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Lesson Plan in English XI

Manule J. Degyan

I. Objective
At the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
A. Value the importance of giving and getting an information correctly;
B. Learn and Identify ways how to effectively give and get information; and
C. Enumerate the basic elements of information.
II. Subject Matter Effective Information Communication
A. Reference Reading Connections (English for First Year College)
B. Materials Newspaper add.
III. Procedure
A. Review
B. Learning Experiences
1. Motivation
o Narrate a funny story to the students about a very confusing person who
gave a misleading direction to a lost person.
o Ask what did you notice and learn from the story?
o Say When we are asking for information we have to make sure we
account it properly from the right person; and if we are the ones giving,
we should narrate it properly.
2. Presentation
o Say Today we are going to learn about information and how to
effectively communicate information
o Ask the class Where do we usually find information?
- Newspaper
- Television
- Radio
- Magazines
- Posters
o Show the class an example from a News Paper
-- Ask -What is the information all about?
Who is the one being informed?
Where is the place located at?
3. Discussion
o Say Since we live in a world that is full information, it is important we
communicate them properly.
o Present the lesson.
o Discuss the basic elements of information (the WHs).

What the specifics/event

Who the involve
Where the location/place
When the time/date
Why the reason/purpose
How the manner
4. Generalization
o Say what have you learned from our lesson for today?
5. Application
o Instruct the students to listen carefully to a biography that contains several
information. Ask them to list down important details applying the WHs
V. Evaluation
(Group the class into groups.) Make a short skit on how to communicate
information using the basic elements of information. (News Play)
VI. Assignment
Cut /photocopy an article from any newspaper, magazines etcand paste it in a
coupon band. Below, outline the information using the WHs elements.