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George Carlson






City Awarded $2.1 Million in Federal Funding Through
Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program
I am very pleased to report that Mississauga was awarded $2.1 Million in federal funding through the Canada
150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150). The
CIP 150 celebrates Canada’s 150th anniversary, and the
objective of the program is to strengthen public infrastructure and provide economic benefits in communities
across Canada. This funding will provide Mississauga
with the opportunity to invest in its aging infrastructure,
complete projects of historical significance, and strengthen accessible public infrastructure.
Mississauga will invest this funding in 25 infrastructure
projects across the City, which will cost approximately
$4.62 million. The City will contribute $2.4 million and $2.1 million will come from CIP 150 funding. I am
also very pleased to report that two Ward 11 projects have been selected for CIP funding as follows:
Vista Heights trail rehabilitation
Manor Hill trail rehabilitation


CIP 150 projects must be constructed under very tight timelines in order to meet the funding criteria; projects must begin after April 1, 2016 and be completed by June 30, 2017. For more information, please visit

Streetsville Historical Society Welcomes You
The Village of Streetsville has a rich history and is home to the highest concentration of historical buildings in Mississauga and the oldest Cenotaph in the city. Chronicling and preserving this vibrant history
is the Streetsville Historical Society (SHS), which is located at the historic Leslie Log House at 4415
Mississauga Rd. The SHS collects, preserves, and promotes interest in the history of Streetsville,
including local history and genealogy. The SHS also offers information sessions, tours, guest speakers, and maintains the Streetsville Archives. If you’re looking for unique historic gifts, the SHS offers a
great gift shop where you can purchase the following items:


Chimney Swift
Tower Installed
in Timothy Street
I am happy to report that a chimney swift tower
was recently installed in Timothy Street Park. A
chimney swift tower provides a safe harbour for
chimney swift birds, which are designated as a
species at risk in Canada. Swifts migrate to the
Amazon for winter and return to the eastern US
and Canada, where they often nest in chimneys.
Loss of habitat, fewer chimneys, more chimney
caps and use of insecticides that reduce insect
populations have caused a decline in the species since the mid-80s.
Long time Streetsville resident, Bill Evans, and
his Swift Action Team of volunteers, which included his friend Rusty Rustenburg, South Peel
Naturalists, Ontario Masonry Training Centre,
Cement Association of Canada, Forterra Brick,
Harris Rebar, and City Parks Staff worked very
hard to build an artificial chimney swift tower in
Timothy Street Park to provide a safe habitat for
the local swift population. I would like to sincerely thank the Action Team for their excellent work
and dedication to protecting this at risk species
in Streetsville.

Books on the history of Streetsville written by local writers
Hand knit childrens hats, slippers, and scarves
Paintings by local artists
Publications put together by the SHS

If you’re looking to spend a fun and educational evening with your family, please check out the SHS
schedule of wonderful guest speakers. For more info about the SHS, please visit or call 905-814-5958.




2016 City of Mississauga and Region of Peel Budgets 
hood safety. In 2016, the City is adding approximately $7 million worth of new services, including:

The 2016 City of Mississauga and Region of Peel
budgets have been approved by Budget Committee and Council.  This year, residents will see a 2.5
per cent increase on their total tax bill.  This means
an increase of $77 on an average home assessed
at $535,000. The 2016 City budget includes a
$723.1 million operating budget and a $218.5 million capital budget. 
The City budget ensures that services will be
improved and important investments will be made
in public transit, recreation centres, and neighbour-

Continuing the low-income transit pass
Adding 28,000 transit service hours
Opening three new Mississauga Transitway stations (Winston Churchill, Tahoe and
Etobicoke Creek)
Increasing the City’s fire prevention efforts
by adding capacity for public education and
plans examination
Improving the City’s disaster resilience
Improving the Library’s collection and completing the Woodlands and Meadowvale
libraries redevelopments
Promoting our City as a tourism destination
Reopening the renovated Meadowvale
Community Centre
Beginning phase one design and construction of a community centre for Park 459 in
Ward 10
City staff identified $4.7 million in cost savings for 2016 through efficiencies.

The Region of Peel’s budget includes an operating
budget of $2.1 billion and a capital budget of $0.5
billion. The 2016 Region of Peel budget provides
funding to support the following regional services:

38,000 more TransHelp trips
Operation of the new paramedic reporting
station and three additional satellite stations
Two additional ambulances, operating 24
hours a day seven days a week, to address an increase in 9-1-1 calls
An additional 142 housing subsidies to
help individuals and families obtain affordable housing
20 front-line Peel Regional Police officers
Addressing the impact of the Emerald Ash
Borer in the Credit Valley Conservation and
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority
tree canopy
An infrastructure levy to maintain Peel’s
capital assets

For more information about the 2016 City of Mississauga and Region of Peel budgets, please visit or

Bi-Weekly Waste Collection
Program Update 
As you know, the Region of Peel’s new cart based, bi-weekly waste collection program began
in January 2016. We are now six months into the new waste collection program, and I am very
pleased to report that the program has had a positive impact on the amount of garbage, recycling,
and organics collected. From 2015-2016, the amount of garbage collected decreased by 6,328
tonnes, while the amount of recycling collected increased by 1,093 tonnes and the amount of organics collected increased by 6,597 tonnes, which is more than double the amount collected last
The new cart-based, bi-weekly waste collection program has resulted in a reduction of the amount
of waste that is sent to landfills and an increase in recycling and organics recycling. Under the
new program, an additional 4-6% of waste material is expected to be diverted from landfills. In
addition, the new waste collection program will reduce current greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 6,700 - 11,100 tonnes of eCO2. This reduction in greenhouse gases will be achieved
by reducing the garbage truck fleet; reducing the amount of organic material being sent to landfills; reducing the number of loads hauled to landfills; and reducing the recycling fleet. The new
waste collection program will also result in an annual cost-savings of approximately $9 million.
To learn more about the new cart-based, bi-weekly waste collection program, please visit Peel’s
Waste Management website at

Seniors’ One Dollar MiWay Fare and Affordable Transportation Pilot
If you are a senior (age 65+) and you are looking for a great, environmentally friendly
way to get around the City that will save you time and money, look no further than
MiWay, the City’s public transit service. MiWay is offering a special one dollar cash fare
for seniors as part of a new pilot program. This pilot program began last June and has
been extended into 2016. The one dollar cash fare for seniors is valid on MiWay during
off-peak hours as follows:
• Weekdays from 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
• Weekdays after 7 p.m.
• Anytime on weekends or holidays
If you know any seniors who would be interested in this program, please pass this
information on to them. If you are a senior, I encourage you to participate in this pilot
program and enjoy an efficient and budget friendly way to get around the City! For
more information about the One Dollar Cash Fare, please visit
In addition, low income residents in Mississauga may now apply for discounted public
transit through the MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot Program, available from June
1, 2016 to Feb. 28, 2017. The MiWay Affordable Transportation Pilot is a partnership
between the City of Mississauga and the Region of Peel and will allow low income
Mississauga residents to purchase a monthly PRESTO pass at a 50 per cent discount.
Applications will be accepted until Aug. 31 on a first come, first serve basis up to a
maximum of 2,500 participants. For more information, please call 905-791-7800 ext.
8703 or email 



HWY 401 Widening- McLaughlin Road to East of the Credit River

The Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) has completed the Detail Design and Environmental Assessment for the widening of Highway 401, from east of
McLaughlin Road to east of the Credit River. As you may know, this section of the Highway 401 includes the Second Line West vehicular bridge over Highway
Construction for this phase of the Highway 401 widening began in April 2016, and completion is scheduled for the end of September 2019. Removal of the Second Line West vehicular bridge, to accommodate the highway widening, is anticipated to occur in October 2016. To advise motorists of the anticipated removal of
the Second Line West vehicular bridge, signage will be placed at the entrances of the bridge this summer.
As you may know, the Second Line West vehicular bridge will be replaced with a new pedestrian/cyclist bridge at the same location. The new Second Line West
pedestrian/cyclist bridge will cross over Highway 401 with multi-use trail connections from Donway Drive and Sombrero Way. Construction of the new Second Line
West pedestrian/cyclist bridge is anticipated to begin in the fall of 2016 and completion is scheduled for the summer of 2018.
For more information about the MTO widening of Highway 401, please visit the MTO’s project website at You may also contact the following Staff
from the MTO and AECOM for more information: Chris Bhawanie, (647) 274-6773; or Harish Rupal, (416) 587-9095; For more information about the pedestrian/cyclist bridge, please visit

Ecosource Brings Green Living to Ward 11
We all know the importance of preserving and
protecting our natural environment for present and
future generations to come. To this end, Ecosource has been doing excellent work in Ward 11,
helping residents to learn more about the natural
environment and how to protect it. Ecosource is an
environmental education non-profit serving youth,
adults, and families since 1979. Ecosource staff
work in schools and in the community to inspire
youth and adults to take actions that positively impact the environment. Here is a snapshot of some
of the great work that Ecosource has done in the
Ward 11 community:

forum for over 100 students, residents, and volunteers to connect and learn about sustainability
issues and take action themselves.

Sustainability Education Centre- Programming
at the Meadowvale South Recreation Centre on
Falconer Drive in Ward 11 continues to grow. Over
1,500 participants were engaged in 61 hands-on
workshops and events at the Centre and in the

Volunteers- As Ecosource’s programs continue to
grow, so does their strong network of great volunteers. This year, they engaged over 120 volunteers
who contributed their time to supporting community
workshops, stewarding organic gardens, and sharing their knowledge as green leaders.

Interactive Solar Photovoltaic DemonstrationThis project was launched in April and provided a

Sustainability- Ecosource has worked very hard
to promote sustainability by engaging over 160

School and Community Programs- Ecosource’s
exciting suite of programs brought people of all
ages together to learn how to improve the environment. A record number of students were engaged
in hands-on solar photovoltaic labs and organic
gardening activities this year. In addition, a new
seniors’ program, Cooking Up Tradition, engaged
65 seniors in sharing their knowledge about cooking and gardening.  

people in learning events about stormwater management and green infrastructure. This work builds
on their successful Depave Paradise project, which
engaged residents in removing 176 square meters
of asphalt and planting a native garden in its place.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ecosource for the great work they have done in the
community; keep up the excellent work! For more
information about Ecosource, please visit their
website at

Mavis Road EA Study

This year, the City of Mississauga, in partnership with the Region of Peel, is conducting a Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study for Mavis Road from Courtneypark Drive West, in the City of
Mississauga, to Ray Lawson Boulevard, in the City of Brampton.  Within the City of Mississauga, Mavis
Road consists of four travel lanes, raised median, sidewalks on both sides and some sections of multiuse trails. 
This Class EA study will examine how traffic operates both at present and in the future, and will identify
ways to address current and future needs to best serve all roadway users including motorists, transit
users, pedestrians and cyclists.  At the end of the study, an Environmental Study Report (ESR) will be
available for public review. Two Public Information Centres (PICs) will be held to present study information and enable residents to meet the project team and share feedback.
If you would like to provide feedback on this project, please ensure to complete the online survey on
the project website.  If you have any questions or wish to be added to the mailing list, contact or members of the project team below:
Dana Glofcheskie, P.Eng.
Neil Ahmed, P.Eng.
City of Mississauga Project Manager Consultant Project Manager
City of Mississauga
MMM Group Limited
201 City Centre Drive, Suite 800
2655 North Sheridan Way
Mississauga, Ontario L5B 2T4
Mississauga, Ontario L5K 2P8
Phone: 905-615-3200, Ext. 8243
Phone: 905-823-8500, Ext. 1241
To learn more about this project, please visit the project website at



Property Standards By-law Regulates Storage
of Peel Waste and Recycling Collection Carts 
The City’s Property Standards By-law was recently amended to help address concerns around
the storage of the new Region of Peel Waste and Recycling Collection Carts. The by-law amendments restrict cart storage to the rear or side yard, garage or carport when there is space. The
amendments regulating the storage of Region of Peel waste and recycling collection carts are as

Waste and recycling collection cart storage would be restricted to the rear or side yard,
garage or carport when there is space.
Front yard storage of waste and recycling collection carts would be prohibited except
where it is not practical as determined upon review by a municipal enforcement officer.
Carts permitted in the front yard would be required to be located beside a building, accessory building or a fence and arranged in an orderly manner.  

By-law Enforcement staff will enforce the by-law in response to complaints received from residents. For more information, please visit

Creditview Road EA Study
Last year, the City of Mississauga undertook a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA)
Study and preliminary design for the section of Creditview Road from Sir Monty’s Drive/Bancroft Drive
to Old Creditview Road. The Study was undertaken to investigate the need for additional north-south
capacity and traffic management improvements along this section of Creditview Road. The EA Study
has been completed and is available for residents to view on the City’s project website.
Two Public Information Centres (PICs) were held last year to obtain feedback from residents, and a
Preferred Design for Creditview Road was developed as follows:

St. John Ambulance
Celebrates 50 Years of
Service in Mississauga

Maintain the existing two (2) travel lanes of traffic from Sir Monty’s Drive/Bancroft Drive to
Argentia Road;
Widen to four (4) travel lanes of traffic from Argentia Road to Old Creditview Road;
Implement roundabouts at Argentia Road, Falconer Drive, and Kenninghall Boulevard; and
Implement a 3.5 m multi-use trail (west side) and 1.5 m sidewalk (east side) of the roadway.

The roundabouts, which are part of the Preferred Design for this roadway, will improve road safety;
provide effective speed management; increase road capacity; and reduce traffic congestion through
fewer stops and reduced delays, which will also result in less idling and air pollution. The roundabouts
will also improve pedestrian and cyclist safety as pedestrians will use splitter islands to cross traffic,
while cyclists may ride through the roundabout or dismount and walk their bicycles as pedestrians.
The Preferred Design for Creditview Road is expected to support traffic operations to the Year 2031
and potentially beyond. For more info about the Creditview Road EA Study, please visit the project
website at

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a special
reception to commemorate St. John Ambulance’s
50 years of service in Mississauga. St. John
Ambulance (SJA) has done excellent work in Mississauga over the past 50 years, and I would like
to share with you a little bit about this great community organization and the outstanding work that
they do in the community.
SJA is a worldwide, humanitarian registered charity
dedicated to the service and well-being of others.
SJA delivers quality community service and training
and is Canada’s leading authority in first aid. The
Peel Dufferin Branch offers 5 training locations and
6 community services delivered by 13 teams of
volunteers as follows:
Medical First Response- Volunteers are specially
trained to provide first aid services at public events
and support local emergency services in times of
disaster. Volunteers provided 9,881 hours of service at 152 events in Mississauga in 2015.
Campus Response Teams- Volunteers are trained
as Medical Responders to provide first aid services
at on campus events. Volunteers provided 15,413
hours of service at 40 events in Mississauga in
Therapy Dogs- Therapy Dog program volunteers
provide joy, comfort, and companionship to individuals who might not otherwise have canine access.
Volunteers completed 4,188 visits and provided
11,738 hours of service in Mississauga in 2015.
Youth Leadership- A leadership program which
helps youth 15-17 years of age become strong
community leaders through training, community
outreach, and leadership opportunities within
SJA. Volunteers completed 9,881 hours of service
through this program.
Youth Group- The SJA youth program provides
youth with the opportunity to learn new skills and
help others. Youth are provided with training in first
aid, healthcare, life, and safety skills, as well as
community service and leisure activities for youth
ages 6-17.

Important Numbers
Aircraft Noise Complaints
Animal Services
City (after hours)
Courtneypark Library
Catholic School Board
Enersource (Hydro)
GO Transit
Health Line Peel
Mississauga Fire
MiWay Transit
Park Lights (City)
Parking Control
Public School Bd.


Peel Regional Police
Poison Control Centre
Recreation & Parks
Region of Peel
River Grove CC
Safe City Mississauga
Snow Line

Streetlights (Enersource)
Streetsville B.I.A.
Streetsville Library
Vic Johnston CC
Waste Management
Water Billing


Car Seat Safety- SJA’s Car Seat Safety Team
aims to improve child and passenger safety. Certified Car Seat Safety Educators teach parents and
caregivers about the safe installation and use of
car seats. The Car Seat Safety Team held 82
clinics and assisted 4,188 families in Peel Dufferin
Outreach and Education- Outreach Ambassadors
raise awareness of SJA programs and services,
give health and safety presentations, and attend
community events to provide information that improves health and well-being.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank SJA for
the wonderful work that they have done in Mississauga over the past 50 years; keep up the great
work! For more information about SJA programs
and services, please visit their website at www.