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Peek at the Week
May 2010
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
24 25 26 27 28
Day 3 - Gym Day 1 – Music Day 2 – Media Day 3 - Gym Day 1 – Music
IB Planner
We The People 5th Grade Spanish Summative
(summative assessment) Track and Field Assessment
at Lakeaires Elem. MAP testing (Math) project due!!!
Spanish Bus leaves at 9:15am 1:00-2:00
Spelling Test
First Grade Buddies
Shakespeare Club Shakespeare Club
performance performance
2:00pm 6:00pm

A Midsummer Night’s Dream PATROL NEWS
Where can you find 19 enthusiastic 5th graders, 2  5/25 – 2:00pm Performance by Shakespeare Club
directors/teachers, a donkey, fairies, couples in and  5/26 – 5th Grade Track and Field Day, 9:30am The final reward trip for 5th grade patrols is
out of love, sword fighting, music, dancing, and  5/27 – 6:00pm Performance by Shakespeare Club coming up on Wednesday, June 2nd. Patrols
more? At the 5th grade Shakespeare club! These who have been responsible and respectful all
kids have given up 3 days a week after school to
 6/2 – Patrol Field Trip to Valleyfair
 6/4 – Bossard Park/Movie Day year will be celebrating their hard work by
learn more about acting. The club is led by Ms.
Sandy Harthan (gr. 4 teacher) and guest director  6/9 – 5th Grade Graduation 6:30pm spending the day at Valleyfair. Look for a
Kevin Whitby. Doing a play together helps them to (Portfolio night 4:30-6:00pm) reminder to come home next week with
learn to work together as a team, practice reading important information for the day.
fluently and with expression, and learn about
another time and place. They will be performing We would like to congratulate all patrols for
the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by CLASS WEBSITE: their hard work and commitment all year.
William Shakespeare on Tuesday, May 25th at 2:00 You are appreciated!! Fourth graders are
for the school and for families on Thursday, May We have set up a website for all the 5th grade being trained in next week and will take over
27th at 6:00 in the school gym. classes this year. Please check it out! all duties in June.
In math this week, we worked on finding the 5th GRADE GRADUATION
volume of cubes and prisms. We also practiced Wednesday, June 9th at 6:30pm
working with positive and negative numbers when we
We are looking forward this
worked with thermometers. We learned how to use
celebration and hope that all fifth
and make a stem and leaf plot to organize numerical
graders are able to attend. The
data. Finally, we practiced problems that involved
celebration should last approximately
finding the elapsed time between two events. Keep
one hour. Please let your child’s
practicing those math facts at home!!
teacher know if your son or daughter is
We are working in our final Planner of the
unable to attend this event.
year: We, the People. The central idea for this Planner
is: Systems of government impact a community’s
We also encourage you to attend
social and economic condition. We looked at different
Portfolio night before graduation. Please
types of government around the world this week and stop by your child’s classroom anytime
even got to see what it was like having a class dictator. between 4:30 and 6:00pm. During this
Students have done an excellent job inquiring and time, your child will share some of the
reflecting on what we have discussed and learned in Patrol Picnic great work he/she did this year.
class. Students began working on the summative
assessment project and will continue working on it
next week. It will be due on Friday, May 28.
In spelling, our list had a focus on words with
Greek and Latin roots. Please encourage your child to CARNIVAL TONIGHT!!
study and practice their words at home as these end of We hope to see you tonight at our
the year lists are quite challenging. We also continued school carnival. The theme for this
our book club this week. Students are finishing up year’s carnival is A Night at the
Daughter of Liberty, which is a true story about the Olympics. There will be games, food,
American Revolution. prizes, and a lot of fun. All money
Spring is here! Fifth graders have done many raised will help enrichment programs
great things this year and are getting very excited for at our school.
middle school. As the end of the year winds down, Plus, Ms. Wagoner will be in the dunk
remind your child to be respectful, responsible, and do tank from 6:45 – 7:00pm!!!
their best work these last few weeks of school.
First grade buddies CONTACT
Those who offered to donate a 2-liter bottle of pop for Sarah Wagoner
our Bossard Park field trip may send them in to Room 114
school with your child starting next week. We would (651) 407-7600 x1610
like to have them no later than Thursday, June 3rd.