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Tho LumaChock nat only has a detachable Sensor Head, bul also offers a detachable cable too allowing all aspects of the LumaCheck to be interchanged, If the operator has two Sensors with the LumaCheck, this interchangeability means that operators need not be without a functional ight mater during calibration ‘The LumaCheck is housed in an extremely robust and high quality casing and as an exclusive Baugh & Weedon design it comes with ‘the guarantee of high quality and renowned calibration services. ‘Sensor Head LUMACHECK STANDARD KIT ‘The LumaCheck comes as a complete kit. It comes with the following as standard: LumaCheck Unit, Sensor Hoad, Sensor Cablo, Blue Rubber Boot, 2.x Non-Rechargeable AA Batteries, Cary Case, Quick Reference Guide and the LumaChack Manual oP SPECIFICATION Ot 10,000 wen 0 wixbslow 10 ux. 0.15 10 TOM chico wats por square contmot) Foot Candles (core or mt) or Li | pene (lero wats per square centmet). 2" (rm) 820 x 240 pas colour slay. LCD wi selectable backlight {Up100.1 Ln oem (connguabiey {osm Long xeomm Wie x 25mm Deep. Win tRbet Poot on = 168mm Long {5mm Wide x 0mm Deep. 350g 0.77 pounds) ncn bales: 2x15 AAAhalne Baltenes. {US or mains charging capanineos 1 standai | Po Reson | Setiabiem menu system “9% measured agans primary standard lass than s- Oto (0500) AGENT / DISTRIBUTOR,