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To start with, Sports is essentially an activity done for desire, which prerequisites
physical effort and skill. Some general public, who commit themselves to this activity,
deliberate it as a passion to strive against others in their skill, capability and spirit. Sports
also help in indoctrinating a definite discipline as well as the team spirit or the spirit of
brotherhood in the sports general public. Sports in an ideal world are not meant to do
anything with violence. Sports for more or less are a mode of making fame, for some it is
their profession. Some do it as their hunger to compete and success, despite the fact that
the others take it as a pleasure to watch.
But, in todays situation, the sports that consist of aggressive actions are attaining
more fame, as they current much a way of entertaining to the audiences. Since the youth
are more unpredictable by nature they delight in these violent sports such as wrestling,
kick boxing, etc. Todays young age group does not make an effort to distinguish the
momentous dangers that these sports lay.
The vulnerabilities that these sports cause are predisposition to major accidents
that may even ascertain to be even worse than lethal. The injuries which may be for
lifetime may be a reason of greater pain and vulnerability than death itself. For instance,
Becky was the first woman to die in the ring during the match. Also, these violent sports
are accountable for major objections to the athletes such as irregular clotting, mm
excessive blood loss, brain hemorrhage, rupture of the spine etc.
Not only the athletes are affected by these types of sports, but also, the spectators
get an unintended influence on them. Young teen-agers as well as grown-ups, try to be
like the actions that take place in these sporting. Figures say that nearly 16000 deaths take
place year after year in the USA for the reason that people try to be like the sportspersons
of wrestling, boxing, sword fighting etc. Recurring watching of such sports intuitively
affects the very inner self of the young which eventually reflect in their manners in their
social surroundings. One of the most important causes of, shooting spree by youths in

their own graduate school and universities, road bullies, involvement in murders, acts of
suicide, moneys etc., are the consequences of being in perpetual influence these vicious
sports and other such doings.
What is the logic behind athletes indulging themselves in such violence activities
and the spectators watching blood smeared sportsmen in the ring with ruined limbs? It
seems gluttony of money is encouragement certain people to join in such type of vicious
activity. It is very self-contradictory to the spirit of sporting that they spread violence and
grief instead of provided that joy and pleasure.
In my judgement I strongly prove false the proposition of those who argue in
support of the continuance of such violent sports. They should be permitted neither to
carry on human as well as ethical grounds.


The actual concept of the library, especially the public library, is kind of an
astonishing one. When we think about it, where else can somebody borrow an item with
only a card and the assurance to return it for free. Not only that but it actually works.
People in fact bring library books back; its a evidence to human affability. However
public libraries available only online will not also help us to access any time since digital
libraries are on the net, there would not be any limitations to retrieve resources and
thoughts thru the web and can certainly be find what you are probing for. In addition, it is
useful to use the digitalized writings rather than paperwork or hard copies since digital
library services ascertain the keyword and the key text we need. Indeed, it is easy to grasp
the points and make our work more in effect.
One of the advantages of the public library is mobility. This will help you to carry
your entire library in your pocket, with disk space quickly becoming a product, and the
size of handy device hard drives getting bigger and bigger, its possible to think that you
could have your complete library with you and have it available to your fingertips. This
will also help us to back up a copy of our library with an online backup service. By
backing up our entire library accessible wont require much space and its something that
would be unbearable with a physical library, and no more doubts about fire-proofing our
Next advantages are saving time & money. This is a much easier argument for me
to ascertain living as an expatriate with book prices being astral in a non-English
language country. But, remember that when you exclude the need for distribution that
book to where you physically are, there will be more or less cost benefits.
There are also disadvantages of having public library only online. One of the
disadvantages is Copyright. Digitization intrudes upon the copy right law as the supposed

content of one author can be easily transfer by other without strap line. One difficulty to
overwhelm for digital libraries is the way to hand out data.
Next disadvantage is speed of access. Speed of access can be tested when more
laptops or computers are linked to the Internet its speed of access sensibly decreasing. If
new technology will not grow to solve the problem then in near yet to come Internet will
be full of error note.
It is possible to get straightforward information form the Internet, but necessity to
checks its lawfulness as greatest you can. Treat the facts you read online with a high
degree of uncertainty. Two viewpoints have been likened in both a positive and negative
way. It is now up to us to adopt which of these advantages and disadvantages affect the
furthermost. The judgment between the advantages and disadvantages helps to ascertain
the correct course of action and the correct way of commerce with the potential
advantages and disadvantages of it use.


It is assumed by some people that with English becoming the leading language,
may one day become the overriding language of the world and untouchable all other
languages spoken in the world. Having one language will definitely encourage worldwide
understanding and develop economic scenario but it also conveys along with it some
One obvious benefit to obligating one global language is that it would agree for
better understanding among various countries. Moreover, individuals travelling from one
place to other wont find difficulties in penetrating for better places. The other advantage
that it provides is that it will lessen the crimes because of lack of communiqu, which
frequently take place in vacationers. For example, if a person comprehends the language
of the country, it becomes at ease for them to understand the signs on road or other open
Another advantage of ensuring one world language is that individuals can talk
with each other by their one and only mother tongue. They need neither interpretations
nor translators, so they can comprehend each other fast. They also comprehend detail
shade such as symbol. It might decreases misinterpretations, though if persons say the
similar language, we regularly get the wrong impression.
Next advantage of having one world language is because utmost webpages are
inscribed in English on the net. The Internet is one of facts sources, so English has a
leading benefit. People who are not inborn English speakers have a tendency to learn
English as it is easy to get facts if you comprehend English. For instance, many
institution of higher education provide their lessons on the Internet, so you can take a lot
of programs whatever you prefer for free.

On the other hand disadvantage of having only one language where, languages are
genuinely related to their ethnic culture, so losing their language is the same as losing
their customs. One world language may make our world unexciting, and make it
standardization. Therefore, almost each person doesn't want to lose their customary. That
one world linguistic is determined to use in the world might bring about arguments. We
are all not the same. We have to respect the difference of each others.
Learning languages is fun so we can find the variances with other countries where
the language is vocalized. Knowing each other is the first stage to understand each other.
Each culture is irreplaceable with its own way of life expectancy and its own viewpoint
of the world which will be all vanished if we had only single language. Secondly, the
entire concept of tourism will break down since all country will have the similar culture
and similar language, allowing nonentity new for the vacation industry. This will have a
hostile effect on countries which depend on entirely on tourism.
As conclusion, there are plus and minus of having a global language, too copious
will be lost as a result. Keep up the local linguistic will allow protective the global legacy,
which is of higher precedence.


One way to eliminate the issue of crowding on the roads is to rapidly increasing
the tax on the private vehicles. However, it can drop the excess numbers to greater size
but as a result it will lead to many other complications. With time, more people are
surging in cities and as a result more road traffic on the streets is becoming a common
Firstly, spread out tax will have hostile effect on the middle class folks because
they have brought their own cars with many difficulties and if the tax is increased, they
cannot accept tax that carry out by the government.
As a result, they will stop using their cars and will use public transportation as an
alternative. People who are planning to buy a new car with give it a second thought will
be reduced for the reason that of the increased tax. Apart from this, the tax amount could
be used by the authority to build more roads, improve pavements and parking facilities
and hence the traffic jams in streets will be lessened. However, this will not discourage
the rich society to use their private cars on the roads.
There are plenty of options for easing the congestion. To begin with, the
construction of roads should be the first importance for lessening the congestion on the
roads. In other words, there must be distinct divisions on the roads for the fast
transportations namely buses, trucks, cars, and for the slow vehicles and pedestrians such
as bicycle, scooters as well. For instance, in Sweden, the roads are alienated in altered
lanes which reduced the congestion as well as lethal accidents which reduced the figure
of road accidents to only 250 in the year 2014 from more than thousands in earlier years.
The strategy was code named as vision zero by the Sweden Rule and certainly that was
an effective measure.

In addition, the traffic signal and regulatory system in developing nations as well
as established nation should be developed. The traffic lights should be set up which it
change permitting to the density of the traffic. For example, the road which has more
traffic ought to get more time to be cleared as paralleled to other roads. By this way it
will lessen the congestion on the roads. Furthermore, U-turn should be forbidden on the
grand trunk streets. It is set up that till now most of the traffic jams are begun by U-turns
particularly the U-turn of heavy vehicles is blamable for road congestion and that ought
to be prohibited totally. Traffic guidelines should be keeps an eye on by every single
citizen and any violation of traffic regulation should be strictly punished.
To summarize, congestion problem can be contentedly solved if correct safety
measures are taken and the government has to take their obligation for controlling the laid
off traffic by constructing roads and set up the modern traffic lights. Above all the public
ought to also take the road signs seriously and keep an eye on it.


Everyone needs to attempt many other jobs for a better job. Each individual need
time when to take the jobs after several job experiences. To me, one of the best moments
to try first careers is student time only. Indeed, this is the best period in humans life to
captivate knowledge and gain experience. For some reasons, I think for students there are
some advantages and disadvantages to take a part-time job.
Part times jobs are the best opportunity for undergraduates as it gives them a
chance to earn a little pocket money with which they can pay some of their debts as well
as it gives them enough time to focus on their theoretical work. Obligating a full time job
and simultaneously attempting to juggle academic work is a near unbearable task for any
student. Obligating a part time job works out very well as it gives students a chance to
enhance some working experience and also gives them a little to include in their resume.
Once they have graduated from university with some work experience it gives
them a plus over the undergraduates as they by now know how to demeanor themselves
in a professional manner and they have also grown some organizational skills. Most
colleges make it necessary for students in their final year to decide on for a part time
work or even an internship so that they can widen their limits.
The main advantage of having a part time job is the point that there is less
pressure involved. For those people who have anger management problems or are
susceptible to high blood pressure ought to a part time job really supports them to relax,
This does not suggest that having a part time job means that you have totally no work
pressure, it simply suggests that since you work for less hours therefore you are not
stressed out during the day.


The disadvantage of working part time is that numerous companies choose to hire
part time workers as this indicates that they do not have to deliver those staffs with health
protection. In this day where medical treatment costs so much, not having it is a huge
risk. In case of any medical emergency if you are required to spend from your own. This
is one of the main causes why having a full time job could be a better. Full time staffs in
most companies get health coverage for themselves as well as their family who are reliant
on them.
It is particularly rare that corporations choose to award promotion to an individual
who works part time. In an office, to climb the business ladder it is essential to be at the
controls of things and continually in office so that you can demonstration your capability
when it comes to pro tem in an emergency.
Working part time has its rational share of advantages as well as disadvantages.
Every division has two sides, so if you do decide on working part time you should wisely
evaluate each advantage and disadvantage. As each individual has his or her own set of
importance to pick whether to take up a full time or part time work.
(2508 WORDS)


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