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Myths About HIV/AIDS

2. HIV was isolated.
3. HIV is sexually transmitted.
Lets look at the facts:
1. Up to today there is actually no single scientifically really convincing evidence
for the existence of HIV. Not even one such retrovirus has been isolated and
purified by the methods of classical virology. --Dr. Heinz Ludwig Sanger,
Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Virology, Max-Plank-Institute for
Biochemistry, Munchen
2. AIDS was created as a modern day fear tactic to continue the control and
domination over people via sex and fear, a powerful combination, and it has
worked like a charm. --Djehuty Maat Ra, 2007.
3. AIDS is simply a new name for 25 diseases that have always existed whose
causes have been listed in medical texts (Merck Manual) for over 70 years. They
are: malnutrition (starvation), drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy. --Whitaker
and Fleming, (Medisin,2010)
4. AZT, a drug so toxic that it was discarded by the Nixon administration as a
treatment for cancer, and which causes AIDS is being given to individuals
because they tested positive for antibodies to an innocent virus. Though they are
likely healthy at the time of administration, they will likely die from an acquired
deficiency caused by AZT and fear-induced related illnesses. --Dr. Nancy TurnerBanks M.D.
5. The gay population became an identifiable group when they began to suffer
the effects of years of drug abuse --Dr. Nancy Turner-Banks M.D.
6. AIDS in Africa is what it has always been-slow starvation and malnutrition and
hasnt changed at all except for the name.-- --Dr. Nancy Turner-Banks M.D.
7. AIDS is not a disease at all. It is a government program.-- --Dr. Llaila Afrika,
Nutricide, 2000
8. AIDS is not contagious. Nor is AIDS sexually transmitted. --Dr. Llaila Afrika,
Nutricide, 2000
9. Fear that germs cause disease is superstitious behavior and not backed by
science. --Dr. Llaila Afrika, Nutricide, 2000
10) One does not catch healthy, catch bad breath, or catch a cold, or catch AIDS.
Nor can a person acquire another persons immune deficiency. Most illness is the
way the bodys intelligence cleanses itself from poor nutrition, and toxic
conditions and toxic environmental influences. --Dr. Llaila Afrika, Nutricide,
Understanding Self-Healing/The Spiritual Meaning of
Dis-Ease with Self

First Regarding People Who Take Meds; the Meds Completely Take Over Your
Body's Immune Function and Shuts Your Body's Immune Function DOWN. At This
Point Your Body Depends Fully On the Drugs to Operate It's Immune Function. So
All Those "Undetectable" People Aren't Really "Cured" of ANYTHING Because If
They Stop Those Meds They Will Drop Dead Like Flies.

Regarding People Who Die: