Day Nine Cue Sheet

Salas de los Infantes – Burgo de Osma (70 km)
Today’s route takes you through some of the most gorgeous landscapes in all of Spain – the pine forests of the Demanda National Hunting Reserve and the Cañón de Río Lobos nature reserve. While there’s a bit of climbing after San Leonardo de Yagüe, you get a brake-burning, grin-inducing descent into Ucero and the gentlest of descents into Burgo de Osma - just slight enough to let you zoom easily into Burgo de Osma. Note that most of Burgo de Osma’s monuments, as well as its tourist office, are closed on Tuesdays.    Km 0.0 6.0 You need to…. SALAS DE LOS INFANTES. Take c/ Mayor out of town (becomes the BU-V-8221) CASTRILLO DE LA REINA (bars and store). Note that road shoulder disappears in town; logging trucks can go through the town at high speeds; you may prefer to ride on the sidewalk. PALACIOS DE LA SIERRA (bars and stores). Turn RIGHT onto c/ de la Fuente (the main street.) Calle de la Fuente turns into Calle Mayor near the turnoff to the Plaza Mayor. Follow c/ Mayor up and to the right to exit Palacios; Calle Mayor becomes the BU-V-8229 regional road as it goes through the Reserva Nacional de Caza (National Hunting Reserve) Sierra de la Demanda Keep going straight on the BU-V-8229 until you reach the SECOND intersection, a fork in the road. Take the LEFT-hand road (BU-V-8232), with the forest on your left, and ride uphill. The road crosses into Soria province; highway becomes the SO-P-6001. Ride downhill At T-intersection, turn RIGHT and keep riding downhill. SAN LEONARDO DE YAGUE. The main road through town is the N234. Turn LEFT onto N234 and turn right onto SO934. The highway forks; continue on LEFT-hand road (SO920) towards Ucero.

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You need to…. CASAREJOS (bars and restaurants) After rising gently for several kilometres, the SO920 passes a picnic and viewing area that overlooks the Cañón de Río Lobos (great for picnics!) Right after this is the seven-curve descent into Ucero. Watch those brakes! When you reach the bottom of the hill, turn LEFT and go over the Río Lobos. UCERO (restaurants, bars and casas rurales). Continue on SO920, crossing the Río Lobos again and going up small uphill. Follow the SO920 directly into Burgo de Osma. You’ll go through the following towns: VALDEMALUQUE VALDELUBIEL BARCEBALEJO SO920 goes under the A11/N122 highway and turns into c/ Acosta once in city limits. Cross c/ Universidad and follow c/ Mayor for 200 metres FINISH: PLAZA MAYOR, BURGO DE OSMA

Day Nine Cue Sheet

START POINT: Plaza Mayor, Salas de los Infantes WHERE TO GET FOOD AND WATER: There are supermarkets/food stores and restaurants in Castrillo de la Reina, Palacios de la Sierra and San Leonardo de Yagüe. Both Ucero and Casarejos have restaurants, and the restaurant of the Camping Río Lobos is open to the public. HOW TO GET THERE: Salas de los Infantes can be reached by bus from Burgos; buses connect both Madrid and Burgos with Burgo de Osma. KEEP IN MIND: Wild camping is prohibited in both the Reserva Nacional de Caza and the Cañón de Río Lobos. You’re not likely to encounter hunters or be shot at in the Reserva Nacional, but if you need to camp wild, pitch camp further down the mountain, closer to San Leonardo. WHAT TO SEE: Get your cameras and your hiking boots out – there are some truly unforgettable walks and rides in the Río Lobos park. Burgo de Osma’s cathedral is one of the oldest in Castile and has an amazing library. Remember, though, that almost everything tourist-oriented in Burgo is closed on Tuesdays. WHERE TO SLEEP Both Ucero and Burgo de Osma have campsites that are open between May and September. Burgo’s best budget bet is Hostal-Restaurant Mayor 71, located halfway between the Plaza Mayor and the Cathedral.