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Human Resource Management
HRM - Exam
80 mins

Online Examination:
Online examination is a Computer based examination.
Online examination comprises of Total 29 Questions - Out of 70 marks.
Duration of online examination will be of 1 Hour 20 minutes (80 minutes).

Section - I Instructions:
- It is compulsory and has total 3 Subjective Questions.
- Students are required to solve any 2 Subjective Type Questions. Each question is of 5 marks.
- Section I is out of 10 Marks.
Please refer following instructions regarding Subjective examination:
- While attempting subjective examination Text formatting facility will be disabled such as use of bullets,
making the text bold, underlining the text etc. Only normal character on the key board will be available.
- Special characters available on the keyboard will be allowed.
- Students can not attempt more than 2 questions out of given 3.
- A blank (space typed) or any entry in the space provided will be considered as question is answered.
- Hand written answers are not allowed. Subjective test can be answered by using key board.
- No brail support shall be provided, but writer assistance shall be allowed. The student has to intimate it to
SCDL well in advance by completing applicable formalities.
- Answers for both the questions should not exceed more than 110 words. The maximum word limit per
answer is 55 words (for Subjective part).

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1) What is the need for human resource planning?

Human resource planning is defined as the process by which management determines how the
organisation should move from its current manpower position to desired manpower position. Through
planning, management strives to have the right time, doing things which result in both the organisation
and individual receiving maximum long-run benefits.
2) What are the action steps for effective benchmarking?
Benchmarking is a structured management tool and involves the simple act of comparison and learning
for organisational improvement. For effective benchmarking, one has to prepare a report that documents
the processes or functions the exercise will address, the extent to which the exercise will improve those
areas, and the likely result of these improvements on the organisation, customers, employees and
3) Explain what is meant by moonlighting by employees.
A few employees in most of the organisations realise that all their demands cannot be met by their
organisation alone. Hence, they depend either on some other organisation for part-time job, part-time
business or take up a business or start an industrial unit in order to earn more money and became much
stronger financially. This type of activity, i.e., taking up another part-time job or business or industrial
unit simultaneously with that of the original job is known as moonlighting by employees.

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Section - II Instructions:
- It comprises of Objective Questions Only.
- Total 60 marks are allotted for objective type questions.
- The objective questions are of following type and carries marks as given under.
Multiple Choice Multiple Response
Multiple Choice Single Response
True or False
Select a Blank
Match the Column

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: 4 Questions - 16 Marks (Each 4 marks)

: 9 Questions - 18 Marks (Each 2 marks)
: 5 Questions - 5 Marks (Each 1 mark)
: 5 Questions - 5 Marks (Each 1 mark)
: 4 Questions - 16 Marks (Each 4 marks)


Total Questions
Total Marks

: 27
: 60

1) Match the Following

1] Decisions have to be communicated to the subordinates
2] Problems are viewed from an organisational perspective
3] To plan operations, to appreciate, to direct the work,etc.
4] To secure their interested and willing participation towards
achieving common goal

1] Communication skills
2] Organisational and social skills
3] The basic managerial skills
4] To stimulate ,motivate and lead his
5] Decision making skills
6] Leadership skills

2) It is not at all necessary to train up the members of the committee in the techniques of job evaluation
before the actual study commences.
1] True
2] False
3) Match the Following
1] Widely used method in small organisation
2] Expands the number of related tasks in the job
3] Increases the responsibility ,autonomy and control
4] Scope of Application , introduction of job evaluation system, Contribution of
trade unions to job evaluation

1] Job ranking
2] Job enlargement
3] Job enrichment
4] Steps involved in job
5] job rotation
6] Overspecialized jobs

4) A reworking of the :BLANK in terms of the kind of person needed to perform the job .
1] job specification
2] job description
3] personal specifications
4] identification of vacancies
5) Classroom lectures can provide information and explicitly demonstrate skills that are not easily presented
by other techniques
1] True
2] False
6) Name the feature which leads to an uniformity while evaluating employees under Performance Appraisal
1] Subjective
2] Objective
3] Systematic
4] Optimistic
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7) In an emerging scenario, necessitating speed, flexibility, quality and willing ability to change, what sort of
role does human resource personnel critically need to take on
1] As a supportive role
2] As a proponent role
3] As strategic business partner
4] As pro-active functional partner
8) Surplus human resource results in :BLANK
1] High productivity
2] A technology gap
3] High labour cost
4] Low productivity
9) Match the Following
1] Quarter moon lighting
2] Increasing concern of employees for better social status
3] Self-disciplined & committed employees essential
4] Difficulty in time keeping

1] part time job during off hours

2] has lead to dual career groups
3] flexitime &flexi work
4] problem of flexitime
5] has lead to moon lighting
6] flexi year

10) Taking up another part time job or business simultaneously with that of original job is known as Moon
lighting by employees.
1] True
2] False
11) What is the main purpose of grouping of jobs
1] to facilitate wage administration
2] to supply labour
3] enhance the standard of living
4] highlighted the bargaining
12) Improved method of ranking system is known as
1] simple ranking method
2] job grading
3] factor comparison system
4] point ranking system
13) :BLANK should be provided to the appraiser as to how to rate employee performance.
1] Training
2] Promotions

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3] Projects
4] Task
14) The method of structuring large organisation s very useful for developing general management
capabilities in executives, wherein each such assignment is treated as an individual profit centre is called as
1] An officiating assignment
2] Business group approach
3] Understudy approach
4] Enlargement exercise
15) Employees are often uncertain as to the type of work that would suit them. What is the 3-step programme
to ensure smooth career planning
1] Awareness of career opportunities
2] Career need assessment
3] Need-Opportunity Alignment
4] Career Assignment
16) In some companies what has led to strengthening of recruitment policies and procedures
1] Systems
2] Training
3] Technology
4] Audit
17) Why is it that management should take extra care while framing personnel policies, especially where an
employees organisation does exist
1] because the trade union leaders may take credit for management actions.
2] Federations are Eveready to challenge management action, particularly with respect to promotions,
transfers, seniority
3] Employees organisations have a major impact on various aspects, policies & decisions
4] Unilateral action by management is a thing of the past.
18) What are the different types of moon lighting (double jobbing)
1] Quarter moon lighting
2] Three quarter moon lighting
3] Blue moon
4] Full moon lighting
19) Besides razing prices, consumers are also victimized by the produces &trades by way of
1] adulteration
2] uneconomic production process
3] poisoning
4] under weight age
20) How would the representative of consumer association be able to make a difference in the consumerism
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1] by participating in collective bargaining
2] to holds rallies bandhs & morchas against in fairs consumer practices
3] to demands good supply of quality goods at fair practices
4] to demands good supply of quality goods at fairs prices
21) Federation &union at all levels are managed on the lines of management of :BLANK
1] A social organisation
2] An economic activity
3] A political body
4] An agitational body
22) Match the Following
1] Educational institutes established by organisations
2] Educational institutes may not be economically
3] Institutional process for solving problems
4] Suggestions & advice by unions should be in
good faith & spirit

1] requirement of funds from University grants

2] size of most organisations do not permit such a
3] collective bargaining
4] prerequisites for participation
5] management participation in employees
6] contribution to trade union functioning

23) Name one of the strategic role of HR.

1] The focus of the HR function will be human capital development & organisational productivity.
2] The focus of the HR function will be on supervisors
3] The focus of the HR function will be on motivational capacity.
4] The focus of the HR function will be on employee and managers.
24) Which kind of skills all jobs will require at higher levels
1] Technical
2] Management
3] HR
4] Computer
25) Employee development plays an integral part in a company today.
1] True
2] False
26) An employee sponsor, the HR manager plays an integral role in organisational success.
1] True
2] False

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27) The HR business :BLANK are established to support the attainment of the overall plan and objectives.
1] Goals
2] Objectives
3] Policies
4] Procedure

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