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Every year during Global Action Week (GAW) illiterate individuals, women,
disadvantaged groups and general public call on government leaders,
development partners, stakeholders, statutory agencies and civil society
organizations in different countries, regions and all around the world to increase
government budget for education. Today, 75 million children around the world
are denied the opportunity to go to school, unable to read or write, they face a
lifetime of poverty. Ten of millions of kids in the developing world including
Papua New Guinea (PNG) intended to get a chance for an education is a hope
and a dream, but not yet a reality. The 2000 Dakar Framework for Action
defining specific goals for 50% improvements in adult literacy, staggering 774
million adults lack even basic literacy skills, two thirds of whom are women and
majority of world’s adult illiterates reside in Asia-Pacific.

GAW 2010 awareness logo and promotion hanged in city to inform public about GAW
and its launching
GAW fell on 19th - 25th April annually and was the time when people including
governments, development partners, stakeholders, statutory agencies and civil
society organizations to campaign for 1Goal – Education For All (EFA). This was a
big global event where PNG seriously participated and advocated on to improve
education system and literacy standard in the country. However, this year event
was not seriously considered by education and literacy focus groups as many
were not aware about GAW. It was about time everybody should seriously take
action if PNG wanted to achieve the Millennium Development Goals on Education
For All by 2015.
Department for Community Development Minister, Lady Carol Kidu escorted by Manus
traditional dancers to 2010 GAW official arena at Sir John Guise Stadium.

The 2010 was crucially known as “make or break” year to achieve Education For
All by 2015, and Global Action Week launched on 19th April had set the pace and
momentum along with the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. The 2010 was a
special year because of 1GOAL: Education For All campaign as everybody knew
the largest percentage of out of school children in the world were calling on
world leaders including PNG politicians (Parliamentarians) to act to increase
education sector funding.
Students in silence for opening prayer before commencement of GAW ceremony


The Global Action Week (GAW) was first ever launched in PNG. PNG Government,
Department of Education, civil society organizations and nongovernmental
organizations and the wide community never heard or knew about GAW. It was
not incorporated into government or education calendar year. However, the first
ever GAW launched in PNG was a success and eye opener.

In PNG, high ranking political leaders, bureaucrats, community leaders, civil

society organizations’ members and school students totalling 400 plus attended
the launching of Global Action Week (GAW) on 19 April in the National Capital
District (NCD) at Sir John Stadium. The guest speakers, especially the politicians
and bureaucrats totally supported the call to increase government budget for

The Minister, bureaucrats including officials and CSOs members holding 2010 GAW
awareness poster supporting the theme: Financing Education

The Minister for Community Development officially launched the GAW and told
attendants that she would advocate to government in Parliament to increase
education budget to 20 percent. The Department of Education guest speaker
informed the participants and organizers that GAW event will be scheduled into
the Education School Calendar year, starting in 2011, as currently not in
education school calendar year.
The Minister Lady Carol Kidu giving key note address and officially launched the 2010

PNG has low literacy rate compare to other Pacific islands’ nations and civil
society organization’s guest speaker stressed the importance of literacy,
requested government to pump more money into literacy programs and
activities. The Community Development Minister and NCD Governor’s
representative supported the literacy call to fund programs and activities.

All secondary and primary schools in NCD were invited to attend GAW launching
but it was unfortunate due to holiday period. Therefore, only two secondary
schools participated in an organized debate topic: “Should Government provide
free education for Primary and Secondary Schools in PNG?” during the launching.
The debate topic attracted politicians and bureaucrats to listen to students
putting forward different “for and against” ideas and issues on free education.
Students’ debating teams, government and opposition listening to opposition second
speaker delivering his points and attacking government second speaker

All attendants including Minister and bureaucrats helped support and boost the
global momentum behind 1Goal – Lesson For All and all signed the Global
Campaign for Education (GCE) signatory forms. The launching of GAW was a
great success, influenced the government, community and general public to
work harder and campaign more aggressively for 1Goal - Education For All (EFA).
Department for Community Development Minister Lady Carol Kidu signing GCE
signatory form


It was unfortunate that GAW event was non existence in the country. Since it was
not in the education school calendar so could not be celebrated in provinces and
districts throughout the country. The provinces and districts never heard and
knew about GAW. Therefore, no provinces and districts celebrated and
advocated 1Goal – Education For All. However, as of 2011 and onwards all
provinces, districts, schools and communities will advocate and celebrate GAW
event according to Department of Education guest speaker.
Department of Education representative (left) National Capital District Commission
representing NCD Governor (middle) and teachers’ representative (right) as guest
speakers delivering speeches


Prior to launching on 19 April GAW committee went to Kundu 2 National

Television and National Radio Broadcasting Cooperation (NRBC) on talkback
show live programs and informed the nation about GAW and 1Goal. The general
public (listeners/viewers) were allowed to make comments or ask questions to
the panellists during the programs through telephones. It was good that people
throughout the country asked a lot of questions and become aware about GAW
and 1Goal.

GAW launching program and activities publicly made known to everybody to

participate through television announcement program and also advertised in
daily newspaper. During the launching print media covered the whole event well
and national radio broadcasting covered it live where Community Development
Minister talking live about 1Goal to people of PNG.

Print and electronic media personnel shooting and getting photos of 2010 GAW officials
and bureaucrats

After the launching national radio broadcasting invited GAW committee to talk
and explain to people throughout the country about the reactions and
participations of governments, development partners, community, NGOs and
CSOs towards GAW and campaign for education on 1Goal – Education For All.