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Working in High School

The Leavitt Buzz Page #7

Camp Sunshine
Destiny Russell Happiness to Maine.
Cassidy Langelier
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Places in town like Burger King and JC

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Penney have so many people working for
them often they can only offer as much as ten There are 24 hour on site medical workers as well
hours a week per student. Ten hours a week at as a hospital that is only 25 minutes away which are
minimum wage isn't enough. Often teens find all available to every family when needed. Along
themselves spending their entire pay check in with therapy for families, where they can they learn
acceptance and how to heal.
gas just to get to their minimum wage job.
What really makes Camp Sunshine special though
With the hot weather comes a constant need is that these families attend the camp at no cost. Each
for seasonal employees. Places such as Roy's family is sponsored by an individual, civic group,
Driving Range and local ice cream places are corporation or foundation.
usually hiring younger employees. Most busi-
The camp relies mainly on volunteers. It's run by
nesses like these close after the summer 2000 volunteers who usually return year after year.
weather is done, so you can focus on your They help with food, arts and crafts, and recreational
grades when school time rolls around again. leadership.

Photo Courtesy of: Reality Now. Volunteers range from ages 16-80 and can be any-
When you're looking for a job don't forget to
body from doctor's and nurses to high school and col-
fill out lots of applications and follow up! lege students.
Also when you pass in your application ask to
see a manager to give it to him/her. This will keep eye contact with the interviewer and try that you're going to need for the rest of your This is the perfect opportunity for us to get in-
give them a good first impression of you and not to say "like" every other word. After the life. If you start in high school, you'll find that
volved. The camp not only provides a heart-warm-
show them that you really want the job. If you ing experience for the children and families who
interview is over be sure to shake your inter- when you're out of college and beginning your attend, just a simple visit will impact any one.
get an interview remember that appearance viewer's hand and say "thank you for your career that it's easier for you to budget your
does matter. You should not stroll in in short time." money and time. Camp Sunshine is a wonderful program. The camp
shorts and a tank top. Try to look a little pro- reunites families and keeps them together through the
fessional even if you're applying for a job at a While you might not be making very much
darker times they may face. It supplies happiness,
gas station. This will make you look respon- money at your summer job, you're learning
which may be just the cure they're in need of.
sible and respectable. During the interview how to budget your earnings. These are skills

Beat the Heat: You may ask yourself, what about

Staying Cool
me? I don't like water. And unfortu-
nately the sun doesn't discriminate

This Summer.
against the pasty and pale among us.
You're options aren't limited due to the
unfortunate circumstances you face.
Brandon Maher
Put on a little sunscreen, buy a diesel
vehicle, and hit the freeway. Getting
...Continued from Page #11 50 mpg never felt so good, neither did
the wind in your hair. Other than that
Currently, there is a rusted out fridge you're options are pretty limited here,
for those seeking a little extra thrill so good luck with that.
and height in their jumps. It rocks
back and forth and to no one's surprise And for the rest of us, I'll probably
it's fallen into the lake below more see you at the rope swing at some
than once. Simply put this is one of point. It's easy to find. It's just behind
the funnest ways to cool off in the the flea market, so remember to lock
area. your car doors, and don't forget to
bring a towel. The fun of summer, a rope swing at the local pond.

Maine: Fun, Musical and Easily Accessable. Class B State Champs

Samantha Varney Nicholas Urquhart that there were 44 points that were scored in
Community Gatherings: the regular season but only 6 of those 44
points were actually scored against the varsity
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Page #11 *Portland is hosting the 37th annual ...Continued from Page #1
Old Port Festival on June 13th from On November 21, Leavitt defeated Cape
11am to 5pm. The event is Maine’s Throughout the season Josh Strickland and
*Daughtry with Eric Theiss ran the offense for Leavitt. Josh Elizabeth 35-21. After setting goals, paying
Lifehouse & Cavo largest one day festival, featuring multi- respect to close friends, hard work, and a long
Strickland, said to be one of the top perform-
on Jun 17 at ple stages of music, Maine-made arts and season, Leavitt brought home a well deserved
ers ever to play for Leavitt, ran for 300 yards
7:30pm. The per- crafts, great food, shopping, and fun! in the state game against Cape Elizabeth and gold ball.
former will be com- was nominated for Gatorade Player of the

* DiMilos, Old Ports famous floating Year. The players returned, with crowds of peo-
pleting the second ple swarming around the school, there was
leg of its U.S. arena restaurant always hosts lobster specials
one man who stood at the locker room door.
tour, which is sched- throughout the summer season. The note- After Eric Theiss led the league in passing
No one really knew who that guy was until the
worthy restaurant boasts the freshest yards, he was announced a semi-finalist for
uled to begin March 18 in Baltimore, the Fitzpatrick Award. Max Cloutier, Matt Pel- players all came out of the locker room. The
Maryland and will continue into the sum- seafood dinners in the Portland area. kid's gathered around this man, and Coach
lerin, James Morin, Mitch Cobb, Luke Wiley,
mer. For the upcoming shows, singer They're best known for their twin lobster Hathaway handed him the game ball. Hath-
and Buck Bochtler were up front for the two
Chris Daughtry, bassist Josh Paul, drum- dish; a meal featuring two 1lb lobsters powerhouses in the back field all year. away exclaimed "This is the game ball of the
mer Joey Barnes, and guitarists Brian baked stuffed or steamed with extra but- state game and you deserve it."

Craddock and Josh Steely will be joined ter and a side of steamed vegetables. Defensively, Luke Wiley, Matt Pellerin,
They also offer 1/2 lb and 2 lb lobsters, a Jesse Pelletier, and Matt Porter were very suc- That night, a middle aged man walked away
by special guest Lifehouse and opening with two things. A state championship ball
band Cavo. See them perform live at the variety of seafood chowders, and irre- cessful in stopping the run and putting pres-
sure on the quarterback all year. In the signed by all the players, and more impor-
Cumberland County Civic Center; 1 sistible desserts on their dinner menu. tantly, a present from the football team in me-
Visit their website to view a list of their secondary John Letourneau, Jordan Hersom,
Civic Center Sq, Portland, ME . To buy Jason Fisher, Mitchell Cobb, and Jake Oullette morial of his son Ricky Gibson. Mr. Gibson
tickets call (207) 775-3458 or visit the special events and take part in the best had gone to the game and watched Leavitt win
were solid in keeping their opponents to only
venues website for more information. Maine feature; Fresh Lobster. 28 points all season. The actual statistics say the 2009 Maine State Football Championship.