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Media- fourth pillar of democracy is the very fabric and mirror of the society.

It has the power to influence and revolutionize the masses. From the ink of its
pen to the sound of its mic, Media can build and malign an image of a person
simultaneously. In fact, it can change the governments! A free media is a
prerequisite to democracy. Though India has the constitutional right to
freedom of speech and expression along with the freedom of press under the
clause 19(1) (a) but, the limitations to its absolute freedom are stated in its
very next clause.

Media Trial- adjudication by media in cases before or after the verdict of court
has become a trend in the present scenario to increase the circulation and
TRP of newspapers and news channels. Media has forgotten the fundamental
gap between an accused and a criminal! Today, it influences the masses by
making an innocent a culprit thereby changing the perceptions. Indeed,
Various Judges of Court have criticized the trial by media as it leads to
psychological variation while giving any degree. There is No doubt that media
trial has exposed many criminals of the high profile cases like Jessica Lal
Murder and Nitish Katara case but it is illegal due to the restrictions
mentioned to the freedom of speech and expression in the Indian
Constitution. Media has helped the dejected common man in getting justice.
But, at the same time the pre-decision given by the media in Aarushi Murder
case was not praiseworthy. Their manipulations changed every single day and
proclaimed Aarushi's parents as her murderer's. However, CBI didn't found
any clue and the court's final sentence came after many years!

Media has been termed as a magic bullet that directly hits the mind of the
people. We automatically believe what media show us. 'Yes! It was her
parents who killed Aarushi', we concluded before the final judgment of the
court that put a question mark on the social responsibility of the media. In the
2002 Godhra riots, Narendra Modi was accused of killing Muslims in Gujarat.
The media declared Narendra Modi as the culprit. Besides in 2014, high court
of Gujarat gave clean chit in Godhra riots to our present Prime Minister but,
still most of the people believe that he was the mastermind behind 2002's
killing! Henceforth, the reputation, respect and dignity suffer even after you
have been proven innocent.

Several times the media has overlooked the 'contempt of court' that clearly
punishes the one who interferes and arbitrates in the matters of court. If it
wasn't, justice had been delayed & denied to the innocent commoners like
Priyadarshani Matoo rape and murder case.

Media is bold! It is powerful! Media is a callous reality! Media is exposing

scams! Media is change! I do not condemn the trial by media as it hanged the
true convicts who proved innocent by corrupt & tampered evidences in the
court premises. Besides, I would criticize the adverse effect of media trial on
the reputation of a person in the society. Media should maintain its code of
laws and ethics, social responsibility and credibility by not interfering in the
matters of court so early.