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Chapter 2

Ted bolted upright in bed.

What the hell was that? He asked to his empty bedroom. The clock on his nightstand
read 12:18AM. The bright light from the moon cast strange shadows on his bedroom walls.
SMASH!!!! His heart dropped into his stomach. What he had thought may have just been
his 2 cats chasing each other in the night now didnt really seem so certain. There were
footsteps from downstairs. Whoever it was, didnt appear to making much of an effort at hiding
the fact that they were there. Reaching for his cell phone which should have been on the
nightstand, there was only air.
It was clear whoever was downstairs had not made it to the stairwell yet. He could hear
the opening and closing of drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Ted sat there for a moment,
frozen and terrified in bed, the sheets curled up over his mouth like a child hiding from a
monster. He suddenly remembered all those long sleepless nights as a kid. Waking up and calling
out for help, knowing that there was never going to be anyone there.. Only then the words never
came out, just hoarse moans, never quite above a soft whisper.
Its not here he heard a man say. It was at this time same time he realized that there was
now more than one person in his house. He tried to place the voice he heard. Did he know these
people? What the hell were they looking for?
Footsteps. oh god no, they are coming upstairs. He was still too frozen to move. The hall
light flicked on illuminating his entire bed. The bedspread was shaking and he looked at his
hands and tried to stop them with little success.
I have a gun he heard himself yell. The response wasnt one he had hoped for. A short
muffled laugh came from the end of the hallway followed by the contents of his medicine cabinet
being thrown to the floor.
The toilet flushed, which was odd. He heard them in his office closing the drawers in his
Ikea desk and then toppling it over onto the floor, the only thought was how fucking impossible
it was to put that piece of crap together. The Ikea bookshelf was next, coming down hard in a
thunderous crash. There were soft whispers coming from the office. He tried making out the
words, it almost sounded like two people arguing.
Suddenly his head exploded, his brain seemed to swell against his skull and something
screamed at him to run.
Get the hell out! It was his own voice yelling but it wasnt a subconscious thought, he
was legitimately yelling at himself.
No matter how much he yelled and warned himself though, Ted stayed right where he
was, shivering like a baby.
Two men slowly walked into his room. Both of them were calm and acted like nothing
was out of the ordinary, almost like theyd been there before. Ted knew neither of them.

We are here Ted, buddy ol pal. The man was calm as he stood over him.
Where are the packages? The same man asked matter of fact. He was taller than any
man Ted had ever seen. Easily 7 feet tall if not more. He had a long skinny wrinkled face with a
shaved head.
Packages? Wha wha what packages? Who the hell are you people?
I told you he wouldnt remember the other man said in an annoyed, sarcastic tone. The
second guy was the complete opposite of his friend. A short fat man with a stubbly beard and
long dark hair that fell to his shoulder.
The tall man walked around the other side of the bed from where Ted had been sleeping
and opened his night stand then pushed a few thing aside and closed it.
Ted, comen. Its late huh. Lets just make this easy. Tell us where you put them and we
will be on our way.
He was still frozen in bed. He felt as though his arms were frozen concrete blocks thrown
into a river sinking down into his mattress.
What the hell are you looking for? If you knew me you kn-kn know I have nothing of
value. His voice was shaky too, every other word a stutter.
Oh but Ted the man laughed. you do have something of value. Very valuable, you and
I both know it. he paused, well maybe you dont know it yet but its hidden deep down
somewhere, locked away in that little brain of yours. He sat on the edge of the bed.
Ted do you remember the old neighborhood?
The old neighborhood? He hadnt even had a thought about that place in the last 20 years.
As much as he knew he hated the old neighborhood, for some reason he couldnt for the life of
him remember why. Were these people from his old town? Someone he had grown up with? He
He looked over at the fat man and could not place either of them.
The funny thing was, that the more he tried to remember the old neighborhood the less he
could. He tried remembering what his house looked like, who he used to hang out with, even his
mom, but it was like they were being blocked out of his mind. Another strange thing; he couldnt
remember even having a single thought about his mother since he was a kid, which seemed a
little odd. It wasnt as if he purposely avoided the thoughts of her, they just seemed to not be
there at all.
Ask him about Morgan The fat one said.
The tall man shot him an angry look and put his index finger over his lips as if to silence his him
from across the other side of the bed. The fat man sighed and said no more about it.
I really dont think this is the best time to talk about that. He said in an accusatory tone,
looking at Ted.
It would be a good idea though for you to tell me where you hid them he continued.

HID WHAT?? Ted screamed.

The man was clearly becoming flustered yet he didnt raise his voice at him.The two men
exchanged looks, appearing to talk to one another and then the tall man nodded.
The short man began looking through a rust colored duffle bag that had been draped over
his shoulder. After a minute of fumbling through it he pulled out a glass bottle and gave it to the
taller man.
Now Ted, I want you to know this in advance. We came for the bag, its been 25 years,
you said that was how long we had to wait. So if you know where the bag is, I suggest you tell us
now before I have to do this
Ted looked at him confused.
Ill take that as a no The words hadnt even left his lips and he snapped his fingers in
the air.
The short man darted towards the bedside and grabbed the back of Teds hair and tilted
his head back. Damn he is strong he thought. The tall one uncorked the glass bottle which
immediately began smoking as whatever was inside suddenly reacted to the air. He noticed they
both had on what looked to him like latex hospital gloves, something he hadnt seen a few
minutes before.
The man held his hair stiffly and then put two fingers into his mouth and pulled
downward onto his lower front teeth.
Whra drah hell ahr rhu ooinngggg He managed to mumble, struggling to break free
from his grasp. He thought of biting down, tearing the piece of shits fingers right off but the grip
on his scalp was too strong.
The tall man leaned over and slowly poured the contents of the liquid down Teds throat.
All the while looking at his accomplice, shaking his head in a shameful manner. Tisk Tisk, Ted.
Surprisingly the liquid wasnt hot at all which was a relief. That smoke had sort of scared
him. However it didnt taste all that great either. Something about the taste and texture of what
was being poured into his mouth seemed oddly familiar to him but he couldnt place it nor did he
have the time to really ponder it as he struggled to get away. He began chocking violently, as the
men were not giving him a chance to come up for air. The last thing he saw before he went into
the dark abyss of unconsciousness was his cell phone, neatly placed on his clothes he had worn
the night before. How convenient.

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