Call for Sponsorships

International Joint Conference on Neural Networks 2009 IJCNN2009 Westin Peachtree Hotel, Atlanta, GA, USA June 14-19, 2009

The IJCNN 2009 Program Committee offers tiered sponsorship opportunities and exhibit space to interested corporations, universities, and research organizations. Any group sponsoring at one of the levels below will receive highly prominent mention in the conference program and other materials, such as posters and program announcements which reach hundreds of leading companies and academic institutions worldwide, and thousands of leading experts working in IT industry and in application areas related to telecommunications, power systems, electronics, manufacturing, transportation, financial engineering, data mining, biomedical and other fields. In addition to the above benefit, sponsors will receive further benefits outlined below in accordance with their respective levels of commitment.

Levels of Sponsorship: Diamond Sponsorship:
For a commitment of USD 10,000 or over, appropriate levels of sponsor recognition can be negotiated. For example, the Diamond Level to sponsor the banquet would be accompanied by quintuple the Silver Sponsorship benefits and the sponsoring organization would have its name precede the banquet name on all official IJCNN09 publications and mentions of the banquet. For more details about the possible benefits of a Diamond Sponsorship please contact the organizers.

Gold Sponsorship:
The Gold Sponsorship requires a minimum commitment of USD 5,000. Gold Sponsors will receive exhibit space for a 10x20 booth and 5 complimentary registrations, and priority mentioning in all conference materials.

Silver Sponsorship:
The Silver Sponsorship requires a minimum commitment of USD 2,500. Silver Sponsors will receive exhibit space for a 10x10 booth and 2 complimentary registrations and acknowledgement on program booklet and conference web site.

Premium Sponsor:
This is a special sponsorship at the level of USD 1,500. This sponsorship allows supporting the invitation of world-leading experts to attend the conference and give invited talks in Special Sessions or Panels. We also solicit sponsors for Best paper Awards and Best Student Paper Awards. The sponsor’s name will be included in the award title and listed in the corresponding conference materials. Details will be formulated in consultation with the prospective sponsor.

The Exhibitor is at the level of USD 950. Exhibitors will receive exhibit space for a 10x10 booth.

The Display is at the level of USD 500-300 and it provides a display table for a book display or other requested purpose.

With any questions please contactIJCNN2009 Sponsors and Exhibit Chair Fred Ham or General Chair Robert Kozma