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2 Key Strategic Issues

Based on a synthesis of the information contained in the 5. Marketing and Communications – the need to address
SWOT Analysis (section 5) and the outcomes of an industry destination awareness and conversion issues. The industry
planning workshop held in 2006, this section highlights environment analysis shows how competitive the tourism
a number of key strategic issues facing the sustainable business climate is and, given the harsh reality of industry
development of the destination. conditions, how critical it is to establish a differentiated and
appealing position and image in the market place. There is
1. Policy, Planning and Regulation – the need for greater also a need to understand the key role technology plays in
coordination and linkages between the various government the transformation of traditional tourism product distribution
agencies. At this stage of the evolution of the destination, systems, and, critically, to apply new media technology in
effective policy and planning linkages will be crucial for a distribution and communications.
sustainable future.
6. Destination Access – the need for expansion of air, road and
2. Market Trends and Changing Social Dynamics – the need water services into Victoria/Melbourne and possibly northern
to develop a more applied understanding of consumer travel ports of Queensland could bring similar benefits as the increase
dynamics in order to identify and plan for trends. At the micro in the New South Wales/Sydney market.

Key Strategic Issues

level, gaining a better understanding of current visitors and their
behaviour, needs, interests and satisfaction levels will be critical 7. Local Access and Signage – the need to provide affordable,
in market development and in evaluating and developing the convenient access to seize visitor growth opportunities from
visitor experience. target markets, through creating stronger linkages and
services between Hervey Bay and Maryborough, offering
3. Management and Development of Natural Resources parking and pedestrian friendliness and improving general
– the need for sustainable management of natural attributes internal road conditions.
and the development of destination experiences that reflect the
natural character of the destination. The careful management 8. Hospitality and Service – the need to enhance the range and

and development of natural assets is fundamental to the quality of hospitality and retail services will be a key destination
destination appeals and base attributes. management consideration, as well as attracting and retaining
skilled, experienced staff for the sector.
4. Seasonality, Length of Stay and the Development
of Attractions and Experiences – the need to develop 9. Public Services and Community Support – the need for
attractions and activities that will enhance appeal, increase visitor mindfulness in the provision of local services. Councils
length of stay, and have year-round drawing power to ensure have made considerable investment in public services and
a consistent and stable visitor base. In the short term, better amenities and recent research shows a high level of satisfaction
packaging and presentation of the range of existing activities with the local scene on the mainland.
and enhanced linkages between the coastal area and the
heritage precinct of Maryborough are actions that could bring
about more immediate results.

Urangan Pier

Strategic Outlook
The Fraser Coast destination is rich in natural attractions and offers required. Niche markets are of real value to niche market
visitors a wide range of relaxing and more adventurous nature- operations but from a sustainable destination perspective, growing
based experiences. It is the home of great icons of Queensland’s the visitor base is crucial to maintenance of current business and
the attraction of investment required for development.
tourism, Fraser Island and the annual whale watching season,
and is an access point for Lady Elliot Island, the Great Barrier n Coordinated and collaborative marketing programs that
Reef’s southernmost coral cay. The safe sheltered waters and embrace the values of new media technologies, maintain a
golden beaches of Hervey Bay are a haven for all kinds of aquatic sharp focus on target market priorities and maximise the values
and impact of collective effort.
adventures and activities and the quaint coastal towns of the
Great Sandy Strait frame a wetland area of profound international n Development of an array of destination attractions and activities
marine significance. Inland the heritage town of Maryborough, that reflect, build on and extend the natural features and
one of Queensland’s oldest provincial cities, augments the natural characteristics of the destination. Creating a broader range and
choice of experiences through better packaging and product
attraction of the coastal area with its authentic provincial Australian
development initiatives will enhance the destination’s appeal
country charm.
during peak seasons and help to generate year-round visitation.
Tourism plays an increasingly key role in the financial and social This can include development of natural and built attractions as
well as a range of tours, activities and events.
2 Key Strategic Issues

economy of the region, contributing significantly to the revenue

base and employment in a number of sectors including retail and n A research and marketing information system that provides
wholesale trade, accommodation, cafés and restaurants, and insight into customer characteristics and industry and market
recreational, personal and other services. trends. Understanding customers and customer needs will be
fundamental to marketing and development activities.
The Fraser Coast continues to evolve as a tourist destination
n Leadership in the promotion of high quality service in all tourism
with visitor data showing a positive trend. Within its limited and tourism related operations and the advocation of systems
resources, promotion and advertising efforts are well focused and and processes designed to attract, train and retain skilled
coordinated. The advent of direct flights from Sydney has helped staff. A reputation for consistent, high quality service will be a
to make the destination more accessible, and marketing efforts significant competitive factor in consumer decision making.
continue to generate greater awareness in important short-break n Greater visitor awareness and regard for visitor needs in the
and drive markets. Despite its many significant appeals however, development of all tourism and non-tourism related services,
the Fraser Coast is still in the early stages of establishing its facilities and amenities. This consciousness should extend
national profile as an attractive year-round visitor destination. from attractions, tours and activities to hospitality and retail
services, signage, internal transport systems, parking,
pedestrian areas and the provision of general service and
As with many developing destinations there are a number of
amenities. A reputation for visitor awareness and friendliness
challenges to address in order to secure a viable tourism future.
will be a significant competitive factor in consumer decision
In the big picture, establishing a clear, distinctive and compelling making.
position in an otherwise crowded and competitive market place is
n Leadership in the promotion of environmentally viable tourism
a foremost consideration. In this regard, all the research suggests
and the sustainable management of tourism services and
that there is real scope to own the category of Queensland’s most
natural assets. This approach will not only help protect
affordable nature-based and aquatic playground for short-break, the fundamental appeal of the destination but enhance its
fly/drive and drive visitors. Furthermore, this position also offers the reputation, attractiveness and competitiveness.
opportunity to capture the hearts and minds of the coming Baby
Boomer leisure class.

In terms of charting a direction for 2007–2010, key strategic

priorities are identified as:

n Consolidation of a clear, distinctive and compelling position

and image based on differentiation and market focus. In a hotly
competitive industry environment, the position and image need
to clearly project a unique selling and emotional proposition to
targeted consumers.

n Building on current short-break, fly/drive and drive market

strengths to achieve greater conversion and penetration. The
principles of supply and demand require that to sustain tourism,
hospitality and related services a critical mass of visitors is