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MlllilfWm Marlso JOO

DaraTion: Three Hours

R""d the f_wmg inst .... ctio ... eoorefully.


This questi"n paper contains 16 pages including blank pages for rough work. Plusc clteck all page.
and report discrepancy. if an).


Write your registration number, your name and name of the e~amination centre at the specified
locations on the right half of the Optical Respon"" Sheet (ORS).


Using HB pencil. darken the appropriate bubble under each digit of your registration number and the
letlers corresponding to your paper code.


All questions m this paper are of objective type.

5. Questions must be answered on the ORS by darkening the appropriate bubble (marked A, B, C. 0)
using HB pencil against the question number on tlte left hand side of the ORS. For ead! question
darken tbe bubble of tbe correct answer. In case you wish to change an answer, erase the old
answer completely. More than one answer bubbled against a question will be lrealed as an iucorrect
6. 1lIere are a lotal of 65 questions carrying 100 marks.

Questions Q.I - Q.25 will carry I-mark each. and questions Q.26 - Q.55 will carry 2-marl;s each.


Queslions Q,48 - Q.51 (2 pairs) are common dala questions and question pairs (Q.52, Q.53) and
(Q.54. Q.55) are linked answer questions. The anSwer to the second question of tbe linked anSwer
questions depend! on tbe answer to the forst qucstion of the pair. If the first questiOll in the linked pair
is wrongly answered or is un-attempted. lhen the answer to Ihe second question in Ihe pair will not be


Questions Q.56 - Q.65 helong to General Aptitude (GA). Questions Q.56 - Q.60 will carry I-mar).:
each. and questions Q.61 _ Q.65 will carry 2-marks each. The GA questions will begin on a fresh
page starting from page 12.

10. Un-auempt<,d questions will carry zero marks.

II. Wrong answer< will carry NEGATIVE IlliIrk.. For Q.I -Q.25 and Q.56 - Q.60,
mark will be
deducted for cach wrong answer. For Q.26 - Q.51 and Q.61 - Q.65. mark will he deducted for each
wrong answer. The question pairs (Q.52. Q.5J). and (Q.54. Q.55) are questions with linked answer<.
There will be negative marks only for wrong answer to tlte first question of the linked answer question
pair i c. for Q.52 and Q.54.
mark WIll be deducted for each wrong answer. There is no negative
marking for Q.'iJ and Q.55.

12. Calculator (wuhout data


i, allowed in the examination halL

13. Charls. graph ,heelS or tables are NOT allowed in the c~amination halL
14. Rough work can he done on the que<lion paper itself. Additionally, blank pages are provided at the
end of the queM;"tI paper for rough work.



Q.l - Q.25 carry one mark eacb.


Dunng (he filhng proce of a given sand mould cav;(y by molten metal through a hori1.Ontai runner
of circular cro,,-,ection. the frictional head lo~~ of the molten metal in the runner will Increase with

(B) decrease in internal surface roughness of runner
(0) increase in average velocily of molten metal

(A) increase in runner diameter

(C) decren,e in length of runner

Solidification time of a metallic alloy casting is

(AI directly proponional to its surface area
(B) inversely proponional to the specific heal of the ~ast material
(C) directly proponional 10 lhe thermal diffusivily of the mould material
(OJ inversely proponional to the pouring lemperature


In a rolling process. lhe roll separating force can he decreased by

(AI reducing the roll diameter
(C) reducing front tension to rolled malerial


(8) increasing friction between lite roUs and the ~l

(D) providing back-up rolls

Ultrasonic machines, used in material removal processes. require ultrasonic transducers_ The
transducers work on different working principle,,_ One of the working prinCiples of such ultrasonic
transducers is based on
(Al eddy current effect
(Cl piezo-resislive effecl


(8) Seebeck effect

(D) piezo.--clectric effect

Hot die steel. used for large solid dies in drop forging. should necessarily have
(AI high slrength and high copper con lent
(B) high Iwrdpess and low hardenability
(C) high toughness and low thermal conductivily
(01 high hardness and high thennal cundUClivity


In powder metallurgy, sintering of a component

(AI irnpro,es strength and reduces hardness
(CJ improves hardne" and reduces toughness


(B) reduces brinleness and impro,cs strenglh

(O) reduces porosily and increases briuleness

Which one among the following statemenlS I. TRUE?

(AI Thennoplaslic polymers have cross-linked ch.i" struclure_
(8) Thermosetling polymers have covalent bonded three-dimensional structure.
(C) Polyethylene is a thennosetting polymer.
(D) Thermoplastic polymers harden on heating und sohen on cooling.


During turning of a low carbon 'teel bar with TiN coaled carbide insert. one needs to improve
surface finish without sacrificing male rial removal rate. To achieve impro,cd surface fmish. one
(A) decr~ase nose radius of the cumng 1001 and Increase depth of cuI
(B) increase nose radiu. oflhe culling I~Ol
(C) increase feed and decrease nose radius of Ihe cutting tool
(D) increase depth of CUI and increase feed








composition of lron..;arbon alloy always eon'esponds to its

(A) lowest melting temperature

(B) highest melung temperature

(C) least carbon percentage

(D) higheSI fraClUre toughness

As the weIght percentage of carbon mcrcases in plain carbon steel. its

(A) weldabilil)' decreases

(B) ductility Improves

(C) tensile slrengtb decreases

(D) formability improves

Auslempering is a heat trealment process thaI is aimed al oblaining

(A) manensitie steel
(C) tempered manensitic sleel


(B) bainil1c steel

(D) austenitic steel

A machine component under fluctuanng tensile ,tress, 17 (in MPa), is considered to be safe if the
average stress, 0'..., (in MPa) and the stres, amplitude (variable stress), 17_ (in MPa) satisfy the
following inequality:

"360 "210

-----"':'L + ~ ~ 1

The machine member is sobjected 10 a stress, 17 '" 120+ psin(2Ot +0.5). For safe operation of the
machine component. tbe maximum value of p (in MPa) is
(B) 140

(A) 70


(D) 320

A heat pump is oper.Iting between -23"C and 27"C. 1fle compressor power input to the heat pump
is 2 kW. The heating COP (coefficient of performance) of the heat pump is 75% of the COP of a
CamOi heat pump operating between tbe same temperalUres. The heating power output {in kWj of
lhe heat pump is
(B) 7.5

(A) 0.3


(C) 280


(O) 12.0

Among the given four computerized layout techniques. which one is an improvement routine
requiring a user specified iniliallayout?


(A) ALDEP (Antomated Layout Design Program)

(B) CORELAP (Computerized Relationship Layout Planning)
(C) PLANET (Plant Layout Analysis and Evaluation Technique)
(D) COFAD (Computerized Facilities Design)

Match phrases in Group I with those in Group II.

Group I
p, Lead Time Foree ... t
Q. Master Production Schedule
R. Payback Period
S, Early Start Schedule
(A) P-4. Q-1. R-2. S-3
(C) P-L Q-4, R-2. S-3


Group II
Material Requirement Planning
Financial Appraisal
Projoct Planning
Invemory Control

(8) P-4. Q2. R 3. S-I

(D) p. L Q-2. R-4. S-3

Which one of the following intellectual propenies can be da ified as copyrights?

(A) Patents and Trademarks
(C) Trade Se<:rets



(B)lndustnal DeSIgns
(0) Literary and Anistic Expressio",



The value of q for which the following set of linear algebraic equations

Can have non-trivial solution



(el 9

(B) 7

(D) II

If {l, 0, -I} r is an eigenvector of the following matrix.

then the corresponding eigenvalue is



If !(.1') =sinl.1'l. then the value of



(el 3

(B) 2



df" X=--


(0) 5



(0) I

Which one of the following differential equatioll5 has a solution giwn by the function

(Aj dy




dy 5
'"I -+-cos(3.1') =0








If !(x+iy) =.1"-3xy'+iq:>(.1',y) ,where i"'~ and !(.1'+iy) is an analytic function, then

q:>(.1',y) is


If a complex number {J)satisfies the equation




(B) I

(e) x' -4.1")'

w' =

(0) xy-v

I, then the value of I +

(el 2



(0) 4

If a random variable X satisfies the l'oi"on's distrihution with a mean value of 2, then the
prooobilily thaI X ~2 is

2e- l

(B) J-2e-'

(C") 3e-'

10) 1-3,,-'




The integnl

is equal to


(Al -


(D) ""


The following algorithm computes the integral J '"

I(x)dx from the given values

at equidistant points: Xo = a: .Ii = x, +h: ........ ; x". = x"


I) '" I(x,)

+ 2m/! = b

So = I. + I,,,
S, = /, + I, +" ... + 1,,,,_,
S, = J; + I. + .... + 1,,,,_,


The rule of numerical


which uses the above algorithm, is

(Al Rectangular rule

(C) Four-point rule

(8) TrapeZOidal rule

(D) Simpson's rule

Q.26 - Q.55 carry two marks each.


During open die fOlging process using two nat and ~lIei dies. a solid circular steel disc of initial
radius (RiS) 200 mm and initial height (Hi") 50 mm auains a height (H",) of 30 mID and radius of
R",. Along the die4isc interfaccs.


"'" ereffie'.", of ,"e"oo

(PI ,,, ". 035 [I., :;; 1

in the region R" :::; r:::; RFN sliding friction prevails. and
2L(RFH or)

p=.[jKe Hm

and f=/-lP,

where p and T are the normal and the shear stresses, respectively; K is the shear yield
strength of .teel and r is the radial distance of any point

in the region 05: r:::; R" . sticking condition prevails

The value of R" (in mm), where sl1cking condition changes to sliding friction. is

(B) 254 .~5


(D) 278.20

Two steel bars, each of diameter 10 mm. are coaxially friction welderl. end to end. at an axial
pressure of 200 MPa and at a rotational speed of 4000 'Pm. The coofficient of friction between the
maling faces of the ralat;n)! oors i, {I 50 The torque is assumed to act at the 314'" radius of the
rmating bar. The power (in kWj consumed at the interface for welding j,
(Al 12.33

(B) 1644


(D) 24.66




During a steady gas metal arc welding with direct current electrode positive polarity. the welding
current. voltage and weld speed are 150 A. 30 Y and 6 mlmin, respecti,ely. A metallic wire
electrode of diameter 1.2 mm 15 being foo at a constant rate of 12 mlmin. TIle density. specific heat
and melting temperature of the Wlre electrode are 7000 kglm'. 500 J/kg"C and 1530"C. respecti.'ely.
Assume the ambiem temperature 10 be 30"(" and neglect the latent heal of melting. Further,
con,ider that two-third of the 101al electrical power is available for melting of the wire electrode.
The melting efficiency (in percentage) of the wire clcC!rode is
(A) 39.58


(C') 49.38

The tool geomeuy of a smgle pmnt right handed turning tool is provided in the orthogonal rake
system (ORS). The sum of the principal (major) cutting edge angle and the anxiliaI)' (minor)
cutting edge angle of the above toollS 'llf'. The inclination angles of the principal and the au~iliaf)'
cutting edges are both 0", The principal and au~iliary orthogonal clearance angles are 10" and 8",
respectively. The rake angle (in degree) measured on the orthogonal plane is
(A) 0


(B) 45.25

(B) 2

(C) g

(0) 10

Keeping aU other parameters unchanged. the 1001 wear in electrical discharge machining (EDM)
would be less if the tool material has
(A) high thermal conducti"ity and high speCIfic hcat
(B) high thermal conductlvity and low specilic heat
(e) low thel1Tl31 conductivity and low specific heat
(0) low thel1Tl31 conductivity and hIgh specific heal


For a 3axe.\ CNe tabk the slide .long the v.mical axis of the table is driven by a DC servo motor
via a lead screw-nut mechanism. Th~ lead SCrew h .. a pitch of5 mrn. This lead screw is fiued with
a relative (incremental) circular encoder. The basic length unit (BLU) of the slide along the vertical
axis of the table is 0_005 mrn. When the table moves along the vertical axis by 9 mrn. the
corresponding number of pulses generatoo by lhe encooer is
(A) 1400


(0) 9000

(B) 25 005

(C) 25.009


A gear Wilh involute tooth profile has 50 teeth and mooule 2. It ;s in mesh with a pinion having
20 teeth, The pressure angle is 20". The baS<,; cirde diameter (in 111m) of the pinion is
(A) 33.828


(') 4200

A smal! bore is designated as 25H7. The lower (minimum) and upper (maximum) limits of the bore
are 25.000 mm and 25.021 mm, respectivdy. When the bore is designated as 25H8, then Ihe upper
(maximum) limit is 25,033 mrn. When the hore is designated as 25H6. then the upper (maximum)
limit of the bore (in mm) is
(A) 25.001


(B) 1800


(C) 42.567

(0) 93.969

The length of time. during which a partIcular piece of equIpment operales before fallure. is a
random variable with the distribution function given as: F(/) = l-e-Q" , Assume 100 pieces of
the equipment are placed into service in year O. Out of the units, which survive the first 4 years, 1he
units (in percentage) that WIll fail during year 5 is
(A) 37



(') 41

Euler's method of intcgratlOn IS apph~-d to the IOuial value problem:

(0) 43


-';-:r =

2.r; .1'(0).= O.

If the step size h '" 0.2. then the error in computal1on (in percentage) after 5 sleps would be


(B) 10

(C) 20

(0) 30




A rigid massless link YZ of length UK) mill is COnn~"I~d alone end 10 another massless link XY of
the same lenglh by means of a friclionleso hinge al Yand althe mher ~nd to a frictionless roller. as
shown m (he following figure Tile hnk XY i.< conne<:ted 10 the wall by means of a friction Ie;; hing~
at pomt X. The roller is oonnected to a ma5sless linc~r ,prong with. spring cOIlstant !O kN/m. A
point force of 100 N is applied at point Yas ,hown in the figure. At equilibrium. each of Ihe links
XYand Yl makes an angle B= 30" with the hori].ooral. Under rhis situation, the stretch of lhe
.pnng (in mm) is


(A) '2../3




(C) 5../3

(0) 1O.J3

A cantilever beam XY i5 made of a stepped circular shafl of diameters 100 mrn and 50 rnrn, as
shown in the following figure. The cantilever is subje<:ted to two concentrated bending moment.,
one of 100 Nm al point Y and another of200 Nm at poml Z. The maximum bending stress (in MPa)
e~perienced by the cantilever is

JlOO mm

(A) 1-02


(B) 3.06

(C) 815

(0) 16.30

A I m long cylindrical shaft of diameler 100 mm is joined to the wall by means of fillet weld as
shown in the following figure The shafl i. designed to carry a lorque of 5 kNrn at the free end. If
lhe allowable shear stress of the weld material is 80 MPa. then lhe minimum value of lhe oi,..,. L
(shown in lhe following figure j, of the fillet (in mm) I'

Longitudinal crQss----section

Q ..W


(A) 3.97
(6) 5.63
(C) 7.95
(0) liAS
In a Meam power plant. the turbine power outpul i. 1 MW while the boiler heat inpul is al the rate
of 2.5 MW. The pump power inpUl " neghgihly <mall. In lhe condenser. exhanst .lea'" from Ill<:
turbine rejecls heal to a sleady flow of coohng watcr. which enters lhe condenser at 25"C and leaves
al 40"C Ignore kinetic and potential energy effects for Ihe conling water. The spe<:ilic heal of
cooling Water is 4 IJ/kgK. The requltcd "\d,s flow ratc (in kg") of cooling water is
(A) 1.5

(1:1) 2.5

(e) l'i

(0) 25


Nitrogen gas nows Over a flat surface, which i. maintained at a temperature (T.) of 300 K. The
temperature disuibuuOJI within the boundary la)":r is expressed as:


T - T., _1_<,-3500'
T l'
where y (in m) is the distance normal 10 the surface, the free stream nitrogen gas temperature (T.. l
is 400 K and T i, the Nitrogen gas lempemlUrc within the boundary layer at a given y. The thermal
conductivity of nitwgen is OJ)) WlmK. The result111g average convectlve heallransfer coeffkienl
(in WlrnlK) is
(A) 52


(Bl 105

(B) 112

(C) 116

(D) 237.

If annual demand, ordering cost and carrying cost become fOllf limes of their respective original
values, then the economic order quantity (EOQ)
(A) remains the same


(D) 35(1)

Consider steady and incompressible flow of water wough a tapered pipe from section I to
section 2. The pil'" has a diameter of 0.25 m and a centre_line elevation of 2S m at sectiO!l [ and a
diameter of 0 35 m and a centre-line elevation of 20 m at section 2. Consider head loss between
seclion I and seclion 2 to be negligibly small. Pressure at section I is 120 kPa. The acceleration due
10 gravity is 10 mil and density of water is 1000 kg/m'. For a flow ratc ofO.2 m'/~. the pre~~ure al
seef,on 2 (in kPa) is
(A) 56


(C) 1050

(B) goo; halved

(C) gets doubled

(D) becomes four times

The solution of the differential equ.alion


sausfying the condilion y(O) = 1 IS





y =-.Jx

Two white and two black balis, kept in two bins. arc arranged in four ways as shown below. In each
arrangement. a bin has to be chosen randomly and only one ball needs to be picked randomly from
the cho~en bin. Which one of the following arrangements has the highest probability for gelling a
white ball picked'


WW ww







An indusuial process conSISts of the following si" activities

I. C'ashng
2 Wait
3. To Buffing
4. Buffing
6. Store
The con:CCI flow process chan: for this process is






A batch of 10,000 raw work units is proces,;ed through 20 operations, each of which has a fraction
defect rate of 0.05. The defect-free units and tile number of defect. in the final balch ace,
(A) 3285 and 6715


(B) 3385 and 6615

(D) 3585 and 6415

Match tile following groups most appropriately.

Group I
E. Stralegic decision
F. Bullwhip effecl
G. Flexible manufaclUnng system
H. Tactical decision
L Operational decision
{Al E-3, F-4. G-2. H-S.IJ
{C)E-4. F-l. G-5. H3.1-2


(e) 3485and6515

Group II
I. Prrxluction scheduling

2. Reduce manufaclunng lead lime

3, Plant layout
4. Price fluctuations
5 Inventory policies
(B) E-4, F-S, G-I, H-2. I-~
(D) E3. F-l. G-2. H-S. 1-4



Common Data Questions

Common Data for Qnestions 48 and 49:
A machine shop proces"",s custom orders from variety of c1ien15. A machining cenlre in a job shop for a
local manufacturing company has five unprocessed jobs remaining at a particular point in time. The jobs
are labelled J L. J ,. 1,. 1.. and J, in the order they entered the shop. The respective processing time. and due
dates are given in the table below:
Processing timo
(in days)






"When the jobs are assumed 10 enler the shop in the sequence of SPT (ShO!1est Processing Time).
the mean flow lime and average tardiness. respectively. are
(A) 35.4 and 12


Due date
(in days)

(B) 37 4 and 13

(C) 39.4 and 14

(D) 41.4 and 15

When the jobs .re assumed 10 enter in the sequence of EDD (Earliest Due Date), the number of
tardy jobs is
(A) 0

(B) I


(D) 4

Coounon Data fur Questions 50 and 51:

A company is engaged in producmg and selling" single product. The fixed cost of the product is F per
period. The selling price [or the product is S por unit. The variable cost is V per unit. which is half of the
selling price, i.e., 512 pcr unll. The company has computed i15 Break Even Sales in monetary units. Not
being satisfied with this Break Even Sale., the company has decided 10 increase its selling price from S 10
I.5S. The company has again computed the new Break Even Sales in monetary unit' keeping the fixed COSI
(F) and variable COSt (Sl2 per unit) of the product same.

The ratio orne", to old Break Even Sales i<

(A) 0.25

(B) 0.50

(C) 0.75

(0) LSO

The firm desires to make a profit equal to the fixed cost of the product In this scenario. the ratio of
new to old Required Sales Volume is
(A) 0.25

(B) 0.50


(D) 1.50




Linked Answer QUfStiODS

Statement for Linked Answer Questions 52 Bnd 53:
Consider lhe followmg Linear Programming problem:


Maximize Z = h, +
+ 8.<,
Subject 10:
x,+5x, :510

x, :520
x,2:0; x, 2:0;


Apart from the non-negativity criteria, lhe dual problem for the given Linear Programming problem
consisls of
(A) 2 constraints and bolb oflhem are of::; type
(B) 2 constraints and bolh of them are of::::; Iype

(C) 3 conslraints and all of lhem are of ::;lype

(D) 3 constraints and all of them are of::::; type


The value of the objective function aftcr solving Ihe dual problem is

(AJ 160

(BJ 170

Ie) 190

(O) 210

Statement for Lillked Aoswer QueWons S4l1nd SSt

[n orlhogonal turning of an engineering alloy. it has been observed that the friction force acting at lhe
chip-tool,nlerface is 402.5 N and the friclion force is al~o perpendicular to the cutting velocity vecior. The
feed velocity is negligibly small with respa:t to the cUlling velocity. The ratio of friclion force to normal
force associated with the chip-tool interface is l. The uncut chip thickness is 0.2 mm and Ihe chip
thickness is 0.4 mm. The cuning velocity is 2 mls.

The shear force (in N) acting along the primary shear plane is
(Aj 180.0


(B) 240.0



(D) 402.5

Assume that the energy expended dunng machining is completely convened to heat. The rate of
heal generation (in W) at the primary shear plane i_<
(Aj 180.5

(8) 2{Xl5

(e) 302.5

(D) 402.5



General Aptitude (GA) Questions

Q.56 - Q.60 carry one mark each.

Choose Ihe 10",1 "ppropnale ward fTOIO Ihi' OPliOl1$ !Ii,;en below", complete the foilowing
His rather casual remarks 00 politics _ _ _ _ __ his lack of su;ousness about tbe
(A) masked

(B) belied
(C) betrayed
(0) ,uppre_,<oo


WI"eI, of the fol/owing oplions is Ihe closesl ill me(lRing 10 the word below;
(A) cyclic

(B) indirecl
(e) confusing

(D) crooked

Q 58

Choou the mosl appropriate word fTOm Ihe oplions given bdow to (.'omp/ele Ihe following
Ifwe D180agt' 10' _ _ _ _ _ _ our ualura! resources, we would leave a better plaoet for
our children.
CA) uphold
(B) restrain
(e) cherish

(D) con,;ervc


25 persono arc in a room. 15 of them play hockey, 17 of them play foothall and 10 of them play
both hockey and footbalL Then the number of persons playing neither hockey nor football is;

CA) 2

(B) 17

(C) 13

(0) 3

1]re quesu<m below con.<;.I., of a pair 0/ related ,\"Ortis /ollo"'ed by/o", pi.irs of words. Selecllhe
pair Ihol ben o.presses Ihe reilltjon in the anglllal pair.
Unemployed: Worker

(A) fallow' land

(B) unaware; .leeper
(C) wit; jester

(D) renovated; house

Q.61- Q.65 carry two marks each.


if 137 + 276
(A) 534

4-'5 how much is 731 + 672?

(B) 1403

(C) 1623







Hari (H), Gila (G), Irfan (I) and Sair-~ (S) are siblings (i,e. brothers and sisters). All were oom on
l~ January. The age difference between any two ,u<'ccssive sibhngs (Ihat is oom one after another)
is less than 3 years. GlVen the following facts,
lIan', age + Gna's age> Irran', age + Saira', age.
The age difference belween Gila and Salra IS 1 year, Howe>'er, Gita is not the
oldesl and Saua is nntlhe youngest.
There are no twins,
In what order were they born (oldest first),!



(C) [GSH

(0) IHSG

Modern warfare has changed from large seale clashes of annies 10 suppression of civilian
populations. Chemical agents that do their work silently appear 10 be suited to such warfa",;
and "'g",tfully, there exist people In military establishments who think that chemical agents
are useful tooLs for their cause.
Which oflhe/ollowing slalements beSi .umS up the meaning o/the above passage,
(A) Modern warfare has resulted in civil slrife,
(B) Chemical agents arc useful in modem warfare,
(e) lise of cherrucal agent> in warfare would he undesirable.
(D) Pe<:>ple in military establishments like 10 use chemical agents in war.


5 skilled workers can build a wall in 20 days; 8 semi-skilled workers can build a wall in 25 days;
10 unskilled workers can build a waU in 30 days, If a team has 2 skilled, 6 semi-skilled and
5 unskilled workers. how long will it take 10 build 1he wall?

(A) 20days

(8) 18 d~ys

(C) 16days

(D) IS days

Given digits 2. 2. 3_ :...1. 4. 4. 4. 4 how many distinct 4 digit numbers greater lhan 3000 can be
(A) 50

(B) 51

(Cl 52


(D) 54


Space for Rough Work



Space for Rough Work



Space for Rough Work