Company Summary

ZAAAD is a new small business aimed at providing the best Kulfi with quality. ZAAAD will be based upon a partnership initially. 1. The goal will be to start the venture as inexpensively as possible, and with as little debt financing.

ZAAAD will initially open it’s kiosk at the Millenium Mall, Gulistan-e-Johar and plan to expand in further years.

Mission Statement

ZAAAD Kulfi’s objective is to change the concept of typical Kulfi, and make a road towards experimenting new things, which will add on to consumer’s Kulfi choice enhancing their taste buds. Our Values

• • • • •

Integrity in quality Achieve excellence in our motive. Customers are the reason we exist Innovate for better varieties. Learn at every opportunity to improve ourselves.


Keys to Success Our commitment is to provide excellent quality. Maintain a sound and untarnished reputation in the community. The creation of a significant way to provide hygienic Kulfi which will not only be delicious, but also will be sold at reasonable price so that premium quality is experienced by every individual, as our motive is to satisfy each consumer’s need.

The Market
ZAAAD kulfi will target a distinct market segment of the population; we’ll focus on consumers directly from Karachi. In addition, we focus ourselves on providing the best quality kulfi at a reasonable price. The people of Karachi have a very diverse taste and they like to go for different food varieties. One thing that people here are more than willing to have at any time throughout the year is kulfi. Especially in the summer season it is widely in demand.

Marketing Strategy

We positioned our product as premier product with high quality. Our strategy is to build a strong loyalty of customer, focusing primarily on the Karachi market, and then expanding it to further markets nationally.


Product: Our kulfi may look like any other kulfi in the city but we are providing itin a vary different environment and an innovative way. We aim to innovate and bring in new range in near future. Price: We plan to have penetration pricing strategy, for as to gather market share and customers, thus on a longer basis we tend to increase our prices so that the profitability factor may persist. Place: The kiosk will be outside the millennium mall, which will attract people coming to the mall for shopping. Promotion: Promotion doesn’t only mean advertising all over the city or on media it also has a lot to do with making people attract towards your product the moment they set their eyes on it. We plan to do this by having a very innovative and eye-catching kiosk which is going to enhance our sales.


Competitive Edge We are offering the kulfi at a very reasonable price in front of the mall which distinguishes us from our competitors not only in terms of our pricing but also in the sense that we are offering it in a hygienic way. We make sure that our consumers are satisfied with the quality and price of our product. As we are the first one to introduce this concept of a kulfi kiosk in front of a mall, it also has given us a strong competitive edge.



Income statement

The income statement is showing a very positive outcome. A small business of kulfi can earn a gross profit of PKR 204,847 at the accounting year end, which is a quite reasonable
profit earning for any business at the end of the first year of it’s beginning. To start this business with an innovation, we might have to incur a little more then our competitors in terms of expenses but it is going to pay us off in a handsome way, which is quite clear from our income statement. The trend of our earnings is in such a way that we are going to make profit in almost every month throughout the year. Due to climatic changes, our sales get affected, thus the profits.


Balance sheet
Our balance sheet shows all our assets, liabilities and owner’s equity. It also shows the retained earnings of our financial year which depicts that the business is making reasonable profits .

Cash budget

The net cash is predicted to be positive throughout the year. We are keeping
minimum cash balance of PKR 50,000.


Our assumptions with respect to our financial analysis, our kulfi business proves to be a promising investment. Zaaad’s kulfi innovate techniques to preserve the quality of its product. Our income statement has promising results. The cash budget depicts that our company is very liquid.



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