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47667 Loweland Terrace, Sterling, Turfa Al Sibai Shamma

VA 20165

To obtain a teaching position in English as a second or a foreign

A highly energetic and enthusiastic teacher. Able to work on own
initiative and as part of a team. Dedicated to teaching and to helping
others meet their language objectives. A background in psychology,
linguistics and teaching compatible with teaching Arabic and English as
second or foreign languages.

UK/EU Citizen. Marital Status: Married

Education & Qualification

TESOL Certificate LinguaEdge accredit by ITAA May 2010

Bachelor of Science with Honours in Psychology, Concentration

in Learning Difficulties, University of Luton, UK GPA 3.5 (2001)

15 credit hours of postgraduate for Master’s in Developmental

psychology at George Mason University, USA (2003-2008) as follows;

• Cognitive Basis of behavior psyc701 3 credits

• Biological Basis of behavior pscyc702 3 credits
• Foundation Clinical Neuropsychology psyc592 3 credits
• Descriptive Linguistics ling520 3 credits
• English Composition and writing 3 credits

BETC Diploma in Art and Design University of Hertfordshire, UK


Teaching Experience
Vienna Arabic Language Sunday School, Vienna, VA
(2003- present)

Arabic language teacher

Preparing Arabic language lesson plans and assignments.
Devising lessons to serve as basis for acquiring language in a
naturalistic setting. Adapting lessons to fit students’ interests
and needs as well as personalizing the learning experience to
help motivate students to maximize learning.
47667 Loweland Terrace, Sterling, Turfa Al Sibai Shamma
VA 20165
Helped with textbooks choices and the curriculum considering
the cultural background of students and the latest methods used
for teaching catering for the four skills of speaking, reading,
writing and listening. A sample of both lesson plans and
assignments is available upon request.

Critical language center, Mclean, VA (2009-present)
Arabic language teacher

• Preparing lesson plans and assignments for young elementary

school students (ages 5-7 years old). Each lesson includes
games, videos, songs, and variety of activities to keep children
motivated by accommodating for the different learning styles
and therefore to maximize the learning experience. Teaching
methods include task-based activities like cooking, painting
projects and constructing and assembling toys or art objects.
• Will be running my own Arabic language summer camp for
children aged between 5-12 years. Flyer is available upon

ESL private tutoring (2004-present)

• English language tutor for new arrivals to the USA for adults and
children of all ages using mostly Cambridge and interchange (3rd
edition textbooks) in addition to different recourse taking into
consideration individual needs and expectations.

Private tutoring with Wyzant tutoring (2009-present)

• Teaching ESL privately for new comers and students who has just
arrived to the country to study or to live.
• Elementary and middle school subjects for extra help outside
• Tutoring freshman students who are taking Arabic language
elective course.
• Arabic language tutor for Arab/American school age (6 -18 years)
children doing an average of 15 hours per week. (2002-present)

Letchmore road elementary school, Stevenage UK 1992-


• Volunteering at Letchmore road elementary school, UK between

1992 -1996 where my sons attended school. I helped children
with learning challenges in reading and math.
47667 Loweland Terrace, Sterling, Turfa Al Sibai Shamma
VA 20165
Research Experience
North Hertfordshire Autistic Center for adults Watford, UK
• Produced two life biographies and profiles of two autistic adults
who attended the center. The assignment involved collecting all
their medical data and evaluation records for the center’s
internal use. I interviewed the patients’ doctors, parents, friends,
relatives, teachers and as many persons as I could get in touch

Other experience
Mural and faux finish artist (2002-2008)

Professional Development
Seminars and workshops;
• Present; I am enrolled to start in June at NOVASTARTALK
Powering Up Your Language Courses with Technology, a
technology-enhanced professional development course for LCTL
• 1998- present; Teaching skills & class management at my sons’
school the local colleges.
• 2008 Passed the VCLA, Virginia Communication and Literacy
Assessment with score of 491 to obtain my teaching certificate in
Virginia State.

Certified by Microsoft in Word, Excel, PowerPoint , SPSS, a statistical
package for social studies, computer proficient, Excellent skills in
communication. Bilingual, Arabic and English

A Member of the British Psychological society.

Interests & Hobbies

Reading, painting, traveling and learning about other cultures.
Continuously active in developing and updating my skills on a personal
and professional level.

Involved in and support cultural awareness between the middle–east

and the United States

Active volunteer to serve the community and involved in fundraising to

help victims of war and natural disasters. Hold fundraising dinners and
47667 Loweland Terrace, Sterling, Turfa Al Sibai Shamma
VA 20165
activities in my house to support refugees in the near east with UNRWA
(United Nation Relief and Works Agency).

Involved in fundraising events for BASMA , A Syrian charity

organization to support treatment for children with cancer at St. Jude

• Mrs. Wahiba Boukadoum, Ex-principle for VALS

Cell #703 217 4537

Vienna, Virginia

Email address;

• Heba Barazi,, PhD, a parent of one of my tutored students

National Institute of Health


Phone # 571-423-8094

• Ms. Ghada Samaha, director of CLC, Critical Language Center.

Mclean, Virginia

Phone # 571-278-7800