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SwannanoaHome of The Walter Russell Foundation.

1954 Mw3 J^etter




ZJo Students and dreaders the World^S Jiost Vital

M^eSSaye With J4ome Study Course J)etails

Treasured Students and Friends:

Once again we can know our personal u n i t y w i t h you
through the medium of our annual News Letter, for that is what
i t has become, as much as we would like to send you the i n t i mate details of our work and life more frequently.
We know how you look f o r w a r d to receiving news about the
progress of God's great Message of T H E D I V I N E I L I A D , for
we remember always that those, like you, who are sharing this
new knowledge w i t h us, hunger for the time when through the
daily l i v i n g of the great law of R H Y T H M I C
I N T E R C H A N G E w h i c h is the keynote as you know of The
Divine I l i a d Messagemankind w i l l at long last know the peace
and happiness which a l l men so deeply desire.
Our last mutual intercommunication was at Christmas
time when we sent Doctor's pencil study of The Christ Child to
all students of The Home Study Course and received from them
from a l l over the world their commendation of the d r a w i n g and
details of their personal transformations through the new
knowledge contained i n the course. We w i l l share some of these
letters w i t h you on following pages.
I n the 1953 News Letter we told you of a special edition of
The KusseU Cosmogony which we printed for science and as a
thirteenth unit for those students of the Course who had completed the twelve units of the Course. These books were issued
as the f i r s t step for a special purpose which we could not disclose at the time, but can disclose i t now.
Our keynote of the 1953 August Class was the study of The
Wave as the basis of Creation and that was the second step i n
our purpose of preparing our students for the great world
catastrophy which w i l l inevitably destroy the entire human race
unless new knowledge and practice of the universal L a w of
Love comes w i t h i n mass human consciousness w i t h i n the next
seven years to change our basis of human relations. You m i l
remember that we stated two years ago t h a t the human race had
but nine years left i n which to t u r n r i g h t about face i n i t s
human relations else i t would perish. We can now say more,
for the time has now come i n which we are enabled to say that
i f mankind persists i n using atomic fission to k i l l his neighbor,
or for use i n industry, he w i l l f i n d that he w i l l not only exterminate his enemies but himself as well, for radioactive fission
w i l l gradually destroy our atmosphere.
The keynote of our 195i August Class is a clarification of

the great mystery of LIFE

and DEATH.
The world needs to
comprehend this principle now for mankind is committing suicide by radioactive fission. Likewise he is destroying his planet.
I t has taken many years to prepare our students to comprehend this subject and remove i t from mystery to naturalness.
We have long told you that your new cosmic knowledge will
alone save the world. Knowledge must spread like seed. We
have ever stated that you must be the seed. I t may be that you
w i l l now see the deeper meaning which lies back of those statements as your new knowledge multiplies to a tremendous potent i a l as you now raise your voices during these next seven years
to prevent the destruction of our beautiful Mother E a r t h and
all life upon i t .
We have been a Lone Voice crying i n the wilderness to
w a r n the world of its self-made doomself-made through gross
ignorance. Ours must no longer be a Lone Voice. I t must be
Y O U R V O I C E w i t h ourslegions of youfrom all over the
world, rising i n vigorous protest against the use of atomic
fission for any purpose. The world w i l l not believe a Lone Voice
for i t always crucifies any messenger of new knowledge which is
beyond man's present day comprehension, but i t w i l l listen to
the multitudes whose multiplied power is back of a weighty
For eight years our Lone Voice has been w a r n i n g the
world of the t u r n which w i l l come i n the tide of human affairs
as of August 1954. The false prosperity of the deficit financing
of the past twenty years was a louder voice than ours. Ours
could not be heard while wages rose to unknown heights, and
vast new fortunes loomed on the new horizon of radioactive
fission for industry.
August of 1953 came however, and the tide did t u r n u n noticeably at f i r s t but w i t h an acceleration which is now of
National recognition and concern. Even now that which is happening to the world is not understood. Some deem i t as but a
temporary a f f a i r but soon the world w i l l awaken to the tragedy
of realization t h a t the time has come for mankind to pay for his
grievous errors i n making enemies to k i l l and to be killed by
them, and of destroying this planet as a water making machine
by cutting down 25 billion more trees than necessary for normal
balance, and for using radioactive death to aid life. The human
race will never again have peace or know happiness for itself
until it has learned how to give peace and happiness to its
neighbor. The civilization which man has made to date has been

a self-destructive one. M a n has now been given his last chance

of rectifying his errors and he is not t a k i n g t h a t chance. I n stead of t a k i n g the r i g h t way he is t a k i n g the w r o n g way and
building bigger and better bombs to k i l l both his enemy and
himself at the same time.
Ignorance has brought about man's self-destruction many
times. Knowledge alone can save the human family from another
fall. We have that knowledge that the human race needs for its
resurrection from the death which it is fast approaching and we
want you to have it.
Mankind w i l l never t u r n his eyes to the L i g h t of a t r u t h f u l
way of life while he prospers heavily from his old habits of
gaining wealth by destroying his neighbor's empire to build his
And now the human race is hastening its destruction
through radioactive fission or atomic energy. Whether using
i t for industry or for war i t w i l l destroy the human race and a l l
life upon this planet unto its last blade of grass and its last drop
of water.
You w i l l recall t h a t air f l i g h t was denied for years after
the W r i g h t Brothers had actually flown. Alexander Graham
BeU barely escaped being adjudged insane. Knowing t h a t h u man nature resists knowledge which departs from the conventional you must not expect us to stop the world from using atomic
energy u n t i l i t has suffered much anguish from its use.
Our August students must fully know the mystery which
lies behind the principle of death which radioactive fission is.
You must all know that, and many more mysteries which man
must now pay heavily for not knowing. These we w i l l tell of
more fully i n our announcement for the August student gathering.

Regarding Our Laboratory

Last year's August class knew t h a t we intended starting a
laboratory here to prove our contention t h a t radioactive fission
w i l l destroy the earth's atmosphere and its water and to meet
the water problem when i t becomes unbearable. The 44 bombs
already exploded have already begun their deadly work by starting a long term drought cycle and over two million square miles
of deserts and dust bowls.
You remember D r . Shigco Okubo of The University of
H a w a i i who attended the class. You w i l l be delighted to know
t h a t this b r i l l i a n t physicist so v i v i d l y realized the danger to the
world through ignorance of what man is doing to i t t h a t he resigned from the university and came here to work w i t h Doctor
and me i n our hastily improvised laboratory which started w i t h
practically no equipment but is now rapidly acquiring i t piece
by piece, as we can afford i t , and through donations by our
deeply interested students, who either purchased them for us or
searched hospitals and other laboratories for discarded or duplicated items which they acquired from us.
We feel t h a t the work of this laboratory w i l l solve the
great world problem of today, yet we must work slowly for we
do not have the advantage of grants or endowments which
University laboratories have.
We do not mind the hard way however, f o r the import of
the work transcends its difficulties.

Happenings At Swannanoa
This last year's inspiring incidents and its host of interesting and distinguished visitors would f i l l up this entire News
Letter i f we could spare the space. We must however, tell you
briefly of a few i n order t h a t you can live your lives w i t h us i n
your imaginations.
F i r s t we must tell you about M r . and Mrs. Michael Tbuma
our distingushed visitors from Lebanon, i n Asia. This inspiring
couple were nationally sponsored visitors who were being conducted through the country to meet its interesting people and

visit our National Shrines. I t was our pleasure to entertain

them at luncheon the day following their luncheon at The
White House. They told us many things they liked about our
country, and how deeply they were impressed w i t h Swannanoa.
Among the things they told us about Lebanon was the fact t h a t
i t was K a h l i l Gibran's country, and they left w i t h us an excellent photograph of that great poet's birthplace.
Another distinguished visitor for a few days was D r . D . G.
Vinod, Indian mystic, who came because he had heard much
about our work i n India and he desired to study i t w i t h us to
take home f i r s t hand information. I t may be t h a t another count r y w i l l spread The Russells teachings as so many other countries are doing a l l over the world.
You must know also t h a t D r . Shigeo Okubo brought
w i t h h i m his beautiful Chinese w i f e F u n g Kaiand his three
lovely children to add to the happiness of our g r o w i n g Swannanoa family. They are l i v i n g i n the cottage near the water tower.
W o r k i n g w i t h D r . Okubo are our treasured students, M r . and
Mrs. Jay Katz, who are w i t h us for some months, sharing very
lovingly i n the many work needs of our shrine.
A l l of of the older students w i l l be delightfully surprised
when you go out to the stables and greenhouse to see t h a t overgrown region also nleared for acres and^ a~wcFntierful vegetable
garden and many dwarf f r u i t trees planted to f o r m the nucleus
of a great formal garden which is the vision of our beloved
students, M r . and M r s . A r t h u r Jones, w i t h their daughter
Wendy, who have joined our Swannanoa family f o r the rest of
their lives. They are l i v i n g i n the Blue Ridge Cottage, near
the swan pond.

Easter Sunrise Service

Perhaps the outstanding event of the spring season was the
Easter Sunrise service held at the feet of The Christ of the
Blue Ridge which Doctor and I sculptured for our gardens. I t
was a very awesome and inspiring sight to see the f i r s t red l i g h t
of the sun illuminate the face of the Christ and then creep
slowly down the figure as the vast t h r o n g of worshipers lifted
their eyes on that glorious sight, and were uplifted by the voices
of Waynesboro's many choirs.
The service was given under the auspices of the Waynesboro Ministerial Association and w i l l probably become an annual
Swannanoa event.
You w i l l be-delighted to know t h a t David Diamond was
married to his beloved R u t h at the foot of The Christ of the Blue
Ridge statue i n our gardens. A dinner, attended by about f o r t y
of our August Class students who had remained over f o r the
purpose, was given to them i n commemoration of the event.
We regret t h a t space w i l l not permit us to tell you of the
many luncheons a n h dinners ^ v e i T ^ T n i t o r i c groups who come'
here twenty to f i f t y strong f r o m other parts of the country.
A n d we would like to tell you of our seven weeks radio programme which we instituted as a step t o w a r d our intended
national "hook u p " which we some day shall institute f o r the
spreading of The Divine I l i a d Message.
A l l of this has brought to us the realization of the tremendous g r o w t h of The Russells teachings i n the short five
years since we have established our Foundation here. There is
hardly a country i n the world i n which we do not have students
or groups who are fast spreading The Message to others.

Letter Comes from Winston Churchill

Ten years ago Doctor made a marble replica of his official
bust of the late President Roosevelt for presentation to Winston
Churchill. When L I F E printed the Prime Minister's life story
i t published a full page p o r t r a i t of h i m i n which a rear view of
Doctor's marble bust stood i n the foreground.
My husband said i t was a p i t y t h a t i t was not a front view
of both of them so t h a t we could p u t the picture on one of our

tables. Thereupon he wrote the Prime Minister and asked t h a t

he have a special photograph talaen showing both side by side.
Late i n March Prime Minister Churchill wrote t h a t he
would be pleased to g r a t i f y my husband's desire. We quote one
paragraph from the letter. " I have your bust o f President
Roosevelt at my country home, Chartwell. I t is a s t r i k i n g work
of a r t as well as a memorial of my great friend. When I get a n
opportunity I w i l l certainly have a photograph taken for you as
you wish."

The Power Which Lies in New Knowledge

National and world problems face the human race which
were unheard of even a generation ago. Whoever heard of a
water shortage when we who are grown up were children. Whoever then heard of brine being pumped on luscious H a w a i i a n
farmlands, or Southern California f r u i t farms because of w a t e r
scarcity and the nine inch rise o f the ocean's level. Such strange
language as a t h i r t y billion dollar project f o r b r i n g i n g water
f r o m the n o r t h polar regions never was heard of i n those days,
nor did we hear of dust bowls, dried up rivers and lakes, baked
black waxy earth i n Texas nor melting polar ice caps.
"These hew"physical problems "of the planet are, i n themselves, more than enough f o r the human race to cope w i t h , and
all of them are made by man because of man's ignorance of
Natural Law.
These problems are soluble by man but only through
knowledge. These are the w o r l d problems which now menace
the whole human race. They were created by man i n his i g norance of God's processes. He is not only drying up the planet
by destroying its atmosphere, but he has also made a new set
of human problems which can destroy the entire cultural and
moral standards of the human race and plunge it into another
deep darkness of a greater chaos than those dark ages of our
first twelve centuries after Christ.
Empires have fallen and are f a l l i n g wherever powerful nations have conquered and exploited weaker ones. The law of
love which says t h a t no one can take happiness or love f r o m another to enrich himself has demonstrated its irrevocability.
Powerful empires of A . D . 1900 are on rations or i n debt beyond
the value of their entire national assets.
Empires have not become r i c h and prosperous by their dealings w i t h t h e i r neighbors. On the contrary the entire world of
today is impoverished and bankrupt. Our civilization of today is
an u t t e r failure and w i l l go the way of a l l failures unless we
arise from our pagan and barbarian ways which made us w h a t
we are.
Not one country has ever enriched itself by enslaving another, for the weak slave has arisen i n his might and slain
his master a l l over the worldand t h a t process is still going on
all over the world, i n South A f r i c a , Egypt, I r a n , Israel, Morocco
and Russia.
These human problems are the bitter f r u i t of man's own
planning. I t is your purpose and ours to take knowledge to a l l
men, f o r there are but a few remaining years i n which man can
save himself from either one or both of the two classes o f selfmade problems which threaten himand i t may be t h a t tremendous suffering still awaits to punish the obstinacy of the
human family which may have to be brought to the very edge of
its grave i n order that i t may at the last moment learn the lesson of i t s own weakness i n the face of Nature. I t may then well
be t h a t when he f i n a l l y realizes that N A T U R E H A S T H E L A S T
W O R D he may then t u r n r i g h t about face and obey N a t u r e i n stead of persisting i n violating i t .
A l l of our students are f u l l y aware o f the fact t h a t The
Message o f The Divine Iliadwhich is the basis of The Russells
teachingswas given f o r the purpose of saving the human race
from death through ignorance of God's law. A l l of you know
lhat your own new knowledge which gives you the comprebension to command matter t h r o u g h knowledge of God's ways

and processes i n creating matter, has given you sufficent power

to transform yourselves, but t h a t is not enough. You must
transform others by g i v i n g them t h a t new knowledge.
This has not been easy, for your friends who were quite
busy i n making another thousand dollars before n i g h t f a l l , and
then too comfortably housed and fed to take your warnings seriously, are not easily turned away f r o m their own self assured
ways. I t w i l l be easier f o r you from now on however, to make
them listen to you, f o r their comforts w i l l be taken away f r o m
them and t h a t expected new thousand dollars w i l l not come.
Much man-made suffering is immediately ahead for a l l men.
Suffering man w i l l seek relief f r o m his suffering by now listening to t h a t Silent Voice which he has so long suppressed.
For many years we have told you of this coming b l i g h t
which man has created for his earth. Now you shall see it, and
you yourself w i l l have to share the reaping w i t h those who
made itand the only way you can save yourself is to save your
fellow man.
The world of today is peopled w i t h men who fear each
otherand w i t h men whose greed has separated every man
from every other man. I t is a divided world of those who are
masters and those who are slavesa discontented, disunited
world made weak "and impotent through ignorance, selfishness
and greed.
Man's lust for power has brought h i m naught but international devitalizing weakness. No nation 'on earth has any
power today which it can use against its neighbor for its own
The atom bomb of any nation is voided o f its power by the
atom bomb of any other nation. No nation therefore, can destroy
another nation without destroying every other nation on earth
and that is the exalted position that man has now arrived at
by using his growing intelligence for suicidal purposes instead
)f spiritual ones.
To you, our enlightened students a l l over the world, WB
issue a call to heed t h a t which is to come, to prepare f o r i t , and
to meet i t w i t h tne power which has been given to you for t h a t
purpose. The responsibility o f saving the human race through
replacing gross ignorance w i t h knowledge of God's ways and
processes is yours as well as ours. God's blessing w i l l go w i t h
you and sustain youand i n the midst of suffering you shall
know t h a t ecstasy which alone comes to h i m whose God awareness i n h i m is stronger than any force of earth which he w i l l

Excerpts From Students Letters

Our daily greatest happiness and inspiration comes i n the
great regiving from you a l l through your letters. The thoughts
expressed i n these can be conveyed i n no other way t h a n i n
your own words. I t is w i t h the thought of sharing this great
happiness t h a t we include these excerpts for you to read:
"/ have over one hundred students in two classes and I
believe I am doing a good job because of your inspiration and
teachings. Recently I spent one evening lecturing on Budha,
Lao Tse, Plato, Confucius, Jesus, and Walter and Lao Russell.
Probably some of my students uMl write to you. Please accept my sincere thanks for all you are doing for me."
L. M. E., Michigan
"Your Home Study Course has become a turning point in
my life. I am receiving much inspiration and knowledge which
I could not get anywhere else. The last three units were so
wonderful that I can hardly wait for the next unit."
Rev. J. E. S., California
"Am receiving very great benefit in learning to understand ntan and the Laws of Life which man is to obey if he
would succeed greatly. I want to thank you for the good and
great work you are doing. So many people yearn to know, to
understand and to rightly use their knowledge and understand-

: hig. Yet so many have been so poorly prepared to do so. Yoti

are helping in this matter far beyond the average person to
' realize. May your work spread until all the world is consumed
by the very fitness of it."
Dr. H. E. S., Georgia
"The lesson on prayer has answered mush. I wanted to know
this in regard to teaching the children about prayer. It will be
so wonderful when all children can have that basic training
which will keep them as their need for understanding increases.
I wish I could put into a few well chosen words my appreciation
and thanks for what I am getting from your lessons and books."
S . Q., California
"My appreciation of all I have learned from the combined
efforts of you and your husband through your books goes out
to you in love."
O. C, Ontario
"May I again express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for The Russells teachings. The feeling that they are the
result of yours and Lao's cosmic illumination is inescapable. On
referring back to other books and writings which I had studied
in the past I find they seem, elementary and do not hold my interest. This is not a criticism of those writings but a recognition
of the God given wisdom that is being made manifest through
your combined efforts.
"If I can experience only a little of the illumination that inspires your teachings I will deem it priceless. I deeply appreciate
your Home Study Course. No price is too great to pay for its
message. It seems to me that the only thing that makes life
worth while is the joy we get in giving and serving our fellow,
men. Your combined gifts to mankind constitute a priceless heritage for our people and I hope the w'orld will awaken to the
Truths revealed by you."
N. C. K., California
"We have been studying your Home Study Course as faithfully as time would permit. I have had a group going over the
course for the past 18 months and we are continuing with it.
During the next month or so I expect to start a second group
on its way.
"I have spoken before the Rotary and other Service Clubs,
also private groups, about your tremendous work and its vital
significance. We are constantly amazed to read in the press and
scientific journals where outstanding scientists are gradually
coming around to your point of view in presenting to them and
to the world apparently new theories and concepts which you
have already presented in your lectures. There have been
several instances of this during the past few months.
"I wish I could convey to you both just how much your
lives have meant to us but anything I could say would be so insufficient as to sound ridiculous. Not being able to attend at
Swannanoa during August was, I believe, the most heartbreaking and bitterest disappointment of my entire life. I am sure I
missed a tremendous lot and I can never make it up.
'I will not detain you more at this time but please rest assured that you both have helped us tremendously and thru us
many others. I believe I now practice much better medicine and
have more to give. God bless you both."
C.H.B., M.D., CM., D.R., Ontario
"You u'ill be sending me soon the last unit of lessons in
your very vital and revolutionary Home Study Course. These
studies, along with the Divine Iliad volumes and your Cosmogony, have meant a reeducation for me in science, philosophy and
religion, a much more vital one than I received in college and
seminary. Naturally I am asking myself, 'What next? What is
to be my part in giving this new knowledge to the world of our
Rev. W. M. H., Georgia

"You will not be surprised to find that your teachings are

taking their marvelous effect in my life. I used to have great
dreams of being a concert singerbut loved painting and had a
deep passion for the out of doors. Everyone always told me to
forget all but one of theseand I couldn't separate themso
/ did nothing. Now, since I started studying, I am taking vocal
lessons at night (I work in an office) and even though I haven't
a place to practice yet I know that avenue will open.
"I have turned 'out some paintings that are better than I
thought I could do or have ever done. And last summer my work
put me on the road where I drove for eight months in Colorado,
New Mexico and Wyomingto every county seatway up in
the heart of those majestic mountains of mine. Thank you so
N. M. W., Colorado
"I cannot put into words what your books have meant to
me. I have never read anything so electric. Thoughts seem to
flash through my mind as I read. They make so much of other
reading seem so empty. I am amazed at the way God has led me
to the books that verify the insight He has given me. I know
nothing of science or electricity but He has revealed to me that
Light is Life and electricity. I hope to start your Home Study
Course next fall."
P. Ar., Indiaom-

Scholarship Fund
Two years ago our chemist friend and student, M r . Jay
Katz, sent a check covering a one year Home Study Course and
a letter telling us t h a t he had gained so much f r o m the course
that he thought there might be someone who wanted i t but
could not afford i t . " I f there is such a one," he said, " j u s t give
him the course and not mention m y name."
T h a t donation started T H E S C H O L A R S H I P F U N D which
has now grown to an extent which allows us to send to countries
where money cannot be sent out o f the country, like F i n l a n d ,
New Zealand and other countries where a l i m i t of fifteen dollars or so is a l l that can be sent out.
Then there are low salaried people like ministers who cannot really afford the price but who can pay p a r t of i t .
I n one case we gave a f u l l scholarship to a deadly earnest
student who surprised us later by sending a f u l l scholarship for
another. I n his letter he told us t h a t t h e course had t a u g h t h i m
the principle of abundance i n accordance w i t h one's desire f o l lowed by action.
Donations for this fund i n small or large amounts w i l l g^ve
happiness and prosperity to many who could not otherwise
afford i t , and b r i n g to you a j o y t h a t can come only by the giving of love out from yourself to another who needs i t .
Do you not think this is a wonderful way to make one other
life a little better by extending your more abundaifE"life ihto"'Sn^''
other life which may be struggling now as you have once struggled!

Regarding the Sea Children
Before concluding this letter I have a wonderful surprise
for you. A s many of you know, my husband wrote an amazing
child's f a i r y story f i f t y four years ago of children who lived
under the sea, which many pronounced the finest children's book
ever w r i t t e n and the most imaginative.
The story is a series o f undersea adventures of the Sea
Children from where they had journeyed to welcome a newly arrived Sea Child across the dangerous deep seas to the sunken
continent of A t l a n t i s where their capitol was located. Sea Children were those rarely born earth children i n whom their elementary gillswhich a l l people havedeveloped at an early age
so they could live only under water, where they rode sturgeons
and sword fish as earth children ride ponies. The adventures of
this long journey fascinates adults as well as children.

Its entire 10,000 edition sold out i n two weeks, some stores
selling two or three hundred a day. I t had either a f u l l page i l lustration or a text d r a w i n g on every page, a l l made by m y husband when he studied deep sea l i f e f o r this purpose.
President Theodore Roosevelt read i t because he heard his
children revelling i n i t for weeks, and told my husband t h a t i t
fascinated h i m so much t h a t he could not l a y i t down u n t i l he
finished reading itand even then he again went over the book
to revel i n the fantasy of the pictures.
So many of our students have asked f o r a copy of this book
t h a t we asked a book p r i n t e r for an estimate of cost to p r i n t a
small special autographed edition f o r our students who wish
them. We f i n d t h a t we could p r i n t this special edition to sell f o r
$5.00 per copy i f a m i n i m u m o f 1000 copies are ordered.
I f therefore, you wish a copy f o r yourself, o r copies for
Christmas gifts for the children you know, please send i n your
request for the number you wish, and i f these orders t o t a l 1000
we w i l l p r i n t the book and Doctor w i l l autograph them on a
special inscription page and send them to y o u as speedily as
possible. Please send no money untU we notify you that we have
enough orders to print them, for it will save a lot of work if the
checks had to he returned.

I n closing this 1954 News Letter I w a n t to again express a

big thahk you for a l l your loving letters and remembrances.
They never, f a i l to b r i n g a new and great t h r i l l o f j o y . To know
how deep your love is f o r us personally, and your fine understanding of this work f o r God, f o r which our every moment is a
dedication, and knowing t h a t you not only share our hope t h a t
The Message w i l l encircle the globe and b r i n g " P E A C E I N OUR
T I M E " but t h a t youthrough your understanding of the p r i n ciples given i n our teachingsare realizing t h a t security W I T H I N that no physical calamity can destroythese are those priceless treasures t h a t ever spur us on to give more and more to a l l
mankind of this great knowledge.
You know t h a t however long the silences between our letters are to you our love is w i t h you always> I am

p . S. You w i l l f i n d f u l l details about the 1954 August class
at Swannanoa together w i t h Registration F o r m enclosed separately herewith.L.R.

Z)lte J^uAAell J4ome Study, CourAe Sn

UniverAal JCaWy Natural

Science and

ZJIte TJranAformation Of


Sy. Walter and J^ao d^uJSell

G R E E T I N G S to Treasured Students and Friends:
The unfolding of the human race is so slow t h a t few people
realize t h a t there are stages o f t h a t g r o w t h from man's low
stage to his higher ones, which are as distinct as the next higher
tone of an octave is distinctly different f r o m the lower one f r o m
which i t sprang.
Few people realize t h a t each stage is a transition which is
so distinctly different t h a t we name each one i n steps, such as
bronze age^stone agedark agesmiddle agesThe Renaissance agethe machine age, and radio age. T h a t g r o w t h has
ever been i n the direction of the c u l t u r a l and spiritual through
the physical and material. I t has ever been i n the direction of
Mind and Knowledge of C A U S E through the senses and E F F E C T S of motion.
The human race has now arrived to the verge of a s t i l l
higher stage i n i t s unfoldment which is to be known as the
Cosmic Age. Countless humans are not yet ready for this t r a n sition. These still belong to the materialistic ages, but one or
two out of a thousand are ready for i t . These are the seekers
who feel the awakening of their own genius i n them. These are
the Cosmically Minded ones whose intuitions and inspirations
transcend their senses. These are the ones i n whom God-awareness is awakening, and w i t h that awakening is a sense of universality and oneness w i t h God and man.
These are the ones whom Lao and I are seeking to give t h a t
needed knowledge of their D i v i n i t y and their Cosmic power to
command a l l things, and thus to become the seed f o r the b i r t h of
the Cosmic Age.
The inspired Divine I l i a d Message was given to man for
this very purpose and The Home Study Course of higher knowledge which Lao and I have p u t into simple, almost primer-like
words and diagrams, is to make this Divine I l i a d Message
comprehensible to those seekers of the L i g h t whose awakening of
their higher genius has led them to our door.

The Purpose of The Message

The purpose of the Home Study Course is to give you unlimited power beyond what you have ever known through command of N a t u r a l L a w to work w i t h you f o r the fulfillment of
your every purpose. Those who have not yet had t h a t knowledge,
nor the awakening of Self w i t h i n them, are w o r k i n g alone and
i n the dark. As our students gradually acquire t h a t knowledge
they f i n d t h a t N a t u r a l L a w is working w i t h them. Such knowledge illumines their paths. They f i n d themselves w o r k i n g i n the
L i g h t instead of the dark. They no longer grope and experiment.
They work w i t h suretywith the hands of the master.
T h a t is what I mean by w o r k i n g knowingly w i t h God. T h a t
is w h y I have been enabled to do as much i n m y lifetime as ten
men could do who worked alone. Ever since the age o f seven I
have known the heartbeat of the universe and f e l t i t s rhythms.
M y life is a l i v i n g demonstration of the practicability o f m u l t i plied power by w o r k i n g knowingly w i t h God.
Lao's life experience parallels mine. Ever since the age of
three she has not only known her destiny but has freely told i t to
her parents and sisters who p u t i t down as childish imaginings.
I t was not t h a t however. Lao was also Cosmic. She not only
recognized the rhythms of the universal heartbeat at an early
age but has intuition and extrasensory perception f a r beyond
I t was this fact which made her the consummate philosopher while my cosmic knowing unfolded i n scientific interpretation. That is wonderful, f o r a scientific interpretation of the
Message alone is not enough. To give i t f u l l value i t must also
have the philosophical interpretation i n order t h a t i t may become a way of life.
By j o i n i n g our two respective talents into one our m u t u a l l y
w r i t t e n Home Study Course may be likened unto the swing of
the cosmic pendulum between n a t u r a l l a w expressed both scient i f i c a l l y and philosophically and is, therefore, a thousand times

more valuable than though I wrote i t alone w i t h o u t the addition

of her genius.
Proof of t h a t fact lies i n The Secret of L i g h t , which I wrote
alone, j u s t before Lao came. The Home Study Course is The
Secret of L i g h t multiplied a thousand-fold f o r i t has i n i t the
L i g h t of a l l knowledge and the wisdom o f its use i n commanding one's destiny.
Just as Cosmic Consciousness is slowly seeping into man's
s p i r i t u a l awareness so is extrasensory perception creeping into
his t h i n k i n g and thus extending his electrical awareness. A s
these two attributes m u l t i p l y t h e i r extensions i n our students,
through a gradual g r o w t h i n their perceptions, their i n t u i t i o n
multiplies w i t h i t u n t i l the great M i n d miracle of C R E A T I V E
I N S P I R A T I O N comes to them to l i f t them entirely out of the
physical w o r l d into the h i g h heavens of ecstasy which is the
M I N D state of K N O W I N G f r o m which the physical state of
thought and action springs. Such heights can be reached only
through the steps outlined above, and these steps can be taken
only i n the measure o f new knowledge attained. When our students arrive at t h a t high point they then know the glory o f
the C R E A T O R for they then are CO-CREATOR w i t h the O N E
M I N D of the universe, and they know the ecstasy o f creation.
- I n the above words I have striven to make you understand
w h a t I mean by telling you H O W and W H Y our eager,
awakened students have transformed themselves. We, ourselves
do not t r a n s f o r m by the knowledge we give. Y o u transform
yourselves through your desire for transformation. No one can
teach another except through the power of loving desire i n the
teacher to reinspire another w i t h his inspiration.
This decadent age has brought into the world a command
f r o m your Father and ours to u p l i f t the human race through
the new knowledge contained i n The Divine I l i a d Message. There
is very l i t t l e knowledge i n the world of today. Proof of that fact
lies i n the questions people constantly ask, questions which
everyone ought to know.

Questions Most Frequently Asked of Us

W h a t is meant by personality? H o w can I develop it?
W h a t happens to me when I die?
Do I come back as the same person?
Do I know my loved ones i n the other world?
W h a t is my Soul? W h a t is my Mind?
How do I think, and what is thinking? Can I increase my
power to think?
W h a t relation is electricity to t h i n k i n g and to matter? W h a t
is matter? H o w is matter constructed? A n d what is gravitation?
W h a t relation is matter to space, or are there two kinds
of matter? W h a t relation to g r a v i t a t i o n is radiation?
W h a t do you mean by saying: "This is a thought-wave universe"an electric wave universe and a sexed electric universe?
Why am I here?
How can I become great i n my profession?
How can I climb out o f the assembly line and rise to the
top in our factory?
A n d how can I overcome my i n f e r i o r i t y complex which keeps
me there, and gain confidence i n myself?
Why are some men geniuses and others not?
How can I apply the laws you teach to my personal life t o
keep friendships; to cultivate charm o f manner; to a t t r a c t love
and to make people w a n t to know me?
How can I extend m y powers to others?

W h a t is the principle behind meditation and prayer?

W h a t is the meaning of power of M i n d over matter .and
can I use the power of Mind to heal myself or others?
Why is there so much misery i n the world, and so many
wars, i f God is a l l good and a l l powerful?
How can I maintain a positive attitude i n my t h i n k i n g and
prevent a negative attitude f r o m creeping in?
W h a t is karma?
How can I eliminate w o r r y and fear f o r the future f r o m
my life?
W h a t are vibrations?
How can I f i n d rhythmic balance i n m y life and hold it?
Why can electricity be insulated and magnetism cannot be?
W h a t is magnetism?
Why do planets flatten at the poles? A n d w h y does Saturn
throw o f f rings and other planets do not?
W h a t do you mean by polarity and pairs of opposites?
Is marriage necessary for balance or can I be complete i n
Can one sublimate sex without damage?
How can I experience Cosmic Conscious illumination?
You say that genius is inherent i n a l l men. H o w can you
explain that?
How can I learn to concentrate and what do you mean by
W h a t do you mean by "balance" and "balanced interchange"
as applied to every day life?
W h a t do you mean by saying t h a t "the secret of creation
lies i n the electric wave?"
Do I have to know the electric wave and why?
How can I be benefited by knowing the secret of the elect r i c wave i f I am not a scientist? You say t h a t t h a t secret is the key to the control of my
physical bodymy power to express myselfand my power to
control myself. I cannot see how t h a t can be b u t would like t o
kaiow, especially as you seem t p h a y ^ proven i t in_your
Do your teachings make this clear?
These are but a few of the many questions which we
f u l l y answer i n the H O M E S T U D Y COURSE, for they are a l l
logically, and consistently answered. I n T H E D I V I N E I L I A D
M E S S A G E are these words: " A l l questions are answerable i n
L i g h t . Thou a r t L i g h t . Thou canst answer them." T h a t is the
reason w h y you can answer them when you know t h a t L i g h t
as we do.
God has taught Lao and me the u t t e r l y simple principle of
N a t u r a l science which we i n t u r n are teaching you. His N a t u r a l
Science is u t t e r l y simple. Underlying it is a simple key to all
Creation which is exemplified in all your actions and all phenomena of motion.
The scientific world has been searching for that elusive key
for decades and expects t h a t i f i t is ever found i t w i l l be i n the
f o r m of so complex a mathematical formula t h a t only a few
among the savants can understand i t .
It is indeed not only simple but so familiar that it has
been overlooked.
Lao and I together are now g i v i n g i t to the world i n our
H O M E S T U D Y COURSE f o r the f i r s t time, f o r I have not

yet released i t i n m y books or teaching:s. So simply have we

explained the fundamental workings of Creation i n this course
t h a t a ten year old child should be able to understand them. P a r t
of T H E D I V I N E I L I A D MESSAGEas you knowhas been
released i n m y booksTHE S E C R E T OF L I G H T and Volumes
one and two of T H E M E S S A G E O F T H E D I V I N E I L I A D and
we are now g i v i n g a thorough w o r k i n g knowledge of these
basic principles i n this H O M E S T U D Y COURSE at the request
of hundreds o f valued students of T H E D I V I N E I L I A D teachings so t h a t they may more easily and quickly gain the understanding they so deeply desire of this N E W COSMIC K N O W LEDGE.
The study course begins w i t h a scientific explanation of
meditation, or communion w i t h God, and is followed b y a scient i f i c explanation of prayer. Also a scientific explanation of
Cosmic Consciousness and t h a t rarest of a l l human experiences
known as T H E I L L U M I N A T I O N . Meditation is the most i m portant function of human existence. I t is the least known and
the most f l a g r a n t l y practiced. Meditation began -with the dawn
of Consciousness i n man, at which time man began to think. I t
is almost a new attribute of manquite i n its infancyfor only
those rare few whom we call geniuses make use of i t .
Humam progressr n a t i o n a l l y - a n d individually, has been
measured by the yardstick o f meditation. I t is the key to the
i l l u m i n i n g of your M i n d w i t h cosmic knowledge and power. I t
is the key to a l l creative expression, a l l invention and a l l product
of the imagination as expressed i n the five fine arts.
The transition from body sensing to Mind knowing
which is now about to take place in the human racewill be
the fruit of each man's ability to become aware of his relation
to God, of his relation with other men, and of his own omniscience and omnipotence in respect to manifesting God as CoCreator of His universe.
Our study course is for the purpose of aiding you to make
that transition. For this reason the teaching of the power to
open the door to the L i g h t of your Self, through an understanding of what meditation means is paramount and begins
the course. I t is f o r the purpose of maiding you know the i n visible universe i n order to manifest your knowing i n the visible
N e x t i n order w i l l be a thorough explanation of the simple
underlying key to the principles, processes and laws of N a t u r a l
Science, by means of which you w i l l f i n d t h a t Nature's creative
principles are your creative principles. T h a t s t i l l undiscovered
key is the great hidden secret which w i l l advance the human
race, and each individual i n i t , more than any other discovery i n
all time.
The reason why the discovery of the simple underlying p r i n ciple which lies back of a l l phenomena is the greatest of a l l CQn-_
tributions to human advancement is that, for the f i r s t time i n
history, God can be feftown as a scientific fact, instead of an
^^ahstract and debatable assumption.
This w i l l mark the f i r s t great step toward the worship of
One God whom a l l men w i l l know alike.
This w i l l give to you, f o r your advancement, and to science
for a l l human advancement, the W H Y o f a l l things.
W i t h this knowledge of C A U S E and purposefulness you
can build an intelligent life plan f o r yourself, and science can.
build a consistent cosmogony f o r itself to replace the masses o f
inconsistent hypotheses regarding C A U S E which i t now has and
cannot f i t together.
Science knows the H O W of many things but not the W H Y
nor W H A T of any of the universal fundamentals. I t does not
know W H A T L i g h t is, or electricity, gravitation, radiation,
magnetism, energy, or any other o f the fundamentals of either
the physical or s p i r i t u a l universe. The most important of a l l
knowledge is the constitution of matter. Science not only knows
nothing of this subject but declares t h a t the human mind is i n capable of comprehending such complexity. This is not true f o r
i t is u t t e r l y simple. There is no complexity i n nature's processes.

There is but simplicity multiplied into seeming complexity. B y

the time the course is finished you w i l l have this knowledge.
This is unfortunate, but i t is more unfortunate t h a t this
lack of knowledge has misled Science into f o r m i n g theories
and laws which have no relation to N a t u r e whatsoever. A m o n g
these are the expanding universe theory, the energy theory
which homed the f i r s t and second laws o f thermodynamics, the
untenable theory of atomic structure, the theory of the attraction of matter and the repulsion of l i g h t which gave us the
Newtonian and Coulomb laws, the theory t h a t the moon would
f a l l upon the earth except f o r i t s " i n i t i a l impulse," the theory
t h a t there are positively and "negatively charged" corpuscles
of matterthe theory t h a t the nuclei of atoms is composed o f
oppositely "charged" separated particlesand so many other
erroneous conclusions which are basic fundamentals o f science
even to the theory of planetary b i r t h and the belief t h a t the
universe had a beginning somewhere i n remote aeons.
I t is only by the knowledge of t h a t underlying key to a l l
actions and reactions between C A U S E and E F F E C T t h a t the
intellectual world can ever know the real meaning of l i f e and
deathbirth and re-birth. T h r o u g h t h a t key to new knowledge
alone can one know the mystery of the souls of things, of God's
bookkeeping-and recording system,-and oi the universality of
all things.
God's i l l u m i n i n g made us masters of whatever we desired to
do. We are revealing to you t h a t secret of mastership i n whatever you desire to do. A secret is something o f which you are i g norant. When knowledge reveals t h a t which has been secret,
ignorance disappears and the power of kriowledge takes i t s
place- That is another definition of what we mean by transform,ing one's Self. To exemplify:
1. E v e r y intense student of our course becomes a consummate P H I L O S O P H E R , because the l i v i n g philosophy of our
teachings gives h i m wisdom and power to control his destiny,
which the study o f past dead philosophies can never do.
2. He is also a consummate S C I E N T I S T because he becomes
so thoroughly f a m i l i a r w i t h God's motivative forces and processes t h a t his knowledge gives h i m the power to command a l l matter to obey his w i l l .
3. He is also a consummate DOCTOR and Nature healer f o r
he knows how God restores balance and normalcy to unbalanced
bodies and minds which needlessly f i l l our hospitals and mental
4. He is likewise the consummate L A W Y E R f o r he knows
all of Nature's L a w of rhythmic balanced interchange f r o m
which man builds his principles o f justice symbolized by balanced scales.
5. H e is also a consummate L E A D E R , f o r his knowledge o f
Nature's J a w s and processes, gives h i m command over m a t e r i a l
forces, and likewise gives h i m wisdom to command his own
destiny which a leader must have before he can command the
destiny o f other men.
6. Likewise he is the consummate M A T H E M A T I C I A N f o r
i n his hands he holds the master key to mathematics which lies
i n the repetitive sequences of the octave wave of nine tones of
the wave spectrum t h a t vibrate between the equilibrium zeros
which eternally end his nines to begin them again at one.
7. A n d he also is the consummate P O E T , M U S I C I A N ,
P A I N T E R , SCULPTOR, A R C H I T E C T , E N G I N E E R , I N V E N T O R and other genius interpreters of Nature's r h y t h m s
and harmonies, t h a t alone lie i n the l i v i n g heartbeat of t h i s u n i verse which is but an infinite multiple of one octave wave.
. These also define w h a t we mean by the transformation o f
the physical man whose conclusions are d r a w n f r o m the evidence of his senses to cosmic man who knows C A U S E which lies
behind the E F F E C T S t h a t his senses alone perceive.
Families and groups of friends should study this course
together and discuss i t together, f o r by such interchange each
one helps the other. Children o f families should be "reared"
upon this new cosmic knowledge. I t w i l l make greater men and

A special certificate w i l l be issued at the end of the f u l l

year's course to a l l registered students by The Walter Russell
Foundation and w i l l bear both of our personal signatures.

women, of them by developing their inner t h i n k i n g and creative

Our advice as to the best method of g e t t i n g the most out
o f i t is for each one to study each lesson alone by himself, and
give much thought to i t i n meditation before discussing i t w i t h
others, or i n groups. I f each one i n a group has thus given deep
and meditative thought to i t , a group discussion w i l l help i n tensify t h a t power of understanding by interchange of matured
thought instead of immature thought.
For this reason i t is better t h a t each student has the
complete manuscript f o r himself so that i t is always available whenever one has time to take i t up, instead of a w a i t i n g
his t u r n f o r studying i t without ever having had sufficient
time to "digest" i t i n meditation.

Looking f o r w a r d w i t h happy anticipation to our having

the great pleasure of greeting you here personally this summer, or when you f i n d yourself "called" to come to the Sacred
Mount of Beauty, and w i t h best personal regards, I am
Sincerely yours.

JnStructionA ^or CnroUntent Jn Monte Study. Course

tions cover a wide range^from business problems to domestic

The duration o f the H O M E S T U D Y COURSE is O N E

Y E A R . As it is a perpetual course enrollment may begin at
any time. Four^lessons w i l l be mailed on or about the 15th day
of each month for one year, i n twelve units o f four lessons.
U n i t 1 w i l l be mailed upon receipt of your subscription which
is the beginning of your year's Course.
Lessons are profusely illustrated by D r . Russell w i t h explanatory diagrams which aid very materially i n helping to
understand and simplify the text. Home study students have
expressed great appreciation f o r the added c l a r i t y which these
drawings give to them.

onesfrom healing principles to reincarnationfrom the niys-;

tery of l i f e and death to the movement of planets i n their orbits
f r o m frustrations to sex problems and divers other questions
of every nature.
Whatever question you would like to ask of us you w i l l f i n d
the answer to i t i n either one of the twelve lessons devoted to
questions and answers so you w i l l have no need of asking us
The cost of the entire one year's course is $60.00 payable as follows: $10.00 upon enrolling and $10.00 each month
u n t i l the $60.00 has been paid. A discount o f $10.00 w i l l be
allowed f o r those who pay i n advance f o r the f u l l coursemaking the cost $50.00.

D u r i n g the years practically every type of question is asked
and answered i n twelve of the forty-eight lessons. These ques-

Cnrollment 3orm and Subscription <Ag,reemnt {or ike

d^ussell J4oine Stud^ Course {or tke Z)rans{ormation o{ dian


Please enroll my name for the R U S S E L L H O M E S T U D Y C O U R S E in U N I V E R S A L L A W , N A T U R A L

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following address, four lessons each month.

You may enroll at any time and your course will begin-from

the first

lessons, for

this is a perpetual



A special certificate will be issued at the end of the full year's course to all registered students by The Walter
Russell Foundation and will bear the personal signatures of Walter and Lao Russell.
I herewith enclose the sum of $10.00 for my enrollment as a student of your course, and agree
to pay $10.00 monthly on the day hereabove signed, until I have paid the sum of $60.00 in full
payment for the entire year.

Plan A
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