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Director: Dr. Aparna Rayaprol,
The Universitys Study in India Program (SIP), which began in 1998 with only 8 students, has expanded considerably in recent
years. There are now about 200 participants in a year and has been considered a model programme by the University Grants
Commission for other Indian universities.
SIP is an interdisciplinary initiative, emphasizing heritage, continuity and change in India. The unique aspect of SIP is that the
students interests have been given primary attention. One-on-one counseling on e-mail, contact prior to arrival, and meeting
after arrival, provided by the SIP faculty and program assistants, lead to a good match between students' preferences and the
courses they take. In some cases, independent studies are devised for SIP students.
The University of Hyderabad (UoH) is a central university created through an Act of Parliament and is regarded as among Indias
top universities. In the last 16 years, faculty have been involved in the conceptualization and development of the SIP, which is the
only program of its kind in an Indian university. SIP emphasizes the study of the culture and heritage of India along with providing
insights into Indias emergence as an economic power and a leader in scientific and technological innovations.
SIP arranges for the students to be received at the airport in Hyderabad and brought to the university.
Once the students arrive at the University of Hyderabad, SIP helps them in settling down in the international student housing and
offers them a detailed orientation which includes both academic as well as cultural issues. The typical American student who is
used to a lot of independence and space needs to adjust to the challenges of an intensely sensual and sometimes
overwhelming Indian experience. SIP acts as a buffer for these students who need the support system. The SIP program
assistant who is a senior doctoral student helps students through the early stages of settling down on campus.
All these courses can be classified under five heads:
Regular University courses in different schools involving lectures, seminars, assignments and examinations.
SIP courses, especially designed for foreign students.
Independent/directed study where a faculty member supervises readings, field study, and research focused on some topic.
Courses involving practice/performance, e.g. Indian Classical Dance, Theatre, Sitar, Painting, Sculpture, etc.
Non-credit courses such as Yoga, Tabla, Kathak, etc.

Why join SIP at UoH?

It is the only comprehensive study abroad program in India
Internationally acclaimed faculty, many of whom have teaching and research experience abroad.
The modular structure of a rigorous and flexible semester-based program.
Economical and variable tuition fee, related to the credits earned by the students.
Credits are transferred to the students institutions, if we have an agreement. In other cases, a student is given the transcript
A fully computerized library (the first of its kind in India).
Email/Internet facilities.
A diverse campus, with international students and Indians from different parts of the country.
A pollution-free, nature-rich campus of over 2000 acres.
A secure, hygienic and modern International Students Hostel, the Tagore International House, on the campus.
Some Collaborators
The University of Hyderabads Study in India Program (SIP) currently has agreements with the following institutions:
Study Abroad Consortia:
Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), with about 200 member institutions.



University of Hyderabad

(Contact Person: Ms. G.V. Kavitha, )

Nordic Center India (NCI): 22 universities from Nordic countries.
(Contact Person: Dr. Christabel Royan
Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia
(Contact Person: Ms. Rosemary Livingstone
American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)
(Contact Person: Ms. Lori Naber
International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
(Contact Person: Ms. Brittny Parsells,
International Studies Abroad, USA
(Contact Person: Mr. Michael Stewart, )
Hofstra University, USA
(Contact Person: Ms. Maria L. Fixell, ( )
Duke University, USA
(Contact Person: Prof. Leela Prasad, ( )
Dartmouth College, USA
(Contact Person: Mr. John Tansey, (
Ohio State University, USA
(Contact Person: Dr. Grace Johnson ( )

Who Can Join?

The program is aimed at overseas students who have proficiency in English and meet the special prerequisites of the courses
desired. The following can approach SIP:
Universities and their International Studies divisions or Study Abroad Programs.
Heads of Academic Programs, Disciplines, or Departments of Universities.
Institutions with a South Asia/Area Studies Program.
Higher education institutes or Councils of International Education.
NRI groups or associations.
Trade or business delegations or groups (for short-term courses).
Individual students after meeting the requirements of SIP.
For details about the classes that are available in specific Departments, please follow link to the Schools provided in Schools of


Semester Programs
The Fall semester runs from late July till the end of November, and the Spring Semester from early January till early May.
Students can take 12 to 20 credits (3-5 courses) in a semester. Students are allowed to take any regular classes (provided they
have the prerequisites) being offered in the University of Hyderabad during the semester and interact with Indian students in a
classroom setting. The Semester program is the backbone of the internationalization of the campus.
SIP acts as a single-window system facilitating both academic and administrative support to the students. At the orientation,
university faculty who are SIP coordinators provide one-on-one course counseling for the semester students. Students can take
any of the following types of classes:
1. Regular courses of the university, along with other Indian students. SIP provides a broad list of the courses offered by different
2. Specially designed SIP courses offered exclusively for foreign students, if three or more students opt for such a course. The
courses on Indian languages -- Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Sanskrit, etc. -- are examples of SIP courses. The other courses which have
been of interest to SIP students in the past are: Kuchipudi Dance, Indian Philosophy, Gender and Film etc.
3. Independent/Directed study where a faculty member supervises readings, field study and/or research focused on a topic. A
few examples of such courses taken by the students in the past are: Pearl Markets in Hyderabad, Dalit Women and Water
Rights, Organic Farming and Environment, An Introduction to Hindustani Classical Music etc.
SIP staff also communicates with the study abroad administrations in their host institutions to help prepare the students for the
program. Organizing SIP involves a complex management of speedy correspondence with the host institution and prospective
students as well as planning and operationalizing these courses at our end.
At SIP, while we strive to offer special courses designed to meet the interests of students, we attempt to integrate foreign
students into the common classroom with other Indian students. SIP also offers specially designed programs during the
semester for example a 10 week program for Dartmouth College to accommodate their quarter system.
Summer Programs
These are the more flexible programs designed in consultation with faculty and study abroad partners in sending institutions.
There are two models. One is a six-week program, which runs from the second week of June till the third week of July. Students
normally take from 6 to 9 credits (2-3 courses). The courses are specially designed for the SIP students, eg Indian Politics,
Gender and Society and Basic Hindi.
Contemporary India is an interdisciplinary four week course in the month which is very popular for more than 10 years.
Faculty Seminars
With effect from the year 2000, SIP has also been offering faculty development seminars during the first two weeks of August.
The seminars include several site visits as well as a series of lectures on Indian society, history and culture by prominent
academics. There is also scope for discussions between visiting faculty and UoH faculty. This program is intended in part to
assist foreign universities to expand the Indian components of their own academic programs. The faculty seminar typically



University of Hyderabad

enrolls about 10-15 college/university teachers.

Some SCHOOLS OF STUDY where SIP students take classes:

School of Humanities
Department of English -
Department of Philosophy
Centre for Applied Linguistics and Translation Studies

School of Social Sciences

Department of History -
Department of Political Science -
Department of Sociology -
Department of Anthropology -
Centre for Regional Studies -
Centre for Folk Culture Studies -
Centre for the Study of Indian Diaspora -
Centre for the Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy -

School of Economics -

Sarojini Naidu School for Arts and Communication

Department of Dance -
Department of Theatre Arts -
Department of Communication -
Department of Fine Arts -

Contact Us for more information

SIP Management Committee
Ms. A. Prasanna Lakshmi
Personal Assistant
Study in India Program
University of Hyderabad
Hyderabad - 500046 (Andhra Pradesh)
Tel: 91-40-23132808 and
Mr. J.V. Dilip Kumar
Study in India Program
University of Hyderabad
Tel: 91-40-23010194 & 23132806 (Office)
SIP Management Committee
Dr. Aparna Rayaprol
Director, Study in India Program (SIP)
Department of Sociology
University of Hyderabad
Prof. C. R. Road
Hyderabad-500 046, India.



University of Hyderabad

Tel: 91-40-23132808, 23132806 & 23133260 (Office),
Dr. Kirtana Thangavelu
Joint Director
Department of Fine Arts
S. N. School
University of Hyderabad
Prof. C. R. Road
Hyderabad-500 046, India
Tel: 91-4023135516 (office)

Program Coordinators
Prof. Chakravarthy Bhagavati
Director, International Affairs
School of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Hyderabad
Tel: 91-40-23134041 (Office)
Dr. Kanchan K. Malik
Associate Professor
Department of Communication
S. N. School
University of Hyderabad
Tel: 91-4023135506 (office)
Dr. Amit Kumar Mishra
Assistant Professor
Centre for Study of Indian Diaspora
School of Social Sciences
University of Hyderabad
Prof. Manjula Sritharan
Department of Animal Sciences
University of Hyderabad
Dr. V. Vamsicharan
School of Economics
University of Hyderabad






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