Shared Practice/Rental Space Agreement This shared practice/rental space agreement, entered into this _____

day of ___________, 2010 is made between Brittany D. Friesen and the undersigned forthwith until a mutually conferred upon expiration date - ending on the last day of the month - is determined by the parties for the premises located at Stor-ette, 5805 North 50th Street, Unit B-66, City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida 33610 (henceforth referred to as “the practice spot”): 1. I agree to pay my equal share (defined below) of each month’s $226.07 total rent to Brittany D. Friesen (“Brittany” henceforth), via check, cash or money order, by the 1 of the month (meaning: my rental payment is late as of 12:01 a.m. on the 2 ). Payment can be given directly to Brittany, mailed to Brittany or dropped off at 6020 N. Flora Vista Ave., Tampa, Florida 33604, or given to: 1) Troi (if a Party Time member); or, 2) James (if a Thrill Hoes member), prior to the 1 of the month, in order to be given to Brittany by the 1 (please coordinate with Troi or James accordingly!). I understand that the amount of my rental payment may fluctuate month-to-month, based on the number of bands, and individuals comprising those bands, utilizing the practice spot.
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2. I agree to pay and understand that I will be charged a $5.00 late fee, in addition to my equal share of the total rental payment, on the 5th day of the month, and every five days thereafter that my rental payment is not received by Brittany (i.e. on the 10th day of the month, if Brittany has not received my rental payment, I will owe a late fee totaling $10.00, in addition to my equal share of the total rental payment; $15.00 on the 15th, etc.). 3. I understand that I forfeit all of my rights and privileges to and involving the practice spot (including access [any keys to the spot you may possess] and usage [keeping any equipment or practicing at the spot], even if the remainder of my band continues accessing and using the practice spot) if my share of the rental payment continues to go unpaid at the time my next monthly payment is due. I agree to communicate first with my bandmates and try to work out a method of payment with them if a forseen inability to make my payment on time arises. I agree that in the case of a legitimate emergency in which payments, on time or late, cannot be made, I will contact Brittany as soon as possible in order to establish a payment plan or make alternative arrangements. I understand that the ability to make alternative arrangements is not guaranteed and can only, but will, be offered by Brittany as circumstances allow. 4. I understand that I will not be charged for multiple shares of the total rental payment amount if I am a member of more than one band utilizing the practice spot. I understand that “equal share” means that every individual member of each band utilizing the practice spot are counted once, and only once, in dividing the total rental payment each month, regardless of how many bands an individual is a member of (every individual sharing the practice spot will pay the same amount of rent as every other individual sharing the practice spot each month). I am aware that Brittany will communicate every month's equal share amount to at least Troi and James one week before the 1st of each month, and therefore I may contact either of them for that information a week before my payment is due, or Brittany directly by phone or text at: 813-951-8571. 5. I understand that all payments are non-refundable. But, if I pay my share to Brittany in full by the date it is due, I may keep my equipment at the practice spot without interference and have full access to practice at the practice spot, in accordance with the practice schedule determined between bands, outside the scope of this agreement. 6. I understand that I am fully responsible, and agree to pay, for any damages incurred by my own fault to anyone else’s equipment or possessions in the practice spot or to the practice spot itself. I agree to

pay, in full, for any and all damages to equipment to its owner, and for any and all damages to the practice spot to Brittany that may cost her the $50.00 damage deposit that she placed on March 9, 2010; and, I agree to speedily (within a week) make arrangements with the damaged equipment’s owner or Brittany in order to satisfactorily remedy the situation for all involved parties, particularly in an emergency event that full or partial payment cannot be made. 7. I agree to abide by the Stor-ette rules attached to this agreement. I understand that my rights and privileges to and involving the practice spot are null and void if I break any of these rules. 8. I, by signing below, consent to this Shared Practice/Rental Space Agreement. ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________

____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________

____________________________________ Date: ___________________ ____________________________________ Date: ___________________

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