team roster you will automatically forfeit the game.
Player complaints no issues were brought to the meeting
Start times all the Coastal Managers vote to keep the 9:00 PM start time for all
Coastal and Legacy games for the remainder of the year.
All Star Game There was no interest in playing an all-star game this year, all
managers voted no interest

Team Names/renamed - the Pelicans name has been selected by the

Wilmington Orthos since they have enlisted the Pin Point restaurant. The
following teams were identified along with sponsors:
Pelicans Wilmington Orthos Pin Point
Patriots Brooklyn Pizza Carolina Sports Medicine
Legends Rucker Johns Long Horn Steaks
Planning for next year:
1. Possible need for new managers next year - several have indicated they
will be retiring from managing
2. Several new manager candidates have been identified
3. Rating of current players - Just the current player as viewed by the teams
manager/coach to be done at home and results forwarded to President.
4. Candidates for Officers with in the WSSA are needed for next year
suggest managers bring topic up for discussion with team members
Legacy issues/recommendation
Ken Dene stated he was unhappy that there was only 2 teams in this new
division and he was not interested in managing a team next year if there will only
be two teams. Overall he felt everyone is having a good time.
George Wesolowski stated he was very excited about the Legacy Division and
was happy to have the opportunity to play ball on a level he is comfortable with.
Both Managers expressed their belief that these players should no be playing
against the Coastal Division teams, as their skills are not on the same level. They
both believe that everyone is enjoying the playing time they are receiving and
everyone wants the Legacy division to succeed.

Headcount mid season

1. Dowling
2. Krieger
3. Gerberg
4. Masters
5. Price
6. Parchman
7. Barrett
8. Spartaro
9. Butler
10.La Fond
12.Denton ER
14.Purdy S.

1. Van Amberg
2. Abernathy
3. Aaron
4. Fred King
5. Fincannon
6. Fehring
7. Altman
8. Walsh B.
9. Kohunsky
11.Snyder T.
13. Sullivan Roy

ER = Injured Reserve

1. Carey
2. Burnt
3. Backes
4. Sommers
6. Davis
7. Crane
8. Todd
9. Free
11. Smith, D.
12. Baldwin
13. Hagen

1. Barnett
2. Carney
3. Morton
4. Travenner
5. Allen ER
6. Shaw
7. Newcome ER
8. Walsh D.
9. Little, J
11. Flynn
13. Chance
14. Zecca

1. Alexander
2. Dolan
3. Berry
4. Mueller
5. Sawyer
6. Rex
7. Peters
8. Dempsey
9. Mc Grath
14.Roberts JR

1. Scelzi
2. Cerra
3. Marriner
4. Stine
5. Bonner
6. Kelly
7. Light
8. Romero
9. Fort
11. Tripp
12. Sidberry
13. Winters