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Class B State Champions!

21 Matthews Way, Turner, ME 04282
May 2010 Volume 10, Issue 2

A Letter
From The
At the beginning of the season
Alexander Jackman the goal was to follow in the foot-
steps of the '95 and '98 Leavitt
football teams. Not only did they
As we lock our final issue this year, successfully follow in these past
and potentially the final issue ever of the teams imprints but they went
Leavitt Buzz, I can't help but feel a tinge above and beyond what they pre-
of sadness. For two years I've worked on
this paper, and for the last year I have vious accomplished.
been the Editor In Chief, a job which I
did not take lightly. Leavitt football coach, Mike
Throughout the year my fantastic Hathaway, gathered his seniors in
staff and I have been trying to find dif-
ferent ways to make this paper the best
his classroom before setting a
news source that it could be for the Leav- foot onto the field and set goals
itt student body. We have impacted on for the upcoming season. The first
several social networks including Face- goal was an obvious one, one that
book & Twitter. We restructured our on-
every competitive high school
line editions to make our website a better
experience for our readers, and we have team wants to achieve, to win
published now two print editions where every game. He thought, and the
last year there were none. players thought as well, that they
A lot of work has been done this had the talent and the skill level Photo Courtesy of: Dustin Williamson
year by everyone involved from our fan-
tastic staff writers whose hard work is
to win every game of the season.
scattered throughout this issue, to my as- However, a very unique statement Leavitt Football team and Coaches after State game.
sistant Editor In Chief, Samantha Varney, that Hathaway repeated numerous
to our staff advisors, Mrs. Dorian & Mr. times came up in this meeting. Hornets, after the first game field in remembrance of Ricky.
Fitzsimons, to the head of the English de-
partment, Ms. Mazzola to Mr. Hartnett Leavitt out scored their opponents A common symbol was placed Coach Hathaway didn't believe
and the rest of the administration. All of "Care the most about what your 309-44. around the Hornets this year, RG. that individual awards needed to
these people have made my job easier doing." Every meeting, every Everyone remembers Ricky Gib- be given each week. The only
and helped create this wonderful issue practice, every game, this was an- Of the 44 points that were son from Maranacook who made continuous award that needed to
that you are reading right now. nounced.
Because of all of this work it is sad- scored against Leavitt, 6 of the 44 a wish to have his team finally be be handed out was the RG sticker
dening to me that at press time, The points were actually scored on the able to play under the lights. After that remained on the Leavitt play-
Leavitt Buzz, after 10 years, is not a The first game was a shaky start Varsity players, who found their this event, Ricky died and Leavitt ers helmets.

Working in High School

planned course next year. for Leavitt with a 29-22 squeak way to the sideline for most of the placed RG stickers on their hel-
This is do to the underwhelming against Hampden Academy. It second half. mets and painted "RG" on their Continued on Page #7
amount of people that signed up for the
course, which is really a bummer. Jour-
was a good awakening for the
nalism is a fun course that is really free-
ing, as you can pursue many avenues of
work in the class. I encourage you all to
speak to someone about the class, be it
your English teacher or administration.
If you are reading this paper, I'm
Destiny for, but with summer right around the cor-

ner teens have a higher need for a job.
sure you'd enjoy working on it, so please
don't let the Buzz die. You find yourself in a desperate situation.
That said, I would like to thank you As teenagers and high school students we You want to earn money, but local business
all for reading. The Buzz was by far my have a constant need for money. Money for aren't hiring. Maybe you branch out and
favorite part of my time here at Leavitt gas, shopping, and the trip to Dunkin look for jobs elsewhere. Auburn and Lewis-
and it is sincerely worth all of the work Donuts every morning. These costs can add ton have lots of business that are hiring all
up and hitting your parents up for cash these
when I see someone with a paper in their the time, a large problem is the amount of
days no longer flies. They're tired of giving hours available at these businesses.
hands. So as I prepare to leave high
you money for every little desire. They only
school, I encourage you all not to let the
thing they have to say to your request for
Buzz leave with me. cash : "Get a job!" ...Continued on Page #11
It has been a truly rewarding expe- Here in Turner, finding a local job is next
rience working on this paper with you all to impossible. Places like Food City and
and for you all. Photo Courtesy of: Business World
Dunkin Donuts have so many students al-
ready working for them, no one is hiring. With most High school jobs this amount of money is hard to
Thank you, You find yourself crossing your fingers that
Alexander Jackman someone will get fired,and maybe you'll be find.
hired next. This is a terrible thing to wish