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50¢ daily Friday, May 21, 2010 Delphos, Ohio

Gulf spill

Oil spewed already could fill 102 gyms

By SETH BORENSTEIN the clock to come up with is a dozen times more than or April 22 when the rig though it can’t be metered or gallons a day.
and GREG BLUESTEIN a more realistic and likely the Exxon Valdez disaster. sank, or on April 24 when measured, it’s significantly Some experts say the 4.2
The Associated Press higher figure. At best, it’s only half as bad. the Coast Guard first noticed less than it was,” said compa- million gallon rate is prob-
Here’s another way to Realistically, it’s probably two leaks. ny spokesman Steve Rinehart. ably way too high, just like
COVINGTON, La. — think of just how much oil somewhere in that huge mid- Originally, BP and the fed- “That suggests pretty clearly the government figures are
Drip by drip, day by day, the has gushed out since April dle in between. eral government said 42,000 that taking 5,000 barrels a way too low. That’s because
oil gushing into the Gulf of 20: At worst, it’s enough to No matter what, it already gallons were flowing per day. day (210,000 gallons) out of somewhere around 1.2 mil-
Mexico is adding up to mind- fill 102 school gymnasiums is way too much oil for the Then the number was upped that stream puts a real dent lion to 1.6 million gallons a
boggling numbers. to the ceiling with oil. delicate parts of the Gulf eco- to 210,000 and that’s been in it.” day is all that can realistically
Using worst case scenar- That’s nothing compared system, said Darryl Felder, a the best case scenario, with Federal officials acknowl- be expected from that type of
ios calculated by scientists, to the vast expanse of the biologist at the University of calculations that the spill edge their 210,000 gallons- well if it were working right,
a month’s worth of leaking Gulf of Mexico, where there Louisiana Lafayette. didn’t start until April 24. a-day figure needs to be they said.
oil could fill enough gallon are 643 quadrillion gallons. “A lot of this is diffused The best case scenario revised. NOAA director Jane Ian McDonald, a Florida
milk jugs to stretch more than Even under the worst case now in deep layers,” said seems increasingly unlikely. Lubchenco said the old esti- State University oceanog-
11,300 miles. That’s more than scenario, the Gulf has five bil- Felder, who is coordinating a On Thursday, BP acknowl- mate was based on a long- rapher and expert tracking
the distance from New York lion drops of water for every seven-volume scientific ency- edged more oil than that is held international scientific the spill, said both estimates
to Buenos Aires, Argentina, drop of oil. And the mighty clopedia on the Gulf. “It’s pouring into the Gulf. The formula based on surface were wrong, but the gov-
and back. That’s just shy of Mississippi River pours 3.3 like it’s under the rug. You company said its makeshift slick observations. But the ernment figure is especially
130 million gallons. million gallons of new water can’t see it on the surface, so tube put in place to suck up way this oil slick changed wrong.
If the government’s best into the Gulf every second. it’s kind of out of sight, out of the leak is siphoning 210,000 makes that calculation no “We don’t know how
case scenario is used — and Under the rosiest scenario, mind. But it’s not out of mind gallons a day into a barge longer useful, she said. bad this is,” McDonald said
only 5.25 million gallons little more than four gyms to most of the biologists who — the full amount of oil the The worst case scenario Thursday. “One of the prob-
have spilled — those milk would be filled. That’s how are concerned about its long- company said was leaking. is based on the upper end of lems is it’s going to be very
jugs would cover a bit more the National Oceanic and term effects.” Yet, there’s still lots of oil broad estimates from several hard to know.”
than a roundtrip between Atmospheric Administration There are many uncer- flowing out into the Gulf that scientists for the daily flow McDonald said the spill’s
New York and Washington. visualizes oil spill volumes tainties about how much has can now be seen live on a rate of the leak based on surface slick is now more than
But the government is revis- on one of its web sites. spilled. It’s not even clear webcam. video observation — some- 14,600 square miles, larger
ing that number, with a team At worst, the amount of if the leak began on April “Anyone can look at that where between 840,000 gal- than the states of Maryland
of scientists working around oil that has already spilled 20, when the rig exploded, and determine that even lons a day and 4.2 million and Delaware combined.

Second rural
Upfront resident robbed
Senior Olympics at gunpoint
set June 5-16 Another robbery at gun-
point took place Thursday
The 5th annual Lima evening. This time, it
Area Senior Olympics occurred at 10:30 p.m. on
will be held June 5 - 16. Kissing Hollow Drive near
The games are open to S.R. 115 at the home of
anyone age 50 and older. 70-year-old Carl Worsham.
Registration forms are avail- Worsham returned home
able by calling 419-991-8811. and parked his vehicle
Events include: bocce, inside his garage when a
table tennis, tennis, men’s masked man entered the
volleyball, co-ed volleyball, open garage door and tied
water volleyball, swimming, him up at gunpoint.
shuffleboard, golf, darts, According to Allen
horseshoes, badminton, pick- County Sheriff’s Office Chief
leball and track and field. Deputy Jim Everett, the thief
Hair salon sets stole money from Worsham
but not the vehicle and never
Relay cut-a-thon entered the home. He said
detectives are considering
The Finishing Touch at a possible link to a similar
302 Kiracofe in Elida will robbery north of Gomer on
hold a cut-a-thon from 11 May 5. In light of the differ-
ences between the crimes,
a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday.
Franklin fifth-graders earn award for scrapbook
Photo submitted
The haircuts-only event Everett said it’s too soon
will be for walk-ins. to tell if they were carried
All money ben- out by the same person. Fifth-grade students at Franklin Elementary worked on a year-long project on energy efficiency through the Ohio
efits the Delphos and As in the other robbery, Energy Project. All students were given $200 of free supplies through the OEP to use at home. The purpose was to make
Lima Relay for Life. Worsham was not injured small changes in their homes to reduce energy usage and electricity cost to families. The students, as well as their families,
and managed to free him- learned many valuable lessons on how to change energy habits. A group of students put together a scrapbook on all the
self, then call for help. class projects. They submitted the scrapbook to be judged, along with hundreds of other schools in Ohio. Their scrapbook
Sports Anyone with information
is urged to call the Allen
County Sheriff’s anonymous
took fourth place in the 4th- and 5th-grade division. Students who put together a scrapbook on the class’s projects, in no
order, include Tori Schleeter, Kiya Wollenhaupt, Isabel Falcon, Kylie White, Zoey Porter, Bailey Sheets, Jace Stockwell,
Limaland tip line: 419-227-1306.
Logan Miller, Tori Krendl, Dani Harmon, Lauryn McCann, Jakon Blackburn and Kaytlin Ward.

cancels races
Limaland Motorsports
Wind farm may crop up in Allen County Toyota recalls Lexus cars
Park has cancelled tonight’s
scheduled Modified Mayhem
event due to wet grounds
a wind farm so large, it
“Our concern as will sit in three counties.
in Japan, US to follow
Senior Project Manager
and the expected continu-
ing rainfall throughout
a group is our Katon Fenz describes what By JAY ALABASTER
The Associated Press
A document posted today
on the Transport Ministry’s
the day and evening. county infrastruc- the company would like
to do: web site shows the latest
Limaland will return to
racing action May 28 with
ture when they “We’re looking at a proj- TOKYO — Toyota
Motor Corp. began a recall
recall covers Lexus vehi-
cles manufactured from late
the Memorial Cup. Big transport these ect of 40,000-50,000 acres
in the southern portion of today of 4,509 Lexus cars in August through mid-May.
money brings out the best
drivers and they will all be
things in and Auglaize Township in Japan because of a computer
problem affecting the mod-
It said there have been 12
complaints about the issue,
at Limaland next Friday. when they do the Allen County, all of Wayne
and Goshen townships in el’s steering system, with a with no accidents reported.
Featured divisions will be
the NRA Sprint Invaders tak- construction. We Auglaize County and parts similar recall to follow in
the U.S.
A statement on Toyota’s
website said preparations
ing on the Sprints on Dirt, aren’t seeing any of Marion and Roundhead
townships in Hardin County. The carmaker said also were being made to
K & N UMP Modifieds
and Bud Thunderstocks. on our side of the In total, we’re looking at Wednesday it would recall
the cars in Japan, with anoth-
launch a recall in the U.S.
later today. There are about
Forecast county but what’s 200-300 megawatts and
when you translate that to Manager Peter Park, accord- er 7,000 affected in the U.S., 4,000 affected Lexus cars
Mostly cloudy going to happen turbines, it depends on what ing to President Jerry Gilden. China, Europe and other in the U.S., according to
regions. The recall affects company spokesman Paul
with a chance to the roads? Are size of generator you select
but we’re looking at about
Local township personnel
have concerns over county Toyota’s luxury Lexus “LS” Nolasco.
of morn-
ing showers, they going to take 110 to 200 turbines,” he roads, though it’s on the other line and involves a comput- The fix requires a soft-
erized system that oversees ware update of the steering
storms turning care of them?” said.
A wind farm will be a
side of the county.
“Our concern as a group how the steering wheel con- system.
partly sunny Saturday. High
couple years in the making is our county infrastructure trols the tires. Toyota has recalled more
in upper 70s. See page 2. — Jerry Gilden,
when they transport these After being hit with a than 8 million vehicles
president, Allen County because the process is time- record $16.4 million fine worldwide for safety defects
things in and when they do
Index Township Assoc. consuming.
“The Ohio Power Siting the construction. We aren’t in the U.S. for being slow affecting some of its best-
Obituaries 2 Board requires pre-permit seeing any on our side of the to carry out an accelera- selling models. The U.S.
State/Local 3 BY MIKE FORD studies that have to be con- county but what’s going to tor pedal recall and facing Transportation Department
Politics 4 The Delphos Herald ducted and we’re starting happen to the roads? Are they strong government criticism is reviewing thousands
Community 5 that now. So, we’re look- going to take care of them?” both at home and abroad of Toyota documents and
Sports 6-7 ing at submitting our request he asked. for slow responses to safety could issue new penalties
Church 8 DELPHOS — As wind in 2011 and at the earliest, Gilden indicated that Park problems, Toyota Motor for the company’s handling
Classifieds 10 farms crop up all around, begin construction in 2012,” informed the group of cer- Corp. is working to react of other safety recalls.
Television 11 Allen County may join a field he said. tain routes for bringing in more quickly to problems The recalls have prompt-
World briefs 12 already populated by Van The Allen County materials, as the company with its cars. The company ed the first major review
Wert County. Township Association works with local officials on Tuesday paid the fine in of U.S. auto safety laws in
Horizon Wind Energy hosted a PowerPoint pre- who oversee roadway impact the U.S. where it still faces Congress since tire recalls
is beginning the prelimi- sentation Thursday night by in any area wind farms are hundreds of state and fed- by Bridgestone/Firestone
nary process to construct Horizon Wind Energy Project built. eral lawsuits. Inc. in 2000.
2 – The Herald Friday, May 21, 2010

For The Record

Clinton: nKorea must face WEATHER FUNERALS The Daily
consequences for attack Herald
Delphos weather BeerMAn, Mary L.,
97, of Indian Harbour Beach,
High temperature Thursday Fla., and formerly of Delphos
in Delphos was 77 degrees, and Spencerville, funeral ser- Vol. 140 No. 287
low was 45. Rainfall was vices will begin at 4 p.m. Nancy Spencer, editor
By MAttHeW Lee too tough a reaction could recorded at .27 inch. High a Sunday at Harter and Schier Ray Geary, business manager
the Associated Press “the evidence provoke new hostilities or year ago today was 64, low Funeral Home, where friends Don Hemple, advertising manager

is overwhelming was 44. Record high for today

spark chaos in the region. Tiffany Brantley,
may call for two hours prior circulation manager
TOKYO — U.S. Secretary The Obama administration is 90, set in 1977. Record low to services. Preferred memo-
of State Hillary Rodham and condemn- has said it wants South Korea is 35, set in 1954. rials are to Trinity United
William Kohl, general manager/
Eagle Print
Clinton said today the evi-
dence is “overwhelming” that ing. the torpedo to lead the way in coming up
with possible responses.
WeAtHer ForeCAst
Methodist Church in Delphos
or Vitas Hospice of Central The Daily Herald (USPS 1525
a North Korean submarine that sunk the Underscoring the concern, the Associated Press Florida. 8000) is published daily except
sank a South Korean warship
and the communist country Cheonan and U.S. officials have refused
to call the North’s attack on
toniGHt: Showers with
a chance of thunderstorms.
Sundays and Holidays.
By carrier in Delphos and
must face international con- took the lives the ship an act of war or Lows in the upper 50s. South LOTTERY area towns, or by rural motor
route where available $2.09 per
sequences for its actions.
Speaking in Tokyo at of 46 south state-sponsored terror, warn-
ing that an overreaction could
winds 10 to 15 mph. Chance
of rain 100 percent. CLEVELAND (AP) — week. By mail in Allen, Van
the outset of a three-nation Korean sailors cause the Korean peninsula sAtUrDAY: Mostly These Ohio lotteries were
drawn Thursday:
Wert, or Putnam County, $105
per year. Outside these counties
Asian trip, Clinton said the
U.S., Japan, South Korea and was fired by a to “explode.” They said they
would explore diplomatic
cloudy with a chance of show-
ers and thunderstorms in the Mega Millions $119 per year.
China are consulting on an north Korean steps through the U.N. or morning then partly sunny in
the afternoon. Highs in the
Estimated jackpot: $54
Entered in the post office
in Delphos, Ohio 45833 as
appropriate reaction to an
international investigation submarine.” increase Washington’s unilat-
eral sanctions against North upper 70s. Southwest winds 5 Midday 3
Periodicals, postage paid at
Delphos, Ohio.
that blamed North Korea for Korea’s Soviet-style state. to 10 mph. Chance of rain 40 No mail subscriptions will be
— Hillary Clinton percent. Midday 4
the incident. Clinton’s main task dur- 3-8-0-2 accepted in towns or villages
She said the report proves U.S. Secretary of State ing her time in Beijing may eXtenDeD ForeCAst
Pick 3 where The Daily Herald paper
a North Korean sub fired a be trying to persuade the sAtUrDAY niGHt: carriers or motor routes provide
Partly cloudy. Lows in the 8-2-6
torpedo that sank the ship, the North Korea denies it was Chinese to support U.N. Pick 4 daily home delivery for $2.09
Cheonan, in March and that it responsible for the sinking Security Council action upper 50s. West winds 5 to per week.
10 mph becoming south after 4-6-1-8
could no longer be “business and has threatened to retaliate against North Korea. The 405 North Main St.
as usual” in dealing with the against any attempt to punish Chinese have the most midnight. TELEPHONE 695-0015
sUnDAY: Partly sunny. Powerball
matter. it with “all-out war.” leverage over the reclusive Estimated jackpot: $170
Office Hours
While it was “premature” North Korea “will regard regime, and Beijing’s sup- Highs in the mid 80s. South 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
winds 5 to 10 mph. million POSTMASTER:
to discuss exact options or the present situation as the port for any international
actions that will be taken in phase of a war and handle response to Pyongyang will sUnDAY niGHt- Send address changes
tHUrsDAY: Mostly clear. rolling Cash 5 to THE DAILY HERALD,
response, Clinton said it was all problems in inter-Korean be critical to its success. 04-07-17-27-31
“important to send a clear relations accordingly,” Ri At an emergency national Lows in the lower 60s. Highs 405 N. Main St.
in the lower 80s. Estimated jackpot: Delphos, Ohio 45833
message to North Korea that Chung Bok, deputy direc- security meeting today in $100,000
provocative actions have con- tor of the Secretariat of the Seoul, South Korean President
“The evidence is over-
Committee for the Peaceful
Reunification of Korea, said
Lee Myung-bak said his coun-
try was caught in a “perfect
Scholars of the Day
st. ritA’s 35-36-38-39-41-46-51-52-55-
whelming and condemning. in an interview with broad- military ambush” but called A girl was born May 20 61-62-79
The torpedo that sunk the caster APTN in Pyongyang. for a cautious response to the to Jason and Nichole Will of ten oH Midday
Cheonan and took the lives of Clinton’s Asian tour, sinking. Lee said the attack Fort Jennings. 01-02-06-08-09-12-20-32-
46 South Korean sailors was which will also take her to violated the U.N. Charter as A girl was born May 20 to 36-38-39-41-46-47-56-61-63-
fired by a North Korean sub- China and South Korea, was well as the truce that ended Bobbie Elling of Delphos. 64-72-76
marine,” she told reporters at supposed to focus on U.S.- the fighting in the 1950-53

No survivors found at
a joint press conference with China economic issues. But Korean War.
Japanese Foreign Minister that was before Thursday’s After meeting with her
Katsuya Okada. release of the report which Japanese counterpart Okada,
“We cannot allow this
attack on South Korea to go
unanswered by the interna-
concluded that a North
Korean sub had torpedoed
a South Korean corvette on
Clinton said Tokyo and
Washington were seeking to
resolve a dispute over the
Afghan airline crash site St. John’s Scholar of the
Day is Nathan
tional community,” she said. March 26, splitting the vessel relocation of a key Marine Jackson.
“This will not be and cannot in two and killing 46 sailors. base on the southern island By AMir sHAH slammed into a boulder. Congratulations
be business as usual. There Input from the three coun- of Okinawa by the end of the Associated Press The cause of the crash,
must be an international, not tries will be key to determin- May — a deadline set by which occurred in heavy
just a regional, but an inter- ing an appropriate response, Japan’s prime minister that KABUL, Afghanistan fog, has not been deter- Jefferson’s Scholar of the
national response.” especially with fears that looks increasingly unlikely. — Searchers found no mined. The airline denied Day is Meagan
survivors today among 44 allegations of lax safety
Gaza gunmen infiltrate Israel, clash with troops
people on board an Afghan procedures made by an
commercial airliner that American photojournal- Congratulations
crashed this week on a ist who said she took a Meagan!
By AMY teiBeL the gunbattle. were quickly surrounded by
the Associated Press The military spokesman’s troops. The officials spoke remote mountain north of Pamir flight from Kunduz Students can pick up their
office confirmed an exchange on condition of anonymity the capital of Kabul, the to Kabul on May 4. awards in their school offices.
JERUSALEM — Two of fire between an unspecified because they were not autho- aviation minister said. Stephanie Sinclair

Palestinian militants infil- number of gunmen and sol- rized to disclose details of the The Antonov-24 operat- said in an e-mail to The
trated into Israel today from diers near Israel’s Kissufim firefight. ed by Pamir Airways disap- Associated Press that dur-
the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip crossing with Gaza. It did not The military spokes- peared Monday on a flight ing the flight, the pilot
but were caught in a firefight say on which side of the bor- man’s office said it could from Kunduz to Kabul. allowed several passen- The Delphos Herald wants
with Israeli troops, Israeli der the clashes took place. not confirm an Army Radio The wreckage was spot- gers to enter the cockpit to correct published errors in its
military officials said. Other military officials report that the militants ted Thursday by a search even though there was tur- news, sports and feature articles.
There were unconfirmed said the gunmen entered were killed in the gunbattle. plane on a 13,500-foot bulence and bad weather. To inform the newsroom of a
reports the militants died in Israeli territory, where they It said it was not aware of (4,100-meter) mountain in They remained there until mistake in published information,
any other gunmen having Shakar Darah district north the plane landed. call the editorial department at
of Kabul. “The whole thing was 419-695-0015. Corrections will
eluded troops. be published on this page.
90th Birthday Party Hamas security officials Aviation Minister extremely reckless behav-
Mohammadullah Batash ior on everyone’s part. I
Still Looking VERN KILL confirmed two militants had
been sent on an operation to
attack Israel and clashed with
told The Associated Press
that ground searchers
did complain to a Pamir
flight attendant during
The winner in Week
Great at 70! soldiers near the Israel-Gaza reached the site today but the flight and then also to 1 of The Delphos Herald’s
border. The radio station of found no survivors. the airport office manager 140th Anniversary Give-
the Islamic Jihad militant Three Britons and one when we landed,” Sinclair Away is Starr Obringer of
group said its fighters had American were among said. “I was assured by the Spencerville.
been sent on an unspecified eight foreign passengers flight attendant that it was Congratulations Starr!
mission. on the plane along with ’perfectly safe’ for there to
Hamas security officials
said Israeli tanks crossed into
nationals from Pakistan
and Australia, according to
be these irregularities.”
Khalilullah Fruzi, a co-
Ohio unem-
Gaza after the infiltration and
fired three shells.
chief aviation investigator
Ghulam Farooq. He did not
owner of Pamir, dismissed
the allegations as “propa- ployment
The military had no infor-
mation on that report.
have precise numbers for
Australian and Pakistani
ganda by our competitors.”
“It is wrong, it is ille- edges down-
SUNDAY, MAY 23 Van Wert Cinemas
Russia’s Itar-Tass news
gal,” Fruzi said. “There
is no additional space for ward in April
agency said three Tajikistan another person in the cock- COLUMBUS (AP) —
1:30-4:00 citizens working for the pit. Our pilot was a Tajik-
May 21st thru 27th Ohio’s unemployment rate has
Happy Birthday The Eagles, airline were also aboard, Russian and we never heard slipped from its highest level
possibly among the crew. such allegations.”
1600 E. Fifth in more than 26 years as more
nt s
COUNTRY MUSIC FEST 2010 Photos supplied by Kabul-based Pamir people found work in both
Delphos S
NATO forces show the Airways, named after the services and goods-producing
 L
No gifts, please plane broken into four mountain range of Central industries.
June 4 & 5, 2010 - Friday & Saturday

pieces and strewn across a Asia, began operations in The Ohio Department of
SATURDAY steep mountainside about 1995. It has daily flights Job and Family Services said
24 miles (38 kilometers) to major Afghan cities and today the state’s job market
Tony Rio 
 Katie Armiger 
 Riverbilly 
 Dirt Drifters 
COMING SOON: Prince of Persia,
Children 11 & Under, Seniors, All shows
north of Kabul. Bad weath-
er and the rugged moun-
tain terrain hampered the
flies to Dubai and Saudi
Arabia for the hajj pilgrim-
showed slight improvement
in April, with unemployment
JayentsTaylor 
MUSIC Cowboys2010
 before 6:00 p.m. $4.50-Adults $7.00 going down to 10.9 percent
Pres Tuesday: Family Night ~ Thursday: BYOB search. Pamir’s chief execu- from 11.0 percent in March.
Battle of the Bands - Sat. 12:30 pm - 6:30 pm
 VAN-DEL DRIVE IN Afghan military search tive officer, Amanullah The department had said
Cornhole Tournament - Sat. 1:00 pm teams collected body parts Hamid, said the plane was
June 4 & 5, 2010 - Friday & Saturday Friday-Saturday-Sunday
May 21st - 22nd - 23rd
strewn among traces of last inspected about three
the March rate was the state’s
To purchase
Screen 1-Shrek Forever After-PG
highest since September 1983.
FRIDAYtickets - Go to:
Iron Man 2-PG13
Screen 2-Furry Vengeance-PG; Backup Plan-PG13 snow on the high plateau months ago in Bulgaria. Ohio’s April unemploy-
$15/Day - $25/2 Days ($30.00 at the gate) where the plane went down, The An-24 is a medium- ment was a full percentage
Rio  Riverbilly
Screen 3-Date Night-PG13; Kickass-R
For battle of the bands Panning
registration call Rob 
at 419-966-5682 Admission-Adults $7.00 Children 5 to 11-$3.50
according to Associated range twin-turboprop civil
Katie Armiger
complete  Dirtcamping,
 and Driftersgoto: Gates Open at 8:00-Showtime at dark point higher than the national
For info, performance times ANNUAL MEMORIAL DAY DUSK TILL DAWN Press Television News aircraft built in the former rate of 9.9 percent. A year ago
Jay Taylor   Locash Cowboys  MAY 30th - LOTS OF PRIZES
video. Parts of the aircraft Soviet Union from 1950 to in April, Ohio had joblessness
Rain or Shine - Bring Your Own Lawn Chair - Food & Beer Available.
Battle of the Bands - Sat. 12:30 pm - 6:30 pm 419-238-2100 slid down a ravine and 1978. A modernized ver- of 10.0 percent.
sion is still made in China. The number of work-
Cornhole Tournament - Sat. 1:00 pm It is widely used by ers unemployed in Ohio last
To purchase tickets - Go to: airlines in the developing month was 652,000, down
world due to its rugged from 656,000 in March. The
$15/Day - $25/2 Days ($30.00 at the gate)
design, ease of mainte- number of Ohioans employed
For battle of the bands registration call Rob Panning at 419-966-5682
For complete info, performance times and camping, go to: nance and low operating outside of farms increased by
costs. 37,300 in April.

• Timely Delivery
$ 00
Rain or Shine - Bring Your Own Lawn Chair - Food & Beer Available.
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419-695-5500 150 West 5th Street, Delphos Elida Rd., Lima
419-692-2056 Next to WENDY’S 419-225- PACK
Open Mon.-Sat. 11am-7pm VISA/Mastercard Accepted Friday, May 21, 2010 The Herald –3

From the Vantage Point

Senior awards assembly held at Vantage

“Awards of Distinction” Mechanics), Blaise May
and scholarships highlighted (Welding), Jessie Giessler
the annual awards assembly (Auto Body) and Caleb
at Vantage Career Center on Johnson (Carpentry).
Tuesday. The entire student Scholarship recipients
body, along with staff mem- were also recognized at
bers, home school represen- the assembly. The Robert
tatives, family and friends, C. Stevens Scholarship
joined together at this event is given by the Vantage
to recognize the achievements Teacher’s Organization in
and accomplishments of stu- memory of Bob Stevens,
dents enrolled in Vantage who taught Occupational
career technical programs. Work Experience (OWE)
Special guest speaker for at Vantage from 1976 until
this year’s assembly was 1984. Students who are
Alysha Mays, a Cosmetology awarded this scholarship have
senior from Paulding. She shown outstanding achieve-
looked back at events and ment in their program area,
activities that shaped her while demonstrating initia-
generation while they were tive and perseverance. This
growing up and during their year, the Robert C. Stevens
two years at Vantage. She Scholarships were awarded to
encouraged her classmates Avery Etlzer (Lincolnview),
to go after their dreams and Blaise May (Van Wert)

Vantage class of 2010 Award of Distinction winners are, front from left, Isabelle LeFever (Health Careers), Sara
Kohls (Food Careers), Kayla Collins-Scott (Culinary Arts), Avery Etzler (Early Childhood Education), Crystal Dockery
(Cosmetology) and Cassandra Carter (Cosmetology); and back, Brian German (Industrial Mechanics), Cody Mox (Auto
Technology), Johnathan Straley (Precision Machining), Dalton Yenser (Ag Diesel Mechanics), Blaise May (Welding),
Jesse Geissler (Auto Body) and Caleb Johnson (Carpentry).

Photos submitted
Jennifer and Scott Ralston congratulate Vantage senior
Ag Diesel student, Dalton Yenser (Continental) for being
selected as the recipient of the Joshua Ralston Memorial

reminded them that reach- and Isabelle LeFever (Van

ing an accomplishment is Wert).
not the end of the road, it The Joshua Ralston
just marks the beginning of Memorial Scholarship
the next step. She thanked was established in 2003 in
teachers and staff members memory of Josh Ralston, a
for their guidance, friendship Vantage Ag Diesel student
and support. from Parkway. This scholar-
Each year, career techni- ship is given to a student Vantage Scholarship recipients are, front from left, Paige Gamble (Early Childhood), Alayna Leatherman (Medical
cal teachers select outstand- pursuing a career and fur- Office Management), Rachel Miller (Medical Office Management), Torrie Decker (Medical Office Management), Avery
ing students to receive the ther education in mechanics. Etzler (Early Childhood Education), Paige Kittle (Early Childhood Education), Emily Mabry (Early Childhood Education),
Award of Distinction. To His father, Scott Ralston, Camile Harting (Health Careers); center, Kayla Collins-Scott (Culinary Arts), Carrie Kitchen (Auto Technology), Taylor
be eligible for this award, presented the scholarship Wilhelm (Cosmetology), Isabelle LeFever (Health Careers) and Maggie Girardot (Network Systems); and back, Cody
a student must demonstrate this year to Dalton Yesner Mox (Auto Technology), Clint Myers (Industrial Mechanics), Wade Haller (Ag Diesel Mechanics), Dalton Yenser (Ag
leadership qualities at school, (Continental). Diesel Mechanics), Kyle Hoffman (Network Systems), Blaise May (Welding) and Adam Showalter (Interactive Media).
have outstanding achieve- The Principal’s Award, Not pictured: Cole Evans (Auto Body), Jessica Easterlin (Early Childhood) and Shelby Lumpkins (Health Careers).

N S $
ment in their program area, was given to two senior stu-

show exceptional skills in dents who made great strides Continental competed in

the subject area, participate during their junior and senior the Business Professionals

as an active member of a years at Vantage. Carrie of America (BPA) Medical
school career, technical club Kitchen (Continental) and Office Procedures national
and demonstrate coopera- Cody Mox (Fort Jennings) contest in Anaheim, Calif., in
tion, initiative and responsi- were the recipients of this May and placed 13th out of
bility. award. 71 other contestants. Curtis

This year’s Award of Avery Etzler, an Early Schroeder, a junior Carpentry
Distinction winners are, Childhood Education student from Kalida will
Isabelle LeFever (Health senior from Lincolnview be representing Vantage
Careers), Sara Kohls (Food was awarded the Van Wert at the National SkillsUSA
Careers), Kayla Collins- Rotary scholarship by Van Leadership conference in
Scott (Culinary Arts), Avery Wert Rotary President, Deb Kansas City later this sum-
Etzler (Early Childhood Russell. All 23 Vantage mer. To Highlight the 140th Anniversary of
Education), Crystal Dockery scholarship recipients were National Technical Honor The Delphos Herald, the newspaper will
(Cosmetology), Cassandra recognized at the Awards Society members, award of
Carter (Cosmetology), Assembly. merit winners, students receiv- be giving $100 in gift
Brian German (Industrial National skills contes- ing academic awards, student
Mechanics), Cody Mox (Auto tants were also recognized ambassadors and Girls and certificates to one (1) lucky
Technology), Jonathan Straley during the assembly. Chelsea Boys State delegates were winner, every week for
(Precision Machining), Bullen, a Medical Office also recognized during the
Dalton Yenser (Ag Diesel Management senior from Awards Assembly. 14 weeks, starting May 20.
• 1 winner* every Thursday
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4 — The Herald Friday, May 21, 2010

POLITICS “Ideals are like stars; you will not succeed in touching them with your hands. But like the
seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides, and following them
you will reach your destiny.” — Carl Schurz, American politician (1829-1906)

New bank regulations

tough on everybody
By JIM KUHNHENN lawmakers left some gaping a minimum 5 percent down-
The Associated Press questions on how to tackle payment on their mortgages.
some of the most significant It also rolled back a provi-
WASHINGTON — financial sector weaknesses sion that would have required
Congress is getting tougher exposed by the 2008 financial lenders who sell their mort-
on both borrowers and lend- meltdown — from mortgage gages to hold 5 percent of
ers blamed for inflating a giants Fannie Mae and Freddie the credit risk as “skin in
housing bubble that, when it Mac to unsettled disputes over the game,” designed to ensure
popped, plunged the nation banks and their derivatives they wrote safe loans. Instead,
into a severe recession two business and requirements lenders who write loans that
years ago. that they hold more capital. meet strict underwriting stan-
Under sweeping finan- And in the rough and tumble dards could sell their loans
cial overhauls that have now give and take of writing laws, and avoid the risk retention
passed the House and Senate, they rejected tougher mea- requirement.
home buyers won’t be able sures that would have forced Lending would be over-
to get a mortgage without behemoth banks to downsize, seen by a new agency.
producing pay stubs or other required securitizers to retain The House sets up a stand-
Snowe lauds
evidence they can make some credit risk in their loans, alone Consumer Financial
their monthly payments. A and compelled home buyers Protection Agency with rule
nominee Kagan new consumer watchdog
will police lenders who offer
to put a downpayment on
their loans.
writing powers. The Senate
sets up an independent bureau
One Year Ago WASHINGTON (AP) — impossible-to-resist subprime If anything, however, the within the Federal Reserve
• St. John’s High School Senior Andrew Wellmann, 18, Supreme Court nominee Elena mortgages and then jack up political environment has and its rules could be vetoed
was a standout on campus; he not only was awarded the John Kagan criticized a campaign the interest rates to impossi- grown more populist since the by the oversight council of
Philip Sousa Band Award from the school but also the St. finance ruling in a case she ble-to-pay levels. House passed its legislation regulators. House Financial
John’s Most Outstanding Musician Award, which goes to the argued for the Obama admin- The bills, which still have in December — a trend that Service Committee Chairman
top band member. He was awarded the Ronald W. Richards istration and considers abor- to be blended into one that will likely protect the tougher Barney Frank indicated the
Young Musician Scholarship the Lima Kiwanis gives each tion rights to be settled law, could reach the president’s provisions in both bills. agency would not likely end
year to one musician in the county who plans to pursue music according to a GOP senator desk this summer, also shine Here’s a broad look at ele- up in the Fed, but otherwise
in college. who met with her Thursday. more light on complex but ments of the bill and what said the authorities of the two
Maine Sen. Olympia hidden financial instruments, they do and don’t do to avoid entities were similar.
25 Years Ago — 1985 Snowe, asked whether the “derivatives” that made a repeat of a financial crisis: “I thought we’d have a
• Ottoville Jaycees selected Dan Gerdemann as “Jaycee Republicans could support long-odds bets on whether In passing its sweeping major fight over the indepen-
of the Year” at their 20th awards banquet. Gerdeman also Kagan, said the nominee “cer- Americans could make pay- rewrite of financial regula- dence of the CFPA,” he said.
served as this year’s Jaycee director. Other officers for 1984- tainly has the qualifications, ments on mortgages they tions, the Senate does not “Not a problem.”
85 year were John Winhover, external vice president; Jim and certainly has, I think, the never should have qualified embrace Shakespeare’s admo- Fixing the government-
Gerdeman, president; Chris Kortokrax, second year director; balance in her approach — at for. nition: “Neither a borrower sponsored mortgage giants
Jeff Fischbach, treasurer; Larry Looser, secretary; and Ralph least so far — but I’d like to The legislation takes aim nor a lender be.” Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
wait and see.” at the credit and securities But it makes it tougher. was put off for another day.
Wannemacher, internal vice president. markets that collapsed when Mortgage brokers won’t be The two companies low-
• A pork roast at the Delphos Senior Citizens Center was In their private meeting,
Kagan stressed the impor- those bets turned out to be able to make money on high ered their standards for bor-
part of the activities for the annual Senior Citizens Day. Fred wrong, prompting Congress interest loans; buyers won’t rowers during the housing
Geier, who turned 103 May 12 and Elizabeth Ribley, who tance of judicial restraint
and deference to Congress and the Federal Reserve to be able to lie about their abil- boom and now those high-
will be 103 May 23, were honored during the activities. Other put up more than $2 trillion ity to pay as loan officers look risk loans are defaulting at
activities included a puppet show by the Shekinah Friends of by the high court, and dis-
cussed abortion rights, Snowe to prevent a panic that might the other way. a record pace. The govern-
the Assembly of God Church, election of directors, drawing well have triggered a global The Senate rejected a ment has been forced to res-
said. The senator was one of
for a picnic table and the awarding of door prizes. depression. proposal that would have cue them to the tune of $145
seven Republicans who joined
• Fort Jennings High School graduation exercises will Democrats last year in voting Still, for all their ambition, required home buyers to place billion.

National intelligence director resigning

be at 8 p.m. May 24 in the high school gymnasium. Giving to confirm Kagan as solici-
the welcome speech will be Tim Berelsman, son of Mr. and tor general, the top govern-
Mrs. John Berelsman. Julia Metzger, daughter of Mr. and ment lawyer who argues the
Mrs. Carl Metzger, will be speaking about the 1985 Senior administration’s cases before By EILEEN SULLIVAN that I will step down as direc- ing several strong candidates
Class Motto. The senior class song will be the topic of the Supreme Court. and KIMBERLY DOZIER tor of national intelligence,” to be his replacement,” one
Laura Donaldson’s speech. She is the daughter of Mr. and Abortion rights supporters The Associated Press Blair said. official said.
Mrs. Russell Donaldson. The farewell address will be given are concerned about a memo The resignation became All the officials spoke
by Becky Krietemeyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George Kagan wrote as a White House WASHINGTON — inevitable following a meet- on condition of anonymity
Krietemeyer. aide in 1997 urging President National Intelligence Director ing between President Barack because the announcement
Bill Clinton to back a ban on Dennis Blair is resigning Obama and Blair on Thursday had not yet been made. Blair’s
50 Years Ago — 1960 late-term abortions. under pressure from the White afternoon, according to two departure was first reported
• More than 100 ladies and girls attended the Evangelical Senators also are awaiting House, ending a tumultuous senior congressional officials. by ABC News.
United Brethren Church Mother-Daughter banquet held in another 160,000 pages of doc- 16-month tenure marked by During the meeting, the offi- Names mentioned as pos-
the social rooms of the church. Following the banquet, a uments from Kagan’s tenure intelligence failures and spy cials said, it became clear that sible replacements for Blair
program was presented in the sanctuary of the church. The on the Clinton White House agency turf wars. Blair had “lost the confidence include John Brennan, the
evening’s program consisted of an organ prelude by Mrs. staff that are being organized Blair, a retired Navy admi- of the president.” president’s homeland security
George Patton. Nora Link offered a prayer and the Toast to for release at the Clinton pres- ral, is the third director of Obama made no reference and counterterrorism adviser;
Daughters was given by Mrs. Charles Grace. Tamara Grace idential library in Little Rock, national intelligence, a posi- to Blair’s rocky tenure in a James R. Clapper, the under-
gave the Toast to Mothers. A Rose Parade was presented by Ark. Republicans have com- tion created in response to brief statement Thursday night secretary of defense for intel-
Mrs. Richard Rinehart as narrator. Mrs. Lloyd Kerslake and plained that they aren’t likely public outrage over the failure that did not acknowledge his ligence, and John Hamre, the
Mrs. M. C. Maloney sang a duet. Mrs. Fred Kiggins presented to come in time for thorough to prevent the Sept. 11, 2001, impending resignation, one of president of the Center for
a monologue entitled “A Tribute to Grandmothers,” and scrutiny before confirmation terrorist attacks. the highest-profile adminis- Strategic and International
Mrs. Orvil Wagoner, soloist, sang, “Rockin’ Alone in an Old hearings begin June 28. His departure underscores tration departures. Studies.
Rockin’ Chair.” “We’re hoping we’re going the disorganization inside “During his time as DNI, In an e-mail Thursday
to make that deadline,” said the Obama administration’s our intelligence community night, Hamre said: “I have had
75 Years Ago — 1935 Susan Cooper, a spokeswom- intelligence apparatus, rocked has performed admirably and no conversations with anyone
• The Walterick-Hemme Post, No. 3035, Veterans of an for the National Archives. over the past six months by effectively at a time of great about the job and wish to
Foreign Wars, will make arrangements at their meeting for the “We’ve got all our resources a spate of high-profile ter- challenges to our security, remain at CSIS.”
sale of VFW “Buddy” poppies. These poppies will be offered dedicated to working on this. ror attacks that revealed new and I have valued his sense Blair’s term in office was
for sale by members of the VFW Auxiliary. The Memorial The task is enormous.” national security lapses. And of purpose and patriotism,” marred by turf battles with
Day committee is composed of R. E. McKinnon, chairman; Cooper said Thursday it comes two days after a stark the president said. “He and I CIA Director Leon Panetta
Harold Hesseling, William Berry, William Eichenhorst and that additional workers from Senate report criticized Blair’s both share a deep admiration and Blair’s own controversial
Washington likely would be office and other intelligence for the men and women of our public comments in the wake
Med Granger.
sent to Little Rock to help go agencies for new failings that, intelligence community, who of the abortive Christmas Day
• The Red and White baseball team is in for hard going despite a top-to-bottom over- are performing extraordinary jetliner bombing.
when they clash with the former Jefferson High stars in the through documents.
Kagan, President Barack haul of the U.S. intelligence and indispensable service to The two congressional offi-
annual Alumni-Varsity tilt. Joe Cattell is heading the forces apparatus after 9/11, allowed our nation.” cials said Blair had been on a
of the “Old Boys” and will probably be on the firing line for Obama’s choice to succeed
the retiring Justice John Paul a would-be bomber to board Two other government losing streak since he squared
them. Coach Fries and his charges, however, are not worrying a Detroit-bound airliner on officials said several candi- off with Panetta last May over
but believe that they will be able to take care of themselves Stevens, visited senators in
both parties ahead of her Christmas Day. dates already had been inter- Blair’s effort to choose a per-
nicely. In a message Thursday to viewed for the national intel- sonal representative at U.S.
• Theft of milk from porches in Delphos is again reported nomination hearings. The
meetings included Democrats his work force, Blair said his ligence director’s job, which embassies to be his eyes and
to the local police. Unknown persons have been following last day would be May 28. is to oversee the nation’s 16 ears abroad, instead of relying
the milk men and stealing the bottled milk. An effort is now and two Republicans seen as
potential supporters, Snowe “It is with deep regret that intelligence agencies. on CIA station chiefs, as had
being made by the police to determine the identity of the I informed the president today “We have been interview- been past practice.
guilty parties. Persons seeing anyone taking milk or acting and Sen. Judd Gregg of New
in a suspicious manner are asked to cooperate by notifying
the officers.
Hampshire, who also voted
for Kagan last time. Mexican president criticizes Ariz. immigration law
There appears to be little By JIM ABRAMS illegally. er highly sensitive issue,
doubt for now that Kagan will The Associated Press “It is a law that not only Calderon urged Congress
win Senate approval, given ignores a reality that can- to restore a ban on assault
that Democrats have more WASHINGTON — not be erased by decree but weapons, saying easy access
Moderately confused than enough votes and even
her GOP critics have shown
Mexican President Felipe
Calderon took his opposition
also introduces a terrible idea
using racial profiling as a
to high-powered weapons is
contributing to drug-related
little appetite for blocking to a new Arizona immigration basis for law enforcement,” violence along the border.
her. Kagan, 50, is using her law to Congress Thursday, he said to cheers, mainly Calderon also took up the
Capitol Hill visits to answer saying it “ignores a real- from the Democratic side of Arizona law in a meeting
senators’ questions about her ity that cannot be erased by the chamber. Wednesday with President
background and views. decree.” Speaking in English, he Barack Obama, who referred
Snowe said Kagan was Calderon’s comments warned of the risk when “core to the law as a “misdirected
critical of the court for over-
on the Arizona law and his values we all care about are expression of frustration.”
reaching in its January rul-
request that Congress do breached.” The Mexican leader said
ing upholding the First
something about the availabil- Arizona’s senior his country was doing its
Amendment rights of corpo-
ity of high-powered weapons Republican senator, John best, by promoting more jobs
rations and labor unions to
spend money on campaign along the border drew criti- McCain was not present at the and opportunities at home,
ads. “It should have been cism from several lawmakers joint meeting, while the office to reduce the flow of immi-
more narrowly decided than it saying he was interfering in of Jon Kyl, the other Arizona grants to the United States.
was,” Snowe said, describing U.S. internal matters. senator, did not respond But he stressed the “need
Kagan’s position in the case, The Mexican leader also immediately to inquiries to fix a broken and inefficient
Citizens United v. FEC, which told lawmakers reluctant to about whether Kyl was pres- system ... the time has come
was a high-profile defeat. take up the immigration issue ent. McCain attended a lunch to reduce the causes of migra-
Snowe showed off a this year that comprehensive with Calderon at the State tion and to turn this phenom-
framed photograph in which immigration reform is crucial Department Wednesday. enon into a legal, ordered and
she posed with Justice Ruth to securing the two countries’ McCain issued a statement secure flow of workers and
Bader Ginsburg and former common border. that it was “unfortunate and visitors.”
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Calderon, the first foreign disappointing the president of Obama is pressing law-
“Something to look forward national leader to address Mexico chose to criticize the makers to take up legislation
to,” she told Kagan. If con- Congress this year, said he state of Arizona by weighing that would deal with border
firmed, Kagan would be the strongly disagrees with the in on a U.S. domestic policy security, employment and
third female justice on the Arizona law that requires issue during a trip that was citizenship. It is questionable
court now — joining Ginsburg police to question people meant to reaffirm the unique whether Congress, in an elec-
and Sonia Sotomayor — and about their immigration sta- relationship between our two tion year, has an inclination
the fourth woman ever to tus if there’s reason to sus- countries.” to tackle such a highly sensi-
serve. pect they are in the country And broaching anoth- tive issue. Friday, May 21, 2010 The Herald – 5

LANDMARK First Family Historical society presents ‘Lincoln’s Ladies’
Johnson burned Hundreds of books and Historical Society is pleased spent 30 years as a history
thousands of articles have to present Ron Huber at 2 teacher at Shawnee High

midnight oil
been written about our p.m. on Sunday at the Allen School. He retired in 1998
nation’s 16th president, County Museum. Huber is an and spends his time as a
Abraham Lincoln. One area emeritus Board members of bookseller, selling rare and
that has not received much the Allen County Historical out-of-print books on the

in oval office
Vantage Career Center attention is Lincoln’s rela- Society and will present Internet. He also teaches
tionships with women and “Lincoln’s Ladies.” courses for the Institute for
the influence that women had This presentation hopes to Learning in Retirement at
on his life and his presidency. add to a better understanding his alma mater, Bluffton
CALENDAR OF Here are some interesting
As one studies these rela- of Lincoln and the ladies in University, and does a con-
tionships, the complexities of his life. siderable amount of public
EVENTS — an often amazing — facts
about our First Families:
• Ronald Reagan’s daugh- Lincoln’s character are more
ter, Patti, was quite often fully revealed.
Born and raised in Lima, speaking in the community.
Ron graduated from Lima This program is free and
• First Lady Rosalyn rebellious to her father. As a The Allen County Senior High School and open to the public.
TODAY Carter did not young woman, she

At the movies . . .
1-4:30 p.m. — Interfaith like her Secret changed her name
Thrift Store is open for shop- Service Agents to Patti Davis.
ping. having guns while When her dad was
protecting their president, she stat-
SATURDAY young daugh- ed in an interview
9 a.m.-noon — Interfaith ter Amy in the that she liked to use Van Wert Cinemas Shrek Forever After 3D (PG) 12:15/12:45/
Thrift Store, North Main White House. She cocaine and occa- 10709 Lincoln Hwy. 1:45/2:45/3:15/4:15/5:15/5:45/6:45/7:45/8:25
Street. thought it made a sionally gardened Van Wert /9:15/10:15/10:55
St. Vincent DePaul Society, bad impression. — in the nude. Iron Man 2 (PG-13) Fri.: 4:30/7:00/9:30; Just Wright (PG) 1:05/3:55/7:35/9:55
located at the east edge of the However her Sat.: 1:00/3:30/6:15/8:45; Sun.: 1:00/4:00/ Letters to Juliet (PG) 1:15/4:15/7:20/9:50
St. John’s High School park- agents refused • In 1994, a man 7:00; Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 Robin Hood (PG-13) 1:00/4:007:00/10:00
ing lot, is open. The facil- to abandon their Clarkson named Francisco Nightmare on Elm Street (R) Fri. 7:00/9:15; Iron Man 2 (PG-13) 12:30/1:30/3:30/4:30/6
ity can also be opened by firepower citing Martin Duran stood Sat.: 6:15/8:30; Sun.: 7:00; Mon.-Wed.: 7:00 :30/7:30/9:30/10:30
appointment by calling John that in the event of an attack, in front of the White House The Back-up Plan (PG-13) Fri. 4:30; ; Sat.: A Nightmare on Elm Street (R)
Trentman at 419-692-7185. it would leave the first fam- and started firing his Chinese 1:00/3:30; Sun.: 1:00/4:00; Mon.-Wed.: 4:30 12:50/3:50/6:45/9:20
5 p.m. — Delphos Coon ily too vulnerable. President made SKS semiautomatic Robin Hood (PG-13) Fri.: 4:30/8:00; Sat.: Date Night (PG-13) 7:05/9:35
and Sportsman’s Club hosts a Jimmy Carter had to override rifle. He was firing at a man 1:00/3:45/6:30/9:15; Sun.: 1:00/4:00/7:00; How to Train Your Dragon (PG) 1:10/4:10
chicken fry. his wife’s decision. coming out of the White Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:15 Eastgate Dollar Movies
7 p.m. — Bingo at St. House who resembled Bill Letters to Juliet (PG) Fri.: 4:30/7:00/9:30; 2100 Harding Hwy. Lima
John’s Little Theatre. • President Andrew Clinton but was not him. As Sat.: 1:00/3:30/6:15/78:45; Sun.: 1:00/4:00/ Today
Johnson would many times he paused to reload, sever- 7:00; Mon.-Thurs.: 4:30/7:00 Hot Tub Time Machine (R) 4:30/7:30/
SUNDAY head to his office at night al tourists grabbed him and Sex and the City 2 (R) Thurs.: 4:30/7:15 9:45
1-4 p.m. — Putnam County with a pot of coffee to do took him to the ground. He The Van Del Drive-In Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) 4:20/7:20/
Museum is open, 202 E. Main additional work. He liked to was arrested, sentenced to 40 19986 Lincoln Hwy., Middle Point 9:25
St. Kalida. work standing up because he years in prison and ordered to Screen 1 Alice in Wonderlad (PG) 4:10/7:10/9:35
1:30 p.m. — Amvets Post suffered from painful kidney pay for the damages to sev- Shrek Forever After (PG) Shutter Island (R) 4:00/7:00/9:50
698 Auxiliary meets at the stones and this relieved some eral White House windows, Iron Man 2 (PG-13) Saturday
Amvets post in Middle Point. of the agony. He also would which he made into Swiss Screen 2 Hot Tub Time Machine (R) 1:30/4:30/
4 p.m. — Amvets Post 698 have his secretary dictate let- cheese. Furry Vengeance (PG) 7:30/9:45
regular meeting at the Amvets ters for him. A few years Back Up Plan (PG-13) Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) 1:20/4:20/7:20/
post in Middle Point. before he became president, Contact syndicated colum- Screen 3 9:25
7:30 p.m. — Sons of he was in a train accident and nist Scott Clarkson at clark- Date Night (PG-13) Alice in Wonderlad (PG) 1:10/4:10/
Amvets Post 698 meet at badly hurt his right arm.
Amvets Post in Middle Point. Kickass (R) 7:10/9:35
Gates open at 7 p.m.; showtime at dark. Shutter Island (R) 1:00/4:00/7:00/9:50
American Mall Stadium 12
Red Cross offers Sunday
Hot Tub Time Machine (R) 1:30/4:30/
9 a.m. to 7 p.m. — Ottoville
Branch Library is open. 2830 W. Elm St., Lima
Today, Saturday and Sunday
infant, child
Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG) 1:20/4:20/
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite
at Delphos Senior Citizen MacGruber (R) 12:00/2:20/4:40/7:25/9:40 CPR class
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. Shrek Forever After (PG) 11:45/2:15/4:45/ Alice in Wonderlad (PG) 1:10/4:10/7:10
7 p.m. — Ottoville village The Putnam County Red 7:15/9:45 Shutter Island (R) 1:00/4:00/7:00

Shrine sets Indian Heritage Day view

council meets at the municipal Cross offers Infant and Child
building. CPR class from 6:30-9:30
Marion Township Trustees p.m. on June 3 at the Annex The Basilica and National Basilica at noon.
meet at the township house.
7:30 p.m. — Delphos
building in Ottawa. Shrine of Our Lady of Other masses are at 8 a.m.
Cost is $30, $15 for recer- Consolation in Carey will and 10 a.m. An outdoor rosa-
Eagles Aerie 471 meets at the tification. host their fourth Indian ry procession will take place
Eagles Lodge.
Happy Classes must be prepaid in Heritage Day on June 13, at 2:30 p.m. online
TUESDAY advance, checks payable to with confessions from 10:30- For further information on Obituaries updated daily online!
11:30 a.m. — Mealsite Birthday
Putnam County Red Cross.
Call 419-523-4810 for
noon. the shrine and other upcom-
The Syro-Malankara Mass ing events call 419-396-
at Delphos Senior Citizen May 22
Center, 301 Suthoff Street. more information. will be held in the Upper 7107. online
Terry Landwehr
6 p.m. — Weight Watchers
Jeanette Wannemacher

Great Deals!
meets at Trinity United
Methodist Church, 211 E. Sean Williams
Third St. Roger Calvelage
7 p.m. — Delphos Area Carson Stoner
Simply Quilters meets at the
Delphos Area Chamber of
Commerce, 306 N. Main St.
Delphos City Council
meets at the municipal build- Straight From the Market
ing, 608 N. Canal St.
7:30 p.m. — Alcoholics

99 ¢
Anonymous, First Presbyterian
Church, 310 W. Second St.
Please notify the Delphos
Herald at 419-695-0015 if Save up to $1.00 lb. Quality Produce, Insanely Low Prices
there are any corrections
• We get our produce from the Detroit Produce Terminal,
or additions to the Coming the 4th largest in the U.S.
Events column.
Red Grapes
• Our produce buyers are there 3 times a week inspecting
lb. produce and finding great deals.
see and
howsee how
30 days
30 and
well Curves can work for
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6 – The Herald Friday, May 21, 2010

Six Delphos track athletes heading to regionals

By JIM METCALFE it to the finals in the girls
The Delphos Herald long jump but finished fifth, finishing a quarter inch out
of fourth place (Ottoville’s
MINSTER — Thursday’s Lauren Koch).
Division III District Track As well, TJ Cross placed
and Field Meet at Memorial fifth in the boys long jump
Field in Minster started in and Blake Williams eighth in
bright sunshine and ended the boys shot put. Chris Will
up with light rain under the placed just out of the top-8
lights. in the pole vault, ending up
In the meantime, local ninth.
athletes punched their tickets “I told the kids that the
to next Wednesday’s Troy goal right now is to give
Regional meet, or at least yourself a chance to advance
got the chance to move on to and move on. The goal is the
Saturday’s semifinals in their top four,” DeWitt added. “It
respective events. doesn’t matter if you’re first Tom Morris photos
For example, St. John’s or fourth. It’s nice to win an
had four athletes advance event but in the preliminar- Jefferson sophomore Kennedy Boggs punched her
by finishing in the top four ies, that isn’t as important, as regional ticket Thursday night at Minster by clearing 5
in their respective finals long as you do well enough to feet, good enough for fourth place, during district track
Thursday: Steven Metcalfe, keep on going.” and field competition.
first in the boys discus, Desenberg noted more or and now for Emily. Plus, she as well. You can’t be disap-
along with teammate Nathan less the same philosophy. advanced in both the 100 and pointed because they continue
Jackson, fourth in the same “This time of year, that’s 300 hurdles. Mallorie has to work hard. Andy (Wiltsie)
event; Tiffany Recker, first what it’s about; keep on been a steady thrower for the has been a steady influence
in the girls discus; and team- advancing,” he added. “You past three years now, even all season for this team.”
mate Tiffany Geise, second want to be constantly improv- after her knee injury.” Ottoville, besides Koch,
in the girls high jump. ing at this time of year and Carder is also about advanced Nathan Turnwald
“Steven has worked very also stay healthy. That is so keeping his girls fresh and (first in the boys long jump);
hard to get to this point and important because injuries focused. Lauren Kramer (first in
our throwing coaches have at this time, with the level “Bridget (Culp) in particu- the girls shot put); its girls
helped him a lot. Getting of competition you’re fac- lar is healthy this year. She is 4x800-meter relay (second);
Nate to regionals is a nice ing, likely means your season the anchor of both our 4x1 and Nathan Beining (third in
feat, too; it guarantees them will end.” and 4x2 and advanced in both the boys discus).
St. John’s senior Steven Metcalfe brought home first in at least three more throws Jefferson advanced two the 100 and 200 dashes,” he Tammy Wannemacher
the Minster District discus with a throw of 152-3. this year and maybe six,” girls to the regionals: senior added. “She had some injury ended up sixth in the girls

St. John’s boys coach Jay Mallorie Wilson, fourth in problems toward the end of shot put; Natasha Kaufman
DeWitt began. the girls shot put; and sopho- last spring, even as she was seventh in the girls high jump;
His Lady Jay counterpart, more Kennedy Boggs, fourth getting ready for state, but and Rachel Beining eighth
RESULTS Dave Desenberg, was equal-
ly pleased for his girls that
in the girls high jump. not this year. It makes a big in the girls discus. It’s boys
Cory Osting ended up sev- difference.” 4x800-meter relay ended up
DIVISION III DISTRICT Jason Hemker (FJ)26-4 1/2. moved on. enth in the boys shot put. Boys coach Bub Lindeman just out of the placing, finish-
TRACK AND FIELD Boys Pole Vault: 1. Kunk (COL) “Tiffany (Recker) is very “We’re doing very well figured that his athletes’ per- ing ninth.
Thursday’s Results
At Minster
12-0; 2. Siefring (COL) 12-0; 3.
Kimmel (AN) 11-6; 4. Kremer (ML) capable. She had her personal right now, considering the formances are still a work in Lincolnview had one
Girls Team Rankings (5 11-6; 5. Geckle (CO) 11-6; 6. record the thrid week of April injuries we’ve had to deal progress. girls move on to Troy: Katie
Events Scored): Marion Local Klopfenstein (WT) 11-6; 7. Tebbe but hadn’t thrown that since, with. Kennedy is almost 100 “It has been a slow but Runyon, third in the girls dis-
31, Ottoville 29, St. John’s 22,
Fort Recovery 20, New Bremen
(MI) 11-6; 8. Church (WT) 11-0; ...
9. Chris Will (SJ) 11-0. so we knew it was in her,” percent after her leg inju- steady progress this year and cus. Its girls 4x8 relay placed
19, Minster 15.50, Parkway 12.50, Preliminaries: he acknowledged. “We gave ry in April but now we are remains so. I was hoping sixth.
Antwerp 10, Jefferson 9.50,
Lincolnview 9, Wayne Trace 8,
Girls 100-Meter Hurdles: 1. Tiffany (Geise) the week off without Emily Fought for a Cory would do better but you Amanda Young garnered
Williamson (CON) 16.44; 2. Frey
Crestview and Continental 3, Fort (CV) 16.72; 3. Speckman (NB) to give her legs a rest. She time,” Lady Wildcat coach don’t always have your best Fort Jennings’ only points of
Jennings 2, St. Henry 1.50. 17.00; 4. Gabrielle Metzner (SJ) had a nice jump on her sec- Ryan Carder noted. “Kayla every day,” Lindeman added. the district so far by finishing
Boys Team Rankings (5 Events
Scored): Minster 38, Coldwater 26,
17.42; 5. Brunswick (FR) 16.95; ond try at 5-4 but just clipped
6. Kayla Mullenhour (DJ) 17.09;
Mullenhour did a great job “Cody Biglow continues to seventh in the girls shot put.
St. John’s 20, Ottoville and Marion 7. Kaylee Thatcher (LV) 17.64; the pole.” filling in in both the 4x1 and set his personal records in the Saturday’s semifinals and
Local 16, Antwerp and New Bremen 8. Wuebker (MI) 17.66; 9. April Bailey Calvelage made 4x2 relays, first for Kennedy hurdles and our relays do that finals begin at 11:30 a.m.

14, Fort Recovery 12, Parkway 11, Horstman (OV) 17.67; 10. Vail (AN)
Crestview 9, Continental 7, Wayne 17.94; 11. Alyssa Piasecki (FJ)
Trace 6, St. Henry 4, Jefferson 2. 18.11; 12. Jessica Hammons (SJ)
Finals (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) - Top 18.51; 13. Otting (NB) 17.74; 14.
4 to Troy Regional: Richard (MI) 18.27; 15. King (PA)
Girls 4x800-Meter Relay: 18.36; 16. Ayla Eley (LV) 18.69; ... The Associated Press The Pirates had four hits in ----- Shields moved to 2-7 lifetime
1. Minster 9:52.83; 2. Ottoville 24. Elaina Maag (FJ) 20.17. NL seven innings off Paul Maholm AL against the Yankees.
10:01.92; 3. New Bremen 10:31.27; Boys 110-Meter Hurdles: 1. ATLANTA — Brooks Conrad (3-4). SEATTLE — Ken Griffey Jr.’s Pettitte had won nine straight
4. Marion Local 10:41.23; 5. Fort Bevington (PA) 15.77; 2. Fortkamp hit a pinch-hit grand slam to cap Mets 10, Nationals 7 game-winning, pinch-hit single in decisions — including four in last
Recovery 10:52.34; 6. Lincolnview (ML) 16.31; 3. Joe Haggard (SJ) a 7-run ninth inning that gave the WASHINGTON — David Wright the ninth inning capped Seattle’s year’s postseason — since losing
11:08.35; 7. Crestview 11:12.17; 8. 16.37; 4. Speckman (NB) 16.45; 5. Atlanta Braves a stunning 10-9 hit a 3-run double and had four 3-run rally off AL saves leader Kevin at Tampa Bay on Oct. 3.
St. Henry 11:26.84. Pohlmann (ML) 16.64; 6. Chaney victory over the Cincinnati Reds on RBIs for New York and Raul Valdes Gregg and gave the Mariners a 4-3 Red Sox 6, Twins 2
Boys 4x800-Meter Relay: 1. (NB) 17.15; 7. Merkle (CV) 17.81; 8. Thursday. filled in admirably for injured starter victory over Toronto on Thursday. BOSTON — Kevin Youkilis hit
New Bremen 8:10.47#; 2. Minster Cody Biglow (DJ) 18.25; 9. Wermert The Braves fell behind 8-0 John Maine for five innings. Seattle snapped a 5-game skid a 3-run homer and added an RBI
8:13.22; 3. Marion Local 8:21.67; (COL) 18.03; 10. Logan Kaverman against rookie Mike Leake and Wright put the Mets ahead 3-0 and Griffey’s teammates mobbed double to help Jon Lester earn his
4. Coldwater 8:28.76; 5. St. Henry (OV) 18.17; 11. Mestemaker were still down 9-3 heading to the with a double but in the bottom him between first and second base. fourth straight victory.
8:35.98; 6. Continental 8:58.47; 7. (COL) 18.56; 12. Sam Beining ninth. Four straight hits, including of the first Maine threw just five Nine days ago the Mariners rallied Lester (4-3) allowed two runs
Wayne Trace 9:00.99; 8. Crestview (OV) 18.89; 13. Schwieterman (MI) Nate McLouth’s 2-run single, gave pitches — a walk to Nyjer Morgan to his defense following a report he — one earned — six hits and zero
9:01.00; ... 9. Ottoville 9:01.72; 18.23; 14. Cotterman (FR) 18.91; the Braves hope. A walk to David — before Mets manager Jerry was unavailable to pinch-hit in an walks, striking out nine for his fifth
10. Lincolnview 9:25.78; 11. Fort 15. Schwarzman (CON) 19.20; 16. Ross loaded the bases with no Manuel removed him. Maine, who earlier loss because he was sleep- career complete game.
Jennings 9:33.77. Evan Williams (LV) 19.82; ... 20. outs, bringing the has had problems ing in the clubhouse. Adrian Beltre homered and
Girls Discus: 1. Tiffany Recker Nathan Wurst (FJ) 20.80; ... 22. Ben potential tying run to with his right shoul- It was the first game-ending hit Victor Martinez had three doubles
(SJ) 109-8; 2. Long (WT) 109-7; 3. Smith (FJ) 24.88. the plate. der, left the game of Seattle’s disappointing season. for Boston, which completed a
Katie Runyon (LV) 104-8; 4. Fox Girls 100-Meter Dash: 1. Bridget Martin Prado “for precautionary Gregg (0-1) had 12 saves in 13 2-game sweep. The Twins have
(NB) 102-3; 5. R. Dirksen (ML) Culp (DJ) 13.31; 2. Allison Reindel hit a grounder to reasons,” the Mets chances before he allowed singles scored six runs total while losing
100-8; 6. L. Dirksen (ML) 97-11; 7. (SJ) 13.36; 3. Hess (ML) 13.51; 4. third that looked announced. He will to Mike Sweeney and Jose Lopez their last three games to fall out of
Hesse (PA) 97-8; 8. Rachel Beining Bruns (ML) 13.58; 5. Bates (PA) like a double play see a doctor today. then walked Milton Bradley to sole possession of first place and
(OV) 97-6; ... 10. Lauren Kramer 13.61; 6. Haley McAbee (LV) 13.68; but Miguel Cairo Valdes (2-1) begin the ninth. He walked Casey into a tie with Detroit atop the AL
(OV) 95-1; ... 12. Mallorie Wilson 7. Stucke (MI) 13.85; 8. Mueller (MI) could not get the pitched five innings, Kotchman on a full-count to make Central.
(DJ) 84-3; ... 14. Shelbi Brown (DJ) 13.90; 9. Speiser (CON) 13.85; 10. ball out of his glove allowing three runs it 3-2. Francisco Liriano, who won his
80-4; 15. Amanda Young (FJ) 77-8; Mansfield (CON) 14.05; 11. Lauren — Cincinnati’s fourth error. Jason and seven hits. He struck out six Josh Bard tied the game with a first four decisions to start the sea-
16. Julie Buescher (SJ) 77-7; 26. Koch (OV) 14.18; 12. Waddles (CV) Heyward struck out against Arthur and walked one. sacrifice fly. son, has lost three straight starts.
Brittany Cooper (FJ) 55-3. 14.43; 13. On (PA) 13.90; 14. Tobe Rhodes and Cincinnati turned to Wright added a sacrifice fly dur- Shawn Kelley (2-0) pitched the Liriano (4-3) left after giving up
Boys Discus: 1. Steven Metcalfe (FR) 14.36; 15. (tie) Nickols (WT) closer Francisco Cordero (1-3), ing a 5-run fifth inning for the Mets, top of the ninth for Seattle. consecutive doubles to Martinez
(SJ) 152-3; 2. Conrad (MI) 145- and Niekamp (SH) 14.48; ... 21. who served up the home run to who had lost 9-of-11. Royals 9, Indians 3 and Youkilis with two outs in the
1; 3. Nathan Beining (OV) 141- Rachel Turnwald (OV) 15.05; 22. Conrad. The ball deflected off the Luis Atilano (3-1) allowed CLEVELAND — Luke Hochevar fifth; the Twins left-hander allowed
10; 4. Nathan Jackson (SJ) 141- Kristyna Vodickova (FJ) 15.18. glove of leftfielder Laynce Nix and seven runs in 4 2/3 innings for pitched a complete game to final- five runs, five hits and three walks,
0; 5. Williams (NB) 137-7; 6. Boys 100-Meter Dash: 1. over the wall. Washington. ly beat Cleveland and Alberto striking out six.
Dunlap (AN) 132-4; 7. Schemmel Whitford (MI) 11.46; 2. Phlipot (MI) Craig Kimbrel (1-0) quietly Rockies 4, Astros 0 Callaspo hit a 3-run homer, send- Liriano went 3-0 with a 0.93
(ML) 131-1; 8. Frank (PA) 125- 11.62; 3. Evan Burgei (SJ) 11.70; picked up his first major-league win HOUSTON — Ubaldo Jimenez ing Kansas City to a 9-3 win. ERA in April. But he has allowed
10; ... 14. Vernon Miller (LV) 113- 4. Nathan Turnwald (OV) 11.81; 5. with a scoreless ninth. allowed one hit over seven innings Hochevar (4-2) gave up four 16 earned runs in 23 2/3 innings in
0; 15. Cory Osting (DJ) 111-4; ... Ramey (CV) 11.64; 6. Keller (ML) Cardinals 4, Marlins 2 and Troy Tulowitzki had a 3-run hits to go the distance for the third May — an ERA of 6.08 — and has
25. Adam Krietemeyer (FJ) 96-2; 11.90; 7. Westerheide (COL) 11.92; ST. LOUIS — Adam Wainwright homer for Colorado, which broke a time in his career. He had no trou- lost his last three starts.
26. Joey Edwards (LV) 94-2, 27. 8. Miller (PA) 11.95; 9. Jeremy Kohli dominated after a shaky start and 3-game losing streak. ble with the Indians, who were Rangers 13, Orioles 7
Jason Hemker (FJ) 79-7; ... 29. Eric (FJ) 11.91; 10. Matt Burgei (OV) Matt Holliday got his first two RBIs The only hit Jimenez (8-1) without the top two hitters in their ARLINGTON, Texas — Nelson
Wannemacher (OV) 61-0. 12.08; 11. Heitkamp (ML) 12.10; 12. in four games since moving to third allowed was Humberto Quintero’s lineup — Asdrubal Cabrera and Cruz had a 3-run homer and drove
Girls High Jump: 1. Vail (AN) Huwer (SH) 12.27; 13. Torrey (CV) in the order for the Cardinals. single to start the third inning. Grady Sizemore, both out with inju- in four runs in his first career 4-hit
5-2; 2. Tiffany Geise (SJ) 5-2; 3 12.13; 14. Siefring (COL) 12.20; 15. Wainwright (6-2) allowed the Jimenez, who improved his major ries. Hochevar, who had lost his game and Texas ran its winning
Brunswick (FR) 5-2; 4. Kennedy Skinner (NB) 12.46; 16. Keck (CON) first two first-inning runs against league-low ERA to 0.99, struck out last three starts to Cleveland, gave streak to four games.
Boggs (DJ) 5-0; 5. Schmiesing (MI) 12.76; ... 17. Kody Richardson (DJ) him this season but he settled down four and walked two. up two first-inning singles and then Rangers starter Scott Feldman
5-0; 6. Bruns (ML) 4-10; 7. Natasha 12.37; ... 21. Andrew Huntsman to go seven innings. He allowed six Matt Belisle allowed one hit in retired 15-of-16 before Shin-Soo (2-4) had the benefit of early run
Kaufman (OV) 4-10; 8. (tie) Bailey (FJ) 12.56; 22. Robbie Rudda (SJ) hits and struck out eight. the eighth before Manny Corpas Choo’s double in the sixth. support to win for the first time since
King (PA) and Speck (SH) 4-6; ... 12.63; ... 26. Derek Grandstaff (LV) Hanley Ramirez had an RBI did the same in the ninth to com- Callaspo connected for his sev- April 11 despite allowing a career-
10. Stacie Chandler (FJ) 4-6. 12.93; ... 29. Levi Brake (LV) 13.28. single and a walk for the Marlins, plete the shutout. enth homer in the third off Mitch high 12 hits over six innings.
Girls Long Jump: 1. Luth (PA) Girls 4x200-Meter Relay: 1. who lost for only the second time in Houston starter Roy Oswalt Talbot (5-3) and Jose Guillen later Feldman gave up four runs,
15-9; 2. Suchland (NB) 15-6 1/2; Jefferson 1:47.82; 2. Fort Jennings eight games. Nate Robertson (4-4) (2-6) extended his streak of qual- added his ninth homer this season. struck out five and walked one as
3. Brunswick (FR) 15-6 1/4; 4. 1:48.85; 3. Minster 1:49.42; 4. faced an all-right-handed lineup ity starts to nine after allowing two Jhonny Peralta hit a 2-run AL West leader Texas won for the
Lauren Koch (OV) 15-2 3/4; 5. Marion Local 1:49.45; 5. Crestview and gave up four runs in six innings earned runs and three hits in six homer for the Indians, who dropped 10th time in 14 games.
Bailey Calvelage (SJ) 15-2 1/2; 6. 1:49.80; 6. New Bremen 1:50.81; to take the loss. innings. their fourth straight and fell below Matt Treanor added a 3-run
Williamson (CON) 14-11 1/2; 7. 7. Wayne Trace 1:51.69; 8. Fort Phillies 5, Cubs 4 A single by Brad Hawpe in the Royals into last place in the AL homer in a 5-run eighth and David
Homan (ML) 14-9 1/4; 8. Frey (CV) Recovery 1:53.53; ... 9. Lincolnview PHILADELPHIA — Raul Ibanez the eighth drove in a run to make Central. Murphy had three of Texas’ season-
14-7; ... 14. Rachel Turnwald (OV) 1:54.35; ... 12. Ottoville 1:57.43. hit a tie-breaking RBI single in the it 4-0. Tigers 5, Athletics 2 high 20 hits to help the Rangers
14-2 1/4; ... 18. Kristina Desenberg Boys 4x200-Meter Relay: 1. eighth inning, Jimmy Rollins hit a Diamondbacks 8, Giants 7 OAKLAND, Calif. — Miguel equal their highest scoring output
(SJ) 13-6 1/2; ... 20. Ali Gorman Minster 1:31.62; 2. New Bremen 3-run homer and Chase Utley also PHOENIX — Conor Jackson Cabrera and Magglio Ordonez both of the season.
(LV) 12-11 3/4; ... 23. Kristyna 1:34.21; 3. St. John’s 1:34.36; 4. went deep for the Phillies. scored the tie-breaking run on a drove in two runs for Detroit and Luke Scott’s three hits led the
Vodickova (FJ) 11-1 1/2. Marion Local 1:35.71; 5. Coldwater Danys Baez (2-1) retired all wild pitch with two outs in the eighth Jeremy Bonderman won for the Orioles, who have lost 5-of-6 and
Boys Long Jump: 1. Nathan 1:36.38; 6. Jefferson 1:37.03; 7. three batters he faced to earn the inning and Arizona completed a first time in over a month. own the worst record in the majors
Turnwald (OV) 19-8 1/4; 2. Vagedes St. Henry 1:37.85; 8. Wayne Trace win. Jose Contreras pitched out of 2-game sweep of San Francisco. Cabrera snapped an 0-for-12 (13-29).
(FR) 19-8; 3. Collins (MI) 19-5 1/2; 1:38.60; ... 9. Lincolnview 1:42.39; a jam in the ninth for his second Mark Reynolds hit his 100th streak with a single in the third, then The Rangers greeted Brian
4. Cook (CV) 19-1 1/2; 5. TJ Cross 10. Ottoville 1:43.97; 11. Fort save in two tries. He’s is filling in career home run and had three added a 2-run homer in the fifth. Matusz (2-4) with a 4-run first high-
(SJ) 18-6; 6. Stucke (ML) 18-5 1/2; Jennings 1:46.79. as the closer with Brad Lidge and RBIs and Stephen Drew drove in Ordonez singled home two runs in lighted by Ian Kinsler’s RBI single
7. Mestemaker (COL) 17-11; 8. Girls 1,600-Meter Run: 1. Shayla Ryan Madson on the disabled list. two runs for the Diamondbacks. the third and Ramon Santiago had and Cruz’s 3-run shot. The Orioles
Burnett (COL) 17-10; ... 13. Ryan Siefker (OV) 5:30.08; 2. Albers (MI) Kosuke Fukudome hit a tying Reynolds was at-bat when an RBI single in the fourth to help answered with a 3-run second on
Fischer (SJ) 17-3; ... 15. Austin 5:46.15; 3. Stoller (WT) 5:48.03; solo shot in the eighth and Derrek Jeremy Affeldt (2-3) bounced a the Tigers win for the fourth time in Corey Patterson’s 2-run double and
Treesh (LV) 16-11 1/2; ... 17. (tie) 4. Butler (MI) 5:49.68; 5. Emma Lee also connected for Chicago. pitch well short of the plate, allow- five games. Ty Wigginton’s RBI single.
Andrew Wiltsie (DJ) and Dorian Boggs (SJ) 5:50.87; 6. Adrian John Grabow (0-3) took the loss ing the winning run to score. Bonderman (2-2) walked the Angels 6, White Sox 5
Moeller (FJ) 16-10 1/4; ... 23. Austin Kimmett (DJ) 5:58.70; 7. Tobe after coming on in relief in the Juan Uribe and John Bowker bases loaded in the third and hit CHICAGO — Ervin Santana
Meyer (OV) 16-5 1/2; 24. Ben Smith (FR) 6:03.46; 8. Schwieterman eighth. hit home runs and Aubrey Huff had Kurt Suzuki with a pitch. Bonderman pitched seven solid innings and
(FJ) 16-3; 25. Joey Lindeman (DJ) (ML) 6:12.28; 9. Kerri Grothaus Brewers 4, Pirates 3 two RBIs for the Giants. ended up allowing three hits and Juan Rivera hit a 2-run homer for
16-2 3/4; 26. Ryan Profit (LV) 16-0. (LV) 6:10.84; 10. Niekamp (NB) PITTSBURGH — George Aaron Heilman (1-1) pitched 1 four walks over six innings, striking Los Angeles.
Girls Shot Put: 1. Lauren Kramer 6:18.66; 11. Rhoades (NB) 6:11.12; Kottaras, playing only because of 2/3 hitless innings but allowed the out a season-high eight. Kendry Morales had three
(OV) 36-2 1/2; 2. R. Dirksen (ML) 12. Matthews (WT) 6:21.41; 13. an injury, doubled in a run and tying run to reach base in the ninth Tyson Ross (1-2) lasted four hits and drove in two runs for the
35-8; 3. Schulte (ML) 34-2; 4. Mallorie Brittany Inkrott (FJ) 6:12.76; 14. Milwaukee rallied from a 3-run defi- when he walked pinch-hitter Matt innings in his second start, allowing Angels, who have won 5-of-7.
Wilson (DJ) 34-1 1/4; 5. Kahlig (FR) Taylar Boroff (LV) 6:25.65; 15. cit to end a 9-game losing streak. Downs. three runs and seven hits. Santana (3-3) didn’t have any
34-0 1/2; 6. Tammy Wannemacher Jutte (ML) 6:22.18; 16. Sutter (FR) The Brewers came back from Chad Qualls then struck out Rays 8, Yankees 6 problems with the White Sox, who
(OV) 33-11 3/4; 7. Amanda Young 6:26.43; ... 18. Stephanie Koenig 3-0 deficit in the first with two 2-run Uribe for his seventh save in 10 NEW YORK — Carlos Pena came into the game with the worst
(FJ) 32-8 1/2; 8. Eiting (MI) 32-8 1/2; (DJ) 6:28.02;... 22. Mary Bemis innings. Carlos Villanueva finished attempts. homered twice and Ben Zobrist batting average in baseball at .230.
... 10. Shelbi Brown (DJ) 32-2; 11. (SJ) 6:57.55. it off by pitching the ninth for the Dodgers 4, Padres 1 and B.J. Upton also connected as He allowed one unearned run and
Tiffany Recker (SJ) 32-1 1/4; ... 16. Boys 1,600-Meter Run: 1. first save this season by a Brewers LOS ANGELES — Clayton Tampa Bay won its sixth straight. seven hits. He struck out six and
Audrey Bowen (LV) 30-6 1/4; ... 21. Eilerman (NB) 4:40.78; 2. Slonkosky reliever other than Trevor Hoffman. Kershaw pitched 7 1/3 gritty innings A day after tagging A.J. Burnett, pitched around three walks.
Julie Buescher (SJ) 26-4 1/2; ... 27. (MI) 4:54.99; 3. Hilton (AN) 4:42.92; Villanueva hit pinch-hitter Ryan to win his third straight start and the majors’ best team came out The White Sox have only won
Mindy Merricle (FJ) 19-7. 4. Ryan Kraner (FJ) 4:55.00; 5. Doumit in the back with a pitch with Garret Anderson delivered the go- swinging against Andy Pettitte two series — Royals and Mariners
Boys Shot Put: 1. Ford (PA) Ryan Honigford (OV) 4:55.69; 6. one out, only to get Delwyn Young ahead run with a sacrifice fly for (5-1). — this season and have lost 8-of-
46-10; 2. Sekas (MI) 46-6 1/2; 3. Swiger (NB) 4:57.54; 7. Schulze to ground into a game-ending dou- Los Angeles. Jason Bartlett led off with a 12.
Conrad (MI) 46-0; 4. Dunderman (SH) 4:59.22; 8. Niekamp (MI) ble play. Kershaw (4-2) allowed a run double, Carl Crawford followed with White Sox starter Jake Peavy
(AN) 45-7; 5. Mattraw (FR) 45-3; 6. 4:59.28; 9. Brehm (PA) 4:59.53; The Brewers were 5-for-13 and seven hits, struck out seven an RBI single and then Zobrist (3-3) was tagged for six runs and
Walters (CV) 43-9; 7. Cory Osting 10. Knapke (SH) 5:00.43; 11. in save opportunities — Hoffman and walked two homered. Just like that, it was 3-0. eight hits. He struck out eight and
(DJ) 43-5 1/2; 8. Blake Williams Jason Turnwald (OV) 5:00.98; 12. is 5-for-10 — before Villanueva Ronald Belisario struck out both James Shields (5-1) pitched into walked two.
(SJ) 42-6; ... 11. Nathan Beining Heitkamp (FR) 5:02.47; 13. Austin pitched in his first save situation batters he faced and Jonathan the eighth inning and Tampa Bay The White Sox staged a come-
(OV) 40-7; ... 13. Wes Collins (LV) Treesh (LV) 5:02.63; 14. Slattman this season. Milwaukee’s bullpen Broxton pitched a scoreless ninth improved to a remarkable 17-4 on back in the eighth inning against
40-2; ... 16. Justin Bame (DJ) 39-1 (CON) 5:02.70; 15. Genter (CV) came in with a 6.17 ERA, the for his eighth save in 10 attempts. the road and 30-11 overall. The Rays the Los Angeles bullpen.
1/2; ... 22. AJ King (LV) 36-8 1/2; ... 5:03.84; 16. Homan (ML) 5:11.49; NL’s second-worst, before follow- Kevin Correia (4-4) lost his third swept the 2-game series between Angels closer Brian Fuentes
26. Kevin Schnipke (OV) 35-9; 27. ... 19. Ryan Fischer (SJ) 5:29.04. ing starter Chris Narveson (4-1) straight start, giving up four runs the clubs that began the day with the pitched a perfect ninth for his sixth
Adam Krietemeyer (FJ) 34-0; ... 30. See TRACK, page 7 with three shutout innings. and seven hits in six innings. best records in baseball. save in eight opportunities. Friday, May 21, 2010 The Herald — 7

Track Wait is on for free

agency, Lakers-
(Continued from page 6) Rex) 8:22.58; 2. Waynesfield-
Girls 4x100-Meter Relay: Goshen 8:33.59; 3. New Knoxville
1. Jefferson 50.79; 2. Marion 8:41.58; 4. Riverdale 8:53.23;
5. Hardin Northern 9:06.24; 6.

Celtics finals
Local 51.13; 3. St. John’s 52.05;
4. Minster 52.27; 5. Lincolnview Ridgemont 9:33.20; 7. Carey
52.45; 6. Continental 52.96; 7. Fort 9:42.36; 8. Upper Scioto Valley
Recovery 53.36; 8. Parkway 54.31; 9:53.87.
... 11. Ottoville 55.29; ... 13. Fort Girls Discus: 1. Decker (CA)
Jennings 57.78. 115-11; 2. Devon Keysor (SV) 109-
Boys 4x100-Meter Relay: 1. St. 8; 3. Smith (HN) 108-0; 4. Rayl By TIM REYNOLDS ing about now.”
John’s 44.74; 2. Marion Local 44.87; (RIV) 107-0; 5. Beach (AR) 102-7; The Associated Press For his part, the com-
3. Coldwater 45.64; 4. Continental 6. Shaw (WG) 102-6; 7. Truex (AE)
99-0; 8. Miller (WG) 98-10.
missioner also insists
45.94; 5. New Bremen 46.32; 6.
Minster 46.77; 7. Jefferson 46.79; Girls High Jump: 1. Stump (HN) MIAMI — Doc he’s still fixated on the
8. Crestview 46.86; ... 10. Fort 5-0; 2. Horn (WG) 5-0; 3. Newell Rivers knows his Lakers-Suns and Celtics-
Jennings 47.78; ... 12. Ottoville (CA) 4-10; 4. Graydon (AR) 4-10; Boston Celtics aren’t Magic series.
48.84; 13. Lincolnview 49.36.
Girls 400-Meter Dash: 1.
5. Taflinger (LC) 4-10; 6. Billock
(CA) 4-10; 7. Ward (VA) 4-10; 8.
the NBA’s biggest story He and Allen might
Thompson (CV) 1:00.30; 2. Hess Fell (AD) 4-10; ... 11. Jennifer Post right now. be in the minority.
(ML) 1:00.42; 3. Macy Schroeder (SV) 4-6. Take a back seat, In Ohio, Gov. Ted
(FJ) 1:00.78; 4. Kennedy Boggs Boys Long Jump: 1. Steinberger Celtics, despite being Strickland was part of a
(US) 20-3; 2. Daniel Binkley (SV)
(DJ) 1:01.10; 5. Bidlack (CON)
1:01.50; 6. Callow (CV) 1:02.10; 7. 20-2; 3. Johnson (LC) 19-11; 4. J.
on the cusp of another song written in James’
Richard (MI) 1:02.70; 8. Wenninger Cook (VA) 19-9 1/2; 5. John Smith trip to the NBA finals. honor and sung to the
(WT) 1:03.61; 9. Abby Siefker (OV) (SV) 19-8; 6. Nallie (CA) 19-0 1/2; Same for you, defend- tune of “We Are the
1:03.88; 10. Holly Heitmeyer (OV) 7. Leonard (RID) 18-7 1/2; 8. Scott ing champ Lakers. The World,” the lyrics beg-
1:03.96; ... 12. Lori Bruskotter (FJ) (PE) 18-4.
1:06.47; ... 15. Dana Lindeman Boys Shot Put: 1. Tyler Magic and Suns, well, ging the 2-time MVP to
(SJ) 1:08.18; ... 18. Ally Mohler Obringer (SV) 54-1 1/2; 2. Miller they’re basketball after- stay with the Cleveland
(SJ) 1:10.53; 19. Ali Gorman (LV) (WG) 53-4 3/4; 3. Williams (AE) thoughts right now as Cavaliers. In Miami, a
1:11.25; ... 23. Sabrina Barnhart 45-0 3/4; 4. Kloepfer (VA) 43-9; 5. well. website the Heat put up about
(LV) 1:12.99. T.Cook (LC) 43-3 1/4; 6. Mullins
Boys 400-Meter Dash: 1. (WG) 41-9 1/2; 7. Engle (AE) 41-8; Unless you’re in Los how to keep Wade in South
Ramey (CV) 51.19; 2. Travis (NB) 8. Fausnaugh (CA) 37-10 1/4; ... 9. Angeles, Boston, Orlando or Florida crashed hours after
51.62; 3. (tie) Scott Recker (SJ) Zach Gay (SV) 37-10. Phoenix, the NBA’s final four launch because it was get-
and Goettemoeller (SH) 52.26; 5. Boys Pole Vault: 1. Larick (CA)
12-4; 2. Buffenbarge (WG) 12-0;
might almost be like a forgot- ting 300 hits per second. In
Miller (PA) 52.59; 6. Short (AN)
52.66; 7. Westerbeck (NB) 53.18; 3. Shepherd (HN) 12-0; 4. Hollar ten four. New York, it’s almost like a
8. M. Recker (CON) 53.44; ... 12. (AE) 11-6; 5. Tabor (AD) 11-6; Welcome to LeBron Watch LeBron-or-bust campaign is
Travis Eickholt (OV) 55.31; ... 18. 6. Tyler Shumate (SV) 11-00; 2010, simultaneously going going on, with both the Knicks
Brooks Ludwig (LV) 57.21; ... 26.
Michal Herman (FJ) 1:00.49; 27.
7. Cole Roberts (SV) 10-6; 8. 8.
J.Shepherd (HN) 10-6.
on alongside D-Wade Watch, and Nets hoping. Photo submitted
Tyler Wiedeman (FJ) 1:00.83. Preliminaries: Bosh Watch ... oh, yeah, and Two years ago, all the rage Sarah Clark looks to drive during an Owens CC
Girls 300-Meter Hurdles: 1. Girls 100-Meter Hurdles: 1. sweeps month in the NBA at this point in the conference women’s basketball game this winter. The 2008 St.
Kayla Mullenhour (DJ) 47.86; 2. Gray (WG) 16.88; 2. Taflinger playoffs. The calendar still final round was the poten- John’s graduate signed a national letter-of-intent
Natasha Kaufman (OV) 48.76; 3.
Speckman (NB) 49.03; 4. Wuebker
(LC) 17.02; 3. Fell (AD) 17.27; 4.
Rose (US) 17.32; 5. Rouch (AD)
says May, the finals start in tial for another Lakers-Celtics Thursday at the University of Toledo.
June, yet with the Celtics and matchup in the finals, East
Clark signs LOI with UT
(MI) 49.05; 5. Speck (SH) 49.36; 17.63; 6. Hoffman (HN) 17.81; 7.
6. Burtch (PA) 49.86; 7. May (FR) Jackie Bowsher (SV) 18.25; 8. Lakers up 2-0 in the confer- vs. West, storied franchise vs.
51.03; 8. Lauren Norbeck (FJ) Inbody (AR) 18.28; 9. Kuch (AR) ence finals and three of the storied franchise.
19.70; 10. Troiano (CA) 18.29;
51.18; ... 11. Kaylee Thatcher (LV)
54.05; 12. April Horstman (OV) 11. Ledley (RID) 18.31; 12. Blair previous four series ending It could happen again next
54.50; 13. Jessica Hammons (SJ) (VA) 19.72; 13. Turner (PE) 18.56; in sweeps, there seems to be month, just not yet. For the Delphos Herald
54.82; ... 15. Elaina Maag (FJ) 14. Zimmerman (WG) 18.82; 15. more interest in waiting for the No, the rage is all about
55.75; 16. Ayla Eley (LV) 57.82; Miller (RIV) 20.22; 16. McKinniss free-agency window to open. James, who won’t play another PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH — Owens Community
17. Kayla Friend (SJ) 1:00.14. (RIV) 20.29.
Boys 300-Meter Hurdles: 1. Girls 100-Meter Dash: 1. Horn “It’s the biggest story I can game that matters to the NBA College women’s basketball student-athlete Sarah Clark
Speckman (NB) 42.07; 2. Bevington (WG) 13.16; 2. Stump (HN) 13.23; remember since I’ve been in for about 5 1/2 months. It’s all of Delphos (St. John’s) signed a national letter-of-intent
(PA) 42.32; 3. AJ Klausing (SJ) 3. Jacoby (CA) 13.44; 4. Horn the league,” said Rivers, the about Wade, too, and whether Thursday to continue her collegiate career at the University
42.99; 4. Merkle (CV) 43.47; 5. (WG) 13.45; 5. Ward (VA) 13.76; 6. Celtics’ coach. he’ll leave the Heat. And then of Toledo Thursday.
Pohlmann (ML) 43.55; 6. Fortkamp Pepple (AR) 13.80; 7. Billock (CA)
(ML) 43.77; 7. McKenzie (MI) 13.88; 8. Arseneau (RID) 13.92; 9. Indeed, it overshadows there’s Bosh, whose decision The official signing ceremony took place in the College’s
44.01; 8. Mac King (LV) 44.44; ... (tie) Jennifer Post (SV) and Drury all right now and even NBA whether or not to stay with the Student Health and Activities Center.
11. Cody Biglow (DJ) 44.99; 12. (AE) 14.23; 11. Morgan Pugh (SV) commissioner David Stern Toronto Raptors may influ- During her career at Owens, Clark averaged 11.3 points,
Jason Turnwald (OV) 45.75; ... 17. 13.91; 12. Schroeder (AR) 13.94;
13. Beavers (PE) 13.95; 14. Pope
isn’t downplaying the signifi- ence what James and Wade 8.6 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 1.3 steals per game for the
Logan Kaverman (OV) 47.24; ...
21. Evan Williams (LV) 47.52; ... (RIV) 14.07; 15. Clum (AD) 14.31; cance of what looms at 12:01 choose to do with their next Express. This past year, the sophomore guard/forward
25. Nathan Wurst (FJ) 52.93. 16. Engard (VA) 14.09. a.m. on July 1, when some of contracts. earned Second-Team Ohio Community College Athletic
Girls 800-Meter Run: 1. Molly Boys 100-Meter Dash: 1. the game’s biggest stars like “Sports in general is pol- Conference All-Conference honors and was named the
Maag (OV) 2:29.44; 2. Perrott
(CV) 2:38.12; 3. Chaney (NB)
Inniger (AR) 11.55; 2. Coppler
(AR) 11.74; 3. Rogers (LC) 11.81;
LeBron James, Dwyane Wade itics, especially at the pro- team’s Mark Henry Award recipient. Additionally, Clark,
2:34.17; 4. Abby Siefker (OV) 4. Kirkman (LC) 11.86; 5. Brassell and Chris Bosh will have their fessional level,” said Jared a 2008 graduate of St. John’s High School, was a National
2:41.04; 5. Albers (MI) 2:34.34; (WG) 11.91; 6. Blair (VA) 11.98; 7. cell phones ringing like mad Dudley of the Phoenix Suns. Junior College Athletic Association Division II Pre-Season
6. Schwieterman (ML) 2:42.21; 7. Calvin Grigsby (SV) 11.98; 8. Beltz with potential suitors on the “Brett Favre, is he playing All-American Second-Team selection.
(US) 12.01; 9. John Smith (SV)
Stoller (WT) 2:37.93; 8. Huelskamp
(FR) 2:43.86; 9. Adrian Kimmett 12.05; 10. Coulter (NK) 12.35; other end of the line. or not? I think it’s good for Led by head coach Michael Llanas, the Express wom-
(DJ) 2:41.93; 10. Dahlinghaus (MI) 11. Saenthaviouk (CA) 12.49; 12. “It actually shows the the NBA, them talking about en’s basketball team finished the 2009-10 campaign with
2:44.83; 11. Kerri Grothaus (LV) Ward (RID) 12.60; 13. McFadden importance, I guess, to the that.” a 27-6 overall record and an 11-3 mark (second place)
2:46.75; 12. Stephanie Koenig (RID) 12.54; 14. Farthing (RIV) culture that that’s a subject James is the biggest domi- in the OCCAC regular season standings. Owens lost to
(DJ) 2:46.78; 13. K. Thompson 12.73; 15. Cusac (CA) 12.78; 16.
(CV) 2:47.47; 14. Shafer (CON) Baker (WG) 12.57. of some discussion that will no out there, of course. Schoolcraft College in the finals of the NJCAA Region XII
2:47.70; 15. Arling (SH) 2:51.55; Boys 4x200-Meter Relay: 1. continue to be heated as we “That guy is a franchise Championships. The Express was ranked No. 6 in the final
16. Sudhoff (FR) 2:52.04; ... 18. Lima Central Cath. 1:33.07; 2. head to July 1 and beyond,” changer,” Rivers said. “And if NJCAA Division II Women’s Basketball poll.
Marissa Mesker (FJ) 2:53.79; ... Arlington 1:33.57; 3. Upper Scioto Stern said. “That just shows he decides to leave, it’s going The University of Toledo Rockets finished their 2009-10
22. Taylar Boroff (LV) 3:00.40; ... Valley 1:34.38; 4. Spencerville
24. Brittany Inkrott (FJ) 3:03.25. (John Smith, Calvin Grigsby, Andy what a fixture the NBA has to change two franchises. If he season with a 25-9 overall record.
Boys 800-Meter Run: 1. Mahan, Greg Beougher) 1:35.14; become and that the com- decides to stay, it changes one

Schlemmer (PA) 2:03.87; 2. 5. Perry 1:36.11; 6. Allen East ings and goings of our play- or it continues one, so it’s a
Rindler (SH) 2:08.62; 3. Webster 1:37.74; 7. Carey 1:40.53; 8.
Waynesfield-Goshen 1:43.18.
ers have become stories unto huge story. ... It would be like
(NB) 2:10.61; 4. Barga (MI)
2:10.90; 5. Gray (COL) 2:11.14; Girls 4x100-Meter Relay: 1. themselves.” if Michael Jordan had become
6. Piening (MI) 2:12.32; 7. Homan Arlington 52.72; 2. Spencerville Not just stories. a free agent and decided that he The Associated Press Orlando at Boston, 8:30 p.m.
(ML) 2:11.27; 8. Lefeld (SH) (Shanna German, Morgan Pugh, They’re the story. was going to leave. That story CONFERENCE FINALS Sunday’s Game
2:13.41; 9. Suchland (NB) 2:11.34;
10. Heitkamp (ML) 2:13.79; 11.
Miranda Barnes, Jennifer Post)
53.57; 3. Waynesfield-Goshen
“It’s overshadowing world would have been just as crazy, Saturday’s Game
L.A. Lakers at Phoenix, 8:30 p.m.,
L.A. Lakers lead series 2-0
hunger and the oil spill and so it deserves what it gets.”

Germann (CV) 2:11.67; 12. Seth 53.72; 4. Carey 53.77; 5. Vanlue
Bendele (OV) 2:14.38; 13. Wellman 56.00; 6. Riverdale 56.81; 7. everything else,” Magic coach “I am seriously sick of talk-
(COL) 2:14.69; 14. Akkerman (WT) Hardin Northern 56.83; 8. Ada Stan Van Gundy said sarcasti- ing about LeBron James —
2:16.68; 15. Palacios (CV) 2:16.53;
16. Jake Hays (SJ) 2:16.79; ... 17. Boys 4x100-Meter Relay: 1.
cally. “It’s the biggest story in every little whim, dissecting The Associated Press San Jose at Chicago, 8 p.m.,
Lucas Myers (LV) 2:20.85; ... 20. Arlington 45.24; 2. Lima Central the United States now — where everything he says,” NBA leg- CONFERENCE FINALS Chicago leads series 2-0
Drew Bendele (OV) 2:24.05; ... Cath. 45.32; 3. Vanlue 46.35; LeBron is going to play. You end and analyst Charles Barkley (Best-of-7)
Thursday’s Result Saturday’s Game
24. Ryan Ricker (SJ) 2:29.86; ... 4. Perry 46.42; 5. Waynesfield- know, health care? Oil spill? groused on ESPN radio. Montreal 5, Philadelphia 1, Philadelphia at Montreal, 3 p.m.
26. Brian Wurst (FJ) 2:33.84; 27. Goshen 46.67; 6. Spencerville
Jordan Barclay (DJ) 2:34.39; 28. (John Smith, Calvin Grigsby, Andy But LeBron, we gotta know Get used to it, Chuck. Philadelphia leads series 2-1
where he’s going to play.” Some players who are still Today’s Game Sunday’s Game

Ethan Schimmoeller (FJ) 2:38.22. Mahan, Neal Pangle) 46.68; 7.
Girls 200-Meter Dash: 1. Riverdale 47.06; 8. Upper Scioto Face it, many of the playoff playing this season don’t seem
Kemper (MI) 27.28; 2. Casey Valley 47.23. series so far haven’t exactly all that interested, either.
Patterson (LV) 27.31; 3. Bidlack Girls 400-Meter Dash: 1. Kelli
(CON) 27.82; 4. Kahlig (FR) 28.06; Ley (SV) 1:00.38; 2. Stump (HN) been scintillating battles — “We’ve got our hands full The Associated Press Detroit (Galarraga 1-0) at L.A. Dodgers (Ely
5. Bates (PA) 27.92; 6. Bridget 1:01.49; 3. Reamsnyder (AR) half of the 12 series completed with what we’re trying to do,” American League 2-1), 7:10 p.m.
Culp (DJ) 28.07; 7. S. Dahlinghaus 1:02.51; 4. Cortney Miller (SV) so far have ended in either Lakers guard Derek Fisher East Division N.Y. Yankees (P.Hughes 5-0) at N.Y. Mets
W L Pct GB (Pelfrey 5-1), 7:10 p.m.
(MI) 28.14; 8. Speiser (CON) 1:04.29; 5. Garnes (RIV) 1:04.81;
6. Farmer (PE) 1:05.19; 7. Engard
four or five games. There’s said. “And anything else Tampa Bay 30 11 .732 — Toronto (Eveland 3-3) at Arizona (E.Jackson
29.02; 9. K.Suchland (NB) 28.05;
10. Lori Bruskotter (FJ) 28.71; 11. (VA) 1:06.66; 8. Greeley (LC) been only one Game 7; the would be a distraction for us.” New York 25 16 .610 5 2-5), 8:10 p.m.
Adams (NB) 28.74; 12. On (PA) 1:07.14. way things look right now, the James is dominating head- Toronto 25 18 .581 6 San Diego (Richard 3-2) at Seattle (Snell
29.12; 13. Minnich (CV) 29.10; 14. Boys 400-Meter Dash: 1. J. conference finals could end lines almost everywhere, even Boston
22 20 .524 8 1/2
13 29 .310 17 1/2
0-2), 10:10 p.m.
Sunday’s Interleague Games
Grant (WT) 29.24; 15. Stucke (ML)
31.84; 16. Franzer (SH) 32.25; ...
Cook (AE) 50.44q; 2. Salyer (US)
50.46; 3. Fox (RIV) 53.13; 4. Orlick
fairly quickly on both coasts. with both conference finals Central Division Cincinnati (H.Bailey 1-2) at Cleveland
18. Jamie Reiger (OV) 30.52; 19. (NK) 53.15; 5. Greg Beougher If both end in sweeps, there going on without him. Wade, W L Pct GB (D.Huff 1-6), 1:05 p.m.
Stephanie Clay (FJ) 31.39; ... 21. (SV) 53.64; 6. Kersker (AE) 53.92; would be a week off before who has been in court in Miami Detroit
24 17 .585
24 17 .585

Baltimore (Millwood 0-4) at Washington
(Lannan 1-2), 1:35 p.m.
Kelsey Clemons (LV) 33.01. 7. Nick Davisson (SV) 54.01; 8. the finals start. for the past week because two Kansas City 17 25 .405 7 1/2 Boston (Wakefield 0-2) at Philadelphia
Boys 200-Meter Dash: 1.
Whitford (MI) 23.51; 2. Homier
Beck (RIV) 54.84.
Girls 300-Meter Hurdles: 1.
And that’s another prob- ex-partners are suing him for Chicago 16 24 .400 7 1/2 (Halladay 6-2), 1:35 p.m.
(CON) 23.70; 3. Nathan Turnwald Taflinger (LC) 46.78; 2. Gray (WG) lem: Fast-ending series have $25 million in a failed restau- Cleveland
West Division
15 24 .385 8 Chicago Cubs (Silva 5-0) at Texas (C.Wilson
3-1), 2:05 p.m.
(OV) 23.85; 4. Phlipot (MI) 24.30; 47.50; 3. Kari Wisher (SV) 49.55; given some teams long breaks rant deal, gets about as many W L Pct GB Florida (Jo.Johnson 4-1) at Chicago White
5. Miller (PA) 23.72; 6. Chris Will 4. Rose (US) 49.60; 5. Rouch (AD) between rounds, lulls that just questions at that courthouse Texas 24 18 .571 — Sox (F.Garcia 3-2), 2:05 p.m.
50.05; 6. Hoffman (HN) 50.35;
(SJ) 24.45; 7. Jeremy Kohli (FJ)
24.52; 8. Vagedes (FR) 24.65Q; 7. Schafer (AE) 51.29; 8. Ledley let all the storylines surround- about free agency than his Oakland
Los Angeles
20 22 .476
20 23 .465 4 1/2
4 Tampa Bay (Price 6-1) at Houston (Norris
2-5), 2:05 p.m.
9. Obringer (ML) 24.55; 10. Andy (RID) 51.47; ... 9. Jackie Bowsher ing free agency pick up even legal issues. Bosh has surely Seattle 15 26 .366 8 1/2 Colorado (Cook 1-3) at Kansas City (Greinke
Foster (OV) 24.70; 11. Short (AN) (SV) 53.39. more steam. picked up more Twitter fol- ——— 1-4), 2:10 p.m.
24.72; 12. Travis (NB) 24.89; Boys 300-Meter Hurdles: 1. Celtics guard Ray Allen lowers in recent days, espe- Thursday’s Results
Kansas City 9, Cleveland 3
Milwaukee (M.Parra 0-2) at Minnesota
(Pavano 4-4), 2:10 p.m.
13. Cunningham (CV) 24.84; 14. Massie (CA) 43.00; 2. Collins (AD)
Swiger (NB) 24.87; 15. Luttmer 43.53; 3. Price (HN) 43.55; 4. acknowledged free agency is cially after he used his feed to Detroit 5, Oakland 2 L.A. Angels (Jer.Weaver 4-2) at St. Louis
(SH) 25.10; 16. Prowant (CON) Neal Pangle (SV) 43.88; 5. Aaron a big story, adding “but we’re ask the world if he should stay Seattle 4, Toronto 3 (Carpenter 5-1), 2:15 p.m.
25.25; ... 19. Andrew Huntsman Hefner (SV) 44.38; 6. Leonard here. This is what we’re talk- in Toronto or leave. Tampa Bay 8, N.Y. Yankees 6
Boston 6, Minnesota 2
San Francisco (J.Sanchez 2-3) at Oakland
(Sheets 2-3), 4:05 p.m.
(FJ) 25.25; 20. Tyler Kraner (LV) (RID) 44.68; 7. Bailey (PE) 45.00;
Cammalleri helps Canadiens beat Flyers
Texas 13, Baltimore 7 Detroit (Porcello 3-4) at L.A. Dodgers
25.38. 8. Parker (LC) 46.71. L.A. Angels 6, Chicago White Sox 5 (Kuroda 5-1), 4:10 p.m.
Girls 4x400-Meter Relay: 1. Boys 800-Meter Run: 1. Friday’s Interleague Games San Diego (Latos 3-3) at Seattle
Crestview 4:07.68; 2. Ottoville Jonathan Rex (SV) 2:04.31; 2.
4:10.11; 3. Minster 4:10.73; 4. Fort Derek Goecke (SV) 2:13.33; 3. The Associated Press He had his shutout bid Baltimore (D.Hernandez 0-5) at Washington
(Olsen 2-1), 7:05 p.m.
(F.Hernandez 2-3), 4:10 p.m.
Toronto (Marcum 3-1) at Arizona (Buckner
Jennings 4:12.62; 5. Marion Local Thomson (HN) 2:09.15; 4. Truex foiled midway through the Boston (Lackey 4-2) at Philadelphia (Hamels 0-1), 4:10 p.m.
4:14.72; 6. Wayne Trace 4:15.64; (AE) 2:13.80; 5. Mortimer (WG) MONTREAL — Michael third period when Simon 4-2), 7:05 p.m. N.Y. Yankees (Sabathia 4-2) at N.Y. Mets
7. New Bremen 4:17.67; 8. St. 2:10.70; 6. Witt (EG) 2:14.60; 7.
John’s 4:47.77. Phillips (NK) 2:11.33; 8. Slavit Cammalleri and the rest of the Gagne scored on a spin-around Cincinnati (Arroyo 3-2) at Cleveland
(Westbrook 2-2), 7:05 p.m.
(J.Santana 3-2), 8:05 p.m.

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay: 1. (NK) 2:17.47; 9. Beaschler (AD) Montreal Canadiens proved move from the slot. N.Y. Yankees (Vazquez 2-4) at N.Y. Mets -----
New Bremen 3:29.01; 2. Minster 2:13.09; 10. Yoast (PE) 2:19.11; that Flyers goalie Michael Tom Pyatt and Dominic (Takahashi 3-1), 7:10 p.m. National League
3:31.82; 3. Marion Local 3:32.20; 4. 11. Kersker (AE) 2:15.12; 12.
McKee (RIV) 2:22.34; 13. Crist (AR)
Leighton isn’t invincible. Moore had a goal and assist Chicago Cubs (Lilly 1-3) at Texas (C.Lewis
3-2), 8:05 p.m.
East Division
W L Pct GB
Continental 3:33.92; 5. St. John’s
3:35.57; 6. Parkway 3:37.88; 7. 2:22.44; 14. Myers (CA) 2:22.51; And the Canadiens are each, while Brian Gionta Tampa Bay (Garza 5-1) at Houston (Myers Philadelphia 25 15 .625 —
Coldwater 3:39.90; 8. St. Henry 15. Amesquita (VA) 2:24.53; 16. suddenly riding much higher and Marc-Andre Bergeron 2-3), 8:05 p.m. Florida 22 20 .524 4
3:43.03; ... 10. Fort Jennings Karcher (AD) 2:34.12. following a convincing 5-1 also scored as the Canadiens Colorado (Hammel 1-2) at Kansas City
(Bannister 2-3), 8:10 p.m.
21 20 .512 4 1/2
21 21 .500 5
3:47.20; 11. Lincolnview 3:51.32; Girls 200-Meter Dash: 1. I.
... 13. Ottoville 3:53.24. Horn (WG) 26.78; 2. Stump (HN) victory over the Philadelphia rediscovered their slumbering Florida (Nolasco 4-2) at Chicago White Sox New York 20 22 .476 6
# - New Meet Record 26.86; 3. Jacoby (CA) 27.73; 4. M. Flyers in Game 3 of the offense by showing a recom- (Buehrle 2-5), 8:10 p.m. Central Division
Milwaukee (Bush 1-4) at Minnesota W L Pct GB
---- Horn (WG) 28.08; 5. Wise (RIV) Eastern Conference finals on mitment to creating traffic in (Blackburn 4-1), 8:10 p.m. St. Louis 24 18 .571 —
At Spencerville:
Girls Team Rankings (3
28.19; 6. Garnes (RIV) 28.75; 7.
Beck (AR) 28.45; 8. Beavers (PE)
Thursday. front of the Flyers net. L.A. Angels (Pineiro 3-4) at St. Louis (Penny Cincinnati 23 18 .561 1/2
Events Scored): Carey 25.50, 29.10; 9. VanBuskirk (RID) 29.88; Aside from cutting The Flyers had won six 3-4), 8:15 p.m. Chicago
19 23 .452
18 23 .439 5 1/2
Toronto (Morrow 3-3) at Arizona (Haren
Spencerville 18, Hardin Northern 10. Ward (VA) 28.99; 11. Pepple Philadelphia’s lead to 2-1 in straight. For Leighton, it 4-3), 9:40 p.m. Milwaukee 16 25 .390 7 1/2
16, Riverdale and Arlington (AR) 29.54; 12. Drury (AE) 30.91; a best-of-7 series that resumes marked his first loss in five San Francisco (Zito 6-1) at Oakland (Cahill Houston 14 27 .341 9 1/2
13, Waynesfield-Goshen 12, 13. Simon (US) 29.00; 14. Wells
Ridgemont 5, Lima Central Cath. (AE) 31.36; 15. Douce (AD) 31.53; at Montreal on Saturday, starts since taking over after 1-2), 10:05 p.m.
Detroit (Willis 1-1) at L.A. Dodgers
West Division
W L Pct GB
3.50, Perry 3, Vanlue/Allen East/ 16. Arseneau (RID) 29.82. the Canadiens finally solved Brian Boucher hurt his knee. (Billingsley 4-2), 10:10 p.m. San Diego 24 17 .585 —
Upper Scioto Valley 2, Ada 1. Boys 200-Meter Dash: 1. Leighton by snapping the Playing their first game at San Diego (LeBlanc 2-1) at Seattle (Cl.Lee Los Angeles 23 18 .561 1
Boys Team Rankings (4 Events
Scored): Spencerville 37,
Coppler (AR) 23.22; 2. Inniger
(AR) 23.25; 3. Salyer (US) 23.54;
goalie’s shutout streak at home in 10 days, the Canadiens 1-2), 10:10 p.m.
Saturday’s Interleague Games
San Francisco 22 18 .550 1 1/2
Colorado 20 21 .488 4
Waynesfield-Goshen 27, Carey 4. J. Cook (VA) 23.96; 5. Turner 172:05. Leighton had stopped outshot Philadelphia 28-13 in Florida (Volstad 3-4) at Chicago White Sox Arizona 18 24 .429 6 1/2
16, Allen East 13, Upper Scioto (PE) 24.10; 6. Andy Mahan (SV) all 58 Montreal shots in the building a 3-0 lead on Moore’s (Floyd 1-4), 2:05 p.m. ———
Valley and Hardin Northern 11, 24.14; 7. Blair (VA) 24.16; 8. Smith first two games. goal midway through the sec- L.A. Angels (Kazmir 2-4) at St. Louis (Lohse
1-3), 2:15 p.m.
Thursday’s Results
Philadelphia 5, Chicago Cubs 4
Vanlue and Lima Central Cath. 10, (RIV) 24.70; 9. Beltz (US) 24.95;
New Knoxville 6, Riverdale and 10. Coulter (NK) 24.49; 11. Book And it was Cammalleri, with ond period. Baltimore (Bergesen 3-3) at Washington Atlanta 10, Cincinnati 9
Ridgemont 5, Ada 4, Perry 1. (RIV) 25.11; 12. Vermillion (AE) his team-leading 13th goal, who Cammalleri’s scored by (Stammen 1-2), 4:05 p.m. St. Louis 4, Florida 2
San Francisco (Cain 2-3) at Oakland Milwaukee 4, Pittsburgh 3
Finals (10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1) - Top 24.86; 13. McFadden (RID) 25.45; opening the scoring 7:05 in, snapping a shot into the open (G.Gonzalez 4-3), 4:05 p.m. N.Y. Mets 10, Washington 7
4 to Tiffin
Girls 4x800-Meter Relay: 1.
14. Spangler (WG) 25.21; 15.
Jacoby (CA) 25.51; 16. Turner
sparking a joyous celebration left side after Leighton lost Colorado (Francis 0-0) at Kansas City Colorado 4, Houston 0
Spencerville (Lyndie Brown, Claire (WG) 26.25. with teammates in the corner sight of the puck, which took (Davies 3-2), 4:10 p.m. Arizona 8, San Francisco 7
L.A. Dodgers 4, San Diego 1
Milwaukee (Gallardo 4-2) at Minnesota
McConnell, Cortney Miller, Ashley Girls 4x400-Meter Relay: 1. and a raucous eruption from the a strange carom off the end (Slowey 5-3), 4:10 p.m. Friday’s NL Game
Gilroy) 9:59.17; 2. Riverdale Lima Central Cath. 4:12.28; 2. home crowd of 21,273. board. Cincinnati (Cueto 3-1) at Cleveland Atlanta (T.Hudson 4-1) at Pittsburgh
10:39.67; 3. Carey 11:02.43; 4. Spencerville (Cortney Miller, Claire
Ridgemont 11:11.07; 5. Arlington McConnell, Kari Wisher, Kelli Ley) Jaroslav Halak made 25 Pyatt scored by driving to (Carmona 4-1), 7:05 p.m.
Tampa Bay (Niemann 3-0) at Houston
(Ohlendorf 0-1), 7:05 p.m.
Saturday’s NL Game
11:50.10; 6. Perry 12:24.33; 7. 4:15.27; 3. Waynesfield-Goshen saves in the win, bouncing the net to convert a rebound (W.Rodriguez 2-5), 7:05 p.m. Atlanta (D.Lowe 5-4) at Pittsburgh (Morton
Upper Scioto Valley 12:26.58. 4:21.92; 4. Arlington 4:22.23; 5. back after he had allowed after Moore’s shot from the Boston (Matsuzaka 2-1) at Philadelphia 1-7), 7:05 p.m.
Boys 4x800-Meter Relay: 1.
Spencerville (Derek Goecke, Kevin
Hardin Northern 4:26.69; 6. Ada
4:30.65; 7. Riverdale 4:34.19; 8.
seven goals on 37 shots in the right circle deflected off the (K.Kendrick 2-1), 7:10 p.m.
Chicago Cubs (R.Wells 3-2) at Texas
Sunday’s NL Game
Atlanta (Medlen 1-1) at Pittsburgh (Duke
Lenhart, Aaron Hefner, Jonathan Upper Scioto Valley 4:41.25. first two games. post. (Holland 2-0), 7:10 p.m. 3-4), 1:35 p.m.
8 — The Herald Friday May 21, 2010

Voices of unbelief -- behind pulpits

On Sunday mornings, you will find him pants were found through contacts with the whether they believed in God, many people
leading hymns in one of the independent TERRY MATTINGLY Center For Progressive Christianity and the could sincerely say that they don’t know what
Church of Christ congregations somewhere Freedom from Religion Foundation. As this they are being asked.”
in South Carolina.
Call him “Adam.” He is a church admin- On report candidly states: “Our sample is small
and self-selected, and it is not surprising that
More than anything else, the report offers
a striking mix of voices and motives.
istrator, a “worship minister” and a self-pro-
claimed “atheist agnostic.” That last detail is
a secret. After all, his wife and teenage chil-
Religion all of our pastors think that they are the tip of
an iceberg, but they are also utterly unable to
confirm this belief.”
“Darryl” the Presbyterian still calls himself
a “Jesus Follower,” but adds: “I reject the vir-
gin birth. I reject substitutionary atonement.
dren are devout believers, and he needs to What unites these ministers is their isola- I reject the divinity of Jesus. I reject heaven
stay employed. tion from the believers in their pews, their and hell in the traditional sense, and I am not
“Here’s how I’m handling my job. ... I see estant ministers -- three in liberal denomina- awareness that they cannot honestly discuss alone.”
it as play-acting. I kind of see myself as taking tions and two from flocks that, as a rule, are their doubts and evolving beliefs. They also There’s “Wes” the United Methodist: “I
on a role of a believer in a worship service, conservative. An ordained Episcopal Church struggle with labels such as “atheist” or “ag- think the word ‘God’ can be used very expres-
and performing,” he said during an interview woman was interviewed but withdrew just nostic,” often insisting that they remain be- sively in some of my more meditative modes.
for the “Preachers who are not Believers” re- before publication. lievers of some kind -- although they reject I’ve thought of God as a kind of poetry that’s
port from the Center for Cognitive Studies at The authors of the report are philosopher Christian doctrines or even theism. written by human beings.”
Tufts University. Daniel C. Dennett, an outspoken leader in the This tension, the authors stressed, is “no “Jack” the Southern Baptist has concluded
“I know how to pray publicly. I can lead movement many call the “New Atheism,” and accident” in these postmodern times. that the “grand scheme of Christianity, for
singing. I love singing. I don’t believe what Linda LaScola, a clinical social worker with “The ambiguity about who is a believer me, is a bunch of bunk.” Thus, he is quietly
I’m saying anymore in some of these songs. years of qualitative-research experience. She and who is a nonbeliever follows inexorably planning a new career.
But I see it as taking on the role and perform- is also an atheist, but, until recently, was a from the pluralism that has been assiduously “If somebody said, ‘Here’s $200,000,’ I’d
ing. Maybe that’s what it takes for me to get regular churchgoer. fostered by many religious leaders for a cen- be turning my notice in this week, saying, ‘A
myself through this, but that’s what I’m do- “We started with a pilot study because this tury and more: God is many different things month from now is my last Sunday.’ Because
ing.” is very new ground,” said LaScola, who con- to different people, and since we can’t know then I can pay off everything.”
The researchers behind this report do not ducted the interviews. “We are planning to do if one of these conceptions is the right one, (Terry Mattingly is director of the Wash-
claim they can document whether this phe- a larger study in the future.” we should honor them all,” noted Dennett and ington Journalism Center at the Council for
nomenon is rare or common. What they have The key is circulating this early mate- LaScola. “This counsel of tolerance creates a Christian Colleges and Universities and leads
right now is anecdotal material drawn from rial and then finding more ministers who are gentle fog that shrouds the question of belief the project to study religion
confidential interviews with five male Prot- willing to be interviewed. The initial partici- in God in so much indeterminacy that if asked and the news.)

Our local churches invite you to join them for their activities and services.
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“Where Jesus is Healing
celebration in May and October.
Administered upon request.
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St✭r G✭zing Paintings

stolen from
Fresh from France, Lohan Paris museum
comes home to legal woes PARIS (AP) — A thief stole
five paintings valued at more
than $100 million, including
By SANDY COHEN could have been here,” Revel ecutor warned the actress she major works by Picasso and
The Associated Press said, frustrated at Lohan’s faced jail time if she violated Matisse, in an overnight heist
absence. her probation. Thursday at a Paris modern art
LOS ANGELES — The actress, wearing short The extension was the third museum with a broken alarm
Lindsay Lohan is coming shorts and high heels, was par- time Lohan escaped punish- system, officials said.
home to a litany of legal woes tying on a yacht in the French ment after her alcohol-edu- The paintings disappeared
early Thursday from the Paris
after a few breezy days at the Riviera until early Thursday cation program notified the
Museum of Modern Art, across
Cannes Film Festival, where morning, says celebrity pho- court the actress had violated the Seine River from the Eiffel
she attended various events to tographer Phil Ramey, who its rules. Two of the instanc- Tower in one of the French
promote her Linda Lovelace posted the photos on his web- es were described as misun- capital’s most chic and tourist-
film and partied into the wee site derstandings; the third was frequented neighborhoods.
hours on the day she was sup- Lohan’s attorney, Shawn chalked up to a busy work The museum’s alarm system
posed to be in court in Beverly Chapman Holley, said Lohan’s schedule. had been broken since March
Hills. passport was stolen while in Revel said Thursday there 30 in some rooms, Paris Mayor
The 23-year-old actress was Cannes and she was unable to is probable cause to believe Bertrand Delanoe said in a
to be arrested upon her return return to Los Angeles in time Lohan may have violated her statement. The security system
to Los Angeles for missing for Thursday’s hearing. probation. A formal hearing operator ordered spare parts to
a mandatory court hearing, “She did, in fact, have air- will be held to determine if fix it but had not yet received
but a judge recalled the war- line tickets,” Holley told the Lohan is in compliance with the equipment from the sup-

Don’t let the doorman

rant late Thursday after Lohan judge. She said Lohan would the court’s conditions. No date plier, the statement said.
posted bail. be back in the United States has been set. The museum reopened in
Superior Court Judge by this evening. In a video posted online 2006 after spending euro15

hit you on the way out

Marsha Revel set bail at Lohan has been on proba- on the celebrity website million and three years upgrad-
$100,000, revoked Lohan’s tion since August 2007 after Hollywood.TV Monday, ing its security system.
probation and imposed strict pleading guilty to misdemean- Lohan says she’s “been in Christophe Girard, deputy
new conditions on the star, or drug charges and no con- compliance more than ever” culture secretary at Paris City
who was due in court for a test to three driving charges. with the terms of her proba- Hall, said a single masked By Jim Mullen
progress report on her pro- The plea came after a pair of tion and could complete the intruder was caught on a video Jim Mullen
bation stemming from two high-profile arrests earlier that required alcohol-education surveillance camera. A few weeks ago, there
arrests in 2007.
The judge ordered that
Despite spending 84 min-
classes in “about two and a
half weeks.”
Investigators are trying to
determine whether the intruder
was a huge crisis in New York The
City. No, not the 1,000-point
Lohan be prohibited from
drinking any alcohol, required
utes in jail and performing
mandatory service at the coun-
Speaking to the media after
the hearing, Holley said that
was operating alone, Girard
told reporters, who suggested
dip in the Dow, the attempted
car bomb in Times Square
to wear an alcohol-monitoring
bracelet and submit to random
ty morgue, Lohan has strug-
gled repeatedly with the terms
Lohan has completed 10 of the
13 required alcohol-education
the heist was carried out by
a very “sophisticated” team
or an unexpected foie gras
shortage. This was an event
weekly drug testing. of her sentence. In October, a classes. She said the actress or individual. He said three that made titans of industry together how to
“If she wanted to be here, judge extended her probation went to Cannes to promote a guards were on duty overnight, tremble and the CEOs of use an elevator, some felt like
it looks to the court that she for another year but a pros- film, adding, “It’s her job.” but “they saw nothing.” Fortune 500 companies shake. they could do anything.
The intruder entered by cut- It was all doctors, lawyers, The doorman strike had
ting a padlock on a gate and
P&G hosts bloggers in defense of Pampers Dry Max
bankers, brokers, fashion the potential of being much
breaking a museum window, designers, Broadway actors, worse, an even harder burden
the Paris prosecutor’s office soap stars, interior designers for the wealthy to bear. Those
CINCINNATI (AP) — ing flying in the four so-called ers to catch fire. P&G calls said. and trust-fund babies could unfamiliar with people of
Four women who blog about “mommy bloggers” from the charges against Dry Max The prosecutor’s office ini- talk about at their $100-a-plate wealth and privilege may
consumer products for young around the country because “completely false” and dis- tially estimated the five paint- restaurants, and was the lead wonder why they need
families spent Thursday talk- they can influence parents agrees the company has been ings’ total worth at as much as story on every station’s 11 someone to open the door
ing about diapers with Procter seeking product reviews, mon- dismissive of consumer com- euro500 million ($613 million) o’clock news for two solid for them, for someone to
& Gamble Co. officials and eysaving tips and other advice plaints about the diaper, which but later downgraded that to weeks: The doormen at New say, “Good afternoon, Mrs.
advisers as the company tried — will deflect undeserved launched in March. euro90 million ($112 million). York apartment buildings Pushface,” for someone
to counter fast-spreading criticism. For instance, P&G “We’re walking the fine Girard said the total value was were threatening to go on to sign for their FedEx
online criticism. said some of the complaints line of communicating that the “just under 100 million euros.” strike. deliveries, for someone to
Claims that the new Dry have come from consumers diaper is not causing the rash He said “Le pigeon aux petits- Oh, the humanity! All buzz their apartment and
Max version of Pampers — in China, where Dry Max dia- and still being sympathetic to pois” (“The Pigeon with the up and down Park and Fifth announce visitors -- because
P&G’s biggest-selling brand pers aren’t even sold. the fact that they’re really hav- Peas”) an ochre and brown Cubist Avenues one could hear the it’s something the rest of us
— cause severe rashes have Among the bloggers visit- ing a rash, and our heart goes oil painting by Pablo Picasso, was sound of wailing and gnashing do for ourselves all the time.
triggered lawsuits and a fed- ing Thursday was Kate Marsh out to them,” said Jodi Allen, worth an estimated euro23 million, of teeth. The newspapers The truth is that the
eral safety investigation. Lord of Niceville, Fla., whose a P&G Baby Care vice presi- and “La Pastorale” (“Pastoral”), were full of front-page wealthy are like spoiled
The criticisms picked up steam 18-month-old daughter devel- dent. “First and foremost, we an oil painting of nudes on a stories following the daily poodles; they can barely do
this month on Facebook and other oped a severe rash wearing a care about babies’ health.” hillside by Henri Matisse about negotiations. anything for themselves. All
online social media after national Dry Max diaper. She said her P&G says Pampers sales euro15 million. “How will we live?” their survival skills have been
reports of the probe. pediatrician assured her the remain strong and it has found The other paintings sto- “Where will we go?” went the bred out of them. They can
P&G has diverted 40 to diaper didn’t cause the rash, no evidence Dry Max, billed len were “L’olivier pres de lamentations of the wealthy. no more open their own door
50 employees to marketing and she has continued to use as 20 percent thinner than ear- l’Estaque” (“Olive Tree near Building managers and the than any domesticated beast
and research on Dry Max full Dry Max without incident. lier versions, is more likely to Estaque”) by Georges Braque; owners of two, three and four- lacking opposable thumbs can
time, extended its Pampers The company even brought cause rashes. P&G was getting “La femme a l’eventail” million-dollar homes held open one. They must be let in
phone line from five to seven in the same, now-retired com- fewer than two complaints of (“Woman with a Fan”) by meetings to set up schedules and out of their homes with
days a week and consulted pany scientist who disproved rashes per million diapers sold Amedeo Modigliani; and for tenants to share lobby the aid of a human. Like pets,
with more than a dozen out- rumors three decades ago that until this month, said officials “Nature morte aux chandeliers” duty in case the unthinkable we all wonder sometimes if
side experts. P&G’s Bounce fabric softener who noted that occasional dia- (“Still Life with Chandeliers”) were to happen. “This,” said it’s worth the trouble to have
It hopes the effort — includ- sheets caused clothes dry- per rashes are common. by Fernand Leger. one advertising executive as them. They seem to have no

A commission well served

he climbed into the limo that practical purpose, and some
would drive him to work, days all they do is cause
“could be worse than the problems. Worst of all, most
elevator-operator strike.” Is of them are not neutered and
By Gary Clothier these actors has appeared grown citrus. They had a and prestige, stakes races can there a person alive who can continue to breed, unchecked.
on any episode of “Criminal special variety grapefruit that be classified at one of six forget that tragedy? Why no one has invented a
Q: I joined the U.S. Navy Minds.” However, Timothy had a distinct lemon flavor. levels: restricted, open, listed, Management predicted human-sized, thick plastic
Reserve as a junior in high Omundson, who played They were not big, maybe grade 3, grade 2 or grade 1. that hundreds, maybe flap, like doggie doors, that
school. The summer before Maxie’s boss, Sean Potter, the size of a large pear. They There are more than 100 stakes thousands, of people might the rich could push in and
my senior year, I attended boot made a guest appearance on were fantastic. Unfortunately, races in grade 1, including the starve because their personal out of by themselves is a
camp in Great Lakes, Ill.; later the sixth episode of the first I don’t remember the name. I Kentucky Derby. chefs wouldn’t walk up 10 wonderment. The strike was
that summer, I took a two-week season of “Criminal Minds” in would like to try to order some or 20 flights of stairs to cook called off at the last minute.
cruise aboard the destroyer 2005. Indeed, online. -- B.R., Waverly, R.I. Send your questions to Mr. meals for the helpless rich. It “They got more money
USS McNair. Whatever Mandy A: The yellow-skinned Know-It-All at AskMrKIA@ turned out that, despite the low just for opening doors,” huffed
happened to the ship? Who Patinkin Bloomsweet grapefruit is or c/o United expectations, many wealthy one Park Avenue resident. “If
was she named after? -- R.H., starred lemon-flavored and shaped Feature Syndicate, 200 tenants could be taught to they want more money, they
Vermontville, N.Y. as Jason like a large pear. You peel Madison Ave., New York, NY push the button for the floor should earn it. The way my
A: Named after Naval Gideon. it and eat it like a tangerine. 10016. they lived on, and remember great-grandfather did.”
Academy superintendent Rear Q: I saw The Bloomsweet originated the button for lobby, too. It
Adm. Frederick V. McNair Sr. a movie on in Japan, where it’s called Copyright 2010, Gary wasn’t easy and there was Jim Mullen is the author
(1839-1900), the USS McNair TV in 1968 Kinkoji. Story goes that a Clothier much resistance to the idea, of “It Takes a Village Idiot:
(DD-679) was commissioned and have Texas farmer named Bloom but they were surprised to Complicating the Simple
on Dec. 30, 1943, and called wondered all began growing the fruit and find out what they could do in Life” and “Baby’s First
to duty in the Pacific Theater. these years Mandy named it after himself. If you Answer to Sudoku a crisis. And in a rare display Tattoo.” You can reach him at
olorDuring Printer World War II, she saw about the Patinkin find someone who ships it, let of kindness, the ones that did
action in numerous campaigns, title. It was a me know. I would like to give learn helped the ones who
winning eight battle stars. After
• Paper Sizes (Min/Max): Main Tray from 4.1" x 5.8"
prison movie,
Ordering Informationand I’m almost it a try. could not. Once they pieced Copyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
Q: I watch one horserace
to 8.5" x 14"; Multi-Purpose Tray from 3" x 5" cards
thetowar, served in Korea, positive
she banners
8.5" x 47.24" 2 Descriptionit starred Mickey Part Numbers

winning twoMain more battle stars. Rooney.

C3400n 230V I remember the 62426905 a year, and it is the Kentucky
C3400n 120V (Multilingual) 62426904
• Paper Weight: tray 17 lb. – 32 lb. bond
bondwas (75 – decommissioned
– 120 gsm); manual feed 20 lb. bond – 110 lb.
203 gsm) on character Options was mean and nasty. Derby. I am curious about Quotes of local interest supplied by
Dec. 30, 1963, struck from I never saw
Memory Expansion:
it again and can’t the term “stakes race.” What EDWARD JONES INVESTMENTS
the• Size
(WxDxH):Vessel Register in find 256 anything 70042901 type of race is this? -- V.L.,
Environmental 64 MB 70042801
14.8" x 18.9" x 11.4" MB Close of business May 20, 2010
(37.6 cm x 47.9 1974,
cm x 29.0and cm) sold for about it. Can
Supplies Saginaw, Mich.
scrap two
• Weight: years
Approx. 46.2later.
lb. (21.0 kg) you Standard
Cyan --
Toner Cartridges:
Toner Cartridge 1,000 pg. 43459403 A: A stakes race describes Description Last Price Change
43459402 a race where the prize money

Q: I recently watched an K.S.,Magenta

Supplies Pekin,
Toner Cartridge 1,000 pg.
3 DJINDUAVERAGE 10,068.01 -376.36
NAS/NMS COMPSITE 2,204.01 -94.36
episode of “Criminal Minds” Ill. Black Toner Cartridge 43459404 is put up by both the horse
Yellow Toner Cartridge 1,000 pg.
• Toner Cartridges and Image Drums: Separate
1,500 pg.
S&P 500 INDEX 1,071.59 -43.46

with Mandy Patinkin. Several I think owners and the track. In

Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow
AUTOZONE INC. 179.66 -2.38
High-Capacity Toner Cartridges:

you Cyan are ascending order of importance

• Toner Cartridge Life: Standard 1,000 pages Cyan,
menMagenta,on that show played Black; in
Toner Cartridge 2,000 pg. 43459303

Yellow and 1,500 pages

BUNGE LTD 48.07 -1.94
TV series “Judging Amy.” referring
Magenta Toner Cartridge 2,000 pg.
2,000 pages Cyan, Magenta, Yellow Yellow Toner Cartridge 2,000 pg. 43459301
EATON CORP. 67.59 -2.78

One was Maxie’s son,15,000andpages to the 1959

and 2,500 pages Black 3

Does Your Stone Driveway

Black Toner Cartridge 2,500 pg.
• Image Drum Life: Approximately BP PLC ADR 44.58 -0.69
other played her boss. filmCyan Image“The
Image Drum Kits:
Drum Kit 15,000 pg.
43460203 DOMINION RES INC 39.24 -1.19
There was1-Yearalso
limitedsomeone who LastMagenta Mile,”
Need Some Fixing Up? AMERICAN ELEC. PWR INC 31.34 -0.97
Image Drum Kit 15,000 pg.

Black Image Drum KitMickey 15,000 Roney

• Printer: with Overnight Exchange 5

played Maxie’s nephew.

5-Year limitedWhowarranty starring
Yellow Image Drum Kit 15,000 pg.
• Digital LED Printheads: 4
pg. 43460204 CVS CAREMARK CRP 33.86 -1.09
are they? -- L.A.D., Sapulpa, Mickey CITIGROUP INC 3.63 -0.18
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OKIcare Overnight Exchange Warranty Extensions
® 5

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Rooney. His performance U.S.
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and supplies from OKI Printing Solutions,
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aired (800-654-3282). I have not58265601 been able
including OKIcare Extended Service Programs :
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U.S. Canada
While traveling through GOODYEAR TIRE 11.21 -0.76
mputer Futterman
Individual resultsplayed Maxie’s son,
Published performance results based on laboratory testing.
may vary. 1-Yr Warranty Ext. 58263401 58263411


Gray. Kevin Rahm

Optimal performance on larger files may require additional RAM.
Texas, my husband
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and I
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portrayed Maxie’s nephew, stopped atProofing

a roadside stand
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10 – The Herald Friday, May 21, 2010

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The Daily Herald
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ple computers, boys
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pump, bedding, toys,
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Technicians Perform a Thorough
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medical conditions I considered when first reading
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one part of the body and will then spread to another.
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May 22nd
Who are currently em - from that limb onward as the electrical activity spreads
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Smoking parent Tomorrow’s HI AND LOIS

endangering kids By Bernice Bede Osol
Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dear Annie: My step- to form new friendships. It should go without saying that
daughter, “Pam,” is 24 and Dear Annie: You recent- the better informed you are in the
year ahead, the greater your chances
is the mother of two chil- ly printed a letter from will be for achieving success. Catch
dren, one 7 months and the “Crushed,” whose husband up on all the latest knowledge and
other a toddler. Her children thought he was dying and technology going on in your industry,
and watch the bucks come in.
are often ill with bronchitis confessed to being unfaith- GEMINI (May 21-June 20) - It
and other maladies, and the ful many years ago. You isn’t likely that others can be depend-
oldest has behavioral issues. said such deathbed confes- ed upon, so strive to be self-sufficient
The baby rattles when he sions leave an emotional
when it comes to accomplishing
something important to you. After all
breathes. burden on the listener. But is said and done, it will be only you.
Pam smoked during preg- that husband was still alive CANCER (June 21-July 22) -
If you can, before committing your
nancy, much to our chagrin, and feelings could be rec- ideas to action, sound them out on
and she recently admitted onciled. someone whose judgment has proven
that she smokes in the car In my case, it was a true to be quite accurate, just in case there
are some flaws that have escaped
with her children in the deathbed confession, not of your detection.
backseat. This physical unfaith- LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) - Strive
both appalls and fulness, but of to be prudent with the management
infuriates me, emotional unfaith- of whatever funds you have at hand,
because there is a possibility that
and I believe fulness. At one monies you are counting on coming
it is neglectful point during our your way might be a bit delayed.
and abusive. My marriage, my job VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -
Once you discover the person who
husband says I took me away from wants to be your partner doesn’t have
shouldn’t bad- home. My husband any funds to contribute to the ven-
ger her about it thought I no lon- ture, unless s/he can offer something
of equal importance, back off.
because it will ger loved him, and LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) - Be
only make things in response, he charitable to those who need your
worse. Pam does turned to another help today, but first find out whether
the person asking is not only deserv-
have some learn- woman for emo- ing, but truly does need assistance.
ing disabilities, Annie’s Mailbox tional support. I Ignore lazy types who are just pass-
but she is intel- was so shocked by ing off their work.
SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22)
ligent enough to understand what he told me that I didn’t - Overindulgence has a heavy price
that smoking is extremely ask for any details, thinking to pay for exceeding the feed limit.
harmful, not only to herself, we would have time to talk You’ll be sorry if you keep your eye
but to her children. about it. As it turned out, he on the whipped cream and doughnuts
instead of your waistline.
Do you think I should died that night. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec.
shut up about her abusive Do you have advice for 21) - Usually you’re the type of per-
behavior and allow her chil- a widow who had no oppor- son who welcomes challenges and
contests, but if you find things are
dren to suffer the ill effects? tunity to bring about any tilted to work against you, you may SNUFFY SMITH
A friend of mine suggested kind of reconciliation and is choose not to enter the fray.
that I call the authorities now carrying a heavy emo- CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan.
19) - You and a cohort might have
and let them deal with the tional burden? This situation totally different ideas as to what to
situation. -- Disgusted in invades my mind and keeps do first and how to go about it. Un-
Pennsylvania me from getting proper rest fortunately, it isn’t likely that either
one of you will be willing to make a
Dear Disgusted: Smoking at night. -- Also Crushed compromise.
in front of your children Dear Also: How sad that AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
is not generally considered you didn’t have the time to - Something you’ve taken on do-
ing for another could turn out to be
child abuse. Smoking is resolve this. We are certain quite stressful and more than you
highly addictive, and even your husband did not intend can handle. Instead of botching up
if your stepdaughter wanted to leave you with such dam- the job, fess up to not being able to
to quit, it would be difficult aging unfinished business. complete it.
PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20)
for her. Is the children’s Please talk to a grief counsel- - You’ll get what you give today. In
father in the picture? If so, or to help you work through order to receive the cooperation you
he would be the best one your feelings and come to need or want, you will first have to HAGAR THE HORRIBLE
show a willingness to play ball your-
to approach Pam about the terms with your loss. self. If you balk, others will too.
effects of secondhand smoke Annie’s Mailbox is writ- ARIES (March 21-April 19)
on the children’s health and ten by Kathy Mitchell and - Accepting the policy of “never do
today what I can put off until tomor-
to work with her on ways to Marcy Sugar, longtime edi- row” will guarantee huge regrets
minimize the damage. You tors of the Ann Landers in the end. The sooner you get your
also can recommend she column. Please e-mail your chores out of the way, the sooner you
can play.
consult her pediatrician for questions to anniesmail- TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -
additional advice., or write Ignore that hotshot acquaintance of
Dear Annie: Please settle to: Annie’s Mailbox, c/o yours who is trying to impress you by
making all kinds of grandiose prom-
an argument. A couple of Creators Syndicate, 5777 W. ises. Depending on such a person is
weeks ago, new neighbors Century Blvd., Ste. 700, Los just plain foolish.
moved in two houses down Angeles, CA 90045. Cpyright 2010, United Feature Syndicate, Inc.
from us. I want to bake cook-
ies or brownies, give them BORN LOSER
to our new neighbors and
introduce ourselves. After
a brief hello and an offer of
“if you need a cup of sugar,”
we will let them get back to
whatever they were doing.
My husband thinks it’s
too soon to ring their bell.
He says it would look like
we’re just being nosy. When
is the correct time to intro-
duce yourself to new neigh-
bors? -- Samantha
Dear Samantha: As FRANK & ERNEST
long as you don’t expect the
newcomers to invite you in
for coffee, the correct time
is when the moving van is
gone. A couple of weeks is
plenty. Bring your cookies
or brownies and introduce
yourselves already. Most
newcomers appreciate being
welcomed by their neighbors
and having the opportunity

Friday Evening May 21, 2010

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12 – The Herald Friday, May 21, 2010

EPA demands a less toxic dispersant in Gulf spill

By MATTHEW DALY cism that BP is drastically underestimating called Corexit 9500, is identified as a “moder- them, to use the least toxic of them makes the
The Associated Press the size of the leak — and that government ate” human health hazard that can cause eye, most sense,” he said.
agencies aren’t doing enough to pressure the skin or respiratory irritation with prolonged A spokesman for BP said the company is
WASHINGTON — The Environmental company to be transparent and allow indepen- exposure, according to safety data documents. only using established dispersant products
Protection Agency directed BP PLC on dent reviews. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, members that are preapproved for use in the Gulf of
Thursday to use a less toxic form of chemical “I think now we’re beginning to understand of Congress and environmental groups have Mexico.
dispersants to break up the oil spill in the Gulf that we cannot trust BP,” said Rep. Edward raised questions about the dispersants, which One of the criteria for selecting Corexit
of Mexico, one of several steps the government Markey, D-Mass., who pushed for the video shoot chemicals thousands of feet beneath the was the manufacturer’s ability to supply large
took to crack down on the oil giant. release and the EPA directive on dispersants. sea. The chemicals break apart the oil and keep volumes needed for the massive spill, said BP
The moves come amid a growing sense of “BP has lost all credibility.” it from reaching the surface. spokesman Mark Salt. Corexit “is very effec-
frustration with the company’s failure to stop Larry Schweiger, president and CEO of the The EPA appeared to share those concerns tive in causing oil to form into small isolated
the spill and allow independent reviews of its National Wildlife Federation, said the govern- Thursday. droplets that remain suspended until they are
work. ment — not BP — should be directing the “Because of its use in unprecedented vol- either eaten by naturally occurring microbes,
The Obama administration asked BP to response to the oil spill, including attempts to umes and because much is unknown about evaporate or are picked up or dissolved,” he
make public all detailed information about the cap the gushing well. the underwater use of dispersants, EPA wants said.
Gulf spill — including all measurements of “The Gulf of Mexico is a crime scene and to ensure BP is using the least toxic product A spokesman Illinois-based Nalco Co.,
the growing leak. A live video feed that shows BP cannot be left in charge of assessing the authorized for use,” the agency said in a state- which makes Corexit, said the company was
oil gushing from the blown-out well was put damage or controlling the data from their spill. ment. gratified that the EPA acknowledged that use
online. The public deserves sound science, not sound Under the order, BP has 24 hours to identify of its dispersants has been effective and has not
The video shows a large plume of oil and bites from BP’s CEO,” Schweiger said. at least one approved dispersant product that caused significant harm to the marine environ-
gas still spewing next to the tube that’s carry- White House press secretary Robert Gibbs is effective, available in large quantities and ment.
ing some of it to the surface. said BP is responsible for the cleanup and will meets specified toxicity limits. BP must begin “We welcome the test of any alternative
Several members of Congress had pushed be paying the bill, but said the response is over- using only the approved alternative within 72 use technologies to mitigate the environmental
BP to make the video available to the pub- seen by a host of federal agencies. hours of submitting its list of alternatives to the impact of the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico,”
lic. It was posted Thursday on the website Asked who was in charge of the leak, Gibbs EPA and getting EPA approval. the company said in a statement.
of the House Select Committee on Energy said, “BP, with our oversight.” Gibbs said he was not aware of any test EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson called the
Independence and Global Warming. The EPA In a notice to BP, the EPA said that while results or other data that caused EPA to seek a dispersant “the lesser of two environmental
began posting data about underwater disper- it initially approved chemical dispersants cur- different dispersant. outcomes no one wants to have to deal with,”
sants on its website. rently being used, their longterm effects remain “Our feeling and EPA’s feeling is, given but said officials need better answers about
The developments followed growing criti- unknown. One of the chief agents being used, the extent to which we have to continue to use what other products are available.

Financial reform debate continues

UC Berkeley plan to test freshmen DNA criticized
By MARCUS WOHLSEN University officials said they were careful to choose genes for
The Associated Press
The Associated Press testing that were not related to serious health issues.
“We wanted to pick genes in which the variants were very
WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans on Wednesday
BERKELEY, Calif. — A plan by the University of California, easy to understand, not threatening, and probably reveal informa-
delayed final action on a sweeping financial regulation bill, rais-
Berkeley to voluntarily test the DNA of incoming freshman has tion students have about themselves already,” said Jasper Rine, a
ing a last-minute obstacle to the legislation as it approached the
come under fire from critics who said the school was pushing an UC Berkeley genetics professor who is spearheading the testing
home stretch.
unproven technology on impressionable students. program.
Democrats appeared within reach of the 60-vote threshold
The university has said it will send test kits to 5,500 new stu- The program’s organizers said it was important to get students
needed to move the bill toward passage, however, Senate Majority
dents to analyze genes that help control the body’s responses to talking about the issues because genetic testing would likely
leader Harry Reid said he would seek a new vote today.
alcohol, dairy products and folic acid. become an everyday part of medicine in coming decades.
The vote and Wednesday’s maneuvering over a handful of
The voluntary tests are intended to spur conversation about the A key concern about many direct-to-consumer genetic tests is
remaining amendments represented the final lumps and bruises of
growing field of personal genomics, not predict the likelihood of their reliance on studies that use statistics to determine how likely a
a bill that appeared headed for approval.
disease, university officials said Thursday. particular gene variation is to be connected to a specific disease.
The legislation, which seeks an overhaul of financial regula-
“We thought that this would be a more engaging vehicle for Many such studies are preliminary, but public health officials
tions unseen since the 1930s, would set up a mechanism to watch
discussion than having them read a book or an article,” said Mark worry that without proper counseling, consumers are likely to take
out for risks in the financial system, make it easier to liquidate
Schlissel, dean of biology at UC Berkeley. their test results as definitive.
large failing firms and write new rules for complex securities
Critics, however, worry that students could get the idea the Schlissel said the science behind the tests being given to stu-
blamed for helping precipitate the 2008 economic crisis. It also
school approves of widely available direct-to-consumer gene- dents was well-grounded in years of research. In addition, students
would create a new consumer protection agency, a key point for
testing kits that claim to predict the risk of future health problems, arriving in the fall will be able to attend a presentation of the over-
President Barack Obama.
said Jesse Reynolds, a policy analyst at the Center for Genetics and all results for the entire incoming class and learn what the results
As the end game on the bill nears, Republicans this week
Society, a bioethics think thank. mean.
have escalated their attacks on the legislation, arguing the bill Students might think, “Berkeley gave it to us. It must be good. All DNA will be collected privately, officials said. Students will
had grown worse during its time on the Senate floor and does not UC Berkeley would never be giving its incoming students anything use a barcode that only they have to locate their individual results,
address root causes of the 2008 financial meltdown. bad or controversial,” Reynolds said. and the university said all DNA will be incinerated after the analy-
The Democratic majority, said Senate Republican leader Mitch One such kit was set to go on sale at Walgreen’s pharmacies sis is completed.
McConnell, “uses this crisis as yet another opportunity to expand last week. However, the chain changed its mind after federal regu- Students also will be able to compete to win one of four much
the cost and size and reach of government.” lators said the kit’s manufacturer never submitted the product to more comprehensive personal gene scans from 23andMe Inc., a
The vote to end debate was 57-42, three votes shy of the 60 the Food and Drug Administration for review, a requirement for Google-backed company that has been at the center of the debate
needed to pass. Three Democrats joined 39 Republicans in vot- medical devices. over direct-to-consumer genetic testing.
ing against the measure. Among them was Reid, the Democratic
leader, who switched his vote from yes for procedural reasons.
With Sen. Arlen Specter, D-Pa., absent, Democrats needed Mystery around NY island lifting Police killed during traffic stop
one more vote to demonstrate to Republicans that they would By FRANK ELTMAN By CHUCK BARTELS
eventually prevail and set the stage to pass the biggest rewrite of The Associated Press
The Associated Press
financial regulations since the Great Depression.
Still, several contentious amendments were still unresolved. WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. — Two police officers doing anti-drug
Democratic Sens. Jeff Merkley of Oregon and Carl Levin of GREENPORT, N.Y. — It has been the subject of nov-
els, a reference in movies and the topic of speculation ever work were fatally shot by two men with AK-47s along a busy Arkansas
Michigan were awaiting a vote on their proposal to ban commer- interstate on Thursday, and the suspects later died in a shootout that
cial banks from trading in speculative investments with their own since it became an animal disease lab in the infancy of the
Cold War. injured the local sheriff and a deputy in a crowded Walmart parking
accounts. The measure, also opposed by financial institutions, lot, authorities said.
would toughen an existing provision in the bill. Now, the public is being asked for its input on what
Officers pulled over a white minivan with Ohio license plates while
Senators also were expecting a vote on a measure by Sen. Sam should become of the mysterious island a mile and a half “running drug interdiction” on Interstate 40 in east Arkansas, said West
Brownback, R-Kan., that would let auto dealers avoid any regulations off Long Island’s north fork. The federal government is Memphis Police Inspector Bert Shelton. Two men got out of the van
passed by a proposed consumer protection agency. The White House moving its research operations to a new lab in Manhattan, with the assault rifles and opened fire on the officers, he said.
has lobbied heavily against the measure and Pentagon officials have Kan., and putting up a “For Sale” sign at Plum Island. Sgt. Brandon Paudert, 39, the son of West Memphis’ police chief,
complained that auto dealers have preyed on service members. Representatives from several environmental groups died at the scene and Officer Bill Evans, 38, died at a hospital, authori-
Late Wednesday, the Senate voted 60-35 against a measure spoke out against the planned sale Thursday night at a ties said. Evans made the initial stop, and Paudert arrived moments later
that would have allowed states to impose their interest rate caps on meeting held by the General Services Administration, as backup, Assistant Police Chief Mike Allen said.
financial institutions that issue credit cards. Currently, banks and which has responsibility for selling the property. The “In what was probably only a few minutes, Officer Evans was
credit card companies are only required to charge the interest rate agency held the community meeting in a school gymna- shoved to the ground and the men in the minivan started shooting at
permitted in the state where they are headquartered. sium eight miles from the island, kicking off an environ- both officers,” Allen said late Thursday. Investigators believe the van
mental review process that is expected to be completed by then sped away, he said.
Texas man faked way into Army the fall.
“The island has a remarkable environmental and eco-
Authorities declined to say why Evans stopped the minivan or what
was found inside.
By DANNY ROBBINS logical value,” said John Turner, who said he represented Traffic stopped as authorities searched vehicles on Interstate 40
Associated Press Writer a coalition of civic groups calling themselves “Preserve looking for the suspects, who were spotted about 90 minutes later in the
FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) — A Texas man with no Plum Island.” parking lot of a nearby Walmart, officials said.
military experience managed to trick the Army into letting him Randy Parsons of the Nature Conservancy drew applause Dozens of officers swarmed the vehicle after a wildlife officer
enter a reserve unit as a noncommissioned officer earlier this from the estimated 50 people at the meeting when he sug- rammed the minivan with his car, and both suspects were shot and
year, putting an untrained soldier in a leadership position in a gested, “If we didn’t already own it, wouldn’t we want to killed, authorities said.
time of war, an Associated Press investigation has found. buy it?” Crittenden County Sheriff Dick Busby was shot in the arm and his
The revelation comes just months after the Army drew criti- chief deputy, W.A. Wren, was shot in the abdomen. Wren was in criti-
Besides the laboratory, the island is home to a defunct
cism for failing to flag the suspicious activities of the Army cal but stable condition and Busby was listed as stable at the Regional
U.S. Army base and a charming little lighthouse that Medical Center in nearby Memphis, Tenn., authorities said.
psychiatrist now charged with killing 13 and wounding dozens looks out onto Long Island Sound. And, as fictional FBI
of others at Fort Hood. The two suspects haven’t been identified. Arkansas State Police
Agent Clarice Starling told “Silence of the Lambs” villain spokesman Bill Sadler declined to say whether investigators knew
The case, detailed in court records and other documents Hannibal Lecter: “There’s a very, very nice beach.”
examined by the AP, raises more questions about the Army’s anything about the men, but said authorities don’t believe others were
Author Nelson DeMille, whose 1997 book “Plum involved in the shooting.
ability to vet soldiers’ backgrounds as it faces continued pres- Island” featured a fictional detective investigating the
sure from Congress over its screening and records system. The shootout occurred not far from the Walmart, and Sadler said it
murders of island biologists, told The Associated Press was fortunate that others weren’t hurt.
While the soldier never deployed overseas, some say the case
this week he wants the government to retain ownership. Hours later, an unmarked, blue police car was parked near the white
demonstrates how easily someone could pose as a member of
“The most obvious thing to do would be to make it into minivan. The car’s doors were open, with blood on the bumper and the
the U.S. military.
a federal park and nature preserve,” he said. “You could asphalt below and bullet holes in the windshield.
Jesse Bernard Johnston III, 26, joined the Army Reserve in
turn the lab into a visitors center.” Outside the West Memphis Police Department station, officers
February as a sergeant and was assigned to the Corps Support
Several speakers at the hearing also said they preferred went in and out, some hugging each other as they passed.
Airplane Company based at the Fort Worth Naval Air Station. Shelton said the two slain officers were doing the “most dangerous
But he wasn’t qualified to hold that rank, according to military the island be retained as a nature preserve, including a rep-
resentative of the Audubon Society, who urged a thorough job” in the department because they dealt with drug traffickers.
records obtained by the AP. The records show that Johnston’s
only military experience was attending part of a 12-week study of the bird population.
Marine officer candidate course for college students in 2004. DeMille noted a long-repeated fear that the lab could be
Maj. Shawn Haney, spokeswoman for Marine Manpower “a terrorist target waiting to happen.”
and Reserve Affairs, said Johnston didn’t complete the The U.S. Government Accountability Office told
course’s final six weeks. “He was never considered a Marine,” Congress in 2007 that Plum Island’s vulnerability was
she said. apparent after the 9/11 terror attacks, and that security had
The matter, currently under investigation by the Army, been tightened to help protect animal health and reduce the
means a soldier received a security clearance and was in possibility of bioterrorism. Answers to Thursday’s questions:
position to lead troops in combat even though he hadn’t gone Plum Island scientists research pathogens like foot-and- San Francisco policemen saved important city records
through basic training or spent any time in the service. The mouth disease, which is highly contagious to livestock and from the devastating fires sparked by the 1906 earthquake
Corps Support Airplane Company has been deployed in Iraq, could cause catastrophic economic losses and imperil the by piling them up in the street and dousing them with beer
providing pilots as well as intelligence and support personnel nation’s food supply. from nearby saloons.
for an aviation battalion set up to destroy improvised explosive “Other pathogens known to have been maintained at Florence Nightingale Graham is beauty entrepreneur
devices. Plum Island could also cause illness and death in humans,” Elizabeth Arden. Consistent with her given name, she
If it’s proven that Johnston gained his Army rank based on the GAO said. briefly pursued a nursing career.
a phony Marine record, it would be the first documented case Security on the island consists of security patrols, Today’s questions:
of so-called “stolen valor” in which the military was duped checkpoints, cameras, radar, locks and fences, said Amy When Charles Lindbergh soloed across the Atlantic in
during the enlistment process, according to watchdogs of such Kudwa, a spokeswoman for the Department of Homeland 1927, what did he bring with him to keep him company?
fraud. Most cases involve attempts to get veterans’ benefits Security. What special training was required of the first airline
or other forms of financial gain. Congress attempted to crack Ret. Col. David Huxsoll, a veterinarian who served as stewardesses, hired by United Airlines in 1920?
down on military impostors in 2005 by passing a law that the lab’s director from 2000 to 2003, said anthrax was Answers in Saturday’s Herald.
makes it a crime to claim false decorations or medals. among the diseases studied at Plum Island. “It was done Today’s words:
“This just raises some incredibly significant issues at a time in containment,” he said, adding there were concerns Obmutescent: becoming or remaining silent
when this country is involved in a global war on terror,” said Zwetschenwasser: plum brandy
anthrax could be used as a weapon to target the livestock The Outstanding Public Debt as of 9 a.m. Today was
U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman, a Colorado Republican who served industry. $12,991,765,791.001.
with the Marines in Iraq and the first Gulf War. “If this person
The estimated population of the United States is
was able to penetrate the military fraudulently, you have to ask In 1775, Paul Revere began his famous ride, warning, 308,409,058, so each citizen’s share of this debt is
the question: Couldn’t somebody who was out to do harm to “The British are coming!” Revere did not complete his $42,125.
our country do the same thing?” “midnight ride” from Boston to Concord; one of the two The National Debt has continued to increase an aver-
Coffman is pushing for the creation of a single database for men who accompanied him reached Concord to deliver the age of $4.13 billion per day since Sept. 28, 2007.
all military records as a step toward eliminating fraud. message after Revere was detained by scouts.