KNOW NAME AND NATURE OF GOD Dear Readers, the science of knowing Allah and His Rosul is the

noblest of scien ces. Imam Ibn Qoyyim rohimahulloh saying, "Glory glory of a science to follow th e object it studies." And of course, is no doubt that knowledge is the noblest, the grandest and most important is the knowledge of Allah in which there is no g ods (worshiped) a right to be worshiped except Him se, Robb hosts. Allah Is Basic Science of All Sciences Allah is the principal science and source of all knowledge. And whoever knows Al lah, he will know that besides Him, and whoever is ignorant about his Robb, sure ly he would be more ignorant of that in others. Allah Almighty says what means, "And be ye not like those who forgot to Allah, and Allah made them forget to the mselves." (Al-Hasyr: 19). When someone forgot to himself, he did not know the na ture of himself and the things that are beneficial purposes (good) for him. Even he had forgotten and neglected to anything which is a cause for good and his vi ctory in the world and in the hereafter. So, be he's like a man who abandoned an d neglected, with the status of such animals were released and allowed to go sek ehendaknya, maybe even more knowing the interests of the cattle themselves there from. Imam Ibn Qoyyim rohimahulloh said, "Man is the most perfect worship was a worshi p of Allah with all the names and attributes of Allah is known by human beings." He also said, "What is clear, that Allah is the base of the science of all scie nces and as a basic knowledge of a servant for happiness, perfection, and protec t both the world and the Hereafter." (Miftaah Daaris Sa'aadah). Almost every verse in the Qur'an and the Nature of Naming Names of Allah Allah has introduced Himself to His servants by telling him the names of the mos t beautiful and traits of his most noble. All that is mentioned in His Book and the Sunnah of His Rosul. In fact we find, almost in every verse of Qur'an which we read always ended with a warning or mention of one of the names of Allah or o ne of his properties. For example, the word of Allah which means, "... Verily Al lah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (At-Taubah: 5) and also his word which mea nt "... And Allah is Knower, Wise." (An-Nisaa ' : 17) This was all caused by the best names and traits of this noble has the power and lasting influence in the heart of a who knows him, so he always felt supervised by Allah in all aspects of life. Thus, her embarrassment from the adulterous Pe rfected to Allah. Most Afraid To Allah is the Most Knowing Allah The higher the knowledge Robb a servant to him, then he will be more afraid of H im. Allah says, "Verily, who fear Allah among His servants, only the scholars." (Faathir: 28) The person most familiar with and know best is the Messenger of Allah shollalloh u 'alaihi wa sallam. Therefore, he was constantly in fear of rebellious acts aga inst his Robb, and of course we already know who he is. Because Allah has ordere d him to say, "Say: 'Verily I fear adzab big day (the Day of Resurrection), if I disobey Robbku.'" (Al-An'aam: 15) Because, experts tawhid who really know Allah considers that the vices that, alt hough small, is like a huge mountain. Because they know the greatness of Essence (Lord) in one God and is omnipotent and knows his rights, and therefore, they b ecome the people who most fear Him among humans. Greatness of Allah Will is stupidity Parent vices

From Abu Al 'Aliyah, he had been told that the Shahabat Messenger said, "Every s in that a servant is done, the cause is ignorance." (Narrated by Imam Ibn Jarir, with a saheeh isnaad) Imam Ibn Taymiyyah rohimahulloh said, "Every actor disobedience is an ignorant a nd everyone who fear Him who is a devout obedience to Allah. He became an ignora nt just because of the lack of fear which had, if only to his fear of Allah is p erfect, certainly he will not engage in immoral acts to him. " Shirk is the vices of the greatest of sinners are there. Humans are not doing sh irk unless it because he was stupid in recognition of his Lord. Therefore, when the Prophet Noah 'salaam alaihis invites his people (to unity) and then they rej ect it, then he also knows that the rejection was due to ignorance of the greatn ess of Allah. Allah Almighty says what means, "Why do not you believe in the gre atness of Allah? '(Nuuh: 13th). Ibn Abbas said in interpreting this verse, "You do not know His majesty or greatness." (Reported by Ibn Jarir through several mu tually reinforcing way) What is said above is very reasonable, because if people know Allah in truth, th ey would not get into kesyirikan ascribe Allah with something. Because, all the goodness is in His hand, then how could they rely on besides Him? Overall Husna Allah's name The names of all husnaa Allah, that is, reached the peak of perfection. Since co nverting the names to the owners of a noble name, ie Subhaanahu Allah wa Ta'ala and also contains the attributes of perfection that does not have the slightest defect observed from all sides. Allah Almighty says what means, "Only Allah's is the names Names." (Al-A'roof: 18) Our obligation to the names of Allah are three: faith with the name, believe in the meaning (properties) as indicated by the name and believe with all the effec ts associated with the name. Thus, we believe that Allah is Ar-Rohiim (the Merci ful), has the nature of Rahmah (compassion) that includes everything and loves a ll His servants. Name and Nature of Allah "Not Restricted With Specific Numbers This is based on the words of the Prophet shollallohu 'alaihi wa sallam, "I impl ored you with all the names be thy name, both which thou hast made thy name as a self-taught or that you are a person of Thy creatures, or you sent down the Boo k or thou hide thy become unseen on your side. "(Narrated by Ahmad, Ibn Hibban, Al-Hakim, saheeh). No one can restrict and find out what is still a secret of Al lah and becomes a supernatural cases. As word of him, "Verily, Allah has 99 names, which is a hundred less one. Anyone who memorize their meanings and ideology, would enter heaven. "(Narrated by Buk hari-Muslim) did not show restrictions names of Allah with the number ninety-nin e. The true meaning is, in fact the names of Allah who is 99, has the virtue tha t anyone who menhafal and understand it will go to heaven. So, hopefully we really get to know the truth of Allah is true recognition and g lorify Allah with true reverence truth that can save us from doing shirk to Him.

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